Josh Duhamel’s stripper says she’s pregnant with his baby

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Josh Duhamel and Fergie may have renewed their vows and their commitment to each other, but the woman behind Josh’s cheating scandal isn’t going to go away quietly. Atlanta based stripper Nicole Forrester tells the National Enquirer that she’s pregnant and that it’s “probably Josh’s.” Forrester had a fling with Duhamel back in October when he was in Georgia filming a movie. According to Forrester, who was first approached by the National Enquirer and who passed a polygraph test, she only slept with Duhamel one night in a hotel. I went over Nicole’s original statements from the Enquirer and she claimed that Josh was using protection. She said “He wanted me to get in the shower with him but I didn’t. He wanted sex and more sex for four or five hours. He was using protection.” How is it now that this woman is pregnant and is “95 percent certain” that it’s Josh’s? It sounds like someone wants a payday:

In a bombshell new development, exotic dancer Nicole Forrester has told pals that she’s pregnant and is “95 percent certain” hunky Josh fathered her unborn child, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Speaking at her home in Georgia, the divorced mother of two told a friend: “Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, it’s probably Josh’s. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”

In a previous ENQUIRER blockbuster, Nicole described sharing a passionate night with Josh in his $820-a-night hotel suite after they met at Atlanta’s totally nude Tattletales Lounge club where she works under the stage name “Delilah.”

Although Josh denied the affair, the blue-eyed blonde passed a rigorous independently administered polygraph test that showed she was telling the truth about her marathon sex session with the 37-year-old When in Rome star.

Now Nicole – who has a 36C-26-36 figure – told pals that she’s expecting as a result of that lusty night.

However, that seems unlikely. Nicole previously told The ENQUIRER that she and Josh had safe sex during their tryst.

“Nicole told me she’s three-and-a-half months pregnant. She said, ‘I’m carrying a million dollar baby!'” a source close to the tattooed stunner told The ENQUIRER.

[From The National Enquirer]

In a radio interview following the news of the affair, Forrester said that she had two children, a 10 year-old and a 13 year-old and that she didn’t want them to find out she was a stripper because “it would kind of mess up their school and just stuff like that.” They must know now, and their mom is bringing another child into the world. Forrester wants to secure the kid’s future by claiming it’s Duhamels, but chances are low that it is if they used protection. I just feel bad for Fergie to have all this dredged up again. She should have kicked her new husband’s ass to the curb after she learned he cheated, though. How long until he does it again? Do you think this was even the first time?

52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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  1. bite me says:

    probably wasn’t the first time he cheated… poor fergie fugs

  2. Dorothy says:

    This makes me sad. I really used to love him. Now he is just a regular Hollywood dirtbag!

  3. Dorothy says:

    BUT maybe he would not have done this if she wasn’t messing up her face so much. She has had WAY too much work done!!!!!

  4. bite me says:

    meth destroyed fergie fugs face

  5. Toe says:

    This girl really wants to stay in the tabloids

  6. Ursula says:


    I can’t believe I was once jealous of Fergie for snatching such a gorgeous man. Now I know better. Kinda feel sorry for her, but I hear she cheats too.

  7. e says:

    Ok first of all the rumor is that he didn’t cheat with this woman but because he has cheated before he didn’t dispute her claim because he didn’t want all of the other flings brought out into the open.

    Second, why do people always act like a polygraph is like gospel truth? It is not even admissible in court because it is so unreliable.

    I think he has cheated on Fergie but I also think this stripper is full of something and it isn’t the truth or Josh.

  8. irishserra says:

    For someone who is so concerned about her children’s respect and privacy, Ms. Forrester sure does like to flaunt herself out there.

    I saw the video of her being interviewed at the radio station and while she is obviously dumb as rocks, I believe for the most part she is sincere in her version of events. Josh is a pig and this stripper is just the kid of thing that eggs pigs like him on.

  9. snowball says:

    Someone call Maury.

    Fergie looked the same, in a younger version, when she was on the Mickey Mouse Club show. The only thing that looks like plastic surgery to me is maybe an eyebrow lift and some Botox.

    Yeah, because having plastic surgery is why a man would cheat. The fact that he’s a serial cheater who doesn’t seem to respect his wife all that much doesn’t have anything to do with it. Because it’s automatically her fault.

    He may have boinked this stripper, but I put as much stock in her being pregnant as I do with Tila Tequila being pregnant. 95%? How do you put a percentage on it? Obviously, she’s had unprotected sex with someone else too, why is he only a 5%?

  10. bella says:

    Let’s talk about the REAL issue: the lying slut who’s looking for a payday by claiming the baby is Josh’s when she previously claimed they had “safe sex” and used protection (as if sex with a stripper is ever safe!). Unless Josh has some super condom-penetrating sperm, she’s not pregnant with his kid. And since she’s a stripper-whore, I doubt her standards are very high. She probably doesn’t even know who the father is, so she chose the most prosperous, highest-earning guy she could remember boffing in that time frame and named him, and it turned out to be – surprise! – Josh. What a pathetic slut.

  11. Rose says:

    “BUT maybe he would not have done this if she wasn’t messing up her face so much. She has had WAY too much work done!!!!!”

    Jesus, way to go Dorothy, way to put the blame for being a dirtbird on the right person.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Just a skank looking for money, and totally not caring what happens to her other 2 kids when this gets around. What a shame.
    Not to say I don’t think Josh cheated. I bet he’s just another one of those guys who thinks he can get away with it, and shouldn’t have gotten married if that’s the life he wants. I feel sorry for Ferg too – I don’t like her, but it still must suck and she probably can’t trust him at all.

  13. Sumodo1 says:

    Fergie doesn’t need this man, or any man.

  14. k says:

    I feel badly for that woman’s kids. What a piece of trash

  15. Dorothy says:

    Rose read my first comment!

  16. Rose says:

    I did Dorothy, but it was your second comment that sickened me.

  17. bella says:

    E, thank you for stating the obvious, and the obviously overlooked. The only thing proven by this woman passing a polygraph is that she’s an accomplished liar. Anyone able to keep their cool whilst telling a lie is able to pass a polygraph. And any woman who claims IN AN INTERVIEW WITH THE NATIONAL INQUIRER that she doesn’t want her children to know she’s a stripper is obviously an accomplished liar!

  18. Dorothy says:

    Jeez Rose Bitch much?

  19. Maddie says:

    Isn’t he the one that dump his long time girlfriend after he made it big in Hollyweird?

    Right there should have clued her in what a d-bag he is, as for the HO-Down she does know there such a thing as a paternity test right?

    Like some said above a poly can be passed if a person really believes what they are saying, did he cheat, more than likely.

    Why is she coming out with the “I’m Pregnant now” when all this took place like months ago, I think she is taking a page from the Tiger Woods scandal look how much money the top HO made, plus with that “Model” having Jude Law’s baby and raking in the cash in C.S. these male stars better watch who they engage with sexually or they will be little star babies all over the place.

    Really if you just want a booty call you have a lefty and a righty stop having meaningless sex with the handy ho and you won’t find yourself sending money to a kid you did not plan and to a woman you do not know, how sad is that.

  20. TG says:

    If he did cheat all he has to do is get a DNA test nothing else matters. I thought he was this great guy, I guess I read him wrong. And Fergie is super successful, why would she put up with that if it is true. It’s one thing if you are a walking door mat, like Katie Holmes or something but she doesn’t need him.

  21. Rose says:

    Nothing bitchy about it, you blamed Fergie for her husband cheating. I wonder how you managed to make that leap of logic?

  22. Jag says:

    Fergie deserves better. He should have a DNA test done asap.

  23. lucy2 says:

    My understanding of polygraphs (which mainly comes from an episode of Mythbusters) is that when administered by a trained professional, they are nearly impossible to intentionally beat. I doubt this stripper moron is capable of pulling that off, but what I REALLY doubt is that anyone working at the NE is trained on how to do it the right way.

  24. Just a Poster says:

    Wait how long ago was this “relationship”? and she is now finally figuring out she is knocked up and spilling the info??

    Dorothy.. umm really you are blaming Fergie for him cheating??

    Perhaps it is time for you to go back to OZ and live in your Emerald City.

  25. Dorothy says:

    WOW everyone is uber grumpy today! I am not blaming Fergi for Josh cheating.

    My comment was mostly to state how Fergi has had some major work done to her nose and eyebrows. But also if you date and marry a person who is one way and then they begin to change are they still the same person you married? I have heard of people in relationships and one of the people gained or lost a lot of weight and the relationship suffered. Is this the case for Fergi and Josh? Maybe he did not want her to get work done and she did anyway. Maybe he doesn’t care that she did and like I said in the original post that he is a dirtbag. Maybe you need to relax, this is a gossip website .

  26. ! says:

    So what Dorothy? You basically said “She got work done, no wonder he cheated.” That’s blaming her for it. The “this is a gossip site!” won’t save you now.

    Also, what a terrible point of logic anyway. “Hm her face looks different, I guess I don’t love her anymore!” What the hell?

  27. Lizzard says:

    Ummm Fergie was in Kids Incorporated, not Mickey Mouse Club…

    This stripper is looking for a pay day and not caring about who she hurts— If she didn’t want her kids knowing she’s a stripper, maybe she should have used a fake name or not have gone to the tabloids the first chance she got…

    If they used protection- assuming she actually bedded the star which I’m still questioning- the odds of it being hers are extremely narrow. Obviously nothing is 100% but still it’s very narrow.

  28. Mick says:

    Anna Nicole Smith all over again! who’s daddy???

  29. Tru says:

    I know its not funny but I almost choked on my coconut water (trying it out)

    the title of the thread, tickles me, that woman knows she is not pregnant..maybe she didn’t say it..its just the rags talking..smdh

    everyone is looking for a payday..

  30. RobN says:

    Basically it’s a wait and see kind of thing. There is no point to trying to defend him by saying that he used a condom. Condoms are only 90-95% effective; people get pregnant all the time using them. If it’s his kid, there will be a DNA test to prove it. If it’s negative, then maybe he learns a little lesson.

  31. TG says:

    Well said Maddie and RobN. Can’t wait until they come out with male birth control then we won’t have to read about gold digging whores anymore. No more unwanted childen out there.

  32. nj says:

    TG is right on, I don’t understand why there is not more of a demand for male birth control- hormonal, not condoms. Men do not like to wear condoms. That is the unfortunate truth.

    If I were a male celebrity I would not trust anyone.

    A delusional person CAN beat a polygraph. If you believe in what you are saying, your body will not give off the signals of stress that occur naturally when we lie. That is why polygraphs do not hold up in court. They only prove what the testee believes to be true.

  33. lilred says:

    Oh right, just because a stripper says she’s pregnant by him we should believe it…oh wait, maybe she will say the sky is green next…we’ll have to believe it because she said it. GMAFB!

  34. Cinderella says:

    It will be resolved easily with a paternity test. If she’s wrong, she needs to apologize to her two older children for being such a trashy liar.

    If she’s right, I hope Fergie throws Josh out and never looks back.

  35. Maleficent says:

    Let’s see, she had work done to her face…. so what? Meth ruined her face……so what? None of that has anything to do with the fact that Duhamel cheated and some sleazy stripper is now claiming she got knocked up by him. I don’t care if Fergie has horns and a tail, none of that is reason for anyone to cheat, nor are we tyalking about her looks.

  36. Bonfire Beach says:

    Why all the hate for Fergie? I seriously don’t get it. I don’t think she’s ugly at all. And she seems very real and down to earth, like someone I would be friends with. I just don’t get it.

  37. Educate Yourself says:

    As someone who’s been pregnant from “protected” sex, I think you all need to remember that safe sex is not all that safe. I’m surprised by how many people believe it’s a guarantee. It is not.

  38. ViktoryGin says:

    ^I concur. Moreover, the woman is really a sinister little moneygrubber, she could have tampered with the condom had she had the opportunity.

  39. Lway says:

    Josh was wrong for what he did. I’m glad that Ms Forrester is not keeping quiet about it and that it’s being rubbed into Josh’s face – he deserves getting the heat for it. He is a CHEATER!

    As for Fergie – my heart goes out to her. It must suck being her right about now. I don’t think she’s ugly at all and her past drug habit is sad – she should stop talking about it all the time.

    Good luck to them

  40. girl says:

    “No more unwanted children out there.”

    That comment would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. As long as their are irresponsible people there will be unwanted children.