Kate Gosselin’s ugly, budget extensions cost $7000


Earlier this week, People Magazine unveiled their new cover - which featured yet another “exclusive” interview with Kate Gosselin discussing how she’s “starting over.” What was particularly hilarious was that part of Kate’s “starting over” was her “new look” – ugly, budget-looking extensions that didn’t even try to mask the possum hair. As many commenters noted, you could even make out the old possum in the new budget extensions, because they weren’t even the same color. I declared the extensions to be “Britney Spears-style” and left it at that.

But now Radar has a hilarious new interview with the dude who did Kate’s hair. Now, this reads an advertisement for this guy’s salon, so you can just skim it. The vital part is where he says: “My haircuts are $950. The color would have been about $500, and the extensions, which were great length extensions, would probably cost about $5000. We were together for about 20 hours and I would say 15 of those hours were working on Kate trying to convince her to cut her bangs. I felt like she was hiding behind that front piece.” Jesus. You know what? If I did Kate’s hair and it came out looking like that, I would never, ever, ever give an interview about it. For shame!

Kate Gosselin showed off a new long hair-do this week and RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively with Ted Gibson, the stylist who created Clean Slate Kate to find out what it was like to spend a day transforming her sassy, cut into a glamorous, long-locked style.

He also revealed that her hairstyle would cost almost $7,000 in his salons in Washington, DC, and New York City!

“My haircuts are $950,” Ted revealed. “The color would have been about $500, and the extensions, which were great length extensions, would probably cost about $5000.”

Kate was excited about getting a new look to start off the new year, but was a little nervous about changing her trademark bangs. “We were together for about 20 hours and I would say 15 of those hours were working on Kate trying to convince her to cut her bangs,” Ted joked. “I felt like she was hiding behind that front piece.”

Despite the hesitation, he said the mother of eight “was really open to the entire process.” Ted summed up his vision for the TLC star: “I wanted to make sure I took her from being really ordinary to really extraordinary!”

Ted even has a nickname for Kate’s old hair style. “The little short bits in the back, we called them her ‘attitude’ and getting rid of those took a long time!”

He also used every tool in his arsenal.

“I used everything from my line Ted Gibson: the Build It blow drying spray, the Hair Sheet styling, which is a towelette for hair that has UV absorber in it. It has vitamins A, D and E and has antioxidants and it’s great for traveling. Any time she feels like she has fly-aways or needs a little break this is a perfect product for her.” Want to try it out for yourself? All the products Ted used on Kate are available at www.tedgibsonbeauty.com

The mother of eight spent the day laughing and talking about her kids. “She talked to them several times on the phone and showed me videos she had of them. She seems like a really, really good mom.”

One topic she didn’t discuss was her ex-husband Jon. “I was surprised, but Kate did not talk about Jon at all. It’s Kate the Clean Slate and I was really proud of her, she said she was moving on.”

Ted said Kate loved her new do, which she’ll have to have done every three or four months. “She was blown away, she had no idea what the length of hair and changing the color and bangs would do for her!”

[From Radar]

I still twitch when I hear “Kate Clean Slate”. For f-ck’s sake, doesn’t Kate get that “Clean Slate Kate” sounds better? It rolls better. What’s weird is that I actually think Kate has pretty decent marketing instincts, and I think she’s made some really smart business moves over the past year. She should understand that by re-branding herself Kate Clean Slate, it not only sounds wrong, but she’s going to have to do more than overpay for budget extensions.

People cover courtesy of PopCrunch.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    If this is his best work, he sucks.

    How could it cost so much money to look so broke.

  2. Black Cat says:

    Famewhore would set herself on fire if it mean she’d get 15 more minutes. wish she’d just get lost.

  3. S.V. says:

    I hate Kate.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Exactly. She’s a horrible role model for moms, any way, so why the $7000 ugly extensions? Oh, I get it now, it costs a lot to put lipstick on a pig.

  5. Dorothy says:

    I can’t even imagine spending this much money on hair. How much good could be done with 7000 dollars? Makes me sick…. Oh and she looks like shit.

  6. Lem says:

    to quote DOLLY “it takes alot of money to look this cheap”

    guess we know where the money is going. out the window………….

  7. hatsumomo says:

    But I’m sure it was done ‘for the kids’ guys! Otherwise she’d never do it!

  8. You Smell Nice says:

    At least TLC didn’t pay for it. She looks like hammered dog sh*t and doesn’t know any better. I’m hoping she is traveling the same path as Twit and Twat over at The Hills.

  9. heb says:

    a wig would look 500 times better. even if it were orange.

  10. Firestarter says:

    Extensions are the devil! What happened to the concept of beautiful, natural hair, that is YOUr OWN!? What happened to growing your hair out, like the “old” days, and having REAL hair?

    Extensions eventually ruin your hair. That is why Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have such terrible natural hair, because of their years of extension use.

    I have always had long hair, and a few years ago I had the brilliant idea of going just a bit above shoulder length. I hated it, but like a mormal person, who loves healthy hair, I grew it out naturally and my hair is long AND healthy, and not some nasty mess., that looks like a horror show from behind!

    I don’t care how much you pay, they NEVER look real, IMO.

  11. Novaraen says:

    Terrible terrible hair!! The whole underside of it is a different color….and the top is so bleached out.

    Fugly. Just grow your hair out dummy.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who was CRYING on the morning news shows because her ex took money from their account and left her with nothing to pay the bills? Spending $7000 on a haircut that despite the laws of physics might be even WORSE than her last one?????
    It does look ridiculous and cheap. I can’t imagine anyone taking credit for that mess, but I bet the salon guy thinks people are going to be breaking down his door for that look. When, you know, a $5 mop from Walmart would look as good. Of course, this is the same woman who thought everyone loved her old style and would try to copy it, even if they couldn’t pull it off like she good.
    Vomit. Seriously freak, go away and take care of your children, who are going to need decades of therapy to deal with all this garbage.

  13. kermit says:

    In all honesty, who is Kate Gosselin? A woman who has 8 kids that a television network decided to do a show about. She gets embroiled in a split with her dim witted husband and now she’s all the rage and getting $7000 hair do’s. IMO, she looks like other women in show biz that get their hair styled. I can understand anyone wanting a new look after a divorce, sort of reinvent ourselves a bit and move away from the past. But, she has 8 young children, who paid for this hair do?

  14. lin234 says:

    Kate’s known for grabbing freebies. I doubt she spent a penny on her ugly barbie weave. This news coverage is how she paid for that mess on her head.

    She doesn’t have the patience to grow out her own hair because her 15 mins are counting down fast.

  15. Jillian says:

    You are absolutely right, Firestarter. Extensions will ruin your hair.

    I still can’t get over the two pieces of hair they left by her face. It looks like one of her kids slung a cheap Halloween wig on her head and snapped a pic.

  16. Sumodo says:

    I bet People Magazine paid for it, because their thinking was: because Kate is on the cover with new hair, sales at the newsstands will skyrocket. I won’t even bother thumbing through it at the checkout. People is a poor excuse for a gossip mag, because to folks like us, all that news is old, old, old by the time it makes print.

  17. *Lee* says:

    I must be in the minority here, I don’t think it’s that bad that she got them. granted, I don’t think they look very good. What’s the big deal here? This woman has a lot of money, and by all accounts is in the works to be getting a lot more. I don’t get all the vitriol, there is no evidence that any of those children are going without anything materially, or will be anytime soon. It’s not like she’s getting extensions in lieu of shoes for the kids, you know?

    The reason she’s still in the media is because her image sells. Whether she’s a nobody or a celebrity (depending on who you ask), people will still buy a magazine or click on a link about her, and go to the trouble to comment. If that didn’t happen, she would never be on the cover of anything, or be on any of these sites.

  18. Natasha says:

    @heb At first glance I thought “holy moly what a terrible wig”.. but then I saw the possum.

  19. Boo says:

    Perhaps I’m just ignorant, but $7K for hair? Really? Things can cost that much? It seems crazy to me….crazy that anyone would charge that much, and crazy that anyone would pay it. Then again, I just trim my own long hair, so I don’t know these things…

    She should have just kept her ugly “mom” hair. At least it looked somewhat practical for chasing around 8 kids.

  20. Ana says:

    He probably did it for free….I mean he got advertising out of it.

    Too bad it backfired. Even if I did have the money to blow on a haircut there is no way I would go to him.

    Then again, there is no way I would spend 7 grand on my hair anyway. I don’t need to. My haircut is 20 bucks. I keep it healthy intead of overprocessed and people always compliment it. I would rather invest it.

    I agree with you Firestarter, although I do think that Lauren Conrad gets really great extensions. She is the only one I have seen that looks normal.

  21. Ana says:

    Sumodo! I agree! I don’t buy any gossip mags because they don’t even print the good stuff!!!

  22. TaylorB says:

    Those prices just can not be correct… $7000.00? I could take a weed wacker to her head for $1.25 in gas and it would look about the same. Granted, this haircut does look much better than the reverse mullet, just my opinion.

  23. girl says:


    Someone PAID for her to look like that? Someone paid $7000 for HER to look like that?!?

    Please say it ain’t so.

  24. k says:

    What’s weird is that this is the new stylist for What Not to Wear, who is a huge improvement over that greaseball who gave the most horrible haircuts (Nick, I think?). I think he has given great, beautiful haircuts on taht show, but putting extensions on the possum head was definitely the wrong move for him.

  25. Firestarter says:

    @Ana- I had no idea Lauren Conrad had hair extensions! You are right, they are well done. I thought that was her natural hair!

  26. Missy says:

    She went from a reverse mullet to a full on traditional mullet. Way to go Trashy Kate!!

  27. bella says:

    I don’t think, from what the hairstylist said in the article, anyone paid for Kate’s hair; I think he did it for the publicity. He said “…hair cuts are…colour would have been…extensions are probably around…” Sounds to me like it was done gratis. He also mentions using products only from his line.

    When I hear “extensions” I automatically think of Britney Spears and what a mess her hair is. My hair is down to my rear end, and it is all mine. I don’t blow dry it, use a curling or straightening iron, and colour it minimally. Natural, healthy long hair is possible, if you don’t abuse it.

  28. lucy2 says:

    @Lee, I think the reason it bugs people, myself included, is that this woman has spent the last few months telling any media outlet who will listen that everything she does is for her kids, she’s just a normal mom, that Jon taking money from the account left them unable to pay bills, etc. There’s also been a lot of stories about the high child support payments her dirt bag ex owes (as he should). So it seems very hypocritical for her to turn around and get a $7000 hairstyle.

  29. naildiva says:

    I do not like this look at all. She looks like she’s in drag. Cut is really awful, color even worse. Joe Dirt comes to mind.

  30. jule says:

    I chopped my hair off a few months ago, and I am growing it out. I do not enjoy the 80′s look I am sporting right now, but I at least it is all natural and my hair!

  31. KelBear says:

    I think that I must be the only person that thinks she looks pretty good with it.

  32. Firestarter says:

    @Jule- YAY! You will get out of the 80′s stage quickly! I used barretts, headbands and clips, and rode it out. You will be surprised how quickly it does grow!

  33. Uzi says:

    Why is this woman on the cover of People Magazine? Her 15 minutes of fame were up a long time ago.

  34. lucy2 says:

    @naildiva – Joe Dirt! LOL!!!

  35. benny says:

    Anything is better than her previous haircut – I thought I was looking at a chicken’s butt, only it was Kate’s head.

  36. eva says:

    I’m in the minority here, but I think she looks pretty, and I kind of like her ‘spunk’. There are way worse mothers in the world. People don’t like Kate because she works hard and because she’s ‘a little out spoken’.

    I do think it is possible to work hard and still be a good mom. As a working mom myself, I don’t think you have to be ‘stay at home’ to be a good mother. I’ve had to spend a couple of days away from my kids, and you know what they are fine.

    If she was a CEO working 70 hour weeks, I think she would get more respect. She’s doing what she can to provide for her 8 kids. (John is not capable) There’s no way she could do this on an RN salary. If she can pull this off, more power to her.

    As far as her ‘personality’…There parents out there that act all lovey dovey but are mean an hell (emotionally and physically)to the children behind closed doors.

    My guess, is that what you see is what you get with Kate. I think the kids will be fine. She provides for them and is a good (albeit, strict mother).

    No hate here.

  37. DoMaJoReMc says:

    ARE.YOU.EFFING.KIDDING.ME???????? If it walks like a duck (pig) acts like a duck (pig) then it IS a duck (pig) with lipstick on!

    What in the HELL was she thinking? I’m sure she went to her kids and said, “Mommy’s gonna have long hair, isn’t that GREAT???” And the kids just want her to LIKE them, so they agree and aim to please. These kids are going to have some real ‘always wanting to please others’ issues when older. And don’t think that the girls won’t have issues when the first boy shows them any attention….Mark my words.

  38. Kathie says:

    Well I don’t think she paid for those extensions, I think somebody on the People staff has a boyfriend who is a stylist, thats what I think! Like it or not Kate is not “going quietly in to that good night”

  39. Ana says:

    I just really don’t like when people with short hair get extensions because it’s so difficult to blend them in.

    Anyone watch Talledega Nights? Ricky Bobby’s wife has horrible extensions in that movie. It’s all I can see anytime she is in a scene.

  40. CB Rawks says:

    Anyone who spends thousands of dollars on a hairstyle should have to give power of attorney back to their parents, or become a ward of the state. That insanity proves conclusively that you are incapable of rational thought or making decisions, and should probably wear a helmet everywhere you go.

  41. Shay says:

    I’ve seen better weaves (extensions) done in a kitchen. Looks like they pieced yarn to her hair.

  42. Monica says:

    No reason for the “Jesus” in your reporting. It’s blasphemy and offensive to many.

    Other than that, lot’s of fun responses. Everyone is commenting on the 7K – but what about the 20 hours! Who spends that kind of time on a hairdo?? Where were the kids??

  43. lucy2 says:

    That’s a very good point, Monica! Where were all the kids while she was spending 20 hours getting all this done? Surely not with their father, who probably can’t be bothered because it would cramp his high living bachelor style.

  44. Goddess711 says:

    She looks much better and happy – good for her! It’ll do wonders for her self confidence and self esteem, especially after all the public trashing her ex douchebag did. $7ks for a new hairstyle? Guess that must be real hair for $7000, not the meltable plastic Barbie kind.
    If AJ spent that much and it got reported, it wouldn’t get a blink, Kate does it and everybody throws a fit? Fergeddaboudit.
    Every woman has the right to take care of herself, I’m glad to see Kate picking it up and moving it on. GO KATE!

  45. funnygirl says:

    I saw this pic online yesterday and thought, “yea that looks horrible” then I saw the People cover at the grocery store today, and let me tell you…IT LOOKS SO MUCH WORSE IN PERSON!! If anyone hasn’t had the pleasure, walk yourself down to the nearest store…absolutely horrible. Makes me lose respect for People..I expect better..

  46. GatsbyGal says:

    That’s $7000 that should’ve been used towards caring for her numerous offspring. Oh but I forgot that Kate always comes first.

  47. rick nasfield says:

    Kates getting ready for Romance ! !
    Dildoes , run for cover
    somebody gather up my shells

  48. Goddess711 says:

    Gimme a break. That jackass douche of an ex has never been made to be accountable for a cent of the money he *made* and now the s.o.b. is broke. He spent more money on Haley the Ho’s boobs than this makeover. Kate’s long overdue to get something done for herself. Love her or hate her, who cares? She’s provided penny by penny accounts for everything she’s spent, dickwad’s never done that. She deserves this makeover whatever it cost. She’s already proven that everything she spends is for the kids so it’s pretty much guaranteed she’s not robbing the kids of food, clothes or education.
    Y’like it, y’don’t like it, nobody cares but y’can’t rant on the woman for taking care of herself – it’s called “self worth”. Good for her!

  49. Dhavy says:

    She doesn’t look that bad and it’s better than her real hair.

    I don’t think she’s stupid enough to pay that much for a real bad job

    Everyone hates her but everone loves the Kardashians, I don’t get it. Someone once mentioned Kim K looked like a drag queen and she does but no one is judging her for being a stupid wannabe celebrity. I’m not saying Kate is better but she doesn’t go around tweetin that she burned her hand with a curling iron, duh! at least this woman went to college and became a nurse

  50. cheriekah says:

    Ive being done hair extensions for 12 years and ive used great lengths on clients, for her length hair, the most the salon would have paid for the actual hair is $400. $5000? That means the salon was charging her over $40 per strand to put in. What a rip off. I do my own backwards, and no one has ever been able to tell its extensions. I think its all an extravagant attention seeking move to go public with $ info.

  51. bub says:

    January 8th, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Extensions are the devil! What happened to the concept of beautiful, natural hair, that is YOUr OWN!? What happened to growing your hair out, like the “old” days, and having REAL hair?………………………………. some men lose their hair as they age, women, on the other hand, tend to lose the length of their hair as they age. not all, but most. each passing year the hair is programmed to fall out at a shorter & shorter length.

  52. canadianchick says:

    She could support 8 kids without being a famewhore-I know women who aren’t whining about it and have who don’t need an entourage for it.she won’t nurse again because it’s too humble-a wasted college degree someone else would put to better use. I like makeovers to feel good too but don’t need to shove the results down others throats-especially when its fug.

  53. WTF?!? says:

    It looks like Chelsea Handler and Britney Spears had a child.
    With bad extensions.

    @ Bub– my mom is 70 and still has hair down to her waist, has to trim five inches off every 6 months or so.

  54. Tina says:

    Wow! You people are jerks. Leave the woman alone. Feels like we never left Jr.High. I’ve never been a fan of Kates but I’m human and so is she, feelings and all. Show me perfection and I’ll show a fraud! We’re all just doing the best we can. Go Kate!

  55. betsueann says:

    $7000 on her hair

    should have been spent on her kids

    and jon is the stupid and bad one

    yea right

  56. CB Rawks says:

    “Everyone hates her but everone loves the Kardashians,”


    “Someone once mentioned Kim K looked like a drag queen and she does but no one is judging her for being a stupid wannabe celebrity.”

    I do.
    And I blame Kim for my giant ass. I’m such a follower. sigh.

  57. coucou says:

    That Ted is such an a$$hole charging 950 bucks for a damn hair cut, and same goes for his clueless clients. I cannot stand people like that! Get real idiots!

  58. I still think it’s strange that the editing made her look like Hillary Duff…

  59. jaundicemachine says:

    I don’t really care about the $7000 mullet, because I know she got that trash for free.

    But did she really spend 20 hours at a spa!?

    I’m not talking about a “mommy’s day off” – I think all parents need some “me time”. I’m saying that this woman is notorious for shilling her “investments” (read: shamelessly exploiting her family) over the country for weeks at a time. Her kids have a stronger bond with the TLC film crew than they do with possem mullet.

    Up to your same old tricks, huh Kate?

  60. Neene says:

    This is so unfair… in this time where people have no jobs and are losing their homes making children and families homeless she spends that amount of money on a friggin hair cut! She could have paid some family’s rent for a at least 6mth!!!! Why do we watch her again? she should drive by a homeless shelter and rethink where she will be in 10 yrs when the media tires of her!

  61. Firestarter says:

    @Bub- Well maybe that is the case for some women, but my mother is in her early 60′s and she has beautiful hair that is midway between her shoulders and waist.

    I am no teenager, and my hair grows fine. I cut it off to above the shoulders, and it has grown down to my my mid back.

  62. Candice says:

    Wow, why are people so concerned with how she’s spending HER money?? Her kids are well taken care of…That’s really all that’s important…Everyone just needs to stay out of her AND JON’S business…. There are way more important issues in the world to voice your opinions on besides “Jon and Kate + 8″

  63. Jag says:

    $7k for her hair? She’d better not utter one single word about money being tight this entire year then.

  64. CB Rawks says:

    We forgot to clear it with Candice before we had our opinions.

  65. $950 for a haircut? But then she got $5K extensions? He ADDED hair!!! So he charged her 900 & 50 F**KING dollars to trim her bangs?!?!?! This is a case of too stupid to live. Stop stealing my oxygen, turd!

  66. Tammy K/ says:

    I Think TLC paid for the extensions and probably filmed it. The hairdresser is the guy that is on the TLC show “What Not To Wear”.

  67. Lisa says:

    I could care less about her or their drama, but I think she looks great. I hated seeing that awful haircut before and now I think she looks younger and really pretty. I agree that is too much time & money but who cares? Let her do something nice for herself. I always change my hair after a breakup (usually chopping it off with random scissors though). There are a lot of celebrities out there wasting waaaaay more than $7k on themselves. I’m sure her kids aren’t starving over this haircut, so save the stupid comments!

  68. Deanne says:

    I’ve never been all that interested in Kate or John, any of them really. I’m surprised I even clicked on this link.I think it was because its talking about hair ext. and I use to have them and was thinking of getting them again… I know many people don’t approve of extensions, but most who don’t are the ones with beautiful hair and they don’t need them anyway. See, I am spanish and have extremely thick, kinky,curly hair. My hair is so curly that people often ask me if I curl my hair with a million straws!!! Seriously!! My hair grows very slowly,it always has, even though I take really great care of my hair. I always let my hair air-dry and almost never use any heat styling equipment and I only use natural products on my hair. I don’t even towel dry, which helps my hair not to frizz as badly or break. Extensions did damage my hair really badly, but I hated the texture of my natural hair and the fact that it grows abnormally slow. I’ve been growing my hair out now for over 7 years and its just now shoulder length!! And I go longer than normal between trims which is why I have to take really good care of my hair. I only trim twice a year and only take off 1/2 an inch. My hair is really healthy and shiny, but its still very curly and shorter than I’d like it to be. Anyway, I am actually glad I saw this article and peoples comments because it talked me into keeping my natural hair anyway. Yes, I’d love my hair to look like the girls on the Pantene commercials, but my hair never will. I’d have to buy some strangers hair and glue it or sow it to my head, only to ruin all the work I have put into my natural hair. I am surprised every time it happens, but when I let my hair dry naturally and go out I get numerous compliments and people think I actually went to some sort of trouble to get my hair to look the way it does when I’ve done nothing, but wash/condition and go. If I had the choice I’d have long beautiful straight hair down to my butt, but that isn’t the case. I am going to just work with what I’ve got and make the best out of it. Everytime I think of getting extensions I will remember what I had to go through when I took mine out for good. I used hair glue because sowing them in caused me headaches. Well, the glue stuck all in my hair and I tried everything to get it out, but I ended up having to cut my hair short like a boy’s. I’ve been growing it out ever since. I looked awful with my hair that short and I’d be a fool to put those things back in my hair ever again. Thanks everyone!!!

  69. Deanne says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention my feelings on Kate spending 7K on extensions… More than likely she did not pay for them. I’ve noticed that it seems rich people, especially famous/public figure types are the ones that get things for free. Then us normal folks see it, want it and buy it.
    And even though Kate can surely afford it, I don’t think that is the point. No matter how much money she is making right now that 7K could have went to better use. Its not like she has a talent, soon enough her time in the spot light will end. She doesn’t act or sing or have any real reason to be famous. If I were here I would have saved that 7K realising that even rich celebs have been known to go broke.
    And on a side note, if I had walked into a salon agreeing to pay for my extensions and then saw them looking like that when the stylist was finished, I would in NO way pay 7K for that!!

  70. Jane says:

    She should have MY life…whiney spoiled biotch…I am sick, sick, sick of her!!!!

  71. Prissy says:

    Why are you people taking out the time to comment on what is going on in Kate’s life????? I would love to have the gut’s she has to get on with her life, I would hate to know I had to raise 8 kids by myself while my lazy ex smoozes off other women. I applaud Kate……..don’t think the hair deal turned out great but she is still a beautiful woman.