Paris Hilton takes baby London Hilton to the London Hilton

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their second child, daughter London, last November, which makes her around eight months old. London was born via surrogacy 10 months after her big brother, Phoenix Barron. Both children were kept secret from everyone, including Paris’s family, until after their birth. Paris’ baby name theme is, obviously, naming her children after cities that she likes. For years, Paris had been telling people that her “girl name” for a future daughter was going to be London Marily Hilton Reum. Well, another one of Paris’ bucket list items must have been checked off last week when she brought little London Hilton to the London Hilton. Of course, she documented the occasion for social media with a cute video of her making baby London smile.

London takes London! Paris Hilton is enjoying a full-circle moment as she introduces her infant daughter to the city that inspired her name.

“London Hilton at The London Hilton,” Paris captioned a sweet Instagram video.

“So in love with my little Princess! Bringing her to the city she’s named after for the first time is a dream come true!” she added. “I’ve spent every summer at this hotel since I was a baby, and now I get to share this special family tradition with my daughter, London. Named after my favorite city in the world! Can’t wait to make new memories together.”

In the clip, baby London lays on a blanket wearing nautical themed pajamas as her mom leans over her.

“London is in London,” Paris coos, earning smiles from the baby as she playfully kisses her hand. “Hi, smiley girl!”

Last year on her podcast, Paris revealed that she had harbored the desire to name her daughter after her favorite city for more than a decade.

“I’ve always wanted to name my daughter London. I had actually picked that name for a long time now, probably over 10 years. I always wanted London. I love that name for my daughter,” the heiress expressed at the time.

Paris became a mom in January 2023 when she and husband Carter Reum welcomed their first child, son Phoenix, via surrogate. The 43-year-old Simple Life star shocked fans when she announced that the couple secretly welcomed their second child, daughter London, also via surrogate, in November of the same year.

The globe trotting family has been logging plenty of miles this summer with recent trips to New York, Hawaii and now the U.K.

“It’s so much fun to travel together,” Paris recently told ET of her young family. “They’re such good fliers.”

Paris also opened up to ET last month about her positive approach to handling the negative comments she’s received since becoming a parent.

“I’m a new mom, so I’m just learning as I go and having the whole world watching,” Hilton shared. “I really appreciate when moms are coming to me with advice and coming from a good place of love and support. So it’s awesome just to have this whole community of moms, especially on TikTok, where we can all learn advice from each other.”

Paris — whose tell-all memoir, Paris: The Memoir, is now out in paperback — has another big project on the horizon: a new reality show with her The Simple Life co-star, Nicole Richie.

“We are starting production soon. It’s going to be iconic,” Paris teased. “Nicole and I have been best friends since we were two, so I can’t wait to come back together for this. It’s going to be so much time.”

[From ET Online]

I’m not really a big Paris Hilton fan, but I do love a good pun or dorky joke like “London is in London.” I know that we all have our doubts about how much hands-on parenting that Paris actually does, but the video of her interacting with London is pretty cute. That baby is so expressive and smiley! It almost makes me miss when my kids were that young. I think she has her mother’s eyes and features, but also looks quite a bit like her dad, too.

As for Paris’ claims that she’s just a mom, learning as she goes while the whole world watches, I just want to point out that the world is only watching because she’s putting herself and her children out there for us to see. I doubt anyone would be eagerly following Paris’ “mom journey” if she wasn’t so willing to show and share it with the world. I am happy for her that her kids are good travelers, though. I was one-for-two in that front, but I bet I’d have been two-for-two on happy traveling babies if my family was flying around on a private jet, too. Anyway, I wonder how much of her being a mom is going to play into her and Nicole Richie’s upcoming reality TV show. Oh, and also, OMG, she leans on a community of moms on TikTok! Back in my day, we went on BabyCenter message boards. I feel so old now.

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18 Responses to “Paris Hilton takes baby London Hilton to the London Hilton”

  1. Duch says:

    what a beautiful baby – looks like the Gerber baby

  2. LadyE says:

    I was also not a fan of Paris Hilton until I watched several documentaries that she’s participated in/done herself and I now have tons of respect for her. She’s a really interesting person with a great sense of humor and kind of shocking (to me) self-awareness about her image that she acknowledges but also plays with in really interesting, subversive ways. I was really surprised at how intentional she is and the themes she plays with in her public persona, as well as why she does that and how it relates to her sense of self-protection.

  3. therese says:

    That is a darling baby.

  4. It Really Is You, Not Me says:

    She may have nannies to do most of the hard work (nap times, diapers, etc) but she seems to really bond with her children so good for them.

    My firstborn is about a month older than North West and I remember my friend (who didn’t have kids) criticizing KK’s sleep nurse. I shut that up quickly. I told her that I was really struggling with recovering from a c-section and lack of sleep and I would have hired a sleep nurse if I could afford it. And that was with my husband taking 8 weeks of paternity leave so I was luckier than many. Americans live in this do it yourself culture while other cultures have grandparents and aunts and friends to take the load off while the mom recovers.

    • Rosie says:

      My friend had a baby two years ago and had a sleep nurse for the first month. She was gifted it by a few other girl friends who were already moms. She said it was hands down the best thing she’d ever been gifted. I was lowkey jealous because I would have done that too!

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    I love Paris – her bimbo image was something that she cultivated to hide insecurities and the trauma from her teenage years in those places for ‘troubled teenagers’. Over the years she has proven that she’s a smart business women and many people who know her/work with her all say she is a lot more smarter than the image she projects.

    Her kids are cute.

  6. Awesomegranny says:

    I refuse to hate on her, I think she went through some very difficult stuff and she has come through it with some grace and dignity. I grew up in an era where no one had a cell phone, and my silly actions were not recorded.

    She, on the other hand, came into young adulthood at a time that was on the very cusp of everyone having a phone in their pocket, recording every dumb thing that occurred. I wish her only the best.

  7. Nanea says:

    I used to roll my eyes when I read about the latest shenanigans from PH and NR, but mostly was indifferent .

    Once I found out about the abuse that Paris was subjected to, I changed my view to neutral-curious, and eventually to nodding supportively, especially after she appeared on Archetypes. Because I know Meghan wouldn’t do superficial, she’s too earnest and serious for that.

    There is so much wrong in the world of kids, especially in education, and coming from a life of privilege doesn’t shelter kids from abusive, cruel adults tasked with caring for them. See also Charles Spencer. Or Harry.

    • Christine says:

      Hard agree. I had her in my head as a dumb blonde, and that’s all she ever was going to be. The “camp” she was sent to horrified me, and while I will never be a fan, it’s not because she’s Paris Hilton, it’s because I’m older than she is and don’t have anything in common with her. I feel bad for ever opening my mouth to say anything about her when the beginning and end of my knowledge of her is The Simple Life, which I did watch at the time, or the first season, not sure if there were others.

      Meghan really did effectively showcase Paris and make the point that just because you see someone on TV, and newsstands, you don’t actually know anything factual and true about them.

  8. ... says:

    I’ve been a Paris fan since Repo! the Genetic Opera. I used to be one of those that couldn’t stand her, but I loved her in the movie and wish they’d made a sequel starring her character.

    She played the spoiled heiress part so well, because she’d been playing the bimbo image for so long. And in the end, her character proves to be a smart business woman, just like Paris.

  9. blueberrydot says:

    Ok wait – there’s no way she named her son Phoenix because she likes the city of Phoenix lolol.

  10. Mina_Esq says:

    I interact more with Nicky because I prefer her fashion and home decor, but I honestly can’t hate on Paris. Her kids are cute, and you can’t deny that she has managed her image to the tune of millions. Like, good for her.

  11. Nadia says:

    All I can think about is London Tipton from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

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