Angelina Jolie denies wanting to adopt Haitian orphan in new CNN interview


Below is a brief clip of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewing Angelina Jolie while Angelina was in Haiti earlier this week. All the clip really shows is Angelina’s denial that she and Brad are looking to adopt a Haitian baby, as was widely reported by the media. I guess because every time Angelina goes to another country, people are like “Oh my God adoption!” And, probably, that Life & Style cover story about “A Baby To Save Their Love” didn’t help, because Life & Style exclusively revealed” that Brangelina has “decided to adopt baby No. 7, in what appears to be an attempt to save their relationship. ‘Angie is really happy with the state of the family, but yes, she wants more children,’ says an insider. ‘She’s ready to roll again.’”

In the short clip, Angelina actually doesn’t deny that she wants to adopt again in general, but only stated that “we’re not focusing on [that] at this time.” The whole quote is: ““I’m always open to children around the world. We’re that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that. But that’s not what we’re focusing on at this time, by any means. We’re not here for that. We’re here to see how we can help protect the children in country and scale up the needs here.” This goes along with Angelina’s public statement several days ago about the concerns of Haitian orphans being trafficked: “New adoptions should definitely not be encouraged as an immediate response to the emergency. Haiti had many trafficking problems before the earthquake and now must keep a very close watch on the children. I would encourage as much support as possible to groups like SOS and UNICEF providing care for children in country.”


Screencap of Angelina Jolie, courtesy of CNN. Addition photo of Angelina, courtesy of UNHCR/Getty.

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53 Responses to “Angelina Jolie denies wanting to adopt Haitian orphan in new CNN interview”

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  1. KIKI says:

    Oh, too bad. Her child army is not getting a Haiti baby.

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    ah f*ck here we go again.

  3. peggie says:

    doesn’t CNN have anyone else to interview?? Won’t be watching, and Christiane what a disapointment you have lowered yourself to interviewing a ditzy druggie actress rather than someone really making a difference or someone knowlegable. SAD!

  4. denise says:

    yet again, the media is blowing a story out of propertion

  5. Rosalee says:

    Actually you have noticed the situation by simply posting on this site. Angelina Jolie is a spokesperson and she has incredible impact on how we view troubling situations around the globe, the camera follow her every move and she takes advantage of her situation, which often results in more attention being focused on children/countries in crisis. Can we fault her for using her celebrity for focusing attention on people who are suffering? I often question celebrities who fly off to areas which are in turmoil who may be using resources that are needed by crisis response units. But she has us paying attention. So more power to her..

  6. I says:

    Angelina’s a ditzy druggie? News to me.

    Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should pretend like she doesn’t make a difference, because she does.

  7. Maritza says:

    People change and obviously Angelina has changed ever since she became a mother. Why do people insist are putting her down for things she did during her rebellious years? Humans make mistakes and she definitely has put that behind her, people should too.

  8. monkey says:

    Hmmm, she keeps saying that Z needs a baby that “looks like her” so why not? (Personally Z looks like a child who like to stand out and be special in any and every way.)

  9. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe CA would even ask that, considering the only talk of it has come from tabloids. Oh, journalism, where have you gone?

  10. LolaBella says:

    Damned if she does, damned is she doesn’t.

    If she did want to adopt then people would decry her and say that she was taking advantage of a tragic situation to increase her ‘child army’ and ‘band-aid’ her relationship and that she would receive preferential treatment.

    Now that she has confirmed that she’s not going to adopt, her detractors will come out of the woodwork and say that the real reason she doesn’t want to adopt is because a child from Haiti is not ‘exotic’ enough for her.

    It seems as though no one can look at this as simply her as a humanitarian using her status as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to bring awareness to the plight of the country’s children and help protect them from being exploited.

  11. anna says:

    I always love reading the comments section of Celebitchy’s articles, but the comments on this particular article- for some reason – only illuminated to me how inane I am to think I even KNOW this woman, that I know anything about her, her husband or her family.

    True she is a public figure, and probably not naive to the scrutiny that comes with the territory, but I’m choosing not going to judge her on this.

    I also realized that I have not done anything except text a little number to donate my $10 to Haiti, and this woman is down there helping and raising awareness as she has for years about the plight of some underdeveloped countries.

  12. Len says:

    Okay, I give in. I like and respect this woman. She’s one of few celebs who sticks to a cause and really invests money and time in it. I’m done being cynical about it.

  13. nona says:

    Even if I’m not in the “Saint-Jolie” waggon, I think it’s good that she is talking about the increase of human traffick.

    There are a lot of scumbags having their profit on this tragedy, including some “Fundations” and other people vinculated with humanitarian groups.
    It’s time to open our eyes and speak the uncomfortable truth for once.

  14. meow says:

    I normally can’t stand it when celebraties preach to us “little folks”. However, she brings attention to an area (and other spots around the globe) that a month in, is just a blimp on the news. She never seems preachy or above it all.

  15. Toe says:

    Good for her for raising awareness….and putting the interviewer at her place.

  16. boo says:

    @peggie – Angelina has been traveling to third world countries for years now to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and at risk children.

    She gracefully puts up with reporters like Christiane asking her stupid questions about her personal life knowing her fame is bringing the spotlight on the people she is trying to help in hopes that others pitch in.

    I am not sure what you find ditzy about that and I think it would be hard for her to accomplish what she has if she were a druggie.

  17. KIKI says:

    Doesn’t Brad care about world events? He is in New Orleans partying like a 6th grader with a fake ID.

  18. hatsumomo says:

    wow, for a minute there she looked exactly like Juliette Lewis! I couldn’t even tell that was Angelina. Other than that, meh. It does kinda irk me when interviewers go out on a limb and ask about deeply personal things instead of the reason she’s on the program. Like when Barbra Walters was interviewing Lady Gaga for the Interesting people gig, Walters asked Gaga flatly if she was sleeping with women!

  19. Cheyenne says:

    It was a stupid question and I’m surprised a reporter of Amanpour’s caliber would even ask it. CNN is going down the tubes.

    @monkey: Z has two little cousins who look like her. Brad Pitt’s sister an brother-in-law adopted two little boys from Ethiopia last year.

  20. Rita says:

    KiKi, Brad is in LA with the kids, there are pics of him. He flew back to LA Monday with Maddox. Angie has done UNHCR missions now for 10 years, she knows all types of questions will be asked.

  21. betsy says:

    Is Christiane Amanpour reducing herself to tabloid journalism? Or is she too lazy to look up Haitian adoption laws? She could have offered her viewers so much more in that interview. Why can’t it be about the plight of the Haitian people, what people can do to help? Angelina’s been doing this role for the UN since 2001. Tabloid journalism is making people turn the TV off, boycott sites!

  22. Rita says:

    Oh Peggie, sad to see anyone making an allegation like you did based I guess on nothing rational or logical or truthful or evidence based. Here is a woman who devotes time and energy to try to help those in dire conditions for years with no erratic behavior or anything else to indicate she is as you describe her. Sigh.

  23. teri says:

    I so admire Angelina and Brad’s dedication around the world to the less fortunate. This isn’t the first celebrity they’ve asked the same question how about Anderson Cooper? I know it’s heartbreaking they can’t rescue all the sick and hurt children. Just because a few of you posters are jen supporters doesn’t mean you have to be so negative and nasty towards the JP family all the time. I don’t care about Jen so I don’t go to her threads, simple as that.

  24. Mimi says:

    Hey how about you all.. generous souls that criticize Angelina (and by generous i mean you useless/worthless/inaccurate comments on the JP family) wait till she SAYS OR DOES something stupid to start attacking her… You know i just think it is better then act like you never EVER DO or DID anything wrong in your whole life and is just behind a computer trowing the first rock (insert bs) like u are a saint.

    I did not know that are people here that are so perfect that are above good or bad to be able to judge other’s from mistakes committed when we are young and learning from our own mistakes.

    Of course that are people that are young but keep making stupids choices or act like they are above of all and we all lose the hope for them… but when people prove that they have changed, that they are engaged in helping others and that they are focused in their family is time to give them a rest and let them live their life… the mistakes are in the past what they are know is what is important or should be for everyone

  25. teri says:

    There was news of four children from Haiti being brought to my state to new families. Not sure if it was already in the process before the crises or not. To many children will be sold to people who will only neglect and abuse them for thier own selfish reasons.

  26. Ana says:

    I loved the video of her on Ellen!

    When I heard about the Haiti adoptions I never thought about human trafficking….

  27. princess pea says:

    It’s a new record, folks. It took 23 comments for someone to bring up Jennifer Aniston in a post that had NOTHING to do with her. Well done, teri. Your prize is an afternoon of tea with the gerbils of doom.

  28. Mairead says:

    Apropos nothing, AJ looks the spit of Jennifer Gardner in the header pic.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    I think the children who have been brought here were those whose adoptions were already approved by the Haitian government. All the adoption still pending have been put on indefinite hold.

    The New York Times reported today that the legal advisor to the Americans who were jailed in Haiti for trying to take 33 children out of the country without permission is being investigated by the police in El Salvador for leading a trafficking ring involving Central American women and girls.

  30. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    “Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should pretend like she doesn’t make a difference, because she does.”

    That’s asking too much from some people. Love isn’t the only that’s blind. Hate is too. Sad.

  31. Guest says:

    God bless Angelina Jolie.

  32. Toe says:

    The link of Angie @ Ellen show: Angie is so adorable. I smiled through the whole interview.

  33. Cinderella says:

    I’d rather see Angie adopt them than the 10 weirdos who tried to take 33 of them out of the country last month.

  34. Freya says:

    peggie, YOU sound like a jealous ditzy druggie! SAD! Christiane Amanpour has many people on her list to interview. Angelina is on that list. Who cares if you watch it or not.

  35. kim says:

    I think the leader and her nanny are guilty the other 8 are innocent jmo

  36. T&L says:

    Angelina being asked stupid questions – is not the first or the last time it will happen. To me, what is a bit disconcerting and disheartening is the fact that it was asked by Amanpour, a highly regarded journalist whose reporting has been lauded before. I think that’s a very sad fact – that not even these journalists are above asking questions that do not pertain to the subject matter but pertain to the gossip/rating factor aspect of it. Sad day in journalism but the truth is that it’s been spiraling downward with no signs of stopping. And whatever “drugs” Angelina is on (according to the bright poster above), I think more people should be on – it makes for a highly accomplished individual.

  37. boo says:

    lol princess pea

  38. The thought of the human trafficking going on just made me more sad than the McQueen news.
    I say good for Angelina for helping any way she can.

  39. sirena says:

    @ princess pea: Oh gosh, another comment Nazi. It’s obvious that you are the one with Aniston on the brain. And, perhaps you should come up with better jokes rather than recycling the same old thing. But what can you expect from an Aniston fan?

  40. Aleisha says:

    Oh come off it, Angelina Jolie is not the only celebrity UN embassador and she is the only one who brings the media with her when she goes on her shopping trips to the third world countries.

    Angelina doesnt use her own money, she uses them (disasters/refugees/etc) for the publicity it gives her because you never see her get that close to anyone, she’s always at a “safe” distance from the kids/refugees, never really touching them or getting up close and personal, just at a very safe distance – so what does that say about her and her “humanitariasm” – maybe that it’s very very fake!!

    Didnt Harrison Ford just fly some medical staff to Haiti without any media fanfare?? Such a difference between these two – one a publicity hound and the other an ator. Puh-lease…

  41. hatsumomo says:

    Hey Mimi, ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black? ;)

  42. hellnbackl says:

    AJ and Christine Amanpour have reportly been friends for a few years now and the question if you watch the interview is designed to throw light on human trafficking. Perhaps also to preempt the tabs as there will no doubt be a frenzy of baby shopping stories next week lol.

  43. Caribbean says:

    The question was brilliant of Christiane A.
    Many people were,(are) thinking that she was there on a baby scouting mission, so Angelina got to clear the air about that….and it fit into the interview.

  44. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    “Didnt Harrison Ford just fly some medical staff to Haiti without any media fanfare?? Such a difference between these two – one a publicity hound and the other an ator. Puh-lease…”

    You clearly don’t understand the role of a U.N Goodwill Ambassador then. They are *supposed* to raise publicity and thus awareness about a particular cause and she’s doing what the U.N has asked her to do. What she’s been doing or EIGHT years. Last time I checked, Harrison Ford doesn’t do anything for the U.N. Do you really not get it?

    Try and educate yourself a little first before coming out with silly comment such as this.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    @Aleisha: She never touches them or gets close to them? How much closer do you want her to get?

  46. nnn says:

    “Didnt Harrison Ford just fly some medical staff to Haiti without any media fanfare?? Such a difference between these two – one a publicity hound and the other an ator. Puh-lease…”

    You clearly don’t understand the role of a U.N Goodwill Ambassador then. They are *supposed* to raise publicity and thus awareness about a particular cause and she’s doing what the U.N has asked her to do. What she’s been doing or EIGHT years. Last time I checked, Harrison Ford doesn’t do anything for the U.N. Do you really not get it?

    Try and educate yourself a little first before coming out with silly comment such as this

    Some people are DENSE.

    She didn’t went there as Angelina Jolie the actress, she got there on a professional assignement being part of a UN team who send its UN Goodwill ambassador, its official photographer and other employees part of the UN to report about the situation on the ground and to meet with their colleagues and partners(doctors, UN employees, ect) on the ground as a way to have a better picture of the situation and what the needs are.

    How do you think that she has been meeting with officials, presidents from the host city and is conjointly monitored by the US department in charge of cooperation and foreign affairs ?

    She is there because her EMPLOYER, the UN set that mission and send her as their EMPLOYEE to report on the situation on the ground. And it’s the UN official photographer, the one chosen and sent by the UN knows by its agency and with a pedigree which permit him to get a visa, the right to work on that foreign country and who is granted access to certain places who takes those pictures which are usually screened and released after the mission is done (especially if it is in a very volatile dangerous situation that needs all the secrecy as it is planned with the CIA).

    The pictures from the presidency are taken by the official photographer of the presidency of the host country and released after careful check by those national agencies. You don’t expect that a tab or other celebrity related photographer from the US would have ACCESS to a political meeting of that importance photographing a president in exercise in a phoreign country, do you ?.

    Duh, it’s not that difficult to understand. She has two official jobs one is an actress, she has been doing for the past 15 years, the other one is UN goodwill ambassador she has been doing for the past 10 years and she is on a professional assignement in that regard, hence she is seeing and reporting to officials and UN people on the ground, then will do her feedback to the UN and part of the US department related to cooperation affairs…something that Angelina Jolie the Actress or other actors, Harrison Ford included would not do. Actors have no access to UN employees and officials, only employees of the UN, a political body can. And they act and report in the name of the organization they are working for.

    They are its employees. The only difference with other UN employees is that they don’t get a wages for that, hence they are GOODWILL ambassadors, hence they should demonstrate a humanitarian inclination, a good health (they are chekced several times a year againts drugs, alcogil, vaccines) and an extremely stress resiste,nt for sepcial mission like in Irak.

    Only their fees for the mission are paid even if Jolie often pay herself her own ticket.

  47. jennifer b says:

    Good for her! I know she’s been doing this for 10+ years. She truly cares.

    Keep going Angelina! Don’t mind the nasty internet trolls trying to bring you down. They obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Their opinions don’t matter, anyways.

  48. nnn says:

    @Aleisha: She never touches them or gets close to them? How much closer do you want her to get?
    Maybe she wants her to be closer than this taken on a mission in Darfur !

  49. Dhavy says:

    It doesn’t matter how many good deeds she does the rest of her life, she will always be hated for things that she did when she was younger. Years ago when I found out she was the UN Goodwill Ambassador and that she’s always in these places helping the cause I’ve been a true admirer because it shows she’s really committed and not doing it to get famous. Many famous people come out when there’s tragedy somewhere but they hardly stick around.

    She is an inspiration

  50. nnn says:

    Well nobody is loved by everyone. Not even those who vehemently criticize her all the time are immune to hatred by people around them. Nobody is perfect.

    So it doesn’t really matter. All it matters is for anyone to be loved by those who count for themselves and live the life they want for themselves with the love and respect of those who count for them.

    I like her because i root for beautiful INTELLIGENT, mature women and she is one of those.

    I like her precociousness, her growth, her strength and yet vulnerability. I find it quite honourable and courageous that at a time where most 25 years old are clubbing and into superficiality, she was already in Afghanistan pleading for displaced women and families needs .

    At a time where everyone was overwhelmingly against all that is muslim because of 9/11, she was courageous enough to plead for those women and children who were alredy innocent victims before that.

    Instead of pampering and maintaining her Lara Croft silouhette, she maintains and feed her brains and was more courageous than most of her contemporaries, males included to go where it was dangerous and to plead for people who were perceived as the ENEMY as a whole because they had the wrong nationality, living in the wrong place even if they had been victimized by the regime of their own country long before that.

  51. Maleficent says:

    Wake me when there is something interesting.

  52. lisa says:

    I loved her appearances on really get to see her as a person. NOT the way the tabs and non fans want to portray her. In her casual interviews she has such a great sense of humor and we see that giddy and girly side to her. just beautiful

    No one is saying that other celebs have not gone to Haiti. The media focuses on her. CNN did not want to interview those other celebs. They wanted her. So how is that her fault. She has been doing this for years. Hardly a PR move.. and no she has NO PR TEAM.

    I like that regardless of what anyone says. she continues to do the things she is passionate about. and that is the life everyone should live. As a fan I don’t care if everyone loves or likes her.. But it is unfair to assume that she does not care. Talking to the people who have worked with her and the people in the field she is the real deal. And I think they know better then anyone else.

    She also visits the soldiers and military men and women. I read an account of her visit on this trip. and those men and women were very appreciative of her giving her time to stop and spend a few hours with them taking pictures and such. It mattered to them. And she does that a lot.

    I am glad Amanpour asked the question. The tabs were getting ready to latch on to that and create a shit load of false stories. NOW we have the actual interview.. Nothing to print except lies. and she said She and Brad are not adopting.. and yes it would be nice if people fact checked.. Haiti is a hard place to adopt from. Especially if you are a single woman. And Brad/Angie are not married. but hey people are watching that interview and talking about Haiti a month out. She and Brad were in Haiti years ago.. when she was pregnant with Shiloh.. So this was not a first time visit for her. She has also worked for Years with the SOS and sponsors children there. I have seen pics of her with one little girl over the years. This is something that matters to her a great deal. And she stays with her projects and causes.

    So Angie good job..


    You really should do some research. She works for the UN..they organize her trip.. set her schedule. she met with the leader of the country.. do you really think that was just spur of the moment.

    And it is well documented that she pays her own way. Eats what the other eat, sleeps on the ground or tents. never a DIVA. never. Please don’t spout off like that without real proof. I doubt you can find anyone working with her in the UN that will say something negative. If you do pleae post. But it is so easy to say a lie then post the truth.. Sad for you..

  53. scarlett says:

    Team Jolie!