Jessica Simpson: my breasts are for my husband, not for winning Oscars


Last week we had a preview of Jessica Simpson’s farty Allure cover, but we didn’t have any interview excerpts or anything beyond the cover. Now we do! Allure still hasn’t put anything on their website, but Pop Sugar had two additional photos of Jess (I love the above photo), plus some of the highlights from the interview. From what I can see, Jessica seems okay. She’s still not the brightest bulb, but she seems to have an okay sense of humor about things, with a couple of exceptions. She talks about still being friendly with Tony Romo (fine) and what it’s like to be constantly perceived as “fat” (which she isn’t). But two things caught my eye:

On going brunette while dating John Mayer: “He didn’t make me go brunette! John doesn’t get credit for making me brunette. He’d like to think so, but he doesn’t deserve the credit.”

On turning 30: “I never really thought, growing up, what am I gonna be like when I’m 30? I just kind of thought I had it figured out: I’m going to be this great pop star, have my songs on the radio, be married, and have babies. . . But things can be taken away from you. A song can not be played on the radio. An album can not work.”

On Tony Romo: “I’m still a fan. I’m a huge fan. I wear my gear, and I cheer Tony on. You know, I talked to Tony today. None of my breakups, none of it’s been bitter.”

On life after her mom-jeans photo: “When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today! Thank you!’”

On acting: “I will never do nudity . . . I don’t care if I frickin’ could get an Oscar for it, I’m not going to do it. Those accolades mean nothing to me. I don’t think people deserve to see what’s under my clothing. That’s only for my next husband—ha-ha-ha.”

[From Pop Sugar]

Okay, the whole “But things can be taken away from you. A song can not be played on the radio. An album can not work” stuff is a little passive, right? Like Jessica isn’t really acknowledging her part in the whole “this doesn’t work” thing? It sounds like Jessica thinks someone is out to damage her music career, when really, her music was never very good. The other thing that struck me was the “I don’t care if I get an Oscar for nudity, I’m not doing it” thing. Uh… are there Hollywood producers out there bringing Jessica scripts, saying “Please do this, you’ll win the Oscar, you just have to show your t-ts!” Really, Jess? I know, I know. I get what she was trying to say, but I got a Jessica Biel vibe from it.

Look, Allure even put Jessica in Daisy Dukes:


Allure cover and additional photos courtesy of Pop Sugar.

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  1. Rianna says:

    I cant help but like jessica. she always comes off as honest and fresh. sure her dad is a little creepy but she actually seems to have come out of it relatively calm and normal. i get the vibe off her that she would like nothing more than to be married with a couple of kids, living in texas and attending polo meets. yeah… im strange.

  2. tiki says:

    show the tatas! win an oscar! yup, that’s how it’s done. just ask meryl streep, katherine hepburn, sally field, and the rest of the oscar sisterhood. they’ll tell you it was their titties, not their talent. uh. okay.

  3. Lway says:

    meh, i’m a little dissapointed in what a bimbo she turned out to be…..

  4. SammyHammy says:

    Nah, I didn’t get the Biel vibe from that comment. I think she probably gets lots of offers to do sleazy flicks and likely hears a lot of crap trying to convince her that it would be good for her acting career. Y’know, there probably ARE skeezy producers telling her she’d get an oscar if she’d show skin!

  5. Really? says:


  6. GatsbyGal says:

    Those photos are actually really beautiful. I like her serious face.

    As for the quotes, I think my favorite is the one about John Mayer, because it kinda sounds really bitter to me, and that’s delicious. He doesn’t “deserve” the credit. Love it.

  7. javelin says:

    Well, in her defense a lot of sleazy producer-types probably operate as if dropping the O-bomb will get her (and those like her) to drop their guards, panties, etc. My breasts are for keeping secrets, not winning a huz-beyend.

  8. ogechi says:

    ”I don’t think people deserve to see what’s under my clothing. That’s only for my next husband”

    My love for this lady has increased. Decency is what makes you a woman.

  9. Constance says:

    I just LURVE this article title. The first think to pop in my head, “Well duh. You can’t act woman.”

  10. Macheath says:

    She looks beautiful in these pictures. I especially like the black and white “daisy dukes” one.

  11. meooooow says:

    I like her.

  12. Erin says:

    ehh i kind of like her…maybe a little dumb, but she doesn’t seem like a venomous bitch like most celebs. i’d definitely throw back a few beers with her!

  13. lucy2 says:

    Those are nice photos of her. She seems nice enough, but definitely a little dim. In a way I feel bad for her, she seems to really want a husband and kids and it’s just not working for her. Probably due to her own bad choices.

    I have to agree w/ Kaiser, the reason her career is stalling isn’t because it was taken away from her, it’s because her fame outgrew her talent. Papa Joe did that with both daughters, tried to push them onto the A list when they’re C list talent. People will only buy so much mediocre or lousy music.

    Um…kind of don’t buy that she and Tony are still friends. Well, she might think so, but I doubt he does.

    Also, I thought she looked terrible when she had darker hair, she SHOULD blame John Mayer for that!

  14. Pont Neuf says:

    Poor girl. No matter what people say, Jessica DID have an amazing voice and potential to become one of the greatest singers of her generation. However, she went from being the New Balladeer Extraordinaire with ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ to well, a laughing stock, in record time.

    It’s too bad that her lack of intelligence, combined with her father’s lack of competence as a manager, have squandered all the opportunities that she was given (which, let’s say it, weren’t as many as she deserved).

    As for the interview, she comes across as a bit of a simple person, but that’s really refreshing among celebrities, who are always trying to dazzle us with their grand statements about nothing and want to deliver quotes that will go down in history at any cost – without succeeding, of course.

    I just wish that Jessica would take the time to properly educate her voice, find a good team of songwriters and producers and relaunch her singing career.

  15. Roma says:

    I think she would have done much better to have pursued a modeling career – those 2 photos are pretty stunning. Obviously not runway, but there is a niche for her kind of look in print.

  16. guesty says:

    love the black & white pic…gorgeous.

  17. Snarf says:

    Jessica Simpson will always be known for the following…
    1. her boobs
    2. her weight
    3. who she might be dating/sleeping with
    4. who she was dating/sleeping with
    5. her perve of a father

    She will NEVER be known for the following…
    1. her acting chops
    2. her musical “talent”

  18. Huma says:

    Is it really nitpicky of me to be a bit miffed/offended at the statement that her sweater puppies are for her next husband? In the context of the article, I get what she’s saying and it’s not that bad, but I admit, when I saw the headline to this post a voice inside my head roared, NO PART OF YOUR BODY IS FOR ANYONE BUT YOU! SOMEONE GET THIS GIRL A COPY OF ANYTHING JUDITH BUTLER WROTE!

    And I’m not even an uber-feminist or anything. =/


    I like her serious face, too, btw. She looks purdy. And yeah, she’s just kind of simple and sweet, so I can’t really find anything to dislike about her. She’s not all that talented or bright, but she’s not a catty, mean, offensive person. She’s just that sweetheart we knew in high school, and it’s like, “Aw, Jess.”

    Gah, that sounds so patronizing. I’m back to being a bad kinda-sorta-feminist.

    I just can’t win today. 😐

  19. Sumodo1 says:

    Keep peddling your shoes, Jess.

  20. t says:

    “I’m still a fan. I’m a huge fan. I wear my gear, and I cheer Tony on. You know, I talked to Tony today.”

    Is she trying to go all Carrie Underwood on Romo’s current girlfriend? I bet this girlfriend won’t be checking Romo’s call log like you know who did.

  21. celandine says:

    Aww, Jessica does seem like a nice girl and at least, unlike a lot of so-called “talent” foisted upon us, she can actually sing. It’s just unfortunate that she became better known for the chicken/tuna show and it’s hard to be taken seriously after that.

    I expect after Halle Berry’s Monster’s Ball Oscar, a lot of Hollywood producers tried to convince naive young actresses that nudity was a great career move. But only if it’s absolutely essential to the plot, natch!

  22. clare says:

    Kaiser, thank you for not using “farty” in the headline of this article!
    She looks fabulous in these pictures!
    @Pont Neuf, what you said.

  23. susanne says:

    Feminist here.

    Her breasts are for feeding her kids!!!

    For someone who seems to want them so badly, she’s forgetting (or maybe never knew) what they’re for.

    Maybe I’m just bitter- hers are gorgeous, mine after feeding kids…not so much.

  24. Kaye says:

    Jessica isn’t saying she thinks she would win an Oscar if she showed her breasts, she’s just using an extreme example to say how strongly she feels about not doing nudity.

  25. Cinderella says:

    Poor Jess. She’s like a lost little girl. Some may disagree, but I put at least 75% of the blame on her creepy father.

    As far as the Romo thing, I think it was a little dig at the new girl. She’s still hurting. If Tony did talk to her recently, he won’t be doing it again.

  26. sickofit says:

    she seems to be brighter than britbrit. thats a lotuva deal.
    i always thought she had singing talent.
    but to me she seems as not wanting to do the singing thing anymore…

  27. LindyLou says:

    Am I the only one who thinks her toes are a little weird looking? Anyhoo, she may be a little ditzy but you gotta respect the fact that she isn’t letting the girls hang out to get a movie part.

  28. flutters says:

    I cosign Cinderella’s post. I think Jessica thinks she’s keeping the door open for if/when things don’t work out between Tony Romo and Candice Crawford and this is her way of trying to drive a wedge. But I doubt Romo’s going to be looking back either way. If he’s being friendly it’s only because he finally feels free of her. He acted out several times when they were dating.

    Jessica can keep saying stuff like John Mayer doesn’t deserve the credit for her going brunette but early in her relationship with Tony Romo she was braying about how you always change when you’re in a relationship and how with Tony she didn’t feel like she had to be artistic and intellectual, she could just be herself. It was an obvious comment on how she felt she had to be when with John Mayer.

    In the end I agree Jessica’s a lost little girl. With each new relationship and project we hear about how she’s found herself and got the confidence to really be her. Then when the project flops and the relationship ends it’s on to the new project/relaitonship where this time, she’s REALLY found herself! And on and on it goes. Each time I get the same vibe that she thinks that if she convinces the public then she’ll have convinced herself. But I don’t think Jessica Simpson’s ever going to really be self confident and secure until she stops trying to find herself in the public eye.

  29. irishserra says:

    I’m not a great fan of Jessica Simpson, but I don’t dislike her. We need to keep in mind that many of these comments quoted are actually responses to questions. She didn’t just come out and start speaking about her talent/lack of; she was asked about it and responded in kind.

  30. AE says:

    Over the past 2 years, she’s matured into one of my favorite celebs. Her shoes rock and I loved her last album.

    She looks gorgeous in these pictures, but best part of the excerpt? It took Mayer 7000 ignorant, egotistical words to describe himself, while she sweetly got the job done with one sentence and an eye roll.

  31. lucy2 says:

    flutters, I completely agree with your last sentence.
    It’s really a shame she can’t find herself and be happy just for herself.

  32. manda says:

    I have always felt bad for her because I do think that she sort of lost control of everything. Yes, her father did a lot of it. I think I read somewhere that she really wanted to be a christian singer but that she “couldn’t” because her boobs were so big. She would probably have everything she wanted if she went down that route.

  33. anonymous says:

    I think too many are worried about TONY then Jessica is herself & when you mention call logs if it happened it must ahve had a very good reason attached to it given all the womanizing for TONY.. It wasn’t Jess hitting the tabloids at that time it was TONY. Do we need a refresher course on just what that was.
    Wether you believe it or not ususally when Jess relationships are over there over. You might also want to recognize the fact that Jessica & Tony have a lot of mutual friends. If they are able to remain friends on any level is a good thing for all. Many are not able to do that but there are those that can. Time to deal with it some of you. Your more worried about Jess & TONY communicating then they are & your desperate need that thye never reunite. get over it they won’t but they can be friendly right?
    I am eager to read the rest of this interview actually. One thing Jess is not is PHONY. I think she is beautiful & lives in the real world. Excellent.
    Jessica just keep living your life. Its your life to live. Family, True friends are what keeps you real.

  34. mollyb says:

    Nice to see a couple pictures of her with her mouth closed!

  35. Amy says:

    you know i never understood her attraction, but that B&W photo, wow! she looks stunning!

  36. snowball says:

    I like Jess. Maybe she’s got a little lost girl quality to her, as dumb as she may or may not be, she’s been royally crapped on for the last several years. She’s sweet, a little dorky and ditzy and she never says anything evil about anyone.

    If she’d have said how much she regrets being with Romo because he was an ass or Mayer because he was and is a pig, then maybe toss a few insults towards Nick, then she’d get slammed because of that.

    She says nice things (well, sort of snarky towards Mayer) and she gets hit with the “oh, so she thinks she’s getting back with him,” or maybe, “look, Jess is trying to horn in on the new girlfriend.”

    She’s how old? Early thirties? It’s not like her life or career are over. She’s pretty, she’s still young, she’s got talent in there somewhere and while she seems to like dating asses, someone will come around that won’t drag her name through the mud.

  37. nj says:

    @celandine: I think you are absolutely right. I don’t think Jessica’s exaggerating about nude roles being dangled in front of her and promises of an Oscar. She’s not the brightest and I can see some sleazy producer trying this with her.

    And I know this is off-subject but Halle Berry winning the first Best Actress Oscar for a black woman was bullshit. I didn’t understand why everyone was so happy because it was insulting that it took a nearly pornagraphic role to award a black woman, when the Oscar SHOULD have gone to Angela Basset several years earlier for What’s Love Got To Do With It. Angela Basset could act circles around Halle Berry. Halle Berry only won because she took her clothes off.

  38. nana says:

    halle berry showed a lot in monster’s ball and she got her oscars

  39. flutters says:

    @snowball I get what you’re saying about no win. But I think if Jessica’d left the Romo comment at there being no bitterness with any of her exes and left off the “just talked to him today” part, she wouldn’t be inviting some raised eyebrows. Because Jessica threw some fits on country radio when Carrie Underwood was quoted saying Tony Romo still calls her but now it’s OK to be talking to your ex when you’ve both moved on? At the time Jessica knew that these interviews run months after they happen and people can be quoted out of context but that didn’t matter to her.

    And yes the girl’s been crapped on for years but she’s also reaping what she and her creepy crappy dadager sowed by putting her body and her personal life out there for public consumption the way they did. They loved it at Jess’s peak when it helped her sell albums and get her own variety show with Nick. Now the machine’s turned against them. I don’t expect them to not fight back especially because some of it’s just cruel. But there’s a limit to how sorry I feel for her.

    I think Jessica’s turning 30 this year so she’s definitely got lots of life left to live. But it’s been more than 10 years and I question whether the light bulb is ever going to turn on in her head about her horrible artistic instincts and the need for a stronger work ethic to really make it in music or for that matter in movies.

  40. annie says:

    Even her feet look photoshopped in those photos.

  41. KsGirl says:

    You know, I have always thought, ever since Newlyweds, that Jessica Simpson did/does have an actual unique charm to her that needs to be used right in her career. I think she was mismanaged by her father, who tried to play up the ‘hot girl’ angle – remember that Dukes of Hazzard music vid with the pink bikini? She looked great but watching her do ‘sexy’ is painful. She needs the right comedy, the right role. Definitely a girl I could throw some beers back with, like a previous poster said. Good luck to her.

  42. Felicia says:

    I wish she’d be more Dolly Parton-ish because I think she’d be so much more loved if she were. Trying to be something more serious feels fake and wrong. I think she is a good person, a funny person and a beautiful person, but she really doesn’t showcase it properly.

  43. Katija says:

    I’ve always wondered if she’s had sex since Nick Lachey. When these Bible-thumper girls get divorced, do they do a whole “No sex til my NEXT marriage” thing, or do they just decide that the floodgates are already open and become big hos?

  44. So her fingers look fat in that first photo, right?
    BUT I like how she kinda dissed John Mayer. Haha

  45. KLaw says:

    She’s pretty, but in a cute adorable way, not in a timeless, statuesque way. She should play toward her strengths and stop trying to be a supermodel. She’s prettier when she smiles and acts cheerful.

  46. Seer says:

    She flashes her breasts any chance she gets! How can she possibly say she doesn’t believe in that when she does it all the time. There’s a word for that, and it’s not nice. (Fill in any word that applies…)

  47. Ana says:

    The top picture would have been nice, except for those rainbow bungee cables on her wrist. What were they thinking?

    Doesn’t she mean her breasts are for her next boyfriend? I mean, it’s not like she didn’t share them with Romo and Mayer.
    Katija- I believe she gave an interview where she mentioned her sex life with Romo.

  48. poiup says:

    eh, you can’t make fun of her saying Oscar. What she said was what any normal person would say if they wanted to state how much they wouldn’t do nudity for any career advancement or accolade.
    Jessica Biel’s interview seems far worse.

  49. jojo says:

    I cant help but like jessica. she always comes off as honest and fresh. sure her dad is a little creepy but she actually seems to have come out of it relatively calm and normal. i get the vibe off her that she would like nothing more than to be married with a couple of kids, living in texas and attending polo meets. yeah… im strange

    I totally agree; I think she is just a texas blonde girl who would actually make a good wife and mother. she doesn’t belong in hollywood. By the way, your Mr. Humphries avatar rocks

  50. What an inflated ego and sense of self to think that she could ever be in a film that gets Oscar nominated or that her performance would earn her an Oscar. Has someone filled in Miss Stupid that Oscars aren’t like the People Choice awards – you actually have to be talented to win an Oscar. Dukes of Hazzard, Employee of the month, Blonde Ambition, Major Movie Star – none of these films were any good.
    And it is a bit rich for a girl to make these types of claims when her music career was based around her low cut tops, she has paraded around in a bikini and been mostly naked on the cover of men’s magazines. If your body is so sacred and just for your husband, you wouldn’t have done 100’s of skank poses on and in men’s magazines.
    The girl is still as vapid as she was 10 years ago. Guess you don’t have to grow up when everyone around you is on the payroll. The fact that she has no friends outside of the people she works with is very telling. She needs to grow up and actually figure out who she is, not who the industry or the next random bloke she starts sleeping with thinks she should be.

  51. Sami says:

    @ Ana,

    Agreed! I thought the picture of her in the blue gown was so pretty … until I saw those bangles.I might’ve liked them at a different time, but not when they’re with such a formal dress. My 4-year-old niece has more fashionable jewelry.

  52. agamemnon says:

    Jessica Simpson will always be known for the following…
    1. her low iq
    2. her fat weight
    3. who she might be dating/sleeping with
    4. who she was dating/sleeping with
    5. her perve of a father

    She will NEVER be known for the following…
    1. her acting chops
    2. her musical “talent”

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