Jennifer Lopez is having a ‘live, laugh, love’ summer & she’s still ‘smitten’ with Ben

On Monday, I wrote a sort of “placeholder” story about Bennifer, as did People Magazine. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spent the Independence Day long-weekend on separate coasts, playing games with their wedding rings. Both got pap’d a lot. There are still no announcements of either divorce or reconciliation. People Mag’s big exclusive was “Jennifer seems fine.” My gut tells me that Jennifer would never “leave” Ben or be the one to say “we are getting a divorce.” No matter what, Ben is still the love of her life. So it’s up to Ben to determine what’s next. That’s sort of what Page Six’s sources are saying too – J.Lo is spending time at her home in the Hamptons and letting Ben figure out what he wants.

A reconciliation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seems slimmer by the day amid ongoing divorce rumors, a source exclusively tells Page Six. An insider close to the couple tells us that, while the singer remains “smitten” with her husband, she has embarked on a summer of “health, happiness and joy” for herself and her family.

“Nothing can break her spirit,” the source adds. “She wants to have a summer full of fun and laughter.”

Earlier this month, Page Six reported that their marriage has been “over for months” and Lopez seemingly confirmed that as she posted a clip of her 2021 music video for “Cambia el Paso” on Instagram Sunday. The empowering tune features the lyrics, translated from Spanish to English, “Her life is better now without him … She doesn’t need anyone to be well / She does not fail, she does not fail.” Lopez then asserts, “He doesn’t deserve to have her in his arms.”

The update comes as Lopez, 54, continues to enjoy the summer without Affleck, 51, despite the two still wearing their wedding rings. Over the July 4th weekend, she was spotted looking happy and carefree while enjoying a bike ride with her longtime pal and vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, in the Hamptons, N.Y. She was also seen shopping in Bridgehampton with her manager, Benny Medina, and out and about with her child Emme.

Nonetheless, multiple sources tell us that Lopez who has continuously called the Oscar winner the love of her life still feels the same way. We’re told by another source that, amid the rumored split, Lopez has been spending a lot of time with her twins, Emme and Max, 16.

“When they’re not at their summer activities she’s with them,” the source tells us.

[From Page Six]

My theory has morphed into: she’s trying to make him chase her. She’s showing him what he’s missing. She’s trying to do “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” He needed space so she’s giving him tons of space and letting him figure it out. Figure out if he wants another marriage to crash and burn, figure out if he’s actually happier without her. We’ll see.

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44 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez is having a ‘live, laugh, love’ summer & she’s still ‘smitten’ with Ben”

  1. Smart&Messy says:

    They both sound very exhausting in different ways.

  2. nutella toast says:

    Here’s the thing – people who passive-aggressively post shady stuff on their socials about their spouse / boyfriend /girlfriend never end up with that person. Multiply that by 10,000,000 if your significant other has made it clear that making your personal relationship public is deeply uncomfortable for them. I’m not defending Ben’s perpetually sullen, sulky behavior or a thousand other things…just saying that if he’s really the love of your life, this is not going to woo him back. It’s just not. I cannot stand when people post all their personal stuff online and then expect the people they post about to be OK with it – it’s so disrespectful, and solves nothing. Maybe try being private for once because he told you it’s important to him if you really love him and then if he still acts like a turd (probably), be done with it.

    • Sunshile says:

      “My theory has morphed into: she’s trying to make him chase her. She’s showing him what he’s missing.”

      I agree ! She tried the i’m the perfect wife going to all the kids events strategy for a couple of weeks it didn’t work so now it’s look what you missing strategy with the Italy sexy vacations etc but Ben he’s done

      • Mil says:

        He had perfect church going wife. As Goop said, he needs strippers.
        It is sad that Lopez seems to be lost while seeking his approval. But even worse, many women do that.

  3. Flamingo says:

    Doesn’t Goop and her husband live in separate homes and just visit each other so they can have their own space. I don’t see exhaustive coverage of them.

    It just sounds like to me Ben was Ben again and gets overwhelmed and was dipping out on her. And she was like you do you and I will do me. Then they boomerang back together again.

    They will figure it out eventually.

    • Lens says:

      That’s not what happened with Goop and her second husband Brad. The first year of marriage they lived together during the week and Brad kept his house in another part of LA and saw his kids there on the weekends. After a year Brad sold that house and they all have lived together for five years now.
      As far as jlo goes, she wants us to know she’s still “smitten”? Well bless her heart. Waiting for a third reunion with someone who said he had temporary insanity when he married you is insanity.

  4. Aerie says:

    Jenny from the Bronx isn’t trying to win anyone back. As long as she has male company (manager Benny) she’ll continue to live, laugh, and LOVE all the way to her next rebound relationship.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    I think she’s trying to make him chase her too but this should make her realize that He. Is. Not. Worth. It.

    I know what it’s like to love someone so much that all you want is that person and you will do almost anything to be with them. She gave him that little opening and he took the opportunity to love bomb her and now she’s doing what she can to hold on.

  6. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    She didn’t want to sign the papers that day at ben’s office

  7. Dee says:

    I don’t think Ben is all that into her anymore.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    I think she feels that she’s done all she can to save the marriage and she’s leaving it up to Ben to figure out what he wants. That’s all she can do at this point.

    • Aerie says:

      When her tour was canceled Jen said she was going to use the time to focus on family and friends. Shortly thereafter she went to Italy with her ‘team’ and took lots of pretty pictures of herself taking pretty pictures. This was immediately followed by a stopover in France for a fashion show, back to LA and now the Hamptons with more outfits. Throw in the recently uploaded music video about being single and Yes, she’s done all she can because this is all she can do.

  9. Beech says:

    I looked up their love is better the 2nd time around timeline. If what I read is to be believed Ben reached out to her and took chase. Last I read they were in Montana as he was courting JLo. I never paid much attention to her but did follow him during his messy alcoholic, cheating, rehab, sleeping with the nanny, SNL producer, Ana de Arma days . . . JLo has a diva reputation, is rude to peasants and taking it on the chin for her excesses. I’m coming around to Ben not liking women but loves the thrill of the chase and toying with their emotions. JLo is a hopeless romantic. And there are the children . . .

    • UpIn Toronto says:

      I’d google “Ben Affleck emails to Jennifer Garner”. He wrote love letters copiously to woo her too.

      I think Ben says a lot of stuff he doesn’t or cannot mean

      • Midnightsun says:

        And Jlo calls all her partners “her soulmates, Twins souls, true love, the one” how different this is this time

      • Lens says:

        Everyone who thinks Ben is somehow jlo’s one and only true love should watch you tube’s Be Thee Commentator who did a six part series on jlo’s men. She’s been repeating the same thing each time she has a new man and the big artistic endeavor she just had to do this year is just a regurgitation of her book and her talking points of the last ten+ years.

      • kirk says:

        @Lens – Thanks for great recommendation on you tube ‘Be Thee Commentator’ 6-part series The Men of Jen! Quite compelling series for me who thinks JLo is a great dancer, an ok actress, and uninspired singer. Currently on Part 3, “Wedding vows mean nothing to her, she moves on when she gets tired of sleeping with the same man.” Always suspected Jlo is a big cheater in relationships. Had no idea she was also a sucker-punching B who lures with lies.

  10. Get Real says:

    Yeah nothing says giving someone space than running to social/media to get papped and leak all your feelings about them. Girl is so cringe.

    • Midnightsun says:

      This !
      She has been leaking nonstop negative stories about Ben because he doesn’t want to comeback just look at the dailymail. And now that viral shading post on her instagram making headlines, it’s just going to push him even more away. Her behavior is toxic

    • Lindsay says:

      This is really a good point!

      We saw her reading that social media blurb to him about ‘her beauty, booty, bank account/bye boy to him’

      Cept she doesn’t want to say ‘bye boy to him’!
      She’s hanging on to him with her fingernails.
      Desperate JLo looking foolish and pathetic.
      He doesn’t want you, girl!
      Go forth and find someone else to do your fairy tail, love story hummingbird dance with!

      • Carolnr says:

        DM now has an article alleging that both Ben & JL’s children have been working behind the scenes trying to get them back together before her birthday on July 24th so they can have a party. So much for giving Ben space..

      • Midnightsun says:

        She’s leaking nonstop stories trying to pressured him + that embarrassing Instagram’s post and now DM has photo of him without his wedding ring.
        I just said in my previous comment her behavior was going to push him way even more and there it is

  11. Kirsten says:

    She is mistaking public spectacle for putting real effort into a relationship. I do not think she is smitten with Ben (or any of her previous exes) so much as she’s smitten with the idea she has of a boyfriend/husband.

    • Nigela says:

      This is typical of someone with histrionic personality disorder. One of the traits is “mistakenly believing relationships are closer/more intimate than they actually are”.

  12. Cel2495 says:

    The worst thing to do in a relationship is just let time do its thing and hope that the distancing person will come around . Indifference is so painful , I was living in limbo before I got divorced, thinking that is ok, he loves me , he is not saying he wants to end things , so all is ok. I finally comprehended that silence is also an answer, the lack of effort is an answer, distance is an answer. We can’t simply chase people down and wear them down until they love us the way we want them to. If someone doesn’t love you the way you need to be love, you have to let go.

    JLo always seems to be chasing love and always asking all these wrong men to love her. I think she needs to stay with herself not to teach Ben a lesson or make her chase her but because she truly wants to get to know herself… after all they say that the scariest and happiest moment in one’s life is when they know themselves. She needs that, to concentrate on herself and her kids and stop with the social media subliminal stuff.

  13. Ameerah M says:

    This sounds accurate. It sounds like something she would do. As for Ben I hope he is taking the time to think about it and doesn’t string her along if he’s done. But this tracks for both of them.

  14. Marcia says:

    It’s not good to be in a position where the other person knows you’ll never leave. There’s no incentive for them to treat you well.
    I don’t mean that you lorde your possible departure over their heads. Just that you convey from the very start, usually just with your self-assurance and attitude, that if they treat you like crap, you’ll walk.

  15. Aurora says:

    It sounds more like she’s squeezing her lemons for lemonade?
    For whatever reason, Ben seems not wanting to be with her at the moment. She had planned to spend most of what remains of 2024 touring. What’s she to do? Hang out with whoever is available.
    I believe she might be smitten with him. For all his demons and sour disposition, he seems to have tried to better himself and work on his addictions. He acts like a responsible parent and a motivated professional. Just how much of it he owes to Garner or the exposure Bennifer 2.0 brought to him is a different matter, but truth is he can clean up nice.
    This shoutout might come as an apology after her latest ig activity in apparent shade to Ben. I never believed I could say girl needs to take a cue from him, step away from sm, do some therapy and focus on positive stuff. She’s embarrassing herself by allowing someone who was virtually banned from the industry for more than a decade to win at the PR game.

  16. Lindsay says:

    It’s as if she enjoys shame as much as she enjoys her narcissism.
    He doesn’t want to be married to her.
    Even the most un-analytical of us knows this!
    I’ve interpreted that he’s wishing she’ll pull the trigger, but she’s a vapid, stubborn Leo.
    He’s gonna have to be the one to do it.
    Especially now that she’s thrown down PR threats of breaking him financially.
    Jenny gonna be difficult to unload.
    Hardcore Narcs NEVER change.
    You have to get away from them 🔜

  17. Carolnr says:

    Ben already took his OWN space since he moved out MONTHS ago & moved the rest of his stuff out when JL was in Italy.
    They are not only selling that $65 million mansion but also the ARTWORK in that house. I don’t believe that Ben wants to work on the marriage or will be running back to her after seeing her IG posts. ( All this publicity is what was too much for his sobriety) Reports also claim they had major issues with finances & parenting. JL wanted this house & I am sure loved it after putting her touches into it! Now that Ben has moved out, it suddenly is too big? Her sources have her mother & sisters now telling her to leave Ben because she is losing herself married
    to him? JL never quit promoting herself or her products while being papped with Ben. That is who JL is…she shouldn’t have to change WHO she is to stay married to Ben to save the marriage. Ben shouldn’t have to change WHO he is, either! Trying to change someone, NEVER works in a
    marriage! I am actually glad that Ben seems to be focusing on his sobriety
    You should never want to change the
    person that you are in a relationship with and/ or are married to.
    If you believe in some of the reporting, JL is allegedly moving back to NY with her
    children for the school year. I guess time will tell…

  18. Truthiness says:

    I agree JLo wants Ben to chase her, or for another suitable guy to give chase. She’s been announcing her presence and availability on at least 2 continents.

    Ideally she’d like to date a mogul or Count and then somehow a less grumpy and more compliant Ben discovers he can’t live without her. Or just make that idea a Netflix movie and pocket the cash. Damn, this is probably already a Julia Roberts movie with Hugh Grant isn’t it.

  19. Minnieder says:

    Replace “54” year old with “14” year old and the story tracks 🤣

  20. EyesSee says:

    I recently watched both Amazon movies she did – “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” and “This Is Me…Now”, both were pretty good. She puts herself out there to say she’s been through the ringer with relationships, marriage, etc and has learned how to giver herself love now. Did anyone else see it? I think that she got a great deal of help on the project from Ben. Perhaps their reconnection gave her some new insight into herself. So much of the social media comments have played on what she has herself admitted to in her movies. Is it possible she is learning to enjoy life more on her own terms. She likes to share her life with the world, Ben doesn’t.

    • Jayna says:

      Yes, I watched it twice, and some parts in it a third time. I really enjoyed it. But she has been saying this stuff for years about herself. After several relationships, she says she had to learn to be alone, to love herself, on and on. As she was saying that each time, once marketing a book about it, she really had not learned to be alone because she had set up her next guy almost immediately. She had Casper ready to go when she and Mark split.

      That’s why as much as I liked the musical movie, loved the choreography, loved that she poked fun at herself, and thought she looked stunning, I never, ever took it that she learned how to love herself and be alone. How could we? She completely jumped from A-Rod to Ben in a nanosecond. So that part of the movie made no sense. Also, like I said, she wrote a book about this years ago and was spouting the same stuff but repeating the same behavior.

    • ElleE says:

      @eyessee I was with you up until the Ben
      -doesn’t-like-to-live- his-life- in-public part lol

  21. ElleE says:

    JLo wasted what could’ve been a legendary opportunity on SNL when she was on a few weeks ago.

    I’ll never understand why she didn’t do a skit of her being papped, styled as herself, in front of various buildings smoking, loitering, or just looking half- dead.

    I would’ve lived for the meltdowns “omg not only did she betray poor Ben’s trust by sharing details about her marriage, she made fun of them. Not cool!”

  22. Seabreezy says:

    Its like watching “high school sweethearts” 30 years later post divorces mature out of immaturity/ dysfunction / unrealistic mindsets to possibly create a healthy life// relationship/ future. Is it possible? We shall see…. It’s weird, I’m wondering if / who’s being manipulative, covert narcissistic etc but Im also going to say there is a chance….. This is a window of time that both of them have to get it right or get over themselves so to speak.

  23. Jayna says:

    “Lens says:
    July 10, 2024 at 11:40 am
    Everyone who thinks Ben is somehow jlo’s one and only true love should watch you tube’s Be Thee Commentator who did a six part series on jlo’s men. She’s been repeating the same thing each time she has a new man and the big artistic endeavor she just had to do this year is just a regurgitation of her book and her talking points of the last ten+ years.”

    I reposted Len’s comment because people need to see it. She hit the nail on the head. I caught that channel’s six-part series. And Lens is spot on. It’s shocking to see such similar clips after each relationship ends or even begins. Ben is the man she was in love with. And it was great to see J-Lo in her heyday in the clips. She had that “it” factor and such fierce drive.

    BUT I really caught something after seeing interviews so close together like that while covering each relationship. She talked about why she married them or got engaged to them and it was ALWAYS about what they did for her, filled something she needed right then. It was about HER, not about how she felt about them. Only Ben did she act differently.

    She began talking to Marc days after the Bennifer wedding was called off. Marc left his wife a month later. His wife broke your heart when she discussed it. And Chris Judd? She married him after six months and brought Benny Medina with them on their honeymoon. Benny said he ate with them every night. She used Chris for selfish reasons and dumped him for Ben.

    What I took away from the YoutTube series, in my mind, looking back over her life and the men she chose is that Jennifer’s career is her number one love. She isn’t a hopeless romantic because she was never madly IN love with Marc, neither with Chris Judd, neither with Casper nor with A-Rod. P-Diddy I can’t figure out. And Ohani was just that rush of love Jennifer liked but her career got big, and P-Diddy came along when she was branching into albums. She needs a man by her side and likes getting engaged and married.

    Still, people who say she has a bad picker don’t get that her reasons for these relationships were never blind love except for Ben. Even then in round 2, a chance at love with the one she loved, she stlll used the relationship with Ben for a four-pronged project consuming her while already busy with her career.

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