Did Jennifer Aniston put Vince Vaughn on a conception diet?

Jennifer Aniston is said to have put Vince Vaughn on a special diet to increase their chances of conceiving a baby. Given Vaughn’s admission to Oprah that he doesn’t really want to have a baby with Aniston, this doesn’t sound likely:

A friend of the couple has told Grazia magazine: “Jen and Vince have changed their diets to prepare for a baby.”

“She said to me ‘We’re both getting healthy – if Vince was drinking, smoking and eating burgers, my will power would be out the window.”

The friend also added that Jennifer had been discussing wedding dresses with designer Vera Wang, ahead of a rumoured summer wedding in Fiji.

This sounds totally untrue to us, and we would guess that Aniston and Vaughn are on the outs. They weren’t even photographed together at the premiere of “The Break Up,” and while they’ve said positive things about each other duing promotion for the film, Vaughn is unwililng to acknowledge their relationship publically.

Vaughn looks like he could use a healthier diet, though. At the premiere of “The Break Up” yesterday he looked pale, puffy-eyed and bloated.

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  1. millie says:

    I was shocked how bad he looked at the premiere. I guess the stress of talking about Jennifer is getting to him. Surprisingly, they were so far apart at the premiere, which is TOTALLY ridiculous, given the fact that the movie is about a relationship and everyone knows they’re having one. Would it kill them to pose for pix together like ANY co-stars would? I sense that this is Jennifer exercising her control again. I doubt the baby plans.. he’s definitely NOT into it. She looked so tanned last night, it’s like an addiction with her. I have a feeling that they’re on the outs too.. everything about them seems forced. I long gave up trying to like her.

  2. celebitchy says:

    He looks like he has liver damage because his face is kind of yellowey. I wonder if he has a medical problem. They should have posed together, although Brad and Angelina refused to pose together while promoting Mr and Mrs Smith – but they did do that magazine spread. You’re the one who changed my mind about them initially, and now I think you’re right based on how Vaughn talks about Aniston – like she’s his buddy.

  3. millie says:

    I remember that Brad and Angelina refused to promote it together but that’s because they were accused of having an affair while filming and didn’t want to creat a “kissy” photo op that everyone was hoping for and would use as more evidence against them.. there is nothing wrong about Jen/Vince relationship at all. That’s why I thought it was odd that they didn’t pose together. Usually, the two main stars will always pose for pix together.