Scarlett Johansson looks like a corpse in new Mango ads


Scarlett Johansson is the face and body of several products these days – she’s got contracts with everyone from champagne companies to Reebok. This is her third campaign with Mango, a clothing line known for…God knows. Because I can’t really tell their style from Scarlett’s ads. In her previous ads for Mango, ScarJo worked an old-school Courtney Love-Debbie Harry vibe with bleach-blonde hair and animal prints. In this current season’s Mango ads, ScarJo is back to red, and she’s looking… is “corpsey” a word? My spellcheck doesn’t seem to think so, but it’s staying. She looks corpsey. Part of the makeup – why would you use mortician’s makeup on poor ScarJo?

But I’ve always thought ScarJo is very dependent on styling. Yes, I think she’s a beautiful girl, but if you style her the wrong way, she can look like… well, death. Corpsey, again. But, whatever. Girl’s getting paid.

Other than that, there’s not a ton of ScarJo news. She’s on Broadway right now with Live Schreiber, doing A View From the Bridge, which seems to be getting solid-to-average reviews. In addition to that, ScarJo was one of the stars to help raise $9 million for Haiti during CNN’s Haiti: How You Can Help. She also auctioned off a meeting for some lucky fan to come and see her after a performance of A View From The Bridge, with the proceeds going to Oxfam. Good girl!

Mango ads courtesy of Popholic.


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29 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson looks like a corpse in new Mango ads”

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  1. Sumodo says:

    Dumb photos. She looks very plastic, not Scarjo at all.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Wow, where’s my avatar?

  3. andrea says:

    corpsey, for sure. these pics sort of look like maybe posters for some scary movie where the scorned ex comes back from the dead to haunt and kill you.

  4. says:

    def corpse bride. FOOTless corpse bride. pfft.

  5. WTF?!? says:

    Looks like a bad ANTM shoot.
    Wait. That was redundant.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    not good pictures. I hate it when the photog thinks they’re going the “arty” route when in fact the pics just look cheap.

    and yes, in that bottom pic, she literally looks like a plastic friend of barbie.

    oh, and I just noticed the trench she’s wearing. wtf are you supposed to do with a raincoat with no SLEEVES?

  7. Jillian says:

    They photoshopped her boobs away.

  8. Lenore says:

    This may be considered sacrilege but I don’t think she’s all that beautiful, really; she just has notable hooters and blow-job lips.

    She’s pretty, sure, but aside from the lips her face is basically unremarkable. It’s a blank canvas designed to frame the main attraction – the mouth. Take off the makeup and the sex bomb vanishes.

    And the worst thing is, half the time she doesn’t know how to work her own best (facial) feature – she seems to be trying to pout, and she just looks like she’s had a stroke.

    Like she has to wipe her mouth a lot because her lips are too plump to close, and the spit collects on the bottom lip if she’s not careful.

    Like if you stood in a lift with her, you’d be standing in the silence and suddenly realised that the sound you thought was aircon was actually Scarlett, breathing through her mouth because it just doesn’t shut properly.

    (Not saying she IS dumb or drools a lot or is a mouthbreather, just saying… that’s the vibe I get. Tell me I’m not alone!)

  9. FrancescaB says:

    I don’t get the appeal of Scar Jo.

    Big breasts, nice body. Her face, her style, her personality all do nothing for me.

  10. WTF?!? says:

    Actually, Jillian, she dieted her boobs away. It’s the trade-off to be Hollywood, the loss of natural fatty breast tissue in the never-ending Quest for Thinness.

  11. moo says:

    A trench coat with no sleeves. Really??

  12. Sumodo says:

    Girl With a Pearl Earring was a gorgeous movie and she was meltingly beautiful. She was endearing in Lost in Translation. People, she’s more than the sum of her parts. Scarjo is remarkable, I don’t care for her singing, but her acting is often incandescent.

  13. bubbles says:

    wow! i’d like to see pictures of all you aesthetics critics out there.
    fact is she still makes more money and sells more products in a day than any of us make in a year.

  14. mila says:

    I am one of those people who don’t get Scarjo’s appeal at all. I don’t find her sexy, particularly beautiful or talented. I LOVED her in Lost in Translation and Girl With a Pearl Earring but then I realized she was playing the same role, same character in every single movie she starred in.

  15. FrancescaB says:

    I’m a yoga instructor. All yoga, all day.

    So yes, you would like to see mah body. Dirt poor, but super fine.

    I’ll give that to Scarlett, she’s a rich bitch.

  16. bubbles says:

    oh.. yeah. and she goes home to Ryan Reynolds every night!

  17. Larissa says:

    @moo: it´s actually a dress styled as a trench coat.

    And I think she looks gorgeous, as usual.

  18. sassy says:

    they totally copied off madonna’s old louis vouitton ad, and it wassn’t even a good ad to begin with! Unoriginal! For someone as beautiful as ScarJo, they have no excuse for such uninspired pictures!

  19. Camille says:

    These pictures just prove that she’s no model. She should stick to her day job.

  20. Tiesha Jefferson says:

    penelope cruz’s ad campaign was soo much better! and i don’t think it was because she’s prettier but because she was styled better. but these pics look like crap.

  21. Sally says:

    They must have stolen the wax version from Madame Tussauds.

  22. Parker says:

    Looks more like Jessica Biel.

  23. Toe says:

    I don’t see anything bad about the pics. She looks beautiful.

  24. Seer says:

    I don’t think the Mango ads have ever done good photos. Ever! Not ONE. Scarjo looks pretty, but I think she’s more a product of PR rather than beauty and talent.

  25. deniro says:

    Three words: Trying Too Hard

  26. gossip_ho says:

    i love scarjo..she’s beautiful. xx

  27. Anj says:


  28. crazydaisy says:

    Cool trench dress. Like her or not, conventionally pretty or not, she’s sexy as hell & there’s no denying.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like her make up was done by the people from CSI : anywhere. Not good. Very corpsey, indeed.