Prince Harry is such a bitch about his brother’s lack of hair


Several weeks ago, the first official portrait of Prince Harry and Prince William was unveiled (Above). It kind of sucked – Prince Harry looked like he was squatting on the toilet, while William looked… okay, I guess. Half of his face is in shadow, and he looks like a “full Windsor” and that’s not a compliment. Anyway, Prince Harry was being interviewed while traveling in Barbados, and he took time out to complain that the portrait made him look “a little bit more ginger in there than I am in real life.” Harry went on, saying the artist gave William “more hair”. Oh, snap!

Prince Harry, fresh from a temper tantrum at a Barbardos polo match on Sunday, has a new complaint: the official portrait unveiled of him and his brother last month makes him look more “ginger” (red-headed) than he actually is.

The Sun reports that the young prince, upon being shown the portrait, said “I don’t know, I’m a little bit more ginger in there than I am in real life, I think, I don’t know, and (William) got given more hair so, apart from that, it is what it is, but no its nice, it could have been worse.”

Harry clearly enjoys ribbing his brother about his thinning hair. According to The Sun, he told a war veteran in Barbados on Saturday that Prince William “was already bald aged 12.”

While speaking during a recent visit to New Zealand, Prince William made a point of calling his brother ginger.

[From Huffington Post]

This is right in line with the hilarious, bitchy interview I covered of the two Princes back in June of last year – it seems they consistently mock each other’s hair (or lack thereof). Here’s the thing, though – I don’t really see a difference between the portrait and William’s real hair, whereas I can see that the artist made Harry less of a ginger. Why is there so much ginger-hate in the UK?

Prince Harry Visits Barbados - Day 3

Prince Harry Visits Barbados - Day 2

Prince Harry Visits Barbados - Day 2

Prince William Visits Australia - Day 3

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    poor william…started out as the “hot” brother, now he’s the “bald” brother and his younger sib is the hot one.

    sounds like the two of them have a very typical brother relationship. affectionate teasing is par for the course.

  2. Kolby says:

    I do love how normal they are with each other. Brotherly love!

  3. Iggles says:

    LOL @ Harry’s “full Windsor” comment! Sounds like brotherly joking around. I wouldn’t take these comments seriously at all.

  4. mollyb says:

    Yeah, Harry is in denial. He is way more ginger in real life than in that painting (I say this as a full-fledged ginger myself–GINGER PRIDE!!).

  5. Just a Poster says:

    WOW! Wills looks more and more like his father every day. And Harry, that cheeky Monkey and his smile =)

  6. Sudini says:

    I really like that painting. I think it’s brilliant the way the body language hints at the dynamic of their relationship to each other versus their relationship with the world stage. Much more interesting than the typically stagnant pose of the subject just facing the viewer. Plus it’s just rendered really well.

  7. bros says:

    note to the royals: Crest White Strips.

  8. JohnnieR says:

    I never really noticed it before, but if you look closely at Harry, he is really morphing into a true Windsor/Mountbatten in regards to his facial features. Harry really looks like Charles in one of the photos posted above. And is it just me, or is William’s nose becoming ‘hooked’? BOTH William and Harry are resembling their Father’s side the more they age. Wills used to be the spitting image of Diana years ago.

    William should just cut to the chase and shave his head and grow a goatee. I think he’d suit it.

    And yeah, I have 3 brothers, so this is typical and affectionate brotherly teasing.

  9. Constance says:

    I’m with Johnny. Will, you’re a man now. It’s time to cut that hair short and get the distracting facial hair going! It still gets the ladies right? Right? :D

  10. LOL. Prince Hot Ginge is awesome!

  11. KDRockstar says:

    I would love to hear from the European and UK readers about the ginger issue. Many friends have said that it goes back to Druidism and witchcraft (changelings had red hair). Just curious…

  12. bella says:

    My husband (who is the oldest of 6) constantly teases his younger brother (the next one down the line) about how he has his dad’s receding hairline. It’s all in good fun, and totally normal sibling stuff!

  13. KateNonymous says:

    @KDRockstar: Pretty sure it goes back to the idea that Judas was a redhead. Changelings were generally supposed to be dark, I think, like faerie. Lots of redheaded Celts and Gaels, after all.

    And there’s probably a fair amount of anti-Irish bias in any anti-ginger attitude as well.

    As for appearance, I’ve never thought Harry was all that. The hair is fine, but he’s a big coarse and mentally thick-looking, IMO. Will is still better looking to me, in large part because he looks like he’s a bit smarter.

  14. LindyLou says:

    Harry looks more and more like James Hewitt every day IMO. Just google him…there are some resemblances between the two.

  15. RobN says:

    Lindy, also google Diana’s brother and you’ll see he looks like the Spencers.

  16. rreedy says:

    These are two very attractive young men. I LIKE the portrait. They do both their parents proud.

  17. nana says:

    william should just shave his head i guess.

  18. nana says:

    wow… the gosling and michele interview.. i would melt if i caught ryan looking me that way. it hurts……..

  19. gg says:

    Harry looks way more like Hewitt to me too.

    That awful painting looks like a cheap textbook illustration banged out on a weekend.

  20. Dolkite says:

    The little bastard…if he were my brother, I’d punch him in the mouth.

    I started losing my hair at age 17 and my brother still has all his at age 29 (in two weeks). He also ended up shorter than me (I got stuck being 6’3″) and has a slighter build than me. Luckily, my brother has never taken any cheap shots at my lack of looks.

  21. lucy2 says:

    When he was younger, he looked like Hewitt, but now I see more Charles.
    William used to look like Diana, but now he’s really looking like Charles. Unfortunately. He seems to have aged very quickly. Harry shouldn’t tease too much, it will probably happen to him too!

  22. Pete says:

    Harry is the spitting image of his maternal grandfather when Diana’s father was in his 20′s. It’s uncanny.

  23. SammyHammy says:

    I think it’s a very nice portrait. I don’t get why people are criticizing it so much.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that if Redmond O’Neal ever cleaned up his act, he’d be a dead ringer for Harry?

  24. JohnnieR says:

    Dolkite, I still have all my hair – late 30′s – but my second oldest brother has lost his – started at age 20. The last thing I would EVER do is tease him about it – because I very much prize my ‘jewels’ – and they’d be kicked! LOL! ;-)

    Harry’s got balls for teasing Wills.

    Hmmm…Harry Balls? Excuse me, ladies, I’m a cheeky bastard today.

  25. Dolkite says:

    That said, I would say that if William had a full head of hair, he’d easily be more attractive than his younger brother.

  26. Dolkite says:

    Johnnie – Good to hear…I can’t believe the insensitivity of this kid. He doesn’t understand how traumatic hair loss, particularly at a young age, can be. It’s like teasing someone for being fat…except a fat person can at least lose weight.

  27. wee freckles says:

    @bros: ITA on the Crest Whitestrips, lol. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve secretly thought that about someone, I’d be rich. I like the portrait, BTW. And William is aging quickly – he hasn’t held the promise of the great looks he had when he was younger.

  28. JohnnieR says:

    @Dolkite: I agree 100% – hair loss for men is by no means a laughing matter; guys are MUCH more sensitive about it then they let on. Me thinks Wills laughs on the surface at Harry’s jibes, but deep down is embarrassed and hurt by it.
    Harry IS being insensitive to William – I agree.

    If I ever teased my own bro about his hair loss, I know he’d be deeply hurt – so I don’t. And hey, Dolkite, remember, if a woman doesn’t like you for the fact that you’ve lost your hair, then cast her aside and move on. If she’s THAT superficial, then she’s not worth knowing. Her loss, NOT your hair loss.

  29. hatsumomo says:

    yeah I think JohnnieR’s on to something, jsut shave it already.It’ll look weird at first, a pale scalp(or its prolly already tanned it dosent have much cover up there)but give everyone a few weeks to adjust and no one will remember the thinning hair. He’ll just have to go out alot to let the paps get good pics! And it benefits everyone involved!

  30. Chicken Tetrazzini says:


    You are SO RIGHT. I never thought about it until I married a guy who is losing his hair. I love him to death and do not care if he has hair or not, but it is obvious that it upsets him, which I understand. I would never tease him about it, it is just cruel and hurtful. I kinda understand though, since I have the sh*ttiest, thinnest hair on the planet, so I tell him that it’s just more proof that we belong together! Besides, if I was William, I’d just say “I may be losing my hair, but I’m still going to be King, and you’re just the spare, so HA HA”. LOL that rhymed :)

  31. Dolkite says:

    Thanks for the advice, but I quit dating years ago. I’ve seen the kind of girls I can get (and yes, I gave them more of a chance than one lousy date) and I figure I’d be better off alone.

    EVERYONE is superficial, including me. People just like to pretend they don’t care about looks so they either 1) feel better about the fact that they can’t get anyone attractive, or 2) so they don’t seem “shallow”.

  32. KateNonymous says:

    @Dolkite, remember, Harry’s the one who wore a swastika armband. Because, you know, that’s funny. He’s clearly very sensitive to the feelings of others.

    (And I don’t want to hear that he was young. He was old enough to know not to wear a swastika to a fancy dress occasion.)

  33. juiceinla says:

    Best. Headline. ever.

  34. Sigh. says:

    (Watch me make with the “expert” speak)


    Young Harry’s need to debase Master William on such a personal level in such a public forum further illustrates his deep-seeded jealously. He knows that he will never be the first born “Favorite Son,” who so closely resembles their beloved late mother, once the world’s “Favorite Princess.” The die-hard question of his paternity is still whispered about in knitting circles and gossip blogs alike.

    The chances of his assuming the throne in his lifetime are remote, so he must resort to abrasive behavior and childish comments to alleviate his unresolved feelings of inadequacies.

    Pretty good, right?

    ANYWAY, that portrait looks like the cover to an original Hardy Boys mystery.

  35. bella says:

    To those men losing their hair: shave your head. I find bald SOOOOO sexy, and I am not alone!

  36. KateNonymous says:

    Personally, I say that there’s no need for a man losing his hair to shave his head if he doesn’t want to. Just keep the rest of it cut short!

  37. JohnnieR says:

    @ Sigh, who wrote: “ANYWAY, that portrait looks like the cover to an original Hardy Boys mystery.”


    ‘The Windsor Boys & the Case of Camilla’s Missing Gold Cigarette Case’

  38. Amy says:

    William has always looked like his father, when did he ever look like Diana? He was always sort of goofy looking like Charles… not exactly attractive.

    Harry is the more interesting of the two. And hotter.

  39. Dolkite says:

    Kate – I would never shave my head clean shiny bald…I think it looks horrible (especially since men seem to think that growing a goatee when you’re bald is attractive…sure, if you want to look like a pro wrestler). About a year ago, I bought a pair of clippers and I buzz my head once every week or so. It still looks awful, but there isn’t much more I can do.

    Already spent $20K on hair surgery and ended up with less on top than Prince Will has here. Now I just cut it short like the rest.

  40. ccoop says:

    In that photo William looks a lot like Prince Edward.

  41. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh, Will totally used to look like Diana and Harry just like his father. Now all I can say is, Will is looking decidedly less attractive, and they both need to see to their teeth. And I love the portrait.

  42. Alex says:

    Harry is the spitting image of James Hewitt. He is the man whom Diana cheated on Prince Charles and then she was pregnant. Even if you google it and type Harry’s real father James Hewitt will come up. Check it out!!

  43. Alexa says:

    Some of yuze are TERRIBLE!

  44. gg says:

    omg, Sigh calls it! Hardy Boys illustration. LOL

  45. maria says:

    I love gingers!!!specifically! I think Harry is ‘cute” if only William had red hair (thinning or not!)..Hewitt, Spencer, Windsor/Mountbatten..who cares in the big picture…Does it really matter?

  46. Sus. says:

    one is bald and one has thick red hair, the royal family can deny it till the cows come home but that red head is not the son of Charles.