Experts: Angelina Jolie shows signs of “stress” & “pressure”

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Us Weekly consulted some “experts” to analyze whether Angelina Jolie was “repressing” Shiloh by letting Shi dress like a boy? Well, Us Weekly is back with new “experts” to analyze Angelina Jolie’s appearance at the DGAs over the weekend. Oh, wait. Did I say “appearance”? I meant “one photo of Angelina signing an autograph.” Yes. It’s come to this. The tabloids are sitting around, consulting “experts” on whether Angelina exhibits signs of “stress” or “pressure”. By looking at one photograph (the photo is above). For. Real.

As breakup rumors continue to swirl, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were more affectionate than usual at the Directors Guild of America Awards over the weekend.

What’s up with their relationship? Perhaps the answer is in an autograph Jolie gave to a fan at the Saturday event.

The long extended final stroke of her last name “can add up to feeling pressured, with a need to protect oneself,” handwriting expert Sheila Lowe tells (Similarly, Patti Stanger of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker recently told Us that Jolie “shows possessiveness and a desire not to lose Brad…but defensive [body language] in case she does.”)

Continues Lowe of Jolie, “Hers has always been an extremely simplified signature, and this one is even more so. It’s like shorthand. It could be a result of stress, the need to keep things on the surface and simple. The extremely long, rightward ending stroke is symbolic of holding others at bay. Think of an outstretched arm: Stand back!” (She also points out that signatures can be more difficult to decipher when written quickly.)

Bart Baggett, creator of the Handwriting Wizard, says Jolie’s signature has “large beginning letters, which indicates confidence and a healthy ego.”

After comparing her signature to one from 2006, toward the beginning of her relationship with Pitt, he says “she has learned the art of compromise and has more humility than before.

“The angles, the analytical, masculine qualities are less,” he goes on. “She has more feminine, supportive handwriting.”

Baggett credits this as “more of a mother trait than a demise in the relationship. Her ego is still strong.”

[From Us Weekly]

On the Shiloh post, I got the original article posted online, which Us Weekly then changed in text and context within a few hours. I wonder if the same will happen this time? As for analyzing someone’s signature or handwriting, I’ll buy a lot of stuff, but I’ve never seen a big use for handwriting analysis. I put more stock in palm reading, honestly. But I did get curious, so I looked it up to see if I could find any documented Angelina autographs (courtesy of Google images), and here’s one:


She has the signature of a crazy person. Who signs their name like that? It looks like she wrote “1 M L”. Oh, my God, it’s a sign! It means something!!!

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

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  1. sayrah says:

    The tabloid discussions of Brad and Angelina and their kids have gotten ridiculous. Last week they were breaking up in a lot of the magazines, and people on this site were saying if they don’t show up somewhere together, it’s true. Why should they have to make public appearances and make out with each other on camera every time someone says they’re breaking up? It’s crazy. These mags have been saying they’re breaking up since the beginning.

  2. Beth says:

    I can’t tell if Kaiser is being serious or joking. Autographs are meaningless because celebrities tend to write quickly and use short-hand. I do think you could tell things from handwriting but only in a controlled environment.

  3. Maritza says:

    I think she just scribbles anything but her name, something that makes no sense because honestly why would anyone give total strangers their legitimate signature? I think that’s brilliant.

  4. Anna says:

    Oh pish, posh – if I had six young children, one of the most high-profile relationships in the world, paps in my face all day long and do the award season promo circus, I’d be showing signs of stress and pressure too. Angelina almost always looks a bit tense, I don’t think that and a “handwriting analysis” is enough to really tell us much about her. Angie is a master of seemingly revealing a lot and being where she’s supposed to be and not actually disclosing much at all. Signatures change all the time and you can’t judge any of it by one or two. She gives so many a day, you’d have to analyse all of these, plus some actual handwriting samples and seriously, then it’s really getting ridiculous. I have a signature of her from around 2001 and it’s perfectly readable, only a few sharp angles but nothing to read into. I pity her and Brad for constantly getting dissected by the tabloids.

  5. princess pea says:

    Oh, this was the picture Megan Fox brought to her surgeon, wasn’t it?

    The one thing I know about handwriting analysis that sounded true to me is that when you admire another person’s handwriting it often means you admire a particular aspect of their personality too. Other than that, though, I expect it’s mostly a total crock. Particularly in relation to signatures… which don’t look like your actual handwriting at least half the time.

  6. Shannon says:

    So the fact that Angelina feeling stress and pressure from being constantly stalked by a herd of paps is supposed to be shocking?

    In other news, the sky appears to be blue, north is usually “up” on a map, and Britney Spears likes cheese doodles.

  7. Jules says:

    I have wrote this same thing before, they both look terrible! She’s emaciated and losing her hair and he’s aged 10 years in the last 2. I think the Brangeloonies are kidding themselves if they think this relationship is anywhere near good or lasting.

  8. rreedy says:

    She doesn’t know from stress. Oy Vey!!!

  9. snowball says:

    She’s very veiny. Otherwise..yeah, that article’s full of shit. Color me shocked.

    It looks like she’s writing at an odd angle on whatever it is that doesn’t look so sturdy. Yeah, either one of those autographs sucks, but that one on her picture is crazy.

  10. Enonymous says:

    That autograph would be worthless on ebay because her signature is nonsense, might as well anyone could just write some lines and pass it off as a Angelina Jolie autograph.

  11. Rosalee says:

    If that’s what pressure and stress does to Angelina – I want her type of pressure and stress. Angelina is beautiful..I am not a fan but with these headlines I wonder how difficult it can be for her to tune it out?

  12. katy says:

    The journalists write a lot about Angelina Jolie. When, we cross these comments and Angelina Jolie’s interviews or her communication strategy, we can notice that Angelina Jolie have all signs of a hysterical person : egocentrism, omnipresence, liar, paranoiac, manipulation.

    Angelina Jolie planed, theatricalized, and turned into a play her life. Moreover, this actress build her social relationship so erotic. She tells her sexual live.

    Angelina Jolie was deprived of fatherly love when she was young. May be, this signs of a hysterica indicate of the Oedipus complex. Angelina Jolie live in frustration because she is not construed with her father. May be, that’s why, she is bisexual and she feels good and a woman when she is pregnant.

    Angelina Jolie is disruptive, she doesn’t need children or Brad Pitt but a psychologist.

  13. Sigh. says:

    A LOT of celebrities scribble for OTHER various reasons —

    -Bad angle (writing while walking by, over other peoples’ heads)
    -Bad writing surface (not flat, slick)
    -Hand not “acclimated” to he various pens they’re handed w/in seconds of each signature
    -SECURITY RISK (don’t use your ACTUAL signature to protect against forgery/phony stuff being sold/id theft)
    So I don’t how fair this analysis is in determining her personality or fragile emotional/mental state.

    The ONLY time handwriting analysis holds any sort of merit for me is when they use it in a COURT OF LAW, and in comparison to other verified documents.

    But like someone else posed — telling us she’s stressed/self-possessed is like telling me I need to remember to breathe to continue living. Jeez.

    ::inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, cough, dammit, now I lost my place, gasp::

  14. kermit says:

    Katy, I agree with you about Jolie. I also agree with the article that so much concluded from motions in a handwriting sample is way much.

  15. Lady D says:

    @ Princess Pea, Good eye. That’s probably the exact pic she took to her doc.

  16. Seer says:

    Who taught her how to hold a pen? Maybe that’s just the way a left-handed people hold their pens.

  17. canabas anyone? says:

    Gawd, when will this sh*t stop? I’m so fed up with the obsession with Angelina. Can you leave the woman alone? It’s not like she’s out there screaming “look at me!” She hasn’t down an actual interview in forever. Yes, I know the nasty people will say every single appearance is some devilish PR strategy, but you are all off your rockers and obsessed. Get help!

  18. gee_gee says:

    She’s a lefty. That’s all I was able to figure out from this photo.

  19. Birdie says:

    The tabloids need to get the f*ck over Brangelina.

  20. EB says:

    @Seer – Yes, lefties hold a pen differently than righties.

  21. Petra X says:

    @kermit – you made me laugh

  22. Seer says:

    I thought she was holding the pen between her index finger and her middle finger, which looked really strange to me even for a left-handed writer. I can see now it’s her thumb, not her index finger. Oops :P

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Gee whiz, I thought you could learn a lot more about people from reading tea-leaves or tarot cards or a crystal ball. And don’t forget the tabloids’ “body language experts”. According to them, if you unglue your hand from your partner’s butt, unlock eyeballs, or give your attention to another person for more than ten seconds, your relationship is kaput.

  24. Sam says:

    @Petra _ Dont laugh a lot_ You could damage your brain_It would be a shame to end up like AJ_ CRAZY

  25. Toe says:

    @ Katy. For me Angie is a very open minded and honest person. She is a very erotic person too, every time she opened her mouth (in the past) she talks about her sexual experiences. She has gone from crazy and inmature to calm and knowing what she want. I really enjoy her interviews. I liked her crazy past and now. She is just different from what u expect from a person, but she surely doesnt need a psychologist.
    Leave that to Britney or Lindsay.

  26. Anastasia says:

    Pssssht. I used to be a teacher. Some days I did my initials/name so often, I got to the point that I just sort of scribbled.

    I can see people who sign their name a lot doing the same thing.

  27. Anak says:

    Meanwhile, in the land of “lonely and sad” Jennifer still looks beautiful and happy! kkkkkk

  28. Danielle says:

    My dad’s left handed and most of my family are left handed..this is just how they write. My dad’s signature is literally like P-___- on paper.

  29. Kathie says:

    Really? Under pressure and stressed you say..can’t imagine why unless it would be the unrelenting examination of every facial expression, signature, piece of clothing, parenting style, weight, stride, piece of food, friend, brother, memorial film, text, disgruntled employee that goes on every second, oh Hell no that wouldn’t stress anyone!

  30. BW says:

    Is there something abnormal about being stressed or under pressure in today’s world? Would any of us be odd if we “showed possessiveness” (about somebody we love) and a desire not to lose (them)? . . . or how about if we were “defensive [body language] in case we did lose” somebody we care deeply about? What do these “experts” think she should do instead? She is probably a lot healthier than some of these haters who rip her apart and despise her, STRICTLY because they read and believe all these crazy, made-up “exclusives” etc., that they see constantly the tabloids. It still shocks me when I see somebody say that they saw it in the tabloids, so it must be true . . . yikes.

  31. Rita says:

    Leave this woman alone, enough already. Angelina has not given a magazine interview since W in 2008, she only gave one TV interview to Ann Curry in June 2009 re World Refugee Day, that’s it, period. She works in one film for a few months each year, she does her humanitarian work BUT mostly she is home with her family. What can the tabloids find so facinating that they continually make up lies about her including false interviews she never gave? She does not go out partying, she does not check into rehab, she is not even out in the public most of the time YET here US is writing about a quickly scribbled signature. This is beyond rediculous. Of course she has stress in her life, we all do. But there are no indicators that she does not handle what comes her way in an adult responsible manner. It is long past time for the lying tabloids and whoever actually believes anything in them to get a life and move on.

  32. lucy2 says:

    “Oh, this was the picture Megan Fox brought to her surgeon, wasn’t it?” LOL @ princess, I think you’ve got it right!

    While there very well may be something going on in their relationship, the tabloids are just waiting for any little thing. Angelina sneezes – dear God, she must be making herself sick with worry over Brad! She blinks – her eyes are so dry from crying herself to sleep!

  33. Cheyenne says:

    @ BW: Or “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Where there’s smoke there’s usually a lying tabloid.

  34. katy says:


    I agree with you other people in Hollywood would have required a follow Psychatrie. But Angelina Jolie is very different from other cases. Britney has had some difficult time in his life and she cracked, but thanks to her parents, she came back on the rails. Angelina Jolie is alone, she has lost her mother and does not speak to his father. In the case of Lindsay, I can not say anything, I do not know her news. But she hadn’t 5 children under 3 years like Angelina Jolie.

    On the other hand, you say that Angelina Jolie is honest. I think not. Angelina Jolie has proven repeatedly that she had a tendency to lie and to change the facts in order to not devalue her image. Through the media, she constructed an image of good mother, the perfect woman that has no connection with reality. Angelina Jolie is far away from her true “self”.

    Moreover, Angelina Jolie is more closed on herself than opened to the other. Brad Pitt and children are accessories at her service. Angelina Jolie is not altruistic, she has too many psychological problems.

    The only person who really knows Angelina Jolie is her father. And Jon Voigth has already spoken about her daughter, saying she is disturbed. Angelina Jolie is a neurotic and paranoiac.

  35. andrea says:

    when that wackjob patti stanger is one of your experts, ya got probs

  36. Dhavy says:

    Can they come up with something better, this is too much

    Leave the poor woman alone. I love how some people all of a sudden are experts because of things you read on tabloids throughout the years. The only person that knows her well these last few years is Brad Pitt and he’s not talking so unless you have a psycholgist and have personally had sessions with her, spare us all of your insignificant comments

  37. lisa says:

    Just wondering.. Have we reached the end yet..

    This is just stupid.. really stupid. I guess the tabs did not get pics so they needed something. But her handwriting.. talk about obsession of one person. And I find it funny how the people who don’t like her are such experts. Why are you spending that much time researching her.. hmmm talk about needing a psychologist.

  38. Essie says:

    I have wrote this same thing before . . .
    Oh, honey, learn to write properly, please!!!

    Katy, Kermit, are you two from the same country? You both have terrible english. Maybe, perhaps, take a little bit more time to write so that others can understand you. Thanks.

    Now, getting back on topic . . . How in the world can any “expert” tell, from a photo, what a person’s handwritting means? And the signature is UPSIDE DOWN!! And, Andrea, I totally agree, Stanger is a total wackadoodle. That’s why she has a reality show on Bravo. I managed to watch two or three episodes in the first year and the woman drove me nuts. But, she does have a reality show and that makes her an expert according to the ragmags!!

  39. SisterAgnes says:

    Utter rubbish. “Experts” my foot. Why can’t they leave this woman and her family alone? Surely there are other celebrities in Hollywood to fabricate crap about? No? Anybody?

  40. SageAdvice says:

    Did anyone else know she was a lefty?

    Anywho, this article is utter garbage. I put zero stake in “handwriting analysis”. My handwriting changes every year or so and my signature is different from year to year.

    Also, no celebrity uses their real signature and most just sign nonsense letters or loops. The reason is that they sign so many, so fast that they need a super short, just kinda recognizable thingie that is a “signature” of sorts; more like just making one’s mark rather than giving a signature.

  41. Phowie says:

    Of course she’s showing signs of stress and pressure. The woman can’t take a crap without the rest of the world waiting breathlessly to hear how this bowel movement signals the end of Brangelina and it’s over because Brad forgot to put the seat down and she’s near a nervous collapse because her assistant put out the wrong brand of toilet tissue and how the chafing has caused her to turn back to drugs in an effort to block out the trauma of it all and as a result, she’s forced to use her left-hand!!! Gah! The sinister hand! Evil! Witch!

  42. cedar falls says:

    (Chris Crocker voice) “Leave Angelina alone!!!!”.

    Because she obviously hasn’t spent the last decade selling the public her personal life. It’s aymaaayzing how these “stars” are such media hos on the way up, then start pleading privacy when they get to the top. Boo-hoo.

  43. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She’s a lefty. That’s all I was able to figure out from this photo.”

    gee_gee, I’m with you there. That’s about all I got from it too.

  44. Toe says:

    About Angie lying: because she was open in the past(sex in car, vials of blood, cutting oneself), they keep asking her personal questions expecting her to answer but she grew wiser (havent we all??)
    How could John Voight know her better, since he left them when she was still young??? I remember him saying that Angie had mental problems and regretted it later on.
    Actually I think John is the one that needs help.

    Side note: Did u ever see an interview of Jennifer A? How her co-worker say she has to take care of her inner demons etc? I always wondered what up with that.
    (sorry, i had to bring this up)

  45. kermit says:

    @Cedar Falls— the media is thirsty to exploit “wild child” young stars, especially female, and have been since I can remember. As people grow older they hopefully get wiser and grow out of their wild child ways into more responsible ways. Especially when becoming parents they’ll seek to have a quieter, more private life. I’m not saying the celeb has no responsibility but let’s not take the media off the hook either. I’m finding much of the media more and more reprehensible and holier than thou with each new day. Today’s “wild child” is Megan Fox.

  46. cedar falls says:

    @kermit: If a celebrity is tired of life in the spotlight they can just walk away; if they still want to act there’s always the theatre. Kate Winslet, Christian Bale, Jodie Foster, Matt Damon – if you genuinely want a “private” life, you can have one…

  47. bite me says:

    cedar falls, get a freaking grip… i have never heard brangie said that they hated the spotlight… and none of the actors you mention are exatcly tabloid targets… the paps don’t get a damn about them

  48. michellllle says:

    How I love the ethnocentric need to call out foreigners. Despite being less than perfect I find Katy’s & Kermit’s posts to be clear enough. This is afterall a celebrity blog, not a graded composition. On the other hand, Essie apparently disagrees. Her right, indeed but to to do so with such poor sentence structure & by starting sentences w/ “And” & “But” as transitional phrases makes the whole critique rather laughable. My point, the imperfections exhibited in most posts, including my own are not a big deal. We can after all still get the gist of it. However, being so small about it is just sad.

    As for signatures, we lefties tend to have more interesting ones, generally speaking. What’s more, we are often accused of holding pens in what many claim to be an awkward manner… the horror!

    She does look gorgeous in that shade of green which in my family we call fuzzy lemon, (ie. the mold on rotten lemons.) Ugly arms aside, leave it to her to make rancid produce look good.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    LOL @ folks exclaiming “Gee, she’s a lefty!” Back in the day being left-handed was considered something slightly sinister. I can remember when I was a child, left-handed children were sometimes forced to write with their right hand in school.

    Anyway I noticed she was a lefty when I was watching “Wanted” and “Mr and Mrs Smith” and noticed she kept favoring her left hand.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    Um, katy: Maybe I misunderstood your post, but what in the world is pathological about feeling good and feeling womanly when you are pregnant?

    Most women feel intensely feminine when they are having a baby. It’s the most feminine experience I can imagine.

    The time I was pregnant with my son was the best nine months I ever spent.

  51. Kim says:

    BTW Oprah is a lefty too,I loved being pregnant and nursing its the only time I had breasts and curves.Those were the days.Katy when do you meet AJ to conduct this psych evaluation on her. Oh, nevermind you got the info from your cache of tabloids.

  52. katy says:


    I have nothing against the fact that Angie had a sulphurous past.

    Jen has probably lived some similar times but the roots is different.

    Angie was deprived of his father. The father give the limits and structure the personality of one child.

    Angie doesn’t have any limits. Like sleeping with her mother’s husband or taking the man of another woman.

    It’s a challenge for her. Angie has not succeeded in having and keeping her father, she will have the other men.

    For that, Angie must be manipulator and perverted. She lies and she cheats.

    I don’t think that Angie changed. For that, It’s necessary for her to go and see a psy.

  53. Beachbum says:

    What pressure could this woman possibly be under??? She has financial security, a career and hopefully her health. This is ridiculous.. JMO

  54. Saywat says:

    I think katy needs to see a psychiatrist more than Angelina Jolie lol. My dad left us wen I was 3, we have no uncles and now me and my sisters turned out fine without a father figure in our lives.

  55. michellllle says:

    Cheyenne – interesting choice of words – sinester. In italian left is sinestra unless I’ve mispelled it but clearly it tranlates to sinester. Likewise, the french translates to yet another negative term, gauche (sp?)- also a negative meaning when translated to english. Meanwhile, even in english “the left” or leftist has been deemed negative as well.

    As far as I know the history supposedly goes back to antiquity when men or more specifically strangers would approach each they would shake hands. Not to be social as is done today but in order to make sure the other was not yeilding a knife. As most people are right handed the hand shake was made by grasping each others’ right hand. However, those who were left handed had the advantage in that they could simultaneously pull a knife. Therefore, those who were left handed & choose to take advantage of said opportunity supposedly paved the way for making us left handed people somewhat questionable. That & simply not being the norm.

    Fortunately, the need to convert lefties is a thing of the past. My Dad & Aunt were also encouraged at at young age to switch but did not. I on the other hand grew up at a time when science was just starting to actively recognize the differences between right & left handed people in terms of brain activity, (ie. creative & logical.) You know they say left handed people are right minded so the joke goes unlike the right handed majority – we are in our right mind.

  56. Rose says:

    Katy, stop repeating things like ‘sleeping with her mother’s husband’ as if you know what you’re taking about.

  57. katy says:


    thank you for your advice.
    but given the violence of your words, I think you would need to go and see a psychologist very soon.
    I leave you my address if you’re interested.

  58. Heaven-bound says:

    @ Katy

    All these Brangaloonies defend this woman like they know her on a personal level, they are fead information about AJ from the tabloids as well. So why the criticism? such hypocrisy. And at the post that mentioned that she grew up with out a father and she turned out OK, well that’s your perception we would have to know you and see if your self-evalutation is true. Every person and family is different and we all react differently to our circumstances, so to generalize is ridicules. AJ clearly has problems and has had plastic surgery, it is clear in the above pic. ( nose job, boob job) So why deny the facts? She is beautiful non the less.

  59. saywat says:

    lmao @ katy…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

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  61. Grapho says:

    A signature like this is more like a logo rather than a sample of handwriting. Also it was written very quickly as an autograph when she probably had very little time to write properly. Even so it shows intelligence because of the angles and brevity.

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