XMen 3 Cannes Photocall with Halle Berry, Rebecca Romjin and Hugh Jackman

The Stars of XMen 3 were on hand to promote the film at the Cannes film festival. Halle Berry, Rebecca Romjin, Hugh Jackman, Anna Panquin, and Famke Janssen were among the celebrities at a photocall for the movie today.

Berry has said that she can’t party as much as she’d like in Cannes because she’s busy promoting her film:

“You’re in this beautiful place but, when you come with a movie, what I’ve realized is that it is not really a lot of fun and playtime. It is worktime for us. But I’m hoping that, with Brett here (playboy director Brett Ratner), there will be some parties, so if I just follow him, follow in his dust, I’ll manage to get to some cool party I hope I can come back another year, next year, when I don’t have a film here, and just be a spectactor and enjoy the festival.”

Ratner is indeed known to party. He has been linked with Lindsay Lohan and was said to have made the teenager jealous when she found him in bed with a hot model.

Halle Berry asked a BBC radio DJ if he was “having a racist moment” when he inexplicably decided to impersonate a “big, fat, black guy” by his own admission. People are saying that Berry overreacted, but asking if someone is having a racist moment is a mild reaction, and seems justified based on the description of what happened.

Here are the pictures from the photocall. Halle Berry is shown with Brett Rattner in the inset picture.

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