Vanessa Paradis on Johnny Depp: “We are one person”


I know that Johnny Depp is still persona non grata to some people after his somewhat asinine comments defending Roman Polanski (Depp: “Polanski is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.”). But I can’t help but like him, regardless. Probably because I’ve never been a Depp-loonie, and I can separate that one crappy comment from the bulk of his amazing career and his rather lovely relationship with Vanessa Paradis. Paradis is what this post is about, actually. She continues to gush about her partner of 11 years like a school-girl, this time as she was being honored as the face of Rouge Coco lipstick.

He’s not PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive for nothing. From the long, stringy hair and goatee to the layers of offbeat accessories and everything in between, nobody can quite pull off a look like Johnny Depp – especially as far as his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis is concerned.

“I love his style, yeah, yeah, yeah!” Paradis told PEOPLE Tuesday in New York at a Chanel dinner honoring her as the new face for Rouge Coco lipstick. “I love him, and I don’t have to say I like this and I don’t like that. When you love somebody, you take them as they are. I would not change him.”

Besides Depp’s eclectic style, the French singer and actress, 37, is attracted to all the qualities of her beau (since 1998). “I like him very much in all terms and every sense of the way,” she said. “He makes me happy. We are many things – we are together and, in a way, one person.”

One thing they are: parents to son Jack, 7, and daughter Lily-Rose, 10, who is already having fun dressing up and wearing makeup like her parents.

“She likes it very much,” Paradis said of her daughter’s lipstick. “All little girls love to play with lipstick, so we let her play with it. I was a very little girl when I tried it, and it’s always been a fun thing to do. It’s nothing serious and nothing daily about it.

“At her age it’s just to play and also it’s very theatrical. So we let her wear some and have fun.”

Adds Paradis, “Her father may try some on with her to have fun with it.”

[From People]

Something tells me that Depp is game for just about anything with his kids, so he’s probably something of a makeup lab-rat for his daughter. I imagine him sitting patiently with his daughter as she applies Chanel lipstick as eyeshadow.

The more interviews I read with Vanessa, the more I like her. She seems like a sweetheart, and a real romantic. Or is all of this just strategically placed “he’s mine” quotes so Angelina Jolie won’t “steal” Johnny when they work together?

Vanessa Paradis in New York for the Chanel Rouge Coco Dinner at The Mark Hotel on February 9, 2010. Credit: WENN.


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  1. bite me says:

    yes, she is saying all these sweet thing so that the evil woman known as jolie won’t tell her baby daddy

  2. e says:

    She is ok but I am not sure that I really needed to see her nipples. It doesn’t offend me but it just seems unnecessary.

    I am getting bored with Depp.

  3. e says:

    And I really don’t see Angelina going after him. I don’t think either one would be that interested in the other.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Cute story!

    But I hate her dress, is that nipple top I see??? What is up with that? I would be so embarrassed if that were my Mom. But maybe the French feel differently.

  5. KIKI says:

    Is that nippelage I see in this dress? If I were her I would bring my kiddies and live on the set with Depp.

  6. Sumodo1 says:

    She has the same wistful quality Johnny has. (*Le Sigh*) Angie, if you hurt this woman in any way, your fans will turn on you, I promise!

  7. Ursula says:

    I wonder why we are seeing so many interviews from her. OK not so many but a number of them, usually there are none. Could it be that her man is about to do a movie with a man eater so she has to mark her space?

    I can see Jolene telling the whole world that Jack and Maddox bonded and are now best friends and Maddox is calling Depp Daddy. LOL

  8. snowball says:

    Yes, it’s a nipple. Most women have a couple. It’s not like it’s completely popped out, brown and getting ready to poke someone. It’s the top edge, barely.

    I like Vanessa, she’s always struck me as being just as quirky as Johnny. They make a good couple, much like Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter – those two are both insane and I couldn’t imagine either of them with anyone else.

    I hope she wasn’t interviewed just because of the stupid Angelina hysteria. Then again, People has become so tabloidy, they probably did.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    I think Angie and Johnny are way too busy and happy with their respective families to go after each other.

    But Vanessa’s dress could have used more material up top.

  10. imo says:

    So funny that some people still don’t know that relationships are all about trust. If you feel the need to bring your kiddies and live on set or to place strategically placed quotes to let someone know that a man is yours then that’s lame and you probably shouldn’t be with said man. Thank you Kaiser for throwing the first stone *sideeye*. Why couldn’t this post just be about Vanessas accomplishment as the face of Rouge Coco and another example of how great her and Johnny are for eachother? Give it a rest already

  11. Linda says:

    Those sound like famous last words and I would say her days are numbered.

  12. Linda says:

    Vanessa gets what so many women do not – she loves him for who he is and she would not change a thing!!! I can see why this relationship works – she simply loves him and doesn’t try to change him…so many women just don’t understand that concept!

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Can someone please tell me how does one “steal” a man without the active consent and connivance of said man?

  14. Madelyn Rose says:

    No, Vanessa is not making comments just to warn Angie Jo. I have been a long time fan of Vanessa, and since they have been together, for many years now, she always talks about him like she adores him. There is the sweetest video out there of an interview in French with Vanessa, several years ago, when she is shown an image of Johnny and asked how it makes her feel…her response will break your heart. It’s obvious how much she loves him.

  15. Icecat says:

    Jeez people. You have to look real hard to even notice the nipple. PERVERTS!!!!!

    With that said I hate the dress, but it may be her style. I don’t know that much about her, but I’m begining to really like her!!

  16. anna says:

    Brad & Angelina, Johnny and Vanessa– that sounds like the coolest group to hang with.

    Could you imagine couples’ night out in Paris with these folks?!

  17. haribo says:

    Wow! Is that Vanessa Paridis? Her looks have changed A LOT over the years (her getting older).

  18. lola lola says:

    There is something I really like about Paradis. I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t think she’s terribly talented and maybe it’s just the French attitude but she seems laid back enough and yet mature enough at the same time to be a great mom and an equal partner for JD. Good for them. I hope they can keep that relationship going forever.

  19. van says:

    J Depp is ugly and short

  20. Carrie Thompson says:

    I have been a fan of Vanessa since “Joe le taxi” (look it up- she was 13 at the time) and so when she and Johnny hooked up I started following them (not stalking, but reading any article I came across about them).

    Johnny Depp is completely crazy about her, their kids, and their life in France. If you read anything where he talks about his family you can see it- I don’t know where the whole Angie/Johnny inevitable hook up came from, but I don’t see it. I think he’s smart enough to know exactly what he would risk.

  21. monkey says:

    she better watch out! girls start talking like that and it all fall to crap.

  22. nona says:


    I can’t wait to see Brad getting dumped for Cap.Sparrow!

    It’s sad for the children,I know… but is gonna be too funny, I’m sorry.

  23. Phowie says:

    Depp and Jolie working together will present an interesting opportunity. It takes into account Depp-perception versus Pitt-perception and what motivates Jolie with respect to her selection of life partners. She seemed happy with BBT, then that ended and she and Pitt got together amidst much turmoil. Frankly, given her recent activities I’m surprised she would want to be with either of these guys as neither has demonstrated her altruistic character.

  24. Rachum says:

    Read the article, she isn’t placing comments in some grand strategy to ward off the evil Angelina. She was being interviewed to promote her new role as the face of some chanel lipstick and given that what most people know about her is that she is in a long term relationship with the Depp I guess it may just come up in the questioning.

    I love these two as a couple, I like how they just get on with their family life in private as much as possible without having to be totally over exposed all the time like most inter-celeb daters!

  25. Maritza says:

    I can actually see these two couples getting along very well and their kids having fun together. I doubt Angie would go for Johnny because Brad and her seem to love each other a lot.

  26. Solveig says:

    She’s saying those things because she loves him, I suppose. There’s no need to put Angelina in every thread, she doesn’t have that power if a man is intelligent and respectful enough for his “spouse” as Johnny seems to be.
    Just opinions, anyway.
    And, Vanessa, you are french and like most of french women (and japanese too) you can wear a paper bag and still look classy and elegant, but the dress you are wearing is fugly.

    Edit: I love them together. Vanessa and Johhny, not Johnny and Angelina, of course.

  27. bpiolkl says:

    Coke addict.

  28. anna says:

    I have no life.

    I have no life because I think about wanting to put Brad & Angie, Johnny and Vanessa, and Gwen and Gavin in a room with their kids. But I’d just love to be a fly on the wall for that.

    Gwyneth & Chris are definitely NOT invited!

  29. Bodhi says:

    That would be awesome, Anna! 🙂

    It obvious how much J&V love each other & their kids. All happy families make me happy, not just famous ones 🙂

  30. ganjagirl says:

    both she and her johnny have repeatedly mentioned their disdain for paps taking pics of their children and for the press asking questions which invade their privacy. yet they repeatedly spew forth this kind of talk when the time is right for publicity. they have repeatedly brought up their children also when the time is right for some good PR and have also released professionally taken pics of their children. they need to shut up already. or else, stop complaining about a delving question or a tenacious pap and get on with your art.

  31. Kevin says:

    If she wants to know how to mark her territory, I suggest she review Kim K and Ray-Jays’ love tutorial video.

  32. teri says:

    I guess it’s about time for the crap mags to put a spin on Angelina and Johnny doing a movie together. Only the hottest woman and second hottest guy and Brad number one. Bringing poor pity me jennay into this thread is bs. A woman will go after and keep what she truly wants and not let them simply go. There are some crazy out there so I don’t go along with the stealing part at all with Brad.

  33. Bek says:

    I don’t think people worry about their men being “stolen”. It’s not like they’re possessions. But being away from one another for weeks on end, filming with another chick, isn’t healthy for ANY relationship, especially if said chick is really interested in your man and putting lots of moves on him. Tell me how that helps any marriage/union/partnership? Not saying this is going to happen for J and V, but if I were her, I’d go along too. It’s just common sense. I remember spending hours and hours at work with lots of attractive, single guys. And over time, you start to forget what you’ve got and think about what you could be getting. It’s human nature, and it works against relationships, solid or otherwise. And for the record, there’s no such thing as a “solid” relationship. Just like anything else you want, you’ve got to work hard at it. If you stop working out and start pigging out, you gain weight. If you stop going to work, you stop getting money. Yet people find it hard to understand that if you want a good, healthy and romantic relationship, you put daily effort into that too. IMO, that’s why hollywood fails at relationships. They have everything else handed to them, so they assume a relationship should work the same way. *steps off of soapbox*

  34. Rosanna says:

    VP has never looked good but now she’s starting to look old.

  35. Sue says:

    31, Jolie’s reputation as a man stealer procceded her meeting Brad Pitt. I know you are young, but ignoring the past does not make it go away. The women earned her reputation.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    Sue, how do you steal a man who doesn’t want to be stolen? Do you knock him over the head and drag him bodily off to your lair or what?

  37. Xena says:

    She “earned” nothing. The tabloids were claiming that she was with ethan hawke, olivier martinez and colin farrell when they were only her co-stars. The tabs have a story line and they need a villian for it. Who better than the sexy and controversial Angelina Jolie?

  38. Kelly says:

    Oh lord. Shes a silly French model who’s never had much to say about anything that was interesting but what do you expect- Proust? I too am getting bored with Depps’s hipster-lite lack of content. He’s not that pretty that he can skate forever on pretending to be a pirate. Yawn. I think he’s a one trick pony and that’s all there is, folks.

  39. hannah says:

    I like her, i do. she was sooo pretty when she was done up before, this is one of the worst i’ve seen her look when she is “dolled up”. i guess chain smoking, drinking and drugs catch up to most people. She always seemed to have such life in her eyes, but something is missing in these photos. and i know she is the face of the lipstick, but the color she has on is really washing her out. she used to be able to pull that off, but it looks wrong for some reason.

  40. karen says:

    criminy people, you and your nipple-phobia! i get not liking the style but it is just that: style, and a nipple “peek” is similar to a cleavage stylistically. the fad comes and goes. if you hate it that is one thing but is it really so worthy of comment other than “i love/hate the sliver of nip”? it’s this kind of aversion to beauty and reality that make usa’s sex crime rate so much higher than, say, france or amsterdam, where acknowledging that We All Have Nipples is not a dirty little secret.

  41. nnn says:

    Well, Jolie has NEVER left a man FOR another one, let alone the father of her children.

    And that’s a fact !

    As for another fact, Brad was the chaser and i doubt Depp will chase Jolie and even if he did, mind you but he doesn’t look like the type Jolie will be attracted to. He is boyish looking, short, smokes cigarettes (Brad said that it was one of the most difficult thing for him when he hooked up with Jolie as he had to give up cigarettes for the kids), ect.

    She likes them more manly looking, tall and would probably don’t want someone who support a rapist and peadophile as a step father for her children.

    And another thing abiout Jolie so called man eater reputation : it is mainly a local thing. I can assure you that no woman in France is afraid about Jolie stealing their man. French women don’t buy that BS, are more secure in their own skin and don’t make a personal fuss about so called affairs. They have enough much more controversial affairs (in politics, entertainment, royalty) with wich they deal with it unpassionately unhysterically and with a zen attitude.

  42. Lway says:

    Geez! She looks so damn happy. Smile Vanessa, I’m sure your face won’t crack honey.

  43. SammyHammy says:

    LOVE her boots, hate her dress. I think her comments were sweet, and I doubt that she has anything to worry about. I seriously doubt that AJ is interested in JD, and vice versa. Just tabloid nonsense.

  44. La Cannuck says:

    @kelly She was never just a silly french model!

    BTW She has been a singer and an actress since she was 16 yo. She was also the last muse of Serge Gainsbourg and have collaborated with many great artists since then.

    Im just saying.

  45. Kelly says:

    And Im just saying, that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……………………………….

    I didn’t like to mention her muzak because that just seemed pointless cruel. My point was- cutey cute chicky babe, not so talented, not so insightful that we should expect cosmic science every time she opens her mouth. Hey, that’s almost a backhanded compliment. But not quite.

  46. jade says:

    why is he even dating her?i mean,yeah they look cut 2gether but there soo different!hes american shes french,hes soo hott and shes soo not!srry johnny and vaness.i just got mad.srry,again.srry.

  47. cm says:

    I don’t see what she is so worried about with the whole Angelina Jolie thing, Johnny has played in many movies where he has been acting with women. I think if she says there relationship is based on trust and love then she needs to trust in Johnny’s love for her I could never see Johnny doing that to her he is to much of a wonderful loving person to do such a thing and let’s not forget how intelligent he is. I have all the faith in the world in him that he wouldn’t do that to her and she needs to do the same and quit worrying about Angelina and just let him finish the movie and get it done. Peace out

  48. linda says:

    oloi einai malakes dn 3erw egw ti lene aftoi pantws i vannesa paradis ta exei me ton johnny depp 100%

  49. light says:

    why didn’t fix her teeth ? when she do it she can smile.

  50. love says:

    hawttt she is gorgeous