Why is Angelina Jolie traveling solo?


I have no idea why the photo agencies are so slow on these photos, but here go – we’ve finally got photos of Angelina Jolie arriving in Miami on Sunday morning. Brad and Maddox arrived a day earlier, where they probably did some boy things. I have no idea why Angelina didn’t fly in at the same time, or why no other kids were allowed to come to the Super Bowl, but it seems like Maddox was the only one to get some one-on-one time over the weekend.

Fame Pictures notes: “Angelina Jolie was all smiles as she arrived at the Miami International Airport in Miami, FL in time for the Superbowl on February 7, 2010. It comes as a slight surprise to see Angelina as a sports fan, but her support for the Saints makes sense considering how much time she and Brad have spent in New Orleans.”

It is a little surprising that Angelina is such a sports fan. Maybe she’s just acting like she cares. That was honestly my impression when I first saw the photos of her cheering for the Saints: “Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie gives the performance of a lifetime as a devout Saints fan.”

There were also a couple of other photos of Brad and Maddox walking around in Miami:

Bradd Pitt and son Maddox attend Super Bowl XLIV in Miami

Bradd Pitt and son Maddox attend Super Bowl XLIV in Miami

Angelina Jolie arriving in Miami on February 7, 2010. Credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. KIKI says:

    I wish I could have seen her “performance of a lifetime.” I never have enjoyed her acting.

  2. Ana says:

    I imagine she probably had somewhere to be.

    Some couples with many children take one child out for a special day. I think it’s a good idea.

  3. princess pea says:

    Maddox has been getting a lot of pap-outings lately it seems. Lots of travel with Brad… maybe the others are actually going to school these days? Somewhere, wherever they’re staying this month.

    Do they just have a passel of tutors or something? I remember them talking up sending the kids to ‘normal’ schools when there were only two or three of them. But they move and/or travel so frequently, I wonder about if the plan has changed.

  4. Whatever says:

    Or maybe she stayed behind with the other kids until the last minute? Maybe the other kids are too young and don’t care about the superbowl? Whatever they do, the haters will hate them. If they traveled together, it would be “staged” and trying to stop the rumors. Yet, they fly separately and its, “They are done”. Then she shows up and it is a staged photo op. Ugh! The know-nothings will still claim to have the inside scoop and know what is happening behind closed door.

  5. Obvious says:

    I was about to ask where are the others? The only one ever out and about is Maddox. I want Emperess Z!!!!!!

  6. bite me says:

    The Jolie was coming back from Haiti

  7. Whatever says:

    Didn’t Zahara just turn 5? So all but the oldest two are too young for elementary school.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    @Princess: from what I understand, the three oldest children attend private school in Los Angeles. Z should be in kindergarten.

    Maybe Angie wanted to give Brad and Maddox some “guy time” and spend as much times as possible with the other children at home. Was she in Haiti? News to me.

  9. meow says:

    Is it just me or does she have a receding hairline?

  10. The Queen Bee says:

    Some parents travel on separate flights when they are without their children, in case something should happen and the plane were to crash, etc.

    Hedge their bets that one parent will survive to take care of the kids.

  11. prettytarheelfan says:

    I’m with you Ana, it’s nice to see they try to do some one-on-one activities with the children. There may be other activities with Pax, Shiloh, Z (shopping!), and the twins that aren’t as pap-friendly as the Superbowl.

    As for Angelina’s performance, she may have adopted* the Saints because Brad and Maddox are into them. I’ve learned tons about football and am now a more rabid Steelers fanatic than my husband, although prior to meeting him, I barely grasped anything beyond Brett Favre is hottttt….
    *yes, it was a deliberate jest.

  12. princess pea says:

    @ Whatever – The order in which the children were obtained does not actually match their ages. Pax is older than Z.

    edited to add:
    Thanks Cheyenne. I figured someone would have an idea about schooling.

  13. ogechi says:

    hahaha they want ‘you’ to continue guessing as usual.

  14. Icecat says:

    She dosen’t have to be a “sports fan” to enjoy and get into the Super Bowl with her partner.

    I’m not a huge sports fan, but my neighbors are and I had a blast cheering on the Saints last night! I would definitely go to the Super Bowl if I had the means.

  15. alex says:

    Now people are questioning whether she is a sports fan or not. Are you kidding me? I didn’t know that she had to broadcast it to the whole world that she is a sports fan. I assume that she decided to spend a extra night home with the other kids and since the game didn’t start until 6:30PM EST she had enough time to fly to miami and still catch the game.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    @Icecat: You can bet New Orleans is going to throw one helluva Mardi Gras this month. :)

  17. lucy2 says:

    I don’t see her as a sports fan either, but probably just went for a family outing.
    Do they really spend that much time in New Orleans? Even though they talked about making that their home, it seems like they’re mostly in France, NY, & LA, and only show up in NO once or twice a year. Unless they somehow sneak in and out under the radar, which I kind of doubt.
    Never heard of the parents flying on separate planes in case of crash thing, but I guess it could make sense. I wonder if people who do that drive separately everywhere too?
    Most likely she just had something else to do and took a later flight.

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    it’s not so strange that they traveled separately.

    as people have stated, she could have had something to do, or it could be case of the parents traveling separately because the “in case of crash” thing.

    and I agree…more of the Empress!

    EDIT: to lucy2…I don’t see them in N.O. that often, either…Pitt much more often than Jolie, it seems. But, as IceCat said, I’d go too if I had the means and the connections to do so.

  19. teri says:

    Thanks for the new thread. That famous kissing and hugging wasn’t for show and tell. I’m guessing Mrs. Pitt went on another mission to save the world. Love this family!

  20. RobN says:

    Geez, I am struck again by how badly Brad is aging. He looks like hell. When you’ve got that kind of money, shouldn’t your clothes fit?

  21. Hautie says:

    If I had 6 children under the age of 8 just taking them to the store would be a nightmare. Much less packing for 6 to travel. But add in all the craziness of Miami during Super Bowl week. No way in hell would I do it.

    And yes sadly it looks as if her hairline is starting to recede. Maybe she can borrow one of the awful hats that Pitt likes to wear.

  22. jen says:

    maybe but just maybe she didnt want their other children to spend the night alone(without one of parent) plus they all came back yesterday,so she didnt overnight there .

  23. Essie says:

    Since none of us really know Angelina Jolie, why would anybody assume she is not a sports fan? How ridiculous!! How does anybody know how often she watches football or other sports on TV? In the photos I’ve seen, she, Brad and Maddox were having a great time cheering for the Saints. There was no faking going on there that I could see.

  24. susan says:

    photos of her in airport show her with passport in hand. bet she was out of the US-possibly Haiti as others have said

  25. Ann says:

    Perfect photo op.
    Couldn’t she make it less obvious?

  26. Beth says:

    These have got to be the dumbest comments. Why does Angelina have to be a sports fan to go to the Superbowl? Most people don’t watch football but they will tune in for the Superbowl. Even if the never watch football games and the hometeam isn’t in the game. I don’t know why it’s a conspiracy or wrong that Angelina attended. She’s just cheering so much because it’s New Orleans and they spend a lot of time there. If you look at photos of celebrities who attended most probably don’t care about football but just wanted to go to the game. As for different flights, maybe Angelina wasn’t coming from LA. Why only Maddox? I wouldn’t take 18 month olds to a sporting event and the girls and Pax may not like football. I don’t know why people are assuming the worst instead of the obvious. I don’t get the receding hairline comments. If you look at older pictures, like the Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiere, it looks the same. The beard is what ages Brad so much. Of course he has wrinkles but he’s older. Accept that.

  27. Maritza says:

    I never noticed it before but Angelina does have a big forehead, she looks pretty anyway.

  28. snapdragon says:

    she looks gaunt and her hair is thinning. obviously she’s not eating any yummy food in new orleans.

  29. Kim says:

    I remember seeing pics of her and Maddox at a Yankees game years ago. As for visiting NOLA there have been many fan sightings of them when there are no paparazzi pics.I hear about them on fan sites like pittwatch and simplybrad.So when she is with Brad its a photo op, when she is not w/ him thet have broken up. If they are smiling in the pics they are”acting” if they are not smiling they are fighting. OK I got out.

  30. Whatever says:

    @ Whatever – The order in which the children were obtained does not actually match their ages. Pax is older than Z.


    Yeah, I know and I just googled it to be sure. Z turned five just last month, which means no K for her until September. By the oldest two being in school, I meant Maddox and Pax, not Z, who at only four would have been too young to start school. As a former teacher, I am very familiar with the rules. :)

  31. SageAdvice says:

    Beth: No one said she had to be a sports fan.

    I personally think she went just because it was a family outing. And it makes sense that they’d fly separately if they didn’t want both parents to die, in case of an accident.

    Also, I wouldn’t take little kids to the Superbowl either. Not only would they not remember, but it would be a mess trying to organize that many and get that parade of children out the door.

    I’ve done preschool aid work and omg. I nearly died of exhaustion taking care of five 2-4 year olds on my own. And we just took them to the park to play for an hour. I can’t imagine trying to saddle up their brood and take them to a high profile sporting event.

  32. lucy2 says:

    “I don’t know why it’s a conspiracy or wrong that Angelina attended.”
    Who said it was? Kaiser and a couple of posters, myself included, expressed a little surprise to see her at a sporting event because it doesn’t seem like her usual thing. That’s all.
    I know at times there are some very negative and unfair things said about her/them here, but sorry, saying ‘huh, suprised she went to a football game’ isn’t one of them.
    Maybe there wouldn’t be so much bickering about them here if everyone (on both sides) didn’t read more into the comments than what’s written? Just a suggestion. Don’t mean to get all ranty, sorry if it seems that way, but it just seems like all the back and forth bickering takes away the fun of reading the site sometimes.

    And I totally agree that the littlest were left home because it was not the right type of event for them. I also think it’s nice when families that large do special things for the individual kids, which it seems like this was.

  33. princess pea says:

    Ahh, I see where we got ourselves confused, Whatever. Where I live, it’s still the norm for kids to start kindergarten at age 4… so I was thinking there should be three school-goers, at least.

  34. Kim says:

    X17 had pics of Zahara leaving school last week. The BBC news( very reputable org) is reporting that Brad and Angie are suing NOTW. Good for them everyone reaches their breaking point

  35. bite me says:

    hmmm ,so they are using news of the world, hahaha

  36. nnn says:

    Poor Angelina. she has to report to the world when, where and why she goes from point A to point Z alone.

    I bet they will follow her to the ladies room, check her dejections and make an extensive expertise of why she had a diarhea this day…

    Talk about collective hysteria…

  37. KIKI says:

    If they sue News of the World for the break up story, can they then never break up? I am cornfused!

  38. cherie says:

    I agree Kaiser, definitely a “we’re still together” performance. Who knows what’s really happening behind closed doors? One wonders. And, the fascination with these two continues . . .

  39. Kim says:

    I hope you are joking The NOTW story claimed that they were splitting , had already divided their assets and decided on custody of the kids. So I guess NOTW will have to provide a source who saw this signed document and/ or produce the document. Maybe someone with legal knowledge /experience can shed light on this .

  40. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Maybe Angelina was busy with their other kids, maybe she wanted to let Brad and Maddox have guy day before she joined them, or she is about to shoot a movie, maybe she was prepping for that. What difference does it make? Also women commonly cheer for whoever their man supports in sports since we have no real clue about sports teams. She was just there with her son and her man that gives her a enough reason to be cheering and happy.

  41. Leek says:

    Maybe she just wanted the Saints to win because they’ve had a tough break. They deserved something great like a Super Bowl win. She looked happy to be there, too.

  42. hatsumomo says:

    Whatever, really? Four is too young to start kinder? My niece is four and she started kinder in August, noone said anything about it. She’ll be five in May.

  43. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Also women commonly cheer for whoever their man supports in sports since we have no real clue about sports teams. ”

    speak for yourself, miss. I’ve been a sports fan since I could understand what a stolen base was. truth be told, I’m MORE of sports fan than the bf. he only really started being a fan when we got together.

  44. jules says:

    I agree, Meow, she definitely has a receding hairline and looks like a haggard mom of 6 in this picture.

  45. moo says:

    Just another Photo Op people! More fake smiles, fake hand holding, fake love and affection……..

  46. moo says:

    She wants everyone to OOOOHHHH and AAAHHHHH all over her! Don’t want to share any time with anyone but MEEEEEEE!

  47. truthSF says:

    @ Meow and jules, No she does not have a receding hairline, she just have a very large forehead. My sister and 2 of my friends share the same trait. When the forehead protrude out that far, it gives the appearance of a receding hairline, which is not the case. And as my other sister, who is a hair dresser stated, it’s all about having the right hair style to give your forehead an appearance of looking much smaller,(wearing your hair straight back is not it).

  48. e-non says:

    good god, judging by the friggin dissection of her appearance at the game, i’d say it’s a damn good thing she sneaked in. just think of all those snaps you’d be analyzing for the the slightest hope, er, hint that she was miserable.

    it’s such a perfect set-up:

    the bitch, sneaking in to the superbowl game just to get everyone to go OOOOHHHH and AAAAAHHHH over her;

    the bitch, walking in to a superbowl game just to draw attention and to get everyone to go OOOOHHHH and AAAAHHHHH over her…

    like i noted before, see how easy that is. lol.

  49. Whatever says:

    Whatever, really? Four is too young to start kinder? My niece is four and she started kinder in August, noone said anything about it. She’ll be five in May.


    Where I live, its 5 by September 1 or no K. In CA, its 5 by December 2, so she would still be too young. I’ve known plenty that try to buck the system and insist their kid is “brilliant” and ready, but they don’t strike me as the type for that. Plus, it would likely get out and not play well in the press. Usually, its parents who don’t want to pay or can’t afford daycare/preschool anymore who pull that stuff.


  50. Ana says:

    I thought her forehead has been looking larger than usual but it probably is her hair style.
    If it was receding wouldn’t it be moving back in the corners leaving a sort of widow’s peak?

    We’ve seen them travel on the same plane before…but maybe they decided for that reason.
    I always heard that Prince William and Prince Harry travel on separate planes for that reason.

  51. MsTriste says:

    I once knew a couple who never flew on the same plane, the rationale being that if the plane crashed, the kids wouldn’t be orphaned. Seriously.

  52. uSheep says:

    when me and my brother were little, every time my parents went out we didn’t go out together. or if me and my brother went out, both my parents wouldn’t go out. or just me and my dad, vice versa. not every family has to go out together. there are things called father son bonding, mother daughter bonding, etc.