Are Bill Maher & Arianna Huffington a new couple?

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I’m a casual fan of both Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington, but I’m not buying this story from the National Enquirer. The Enquirer claims that Arianna and Bill are something of a hot new couple out in LA, and that Bill has “sworn off leggy models” et cetera. They make a big point about how Arianna is five years older than Bill, and that the love match is probably based on intelligence rather than sex, I guess. The gist is that Bill and Arianna were at a party and they were deep in conversation, it seems. Does this make them a couple?

Bill Maher has sworn off leggy models half his age and is getting serious with a brainy babe five year his senior – media queen Arianna Huffington.

Maher has fallen hard for Huffington, says sources. Maher and Arianna have been friends for years, but now the pair have started what seems to be a serious romance, say their pals.

“It’s love,” revealed an insider. “Bill has done his share of running around with ‘Playboy’ cuties and girls half his age, but now he feels like he’s found his soul mate.”

The hot new media couple first went public with their romance at a Hollywood party thrown recently by British film director Henry Jaglom.

“They were glued to each other most of the night,” said the insider. “The talk of the party was that they were an item.”

Another source at the bash revealed friends were stunned to see Bill and Arianna had become a couple, but she told them in her Greek accent: “Darling, the man is smart!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 22, 2010]

Reasons why I don’t believe it: Bill can “swear off” as many 20-something models as he wants, but the man has a type, and Arianna isn’t it. Also, I don’t believe it because they would make too much sense together. It just seems too perfect. Like, of course Maher would eventually come to his senses and realize the perfect woman for him is a woman with brains and attitude, like Arianna (who, by the way, I think is sexier than twenty Playboy models). And of course she would love him too, et cetera. The real world doesn’t work like that. Anyway, I think this whole story was based on the Enquirer getting a photo of the two of them together. That’s basically it.

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  1. Raven says:

    You’re right–he has a type and she’s not it. And she also has a type and he’s not it. His wallet isn’t big enough.

  2. Dorothy says:

    I HOPE this is true!!! I love that pot smoking vegetarian! He is awesome and she is super cool too!

    The only thing that drives me crazy about her is her accent IMO I just don’t like it. I don’t like aussie accent either probably from watching so many years of the Wiggles.

  3. LolaBella says:

    Meh, I’m not buying this story either. Maher definitely has a type and he is not going to sway from that at this point in his life. I can see them as being intellectually stimulated by one another; I don’t think there is anything sexual between them.

  4. Relli says:

    No way. He most definitely has a type and is very honest and open about it. Love Arianna but i am not buying it.

  5. FrenchToast says:

    ???…I thought I read he was dating that smart 20-something girl-Cara St. someone, and was so in love, he was thinking about breaking his no-marriage vow. Like just weeks ago???

    I’ve seen pics of Bill and Arianna from years ago and he seems to have a lot of respect and affection for her by the way he gazes at her while she’s speaking. I know his type is young and sexy, but if it’s just lust (especially with gold diggers), that must get pretty hollow, lonely and unfulfilling after while.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I’d like to know how that guy is getting “leggy models half his age”.

  7. SammyHammy says:

    Blathering Bill and Zsa Zsa? What an ideal couple they would make.

  8. kello says:

    It’s a known fact, Bill only dates African American women. Bill and Arianna have a lot in common and most likely, are great friends.

  9. Liz says:

    Bill is like Deniro they luv the sistas

  10. Shane Gentry says:

    I once met her. Pictures dont really do her justice because of how tall she is. Very beautiful for her age and definitely “imposing.”

  11. Leticia says:

    He should give her a chance. They would be perfectly suited for each other.

  12. Johanna says:

    @Liz – LOL!!

    I just saw Bill’s stand up show on HBO this wkd & like always he’s hilarious! I think they’re just friends, though.

  13. El Predicto says:

    She isn’t black. Bill likes his women a much darker shade!

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    Brainy chicks only get a break if they’re funny, like Tina Fey (also Greek). If Bill Maher takes it further with Arianna, I will be surprised.

  15. Me says:

    I love them both, they would be a great match. He’s always been very complimentary of her.

  16. e-non says:

    what a stupid story. they’re friends and have been part of that la entertainment/political circuit for years.

    maher’s a 50yo man who desperately wants to be a 20yo black rapper. and his woman of choice is black — the last thing he wants in a partner is someone of accomplishment.

  17. Cinderella says:

    I agree that they’re probably just good friends. Arianna is lovely, but I doubt she’s freaky enough in the sheets.

  18. Julies says:

    So he is going from a girlfriend nicknamed “Superhead” by the rap community, to Huffington, and you are saying the Huffington/Maher relationship would be based on ‘intelligence’? Right. Anyone who would date someone named “Superhead” is not all that intelligent. And anyone who would date someone AFTER they dated someone named “Superhead” is not all that intelligent either. Try again. These people are utter morons.

  19. Tazina says:

    She’s a lovely woman but there is no way Bill Maher would seriously date someone five years older than himself. She is definitely not his type. It’s obvious they are the best of friends and that’s it.

  20. Zebra Hat says:

    Let’s hope so, then they can keep their brand of insanity between themselves and not infect anyone else. What’s shocking to me is that anyone would allow Bill Maher to touch them. He’s a repulsive, shrieking, hateful hypocrite you-know-what who turns my stomach. And Arianna Huffington needs to go back to Greece and worry about her native country instead of trying to ruin this one. Scumbags, both of them.

  21. simplicity says:

    Sounded more like biz talk. Somehow I can’t picture BM having a committed relationship beyond that of a hooker.

  22. AnonPlus says:

    Wow ..between her ex-husband and Bill Maher, she likes gay men.

  23. GatsbyGal says:

    I always had him pegged as a batter for the other team… he’s straight?

  24. fairchild says:

    Two arrogant, narcissistic, elite libs. Perfect!

  25. Tazina says:

    Yes, Bill Maher is straight. He plays the field as far as I know.

  26. Gandalf47 says:

    I guess that explains why the Huffington Post has not had one comment on Bill’s HBO special Saturday. It was his weakest performance ever, and was just a lazy rehash of his old material. He did get a few zingers in, but it was not up to his standards. HP has a review of the movie that Claire Danes did on HBO, but not a mention of Bill’s special, except for a preview intended to get people to watch it. The HP is all over every high profile show every day – The Daily Show, Colbert, Olbermann and Maddow, Fox, Beck, Limbaugh, etc., but not one word pro or con about his special. His delivery was crude and vulgar – and I am NOT a prude by any means – and, mostly, not very funny, with a few exceptions. Usually, a show this controversial would get some attention on HP, but here it is, 48 hours later, and not one word. Maybe Arianna’s motto is, “If you can’t say something nice about the guy you’re sleeping with, then don’t says anything at all”. What am I saying, she was married to Michael Huffington, and we know how well THAT worked out. I’m just saying …….

  27. kelly says:

    Wow she is waaaaay to good for him…. DANG!

  28. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    When he was trying to get famous, he dated my brother’s ex-girlfriend. She looked more like Ariana than a leggy 20-something model, so you never know…

    Just sayin’.

  29. sandy says:

    IDK about the Enquirer, but she is on his show quite a bit and last night as they were talking about the HuffPost buyout he said he was excited that his bitch was now in control of Mapquest and later during the talk about how much money she made on the buyout she said he wouldn’t have to worry about supporting her in her old age. Have seen her before on there and I think they really r a couple.