Sarah Palin to predictably work for Fox News

Former Vice Presidential candidate and all-around polarizing figurehead Sarah Palin is about to become a pundit on the Fox News Channel. She’ll also add her unique blend of homey inarticulate wisdom to The Fox Business Channel, and Fox News Radio. During the campaign this woman couldn’t name any newspapers she reads, was unable to come up with a single Supreme Court Decision she disagreed with other than Roe vs. Wade, didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was, and regularly mangled her spoon fed talking points beyond recognition. She couldn’t even give a decent speech quitting her job without stumbling over her words. I’ve heard better speeches given off the cuff in high school debates. How Palin is going to talk on her feet during a live broadcast is beyond me. Maybe that’s part of her appeal – watch the pretty lady try to string a coherent thought together.

This just in from the Department of What Took So Long News: Sarah Palin has signed up to be a regular contributor to Fox News. You know what that means—fresh (red, always red) meat!

The right-wing politico has joined the fair and balanced network in a multiyear deal that will see the GOP’s 2008 V.P. nominee offer her political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms, but which will not (and Oprah can exhale now) see her hosting her own talk show.

Not exactly, anyway.

“I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News,” Palin said. “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”
In addition to contributing to Fox News, she’ll also lend her mavericky political opinions and (we can only hope) equally roguish take on geography to the Fox Business Channel, and Fox News Radio, as well as participating in the network’s special event programming and periodically hosting the forthcoming series Real American Stories.

[From E! Online]

Palin would be a good choice to host a taped show, and that sounds like a reasonable job for her. If she’s reading off cue cards written by someone else she stands a chance. Sadly a national platform that allows her to regularly spew poorly thought out venom will only increase her popularity. G-d help us if she runs for President in 2012. I was just getting used to having a President that actually makes sense when he talks.


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  1. BamaGuy says:

    Are you kidding about being afraid that she will run for President of the US? We should all hope that Sarah Palin is the GOP candidate in 2012 because she does not have a chance of winning election. How could you imagine that this myopic moron could possibly win the popular vote and become the most powerful leader in the world?

  2. Dorothy says:

    I think I can see little horns and the smoke of the hell fire coming from her nose…

  3. Celebitchy says:

    @Bamaguy good point, although look what we put up with before. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

  4. She’s good TV, huh? This makes me wish I have a working TV. So that I can have my taste of ridiculous entertainment once in a while.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Shocker. the “Department of What Took So Long” news is right.

    people were predicting this as soon as she and McCain lost the election. or, rather, as soon as she lost the election for McCain.

  6. YeaRight! says:

    I guess Fox News was the “higher calling” that made Palin, resign her governorship of Alaska.

  7. Tess says:

    I’m always impressed by the tolerance of liberals for other points of view.

  8. bros says:

    fox news correspondents dont usually go on to win presidential campaigns. giving her her own platform to spew whatever ridiculous opinions she has will create way too many opportunities for her to say something dumb, insulting or otherwise, which will build up so much that they cant do anything but come back to haunt her if she ever tried to run for office again. and YahRight, you are right: it was a higher (paycheck) calling.

  9. Sunnyjyl says:

    I’m trying to be ‘positive’ today. Sooo, I really like her glasses.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    right, Tess, because the GOP is SO “tolerant” of views that differ from theirs. (Like Ann Coulter who called for the execution of “libs”.)

    understand this. THIS “lib” welcomes free speech. you have EVERY right to go out and spew whatever ignorance and hatred you have in your mind. it’s one of the things that makes our country great. in that sense, we all “tolerate” language that we don’t like.

    seems YOUR problem is that us “libs” don’t AGREE with Palin’s views.

    I’ll TOLERATE them as long and as far as Fox lets her spew, but AGREE with them? No.

    and if you mean “tolerate” them as in “listen to them”, then no thanks. I “tolerated” enough of her ignorance during the campaign.

    just like I won’t “tolerate” hate speech by the KKK…they have the right to speak it, but I’m sure as hell not going to hang around and listen to it.

  11. princess pea says:

    @ Tess – And conservatives are SO understanding and accepting of other people’s viewpoints, right? The whole thing about having an opinion is that you believe in it; if you are a person with conviction, you REALLY do care about it. I really, really do care about treating people equally, regardless of their colour, wealth or gender. So, yeah, I get worked up and upset when I hear someone who wants to destroy or deny that equality. Not because I’m a bad liberal who doesn’t understand that I should just love everyone, even if they kick a puppy. Because I honestly care.

    ETA: Ha! Great minds think alike, huh Praise?

  12. lucy2 says:

    Somewhere in NYC, Jon Stewart woke up smiling this morning…

    I can’t say I blame her, I’m sure they threw a ton of cash her way, and it’s certainly her right to make a good living while she can. What I wish was that she’d been honest about it – she clearly quit being governor because of all these opportunities, but instead of just saying so, she rambled on about doing great things for the people, everyone was out to get her, etc.
    Certainly the media has not been kind to her, but she’s reveled in the role of media victim, and has never risen to the challenge and proven herself otherwise. Instead she cried “gotcha journalism” when asked what papers she read, rather than thinking, hmm, maybe I should be a little more curious about the rest of the world…
    I think it’s unlikely that she will run in 2012, though stranger things have happened.
    Regardless of politics, I’d have a real hard time voting for someone who quit their elected position half way through and would rather be a talking head than actually work for the people who elected them.

  13. Ophelia says:

    She didn’t seem to know a thing about politics or this country, she appeared to like getting attention for saying outrageous super right wing stuff (i.e. The “death panels”). So I guess she’ll fit right in on a news station that fails to report the news. Oh well, I have only ever watched Fox News with my grandma, and I’ll suffer through anything for my family, but basically, she’s joining something most of us here wouldn’t ever watch. Except for the clips The Daily Show will find, that woman is a walking joke. So to each their own, at least she’s not pretending to be a politician anymore.

  14. Give the woman a break! Everyone has jumped on the bash Sarah bandwagon. I’m no fan, but I’m willing to give her a chance. We have endured countless men and women in politics who are downright buffoons and tolerated them. Why does it appeal to everyone to beat on Sarah Palin. And don’t say it is because she is not as smart as they think she should be or as smart as you think you are………because you are not. Get over it and let’s see what she has to say. As far as being a Dem vs a Rep, who the hell cares. They are all stupid. Look what they are doing to this country? I don’t approve.

  15. Clay says:

    OK, I wasn’t going to write anything. But speaking of poorly thought-out spews of venom. That is exactly what you are doing towards Sarah Palin. Obama is addicted to his teleprompter and stumbles massively when it goes down or is not working properly. Please stop spewing your liberal venom.

  16. Bodhi says:

    I wonder how long its gonna take her to quit this job

  17. anna says:

    Hey — the job is a good fit. We’ve matched mentalities, and this is a perfect fit….

  18. seanbone says:

    That’s right you liberals….morality has arrived….and she’s taking names…..put down your Starbucks coffee buckle up your Birkenstocks….& put away your rear end dildos you soulless immoral heathens…’re on notice.

  19. Ophelia says:

    Lol @ Bodhi- maybe a little longer than she was governor, and it’s not like working at Fox News could be hard. It’s a series of soapboxes that angry yelling people get on and talk about whatever is in their heads and sometimes I think they throw in a few “news stories” for good measure.

    To the 3 or 4 people standing up for her, I don’t mean to offend, but I think it’s pretty clear that she’s an embarrassment to her party and honestly the country. I’d respect her if she earned it, regardless of whether she is a repub or not. She just hasn’t. Also, the majority of posters seem to be liberal, so while you should always speak your mind, prepare to be disagreed with.

  20. lilith says:

    @ Tess

    As you should be. After all, it was the Republicans that screamed “traitor” to anyone who voiced their opinion against former President Bush simply because we were in the middle of a war. Many went as far as suggesting that anyone who opposed the President be tried for treason.

  21. TaylorB says:

    Hold on one second. People do not dislike Palin simply because of her views, the do not like her because she is an embarrassment to the party. There are a multitude of viable, bright republicans (men and women) to choose from, she is not even close to being up to the task. Can you imagine her in a debate against Condi Rice, Olympia Snowe, or Ann Coulter? Palin would be eaten alive.

    As for the comment about the current POTUS only being able to speak with a teleprompter, that is utter nonsense. I personally have seen him give two talks on Constitutional Law and Tort reform without the aid of a teleprompter. He is by no means perfect, but a person would have to be terribly politically biased to compare his knowledge inre the constitution to hers as even somewhat equitable. And regardless if you like or dislike a POTUS’ policies, I think we can all agree that it is in the best interests of the nation that the leader be VERY well versed in the ins and outs of our Constitution; which, while she may be charming and in some peoples opinion a good public speaker, Ms Palin is not.

  22. Goddess711 says:

    Another reason not to watch Fox. But on the positive side, it’s multiple opportunities for her to screw up again and again. You betcha!

  23. QB says:

    I don’t watch Fox anyway , so more reason to not watch it. She will fit right in , with Bill Oreilly and Glen Becks the only difference is that they are smart they just try to defend their views in stupid ways and Palin is just plain stupid. Is not like Fox news channel is a real “News Channel” they are a partisan channel.

    The only tv news personality I like is Rachel Maddow.

    I feel bad for all smart conservatives because fox news is their worst enemy , they all ways put the crazy , stupid,hypocrite conservative people .

  24. madmax says:

    Too bad we can’t have leaders like Rachel Maddow & Chris Olbermann…..all you Obama lovers are doomed!!! Global warming turned out to be a lie….yet the lemmings still follow……..thanks liberals….we’re stuck buying foreign oil forever when there’s tons of it right here in our own country….GLOBAL WARMING doesn’t exist…..the exact so called “global warming” here on earth is identical to other planets….last time I checked, Mars didn’t have any traffic jams…MORONS!

  25. TaylorB says:


    I love satire. That was funny. Do you read Betty Bowers or Landover Baptist? They have it down to a science.

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol at Taylor B…

    reminds me of Friday the 13th.

    “DOOMED! you’re all DOOMED!”

  27. NicoleB says:

    I honestly can not understand why ANYONE watches Fox News. Everytime I try to I get so upset. I am a republican but in no way do I feel that Sarah Palin is qualified to do anything. AND I am a republican who supports my president (yes, Obama) b/c that’s what GOOD citizens do. Sorry folks but this is what happens when you let a moron in office for eights years and then he royally messes up everything!…we lost get over it! Right now we need to let go of the silly racist hate (b/c that’s what it is) and try to work together. Palin is just ridiculous on all accounts…and even if in REAL life she is super intelligent and playing us all for the fool that doesn’t sit well with me. Bottom line if Republicans wanna win in the next election we have to stop appearing like racist morons by blindly supporting ANYONE that claims to be a Republican. We’ll focus on the election when it happens…let’s just work together now!

  28. Cynthia says:

    I think she is a very nice woman and think her show will be interesting. I don’t know why everyone hates her so much. Everyone can mess up an interview. Each time I see her she is articulate, intelligent and pleasant. I hope her show is a success.

  29. bros says:

    gah, cynthia, remove the cotton between your ears, because its pretty much established fact that this woman is neither intelligent (in the book learning or world experience sense) nor articulate. I have nothing to say regarding her pleasantness, but even people who like her are aware she is not articulate. She lost the election for mccain because of her ignorant jibberish.

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’d think that an intelligent person would know that their state’s close proximity to Russia does NOT qualify them in the arena of world affairs.

    and I think that an articulate person would have been able to name ONE newspaper she reads.

    but hey, that’s just me.

  31. Ellie says:

    Kinda long but it’s how I feel:
    Also, I wrote this when she emerged at the Republican whatchamacalit. My feelings have only gotten stronger

    I liked what I saw with McCain in the 2000 primaries, so therefore I was kind of happy to see that he got the Republican Nomination this year…Until I heard Sarah Palin open her mouth.

    The fact that this random chick (Palin) was plucked from obscurity, I would have been cool with as long as she was competent for the job at hand. I am however not cool with this self proclaimed “lipstick wearing pitbull” lady trying to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. My body, my choice so back off. To everybody who is going to say that she has an 80% approval rating as governor of Alaska, um that might have been true before the whole Troopergate scandal and the fact that she is being investigated for abuse of power. If she is found guilty in abusing power in Alaska, what makes people think that she wouldn’t abuse the power she would have as VP and second in command of the Free World??? How can you be pro-life and still be for the death penalty and the war in Iraq?? I’m not even going to go into her atrocious interviews.

    For the McCain campaign to have hidden her from journalists because they (the msm) are employing “gotcha” tactics. I mean REALLY??? Asking legitimate questions now constitutes as “gotcha” tactics is totally news to me. The media has nothing on what I would ask this woman if I were allowed to question her and it wouldn’t be any different if her name was actually Sean. Let’s not forget that in her interview with Charlie Gibson (who was “mean” to her) she did state that she believed that Dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago.

    For people who call her a “true feminist”, wake the hell up. A “true feminist” wouldn’t allow herself to be hidden because they (the republicans) think that everyone is picking on Poor Lil Sarah when in truth, we are asking the same questions we would be asking if the choice was a man. I also want to know why they modified the VP debate for her. A “true feminist” would want the same grounds for everyone else. Remember that whole thing about equality? I am apparently mistaken in thinking that is the whole idea behind feminism.

    I think it is great that there is a woman on the ticket, but not if the woman in question isn’t compentent enought to even have an idea what a VP actually does or cannot recall any other Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade. Every time I hear her speak, it just makes me cringe. Not because of her speaking voice but because she sounds grossly uninformed about which topic she is speaking.

    I also have to say that the woman has a special needs child at home, if she is so interested in family values, shouldn’t she be spending time with him instead of on the campaign trail. Women can do alot but a special needs child NEEDS time, attention, and love. I am not saying that she doesn’t love her youngest son but i would think raising a special needs child is difficult enough without having to campaign on top of it all.

    I am extremely bothered by the audacity of the McCain team to think that they could get Hillary’s votes by putting this severely incompetent woman on the ticket. That to me is sexism at it’s worst.

    To quote South Park “Politics is choosing between a douch and a turd”.

    I do not consider myself either a Republican or Democrat.

    *gets down from soapbox*

  32. katyusha says:

    @ TaylorB – thank you!!

    @ Tess – I’m a conservative and even I can’t stand her. I can’t possibly be the only one, either. Like Taylor said, she is an embarassment.
    I also don’t care at all for animal killers like her.

  33. moo says:

    “watch the pretty lady try to string a coherent thought together. ”


  34. Peach says:

    Okay fine. Here are the well thought out reasons I do not like Sarah Palin:

    I believe she is reactionary. I do believe that people who are of this nature do poorly in politics. It is an area which requires the ability to assess the situation, work towards a compromise and really do what’s best for the constituents. I haven’t seen any examples of Sarah Palin engaging in this way. Rather, she seems to get upset when people say mean things about her. People say mean things about every politician. If you cannot handle it, perhaps pundit is a better career.

    I do not like that she is ill-versed on policy. Especially foreign policy. It is absolutely without question the single biggest reason we are in a mess today. Because the former President was also ill-versed on actual policy. He relied on hyperbole. Now we’re stuck in an almost decade long war with no end in sight. Near-sightedness and jingoistic views are something that has nearly crippled America. It cannot be risked again.

    I do not like that she condescends to a certain class within American culture. She carries Gucci and acts like she understands the ‘little man’. But like Bush, I do feel this is a ploy. It is using a group and their real, understandable concerns and exploiting it. She occasionally puts on an REI jacket and holds a gun for a photo op. But I do believe what she loves most is attention. Honestly. And for the record: I feel similarly about Hilary Clinton. I also feel she is disingenuous. To a lesser extent, because she is less into a caricature. For Palin it’s Frontier Woman and for Clinton it’s Factory Girl. And really, I find both silly. They live in luxury. Do not tell me you understand how I feel. You do not. Tell me how you’re going to fix it.

    Which is Sarah’s biggest problem. She has no real policies. She has a lot of ideas of things she doesn’t like. But when it comes to actual well-thought-out and realistic policies she’s running on empty. I want somebody who will do less promising and more actual footwork (i.e. knowing your business). I don’t feel she makes an effort to learn. I do not feel she makes an effort to attempt real change.

    I do think she is a woman who couldn’t bother making it through her first term as Governor because the bright lights and glamor of TV were too seductive. That is not somebody I would ever want to see in a position of power within the government.

    So there. It’s your real, un-snarky argument as to why I think she’s not helping, but rather, hurting this political environment. It’s not picking on Sarah. It is simply an assessment of her abilities as I have seen thus far. And until she proves otherwise, I think considering her for political office would be a joke. A dangerous, stupid joke.

  35. jaundicemachine says:

    Reading off cue cards? Come on, Celebitchy – they probably hired her to be the brains of the operation. *snort*

  36. TaylorB says:


    I personally do not ‘hate’ her, but I think that she would not be a wise choice for the position of POTUS, and I seriously question anyone who honestly feels that she is up to the task. On the other hand, I am confident that she will make a decent talk show host, she is a former sports reporter and comes off as quite personable. Keep in mind, just because ‘anyone’ even the ‘average Joe’ CAN become POTUS doesn’t mean that they SHOULD be POTUS. That comment isn’t intended to be partisan or hateful, it is about being practical and doing what is best for the country as a whole, regardless of party.

  37. lucy2 says:

    @TaylorB, Peach, and Ellie – good posts, well thought out and articulated.
    I’ve talked to a lot of people who don’t care for Palin, and I would say 95% of them, myself included, share your thoughts and reasons on the matter. I don’t know anyone who truly hates her or has ill wishes towards her. It all comes down to her not being competent or well suited for the job she wanted people to hire her for.

    As with most issues or people, there are crazies who are hateful towards her, but to assume everyone who does not agree with or support her is the same way is not fair.

  38. Ellie says:

    Thanks Lucy. Of course I have also met the people (my sister) who think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. To each their own. Isn’t that the point of having Freedom of Speech?

  39. Bam Bam says:

    Tess, take heart as you knew your very short sentence would produce volumes from “understanding libs” and how they know so much more and whine about unsympathetic conservatives. Most have never really taken the time to get to know their counterparts, as they are too busy complaining and putting words in our (conservatives) mouths.

    NicoleB, change your affliation, you don’t belong in the GOP. I know an Acorn office nearby.

    Peach – I actually agree with some of what you’re saying, Sarah is more of a phenomena than an intellectual. I likely won’t watch her unless there is a remarkable learning curve on her part. Fox News is fine and the truly opened minded wouldn’t shun them or other news outlets.

    Let the whiners begin…

  40. izzy says:

    hahahaha there is a conservative around this site just like there is well vetted guests at white house dinner parties



  41. crazydaisy says:

    wow-does little miss SP get the crowd riled up or what?

    i’m glad she’s out of politics where she does NOT belong and into entertainment, where she a) can be funny (on purpose or not) and b) can’t really hurt anyone. I think she’s funny.

    And of course, FOX News is a joke. The people who watch it for real are dummies. (Sorry, but come on. It’s so FAKE and biased and sensationalized.)

    That said, the Palin-ster is kinda a cutie pie (adMIT it, people: those glasses? that wave? the ‘do?) and she was quite good on SNL. She totally belongs in show biz. Let’s hope she STAYS there.

  42. Ron says:

    I called this the moment I heard she was resigning. Fox news here she comes. I should be her damn agent. I figured she would resign so she could take advantage of all the stupid americans who would buy her book. She couldn’t do that while in office and let’s face it, if anyone who was making 125,000 a year had a 1.8 million dollar offer on the table they would quit too. So I respect her decision. However, the thing that bothers me about her is that she lied about it. She should have said it like it was and not made up some shit about Alaska’s money and lawsuits. I had very little respect for her prior to that and now have none. What it boils down too it, John McCain was stupid and she was unbelievably lucky. And regarding the lib/con points of view, people online will say anything with no repercussions. If you have balls you will argue your point face to face with someone you don;t know. I have done this before at a local restaurant I go to and sit at the counter. I will vote whichever way I feel is right and am registered in CA as an independent. It’s people who do not think and will vote for someone just because they are one party or the other that pisses me off.

  43. MizzExpert says:

    All the hate comes from the fact that she’s a threat. One female has the guts to take a stand like she has and man, watch worlds collide to knock her down!

    Where was the hate on Hillary, the arch-beotch??!! Sarah’s a stud any day of the week! Liberals buy the lie and refute the truth the conservatives are standing up for. Too stupid to know the difference Dems…

  44. TaylorB says:

    BamBam, Izzy, and MizzExpert,

    For the most part the posters here, regardless of political affiliation, are articulate, bright, and above all quite respectful towards each other and do read differing opinions and comment without being disrespectful, insulting or unkind. So if you have a comment and you frame it in a polite fashion, I am sure that you can find a spirited and informed debate; calling people ‘whiners’ or ‘kooks’ and painting people with a broad brush probably isn’t the best approach. But to each their own…

  45. MizzExpert says:

    TaylorB~I don’t know where you stand and that isn’t the point. Wouldn’t it be refreshing for BOTH sides of our political war to ALLOW room for BOTH viewpoints? Isn’t this exactly what Sarah Palin is being trashed for?

    See, it’s OK to be of a liberal point of view but as soon as a Conservative takes a stand on their own behalf out comes the crucifying.

    This is what Libs don’t get: they can sling the mud all they want as loud as they want but we Conservatives don’t have the right to sling anything anytime and when we do the Liberals are up in arms running crying back to mama.

    Sarah wouldn’t be bashed and trashed like she has been and continues to be if she were a frickin’ Liberal. And I’m not seeing out of 45 posts the articulate, well-thought and kind postings that are incorporating all viewpoints equally. A few puny Conservatives rear their egg-pasted faces and out comes the woe is me liberal whine over a handful of posts in her defense.

  46. katyusha says:

    MizzExpert, Palin is a threat to no one. I have a feeling it’s not the fact the she’s a female, it’s the fact that she is not qualified to run this country.

  47. becca says:

    All I’m going to say is this:

    Jon Stewart and his co-workers at the Daily Show are having an effing field day right now. Jon and his script writers must be cackling with unadulterated glee.

    This is a good thing. :D

  48. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yes, MizzExpert, there are room for both viewpoints. and no, this is NOT exactly what Palin is being “trashed” for. see posts #31 and 34 (as well as many others) to see what she’s being trashed for.

    as far as her having the opportunity to air her viewpoint, no one is trying to silence her. in fact, it’s quite the opposite. both sides can’t wait to see her in action, for different reasons.

    what you apparently don’t grasp is that each side has the right/freedom to REACT to what the other side says or does. Say whatever you want, but be prepared to handle what people may say back to you. people who don’t like Palin are simply reacting to what she’s said or done.

    it sounds like you’re basically saying that we “libs” shouldn’t react to her. what is it that we libs should do differently? smile, nod and agree with everything she says? because I guess anything else is just “mean”, like mean ol’ Charlie Gibson and mean ol’ Katie Couric.

    the disdain most people have for her was expressed very eloquently by a couple of posters here. your rants on being “crucified” and mudslinging are laughable at best, and most hypocritical at worst.

    both sides sling mud, its a part of the world of politics. for you to claim that the republican side isn’t above slinging mud and that it’s only the “libs” that are “allowed” to do it is painfully ridiculous.

    she was foisted upon McCain because his campaign figured that the Hilary voters would vote for the GOP ticket over Obama if there was a woman on it. they didn’t care WHO the woman was or how qualified she was, just figured that women candidates were interchangeable. sexism at it’s worst. fortunately, most of the voters weren’t that stupid.

    I always have to laugh when I hear the “you’re afraid” accusation. no, it’s not fear. it’s absolute gob-smacking jaw-dropping apoplexy that anyone would think this woman is remotely qualified to run the country.

    and please believe this, if my party foisted a numbskull like this onto my ticket just to appeal to the female voter, I’d be just as outspoken against her.

  49. Peach says:

    @Miss Expert:
    If John McCain had stayed true to his former philosophy and picked…say Olympia Snowe (Senator from Maine) I don’t think people would have been as reluctant.
    Ms. Snowe is incredibly popular and an obviously intelligent woman.
    I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. McCain-Snowe I’d choose over Obama.

    So it’s not about it being a woman. It’s about despite being a woman, I’m still going to hold her up to the same standard as I do men.

    And re-read my old post. I said I wasn’t a fan of Hilary Clinton either. Calling sexism when this woman is clearly unfit for higher office invalidates any actual discourse and really does an injustice to woman who have suffered it.

    Palin and Clinton both suffered sexist crap at the hands of the media. But Palin’s down fall is that she feeds off of it as a reason why the mean elite don’t like her.

    Meanwhile, she is the very definition of elitist.

  50. mtngirl says:

    I think it’s great – now Sarah can quit crying about how the MSM is so mean to her because she will be working for one of the biggest MSM’s! Imho, Praise St Angie, TaylorB, Peach, et al, have expressed very well the reasons why Palin has more nonsupporters than supporters, katyusha summed it up nicely. Palin may be popular with some folks and really passionate about what comes out of her mouth, but she is a dolt, self absorbed, close-minded and leans towards religious fanaticism. Not good qualities for a person who aspires to be POTUS, but great for being a talking head. I predict ratings for Fox will go up, and it would be funny to watch her go up against a panel of experts, talk about reality TV! I’m getting out my popcorn now. ;)

  51. texasmom says:

    I can see why lots of people like Sarah Palin — because she seems really likable. She’d be a blast at your Super Bowl party! And, living in Texas, I know lots of people who really feel that way. BUT, even living in suburban Texas, land of Republicans, I can name a dozen conservative friends who voted against McCain for showing such poor judgment in choosing her as his VP nominee. NONE of these folks liked Obama, none were voting FOR him, but Palin’s lack of qualifications instantly disqualified McCain in many, many people’s eyes. Obviously McCain carried Texas, but he didn’t carry Harris County (Houston) — Obama did, and Palin is why. I’m sure she is a lovely person, just not presidential material. So enough with all this “hater” business, I don’t see anyone who is poking fun at Palin making across-the-board slams at conservatives.

  52. Ann says:

    Oh and Biden is not an embarrasment to his party.. oh by the way….where is he.. they sure don’t let him out of the cage very often. They especially don’t let him speak.
    If Obama did not have someone else writting his speaches…oh where would he be…?????

  53. Peach says:

    quite frankly, many of us are engaging in intelligent discourse. We are giving the benefit of the doubt to Palin supporters and articulating clearly and without malice why we do not want her in office.

    You come in talking about Biden (who I believe right at this moment is attending to the death of his mother) and Obama’s speeches. Acting as though the POTUS having a speechwriter is a new phenomenon. All Presidents have had them. It’s not a revelation or a valid complaint.

    Point is, if you’re not adding to the actual intelligent discourse on this thread, you are making yourself look bad and discrediting your own argument before your point even gets a chance to breathe.

    Perhaps re-wording it to make sense would be a good place to start.

  54. snapdragon says:

    nope…still stupid.

  55. Ellie says:

    Props to Peach!

  56. chshc says:

    To be fair, compared to Sarah Palin FOXNEWS is fair and BALANCED

  57. singerinwhite says:

    Amen Peach.

    And if anyone else decides to say anything about “Where Joe Biden is,” I’ll give you this:

    He’s doing his job.

    A Vice President is NOT supposed to be in the limelight as much as Cheney was. Cheney abused and raped his privileges as Vice President to an appalling degree.(You want specific details? Go look up the Biden-Palin debates – I think he mentioned it in a few of his answers, and in some separate interviews) You’re not supposed to see Biden in the public eye now that he’s Vice President.

    Biden says stuff he shouldn’t So what? Harry Reid said something VERY recently that he shouldn’t, and thankfully, people are in an uproar about it. Biden is an incredibly intelligent, articulate man whom quite honestly – I would have voted as president in a heartbeat if he won the ticket. I liked pretty much everything in his platform that he was creating during the primaries. He actually gave DETAIL (or as much as he could) to the things he wanted to do.