Tiger Woods and Elin are living apart; more sordid stories from his past

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf
Tiger Woods is still a raging cheater who wasn’t at all affected by his stay in sex rehab, if the National Enquirer is to be believed. (And they often are.) The good news is that earlier stories about how his wife Elin has forgiven him and welcomed him back may not be true. Radar Online reports that Tiger and Elin are living in separate homes in Florida but sharing parenting duties:

Now we’ve learned that Tiger and Elin are living in separate houses in Orlando, just miles apart, and shuttling their two children back and forth. The marriage is extremely fragile, multiple sources told RadarOnline.com.

Elin called off the divorce and put her attorney on hold but she is still not over Tiger’s betrayal and their relationship is extremely strained, sources close to the couple tell RadarOnline.com exclusively.

She is still not wearing her wedding ring and there is no physical contact between the couple, RadarOnline.com has confirmed with multiple sources.

“You don’t get over that kind of betrayal in just a few months,” one source who knows Elin told RadarOnline.com.

Tiger and Elin see each other only when they shuttle their two children back and forth, sources told RadarOnline.com.

“Tiger has had follow up care,” one source told us. “He spent time with Elin but they are not living together and it’s a slow process and there’s no guarantee things will work out.

“The kids have been going back and forth between homes.”

Tiger will return to golf by Spring or earlier, as RadarOnline.com first reported. He is staying out of public sight for now and basically living indoors to avoid the public spotlight, but that’s going to end soon, one source told RadarOnline.com.

[From Radar Online]

I’m kind of relieved to hear that and am hoping that Elin is just in it for the payday. It would have been better if she would have taken a public stance and left the guy, but that’s her decision.

I got a chance to read the National Enquirer’s story on how Tiger “cheated” in rehab, and my assumption that they were claiming that he just cheated the program by not adhering to regulations was correct. He was generally arrogant, uncooperative and hostile to staff and fellow patients and is said to have sulked and pouted during weekly group therapy sessions, refusing to acknowledge his sex addiction. After patients shared their sensitive personal stories, Tiger sniped “I can’t relate to these people and what they are saying… I should be here. I’m not like these people.” He’s not like those people. He’s worse and got away with it for longer due to his money and connections.

There are more news story about Tiger that help remind us what a massive skeeze the guy is. Porn star Joslyn James told The Insider that she got pregnant by Tiger twice during their three year-long affair, and that one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and the other she aborted. There’s another story about Tiger having a threesome with two women in Phoenix, Arizona three years ago and freaking out because one of the women taped and photographed it. He ran after her to try and get the evidence, and it’s unknown whether he was successful. It’s thought that this could explain the naked photos of Tiger that were being shopped around. (Although he catted around so much it’s hard to predict their origin.) Tiger later allegedly paid off the women to stay quiet.

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  1. ogechi says:

    National Enquirer please leave Tiger Woods and his family alone..Have u not done more harm already to them? Who sent u?

  2. lucy2 says:

    I have a feeling that eventually she will officially end their marriage. My gut instinct was to do it right away, but I think she took time to think about it, go through stuff with lawyers, etc, and maybe try to do a good transition for the kids?

  3. TG says:

    When I fall into thoughts that my life is superbad the following thought comforts (and shames) me: At least it’s not at the Tiger/Elin or Haiti earthquake level of bad. Ain’t got no right to complain, do I?

  4. Sumodo1 says:

    I’m just waiting for the big Tiger bomb to fall. There’s some huge mothership of a story that he’s in hiding about. Just my gut feeling. That’s why he’s not someplace like the Dominican Republuc getting ready for the season.

  5. gg says:

    ogechi, maybe waste your plea to the actual Enquirer. Who sent u? – ? The public — where you been?

    This is all inevitable anyway. No way could any real marriage stand up to what he has done, and for years and years of deceit and disrespect. She’s probably just playing along right now out of confusion and disbelief.

    Edit: TG, hear, hear! 😀 I’m sitting here feeling like a truck has hit me from chemo last week, and I feel like a lucky dog that I don’t have half these people’s problems. I am humbled by them and thank God my life is so much more simple.

  6. Ursaline says:

    I’m wondering if he threatened her with an expensive child custody fight and maybe she’s waiting for him to cheat again so that she can keep the upper hand when they end up in court.

  7. Legend says:

    “The National Enquirer is “often” to be believed? News to me.”

    It’s true. The Enquirer was the one to break the John Edwards story when the legitimate news wouldn’t touch it.

    I’m not surprised about the revelations of his behaviour in rehab. This guy isn’t a sex addict, he’s an arrogant entitled prick who’s PR person told him that pretending it’s a legitimate illness will help restore his image.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know, after that many women, I don’t think 1 more would make much difference in a custody fight. He’s shown such disregard for the health and well being of their family, he’ll be lucky if SHE doesn’t make custody difficult for HIM.

    Feel better soon and good luck to you, gg!

  9. gg says:

    ita with lucy2. Elin is holding every single card in existence right now against the cheater Tiger.

    And love back to you, lucy 🙂

  10. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ gg : Hey, it’s good to hear from you. I pray for you every day! May you have PEACE in your life’s simplicity! Take care 🙂

    Anyway, it DOES make our own problems seem less earth-shattering when you look at the grand scheme of things. I’ll take my life anyday!

    Good day, all!

  11. Cinderella says:

    I’m really curious if he’s going to show up for the Masters. I’m even more curious if Elin will attend any of his tournaments.

  12. Blaine20 says:

    Tiger is not the same Tiger we rooted fore all these years. It hurts to know that because he has meant so much to the game of golf and to people like me who would have never picked up a club if it weren’t for Tiger. I’m numb. My heart goes out to his wife and children and I sincerely hope Tiger gets his life together and he gets back on the top of the leader board. God bless the Woods family.

  13. d says:

    Yeah, for some reason he doesn’t strike me as a true sex addict either. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like it was about sex so much as power, consumption, getting away with it all, using his status, etc. So I can see why he’d object to being labelled as such. Definitely think he’s probably got some major issues (which he probably doesn’t admit to either), but don’t think sex addict is one of them. Maybe he’s just a big jerk. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one too.

  14. simplicity says:

    Unfortunately, his past behavior will draw both those who told the truth and those who don’t into the media. Costly mistake on his part, lost cred and sponsors.

  15. j. ferber says:

    I sincerely believe Elin is making concessions (stipulated in writing by his law team)for the 300 million dollar payday she’s been promised (in writing). His PR team is desperately trying to bolster his disastrous public image. Elin is willing to help with that for her enormous divorce settlement. She’s also not either living with him or sleeping with him (which I’m sure she will never do again) so she’s okay to play ball up to a certain point. Now it truly is a business arrangement, as Woods claimed all along. I guess it always was to him, anyway, as he told some of his mistresses. I don’t believe it was for her, thus her meltdown at their mansion over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  16. Bete says:

    What if the divorce proceedings are delayed because Elin is trying to locate all his funds?
    I’m beginning to think that the story about Elin returning to Tiger and ‘forgiving him’ are all BS, from the Tiger Woods PR machine.
    Her divorce settlement will probably surpass Greg Norman’s ex wife.

  17. Kimi says:

    I can’t stand these dirty hookers who say that they fell pregnant to Tiger. There are also rumours that some of these dirty dirty girls planned to meet up with Tiger when they were ovulating to increase the chances of getting pregnant to him so they could “cash in” on his millions. I feel so so sorry for Elin, poor thing just wanted to have a normal, happy relationship with the man she loved, who she thought loved her uncontitionally. Why do men think with their penises??

  18. Rianna says:

    I agree Kimi. Elin comes across as just a regular lady who just wanted to have a regular relationship with her husband and children. I am sure that she loved him very much.
    My hubby travels a lot for work and I trust him implicitly. I am sure that Elin did too… it is not being naive, it is just a matter of having trust in your partner. Tiger didnt return her trust and this is what happened.
    I do believe that they are trying to patch up their marriage, and with the right guidance and TIME they might be able to salvage what they have. But at the same time I would not be suprised if the wounds are so deep that there is no amount of time that could heal them. 1 woman is heartbreaking for a wife, but 12+? She must have felt like her heart was ripped out of her chest, thrown on the floor and ran over by a bulldozer.
    I am sure though, no matter how big of a jackass Tiger is, he will always put his children first.

  19. Aspie says:

    Why is Tiger so hated yet David Letterman and other noted cheaters don’t seem to be held in the same regard?

  20. trashaddict says:

    Don’t fool yourself Aspie, I hate Dave too for what he did and I’m sure there are lots of others on this blog who despise cheaters. Partly it’s the sheer arrogance of men who believe they can get away with it. That being said, anybody who does marry into show-business should head for thier nuptials with the knowledge that their hubby is more than likely to cheat.