Fox News: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis ‘have terrible hygiene’

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This is a nasty little piece from Fox News about how Johnny Depp and his longterm partner, Vanessa Paradis, allegedly don’t practice regular personal hygiene. We’ve heard similar things about Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. (Although I’m more inclined to believe those stories as McConaughey’s co-star Kate Hudson once said that he smells and that she politely tried to give him some natural crystal deodorant, which he refused.) As far as Johnny, well he looks a little worse for wear sometimes and definitely has the handsome hobo look going, but I doubt he stinks or anything. We’ve never heard anything about his poor hygiene until now, so why the Johnny backlash? It seems like Depp, who once could do no wrong, is now finding himself in the tabloids’ targets. He spoke out in favor of Roman Polanski and is trying to advocate for some convicted murderers many believe were wrongfully prosecuted. (I’m not familiar enough with that case, but I wouldn’t doubt that a bunch of people were steamrolled by a corrupt system. Read Grisham’s true-life story, An Innocent Man.) So now Johnny and his lovely partner must smell, right?

Johnny Depp and his wife, French supermodel Vanessa Paradis may look like a gorgeous couple on the outside, but sources who work with the two tell Fox411 that they aren’t as clean as they sometimes appear.

“Johnny usually smells because he rarely showers,” sources say.

“He isn’t big on personal cleanliness and Vanessa isn’t much different. They found their perfect match in each other – it’s hard to be around them. Their personal hygiene is not their priority.”

And while Johnny is known as a movie hunk and was even named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive last year, sources say he takes pains to cultivate a different image in his personal life.

As for his gorgeous girlfriend, we hear she is just like her man.

“Vanessa is the furthest thing from a supermodel every second that she isn’t on a big photo shoot. No makeup and unruly hair – she’s a bit of a mess normally.”

Johnny’s new co-star, Angelina Jolie, will certainly get a taste of the real man while they film “The Tourist” together in Paris this month.

“When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he’s usually in rough shape,” sources say. “If he’s showing up for work on set, he’ll be a total professional, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be shiny and clean. He entrusts his movie looks to his hair, makeup and costume team. He’s quite a character in person.”

[From Fox News]

There’s one thing I have to say on Johnny’s behalf – he no longer smokes. He told MTV News that he’d quit smoking over three years ago. Hopefully that means that Vanessa has kicked the habit too. Quitting smoking will go a long way in reducing your personal stink.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the stereotype that the French have more… lackadaisical approach to bathing. I’m not going to delve too deeply into that one. In the brief times I was in France I didn’t notice anything much different about the people. It reminded me more of America than other countries in Europe. Here are a couple of different opinions on that issue:

About 51 percent of French women and 55 percent of French men do not shower or bathe every day, Katherine Ashenburg says in her book, The Dirt on Clean. “The French seem to have a perverse national pride in their own unconcern about cleanliness,” she writes. That’s just not true, though, says Olivia Prouvost-Allen, Lilles, France, graduate student. Prouvost-Allen says people have a lot of misconceptions about French hygiene. She is often asked if she shaves and showers regularly, she says, and answer is yes. All her friends bathe every day, too. The only people in France who do not are the people in their 60s and 70s, who she says are still not used to the idea of having indoor plumbing and unlimited access to water.

[From Kansan]

I just don’t want to think that Johnny Depp smells, to be honest. He can’t!

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CHANEL Dinner In Honor Of Vanessa Paradis For Rouge COCO - Inside

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  1. bite me says:

    and they both need to visit a dentist

  2. Maleficent says:

    I find it odd that Kate Hudson was complaining about MM, when her own mother was outed in the book, You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again, as having poor hygiene herself.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’ve heard this about Depp before. and I’m not surprised to hear it about Paradis, either.

    those candids of her picking up her kids…WHOA. she’s one of those women for whom make up does a WORLD of difference.

  4. Bam Bam says:

    While I’m sure like one cannot lump an entire country’s hygiene habits into one category, there is something to the stereotype – as I dated a French man as well as dealt with my employers subsidary in rural France. Maybe Johnny’s more French these days than American.

  5. bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but I highly doubt this is true. I’m sure if he smelled, we’d have heard something before now, after he’s defended Polanski and 3 men who may have been wrongly convicted. (CB, I read that book by Grisham, and it was shocking!)

    If Johnny ever smelled, I imagine he would have smelled in character as Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s all I can think of. As for MM, it’s well documented that actresses who’ve worked opposite him have been offended by his “scent.” Actresses have also outed actors with bad breath, offering them Altoids or gum before kissing scenes (though I can’t remember who right off the top of my head, I know there’s more than 1 or 2).

  6. dude says:

    Johnny looks like he smells. I hate to admit it tho, bc I love him. I dont always wear deodorant. Always when im at the gym tho. You dont make that mistake twice.

  7. canadianchick says:

    Ewwww, doesn’t surprise me he looks pretty scruffy as does she in some photos. Also not surprised re MM, he like likes to keep it natural with his bongo drums.

  8. annaloo says:

    This is NOT news, and this is why FOX is known as a crap news channel.

    And even if they didn’t bathe, that this stupid channel – which is “supposed” to represent the conservative’s view, individual’s rights and “freedom and liberty” and all that crap – seems not to be happy unless these two have conformed to what the rest of society is. Leave them alone, sans deodorant, if that’s what they want.

    Fox News features crap more on celebrity junk than MSNBC, just look at their website. Faux news, indeed.

  9. Icecat says:

    Funny – They both do look like they are not as clean as they could be. But I personally could care less. Look at HBC and Tim Burton. Same thing…

    That is their choice…

    I’d still hit it!!!!!

  10. Overit says:

    She really needs to do something with her snaggleteeth – they’re yellow from smoking and have huge gaps. No wonder you never see her with an open-mouth smile in publicity shots, it’s not pretty.

  11. Babouleine says:

    His wife Vanessa is NOT a supermodel but a singer! They must have confused her with Kate Moss, his ex. Here goes the credibility of this source…

    I am married to a French man and he showers even more than I do! I go to France fairly often and the hygiene over there is just as good as here. Contrary to us, they pay for the water that they use (much like our electricity), so they do not waste water like we do. If we started paying directly for our water, we would not be so stuck up on hygiene. Just sayin…

  12. gloaming says:

    The False News Channel hits a home run – again.

  13. Solveig says:

    This is one of the more entertaining piece of gossip in a while! LOL
    The thing that creeped the h. out of me when I went to Paris was a man who was carrying a baguette (not wrapped in any paperbag) under his armpit… Ewww I thought it was a joke… 🙁

    “I just don’t want to think that Johnny Depp smells, to be honest. He can’t! ”

    Of course he can’t, he is perfection.
    And if he really isn’t taking into consideration the shower too much, lateley, probably he’s doing it to keep Angelina away from him. JJ*

    *JJ: just joking.

  14. Ursula says:

    Hmmm, I wonder who is bad mouthing poor Johnny now. Someone’s fax machine is rather busy.

  15. Kimble says:

    Yeah, and all British people have bad teeth “rolls eyes”

  16. SammyHammy says:

    “they pay for the water that they use”

    “If we started paying directly for our water, we would not be so stuck up on hygiene.”

    Where do you live that you don’t have to pay for your water? I sure as heck do. And I assure you that my hubby and I practice good hygiene every single day.

  17. Disco says:

    @Solveig—That’s priceless!! I bet that’s the next cover of In Touch 🙂

  18. SammyHammy says:

    “this stupid channel – which is “supposed” to represent the conservative’s view, individual’s rights and “freedom and liberty” and all that crap”

    Wow! So you admit that you think individual rights, freedom and liberty are crap? That’s scary.

  19. Guest says:

    Him and Brad Pitt should get along great then!

  20. Tia C says:

    Good looking or not, I’ve always thought he looks like he might not smell so great, so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Having said that, as annaloo said above, this story is NOT news. Of course Fox would be spinning this drivel…

  21. Maritza says:

    Well the way he dresses it doesn’t surprise me that he may smell bad. At least he isn’t smoking, that a good thing.

  22. bellaluna says:

    Faux News strikes again: they are not married. And Icecat, nail on the head with Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. They are on their own level of yikes!

  23. Beth says:

    This isn’t new. I’ve heard rumors that he smells throughout his career. I can’t remember if it’s just for movies since most of his characters a quirky and period time.

  24. QB says:

    They look a little bit dirty but they probably dont smell ( I hope so). I think thats just their look.

  25. Miss. Thang says:

    100% believable.

  26. mslewis says:

    I’ve been to France many times and have visited several French islands and I have yet to meet a French person who smells bad!! That stereotype is strong though. People in the States, who have never even met a Frence person, say to me that they “don’t bathe” and that French women have “hairy legs.” I think the image comes from American soldiers in WWII when they liberated France. Whatever!! It’s not true.

    Anyway, I don’t believe Johnny stinks any more than I believe Brad Pitt stinks. Back when Brad was a young actor there were rumors that he lacked proper hygiene. I always thought, how could he date such beautiful women if he stanked. I think someone was trying to hurt his career and I think that might be the case with Depp now. Fox doesn’t like Depp and they are trying to hurt him. It won’t work, but nice try Fox.

  27. haribo says:

    “Hygiene” is in the eye of the beholder. Over here in Europe, you walk into a bakery and the flies and bees crawl all over the cake, bread, etc. It’s normal. And yes, we pay for water over here, but the Europeans think that the Americans over-do just about everything, which includes over-washing!

  28. isabelle says:

    Funnily enough I recently saw photos of Paradis out with her kids on which she looked like a total slob.

    Agree with Miss: totally believable.

  29. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um…I pay directly for my own water usage.

    where do you live that you don’t pay for water?

  30. LF says:

    According to a BBC Radio 1 DJ Depp smells of incense. She was challenged to smell him during a recent interview by her listeners.

  31. Kate says:

    First off, Vanessa is NOT his wife. They never married. As for stinking well I know for a fact that when I was in Europe on a singing tour and I had to sit next to a couple of people from France well lets say I had to move or be sick because the stink was so bad. But if he does smell then maybe that is how he can stand to be with her stinkiness. Amazingly yes she is a model, singer and actress though not very good from what I’ve heard.

  32. snowball says:

    My short takes:

    I don’t know if he does smell, but he gives the appearance of not bathing (to me) because of his greasy-looking hair. However, there are a ton of hair products that you leave in, to condition or style, that can make your hair look greasy.

    The pics of Vanessa the other day looked to me like she was certainly bathing. Her hair was fried and she had no makeup on. I don’t know about anyone else with curly hair, but when I wash mine and don’t put something on it, that day it looks all wild and crazy.

    I have a skin condition that gets worse if I take a shower every day, so I take one every other. I still do all the other hygiene stuff and my deodorant hasn’t failed me yet. My hair actually looks a lot better on day 2.

    I lived in France (Lyon) for about a year. The one person who routinely smelled awful was a German exchange student. She bathed once a week and reeked of sweat and frankly, I think she had a permanent yeast infection. Do I think all Germans smell? Not at all. But she was ten times worse than any Frenchmen or women that I ran across.

    Of my handful of close friends there, none of them shaved their armpits (we were all about 20, if that matters), but nearly all of them shaved their legs. A weird thing I noticed – and it could have just been my group – they didn’t wash clothes after they wore them once. It wasn’t unusual for some of them to go 2 or 3 wearings before laundry day.

    isabelle, slob doesn’t equal stink.

    And yeah, the food at the big open markets and in a lot of the shops has flies zipping around. Since so much of what the individual sellers puy out is fresh stuff each day, I don’t think they worry much about stuff like salmonella, etc.

    Uh, I guess that was my long take.

  33. Peach says:

    I live in Paris!
    And no, I don’t shower everyday. I just don’t always need to. Why would I shower if my hair is fine and I don’t stink? It’s a waste.

    But if I work out or run around all day I will. Sure. That’s normal.

    I think part of the misconception comes from the amount of parfum and cologne we wear. Because really do put it on. Like, it’s considered part of the outfit you’re wearing out. Girls find their signature scent early here and apply liberally…so maybe that’s part of the stereotype because that’s totally true.

    But I’d kind of believe they were stinky. Those that live by La Boheme principals (and I think they do) sometimes do stink. Just like hippies in the USA. Some stink, some don’t. I bet they stink.

  34. Huma says:

    I believe they’re the ‘fake’ kind of dirty. Like, they look like they haven’t washed their hair in days and that their teeth are rotting or whatever, but in truth, it’s product in the hair, coffee stains, and just a fake grunge-ish look.

    Kind of like what Michael K thinks about Ke$ha, that she just ‘plays’ like she’s a dirty girl when really she’s not and probably does wash her hair at least twice a week and all that jazz.

    Eh. Whatever, Fox News. Why you gotta be hatin’ on the hippies?

    OMG. This can only mean that Eric Cartman has FINALLY found his life calling and gotten a secret job at Fox.

  35. moo says:

    ok, so if you don’t use deoderant, you have “poor hygiene”??? give me a break! more than half the men and women I pass by and work with every day smell worse with the cologne’s and perfumes they bathe in! now THAT is more gag-worthy!!!

  36. girl says:

    I believe the culture thing.

    My family is involved in refugee assistance and we welcome many families in Alaska, believe it or not, from the Darfur region of Africa. It must be quite the culture shock to them.

    It is a difficult subject to broach with families who, up until very recently, needed to be more concerned with staying alive, eating, generally staying safe but it was pretty common for the hosting families to need to discuss the different standards of hygiene here.

  37. Kevin says:

    His style has always been that of a European bag lady. I would bet my next pay check he’s heavily funky. Maybe they will do a version of Pepe le’ Pew and he can snag that role.

  38. Codzilla says:

    I’m an American and I don’t always shower every day — it’s called life with two small children.

    And I live in the rural Northwest and even we have to pay for our water.

  39. frenchgirl says:

    I’m french and I shower everyday. And so do my friends. And we also shave our armpits, our legs and the bikini line (well we waxed them actually) so I don’t know where this rumor comes from but it’s not true. There are a lot of stereotypes about french people that are (unfortunately) true but not this one.

    By the way, what does “he looks like he smells” means? Is it because of the long hair? Just because he doesn’t comb his hair every morning doesn’t mean that he’s not clean… I prefer this look to the ice skaters’ clean look

  40. Vajayjay says:

    Johnny!!! WTF are you doing with that lady?! Pleeaaassseee come and bang me!!! Stinky wang and all!!!

  41. sarah says:

    For him, I could ignore the smell. lol.

  42. nana says:

    Look at your man, now back to Johnny, now back at your man, now back to Johnny.

    Johnny needs old spice.

    The man your man could smell like.

    But… he needs to be on a horse.

  43. jeannified says:

    I believe it!

  44. welldun says:

    Maybe they will do a version of Pepe le’ Pew and he can snag that role.


    I gotta say, he may or may not smell but damn he looks fine in eye liner

  45. MMF says:

    Who doesn’t have to pay for water?
    I want to live there.

  46. Frenchie says:

    I personnaly shower every morning and have a shampoo every 2 days. In the summer, I usually shower twice a day (helps me get sleep).
    And here is a true recent statistic to everybody : 80 % of the french people shower every day.

  47. Theuth says:

    It depends. In some Mediterranean country (like Italy, where I live) people don’t shower everyday but are very self-conscious about cleaning: you wash armpit, face, private parts (thanks to bidet) and feet every day when it’s necessary, especially before going to bed. It’s no good wash hair everyday, you weaken them instead of protect (too much shampoo ruins them). Same with clothes and detersive. Plus, I’ve noticed some country like England and USA where people shower everyday, but they stink a lot more and easier than here…

  48. TG says:

    I am laughing my head off on this artile. Kaiser thanks for the mid-day laugh. And Icecat, I am totally with your on your comments.

  49. nikki says:

    i don’t know if they smell but i think he needs to wash his hair (sometimes)!

  50. juiceinla says:

    “Quitting smoking will go a long way in reducing your personal stink. ”

    What a brilliant observation! And NOT just by getting rid of the smokey smell! I thought I was the only one who realized this!!! Thank you!!!!

  51. nnn says:

    Maybe it’s bad breath from garlic/spicy french meals and cheese.

    I beleive both had bad breath from smoking too.

    As for the hygien of French people, it’s the same as everywhere including in the US : some don’t clean themselves every day (Megan fox admit not doing it daily), some do it one, twice or even three times a day, especially those who exercise daily.

  52. ganjagirl says:

    he was either smoking a tobacco cigarette or something else on the set of the Babybird video he directed in september…there are pics out there

  53. truthSF says:

    Look at your man, now back to Johnny, now back at your man, now back to Johnny.

    Johnny needs old spice.

    The man your man could smell like.

    But… he needs to be on a horse.

    Bless your heart, you are actually the first person to make me laugh today, and you made me love that commercial even more, lol!

  54. Seer says:

    I agree with Bam Bam when he wrote that maybe Depp is more French now than American.

    1. Depp is very anti-American now (as is Oliver Stone, who also moved to France), and has described it as a big burrly “dog”. That’s the thanks he gives to the country that made him famous and rich. He’s so rich now, he can smell like the bottom of a Paris cage,and people will say
    “oh Joniiieeee, you smell and I LOOOVE IT! ooh la la!Why have perfume when there’s your B.O. to grace our nostrils.”

    2. From my experience, the French do have somewhat of a hygene problem. Of course, not EVERY single one them. They make the best perfumes though. I love “First”.

  55. susanne says:

    I like a bit of armpitty funk on a man…I’d have no complaints about Johnny if I were lucky to get so close.

    C’mon, you guys wouldn’t mind, either.

  56. Looking at the photos and saying he doesn’t. HE CANT!

  57. hannah says:

    seer, do you really believe that? he doesn’t hate the us. in fact he lives here half the time. he works here, his kids go to school here, he has multiple properties in the us. because of one comment? seriously, it was one comment in a foreign magazine. good god, how many times does he have to refute that?

  58. J says:

    Fox News? According to Fox News, Sarah Palin is the only saint on this planet.

    Up to today, American can still have such stereotypes about French culture and anyone related to French society. Shocking.

  59. JaundiceMachine says:

    I love that Fox News and Rupert Murdoch took time off from paralyzing half the nation (and my inlaws) with fear, to remind us that the French (and Americans who associate with the French!) smell bad.
    It’s just . . . awesome. Mindblowingly, awesome.

    Did you know that ad hominem attacks are generally an indication of a weak argument, and a morally questionable/subversive source? I learned that at a place of higher education. I wonder how much of Fox’s target audience is familiar with Logic and Theory. . .

    God Bless America.

  60. snapdragon says:

    dear faux news channel,
    do america a favor and just keep talking about stinky french people and leave the hard news to actual journalists, like christiane amanpour and bob woodward.
    love and kisses,

  61. Trillion says:

    “Depp is very anti American now”. Uh huh. See, this is exactly what Fox “news” wants you to think with this ridiculous fluff piece. But when their pundits criticize the current president’s policies its because they’re true patriots. See how that works? Brilliant.

  62. Aussie Mama says:

    so, they’re happy, none of our business at all.

  63. Sally G says:

    Faux News? Not the first or the last lies they told today, I’m sure, but probably the most harmless.

  64. Sunnyjyl says:

    Angelina may have a positive influence on The Depster. She must have whipped Brad into hygiene shape. He used to have quite the bad smell rep. pre-Ange.

  65. Seer says:

    @ Hannah who wrote: “because of one comment? seriously, it was one comment in a foreign magazine. good god, how many times does he have to refute that?”

    I hope you’re right! When I heard that and also saw Oliver Stone’s interview, I felt it was too bad they felt such anamosity towards their own country. I understand living abroad is wonderful and exiting. I’m also an American who lives abroad, but I’m not going to speak badly about my own country. When I heard Oliver Stone saying such spiteful things about the U.S., I thought that was like spitting up in the air and then having land on his own face.

    I think there’s something to like and dislike about every country. I hope you’re right about Depp.

  66. trashaddict says:

    I don’t like running around with 3 days of film on my skin but there is a happy medium for God’s sake. Americans seem completely phobic not only about germs but the smell of their own bodies. We have been brainwashed by the advertising media. For every product you buy that makes you smell “fresh”, there’s probably an inverse stink coming out of the factory that produces it….

  67. hannah says:

    well, seer

    he has said he is not anti-american, just because he didn’t agree with the political actions our government took at that time (like many many other americans)doesn’t mean he hates his country, it means he thought our actions were dangerous. but he has said over and over he never meant to say he hates america,

    and like i said, he lives here, and works here and educates his children here, and is incredibly nice to the people here…doesn’t seem very anti-american to me. talking about the concerns you have with the government and their actions actually seems very “american” to me, at least thats what i thought democracy was about.

  68. jayem says:

    LMAO @ nana. That was hilarious. I love that commercial. Actually, all their commercials are pretty good.

    I don’t shower every single day either. I have also been known to wear my clothes a few times before they hit the laundry. I don’t necessarily think hygiene and obsessive cleanliness are synonymous. Hygiene is more about health than bathing. And some people’s noses are more sensitive than others, so maybe it bothers them more.

  69. R2D2 says:

    ça y est quand on ne s’en prend plus au couple de Brangelina, On s’en prend a
    Depp/Paradis ? et alors ils ont le droit
    de vivre comme ça leur chante, vous verrez
    quand il y aura des catastrophes planétaires, vous allez être mal, quand vous n’aurez plus votre confort!!! lol

    excusez moi si je ne répond pas en anglais
    je suis une grenouille française!

  70. crab says:

    Well Ms. Jolie should feel right at home because I’ve heard the same thing about Brad’s personal hygiene!

  71. Izzy75 says:

    “French supermodel Vanessa Paradis” is actually not a supermodel at all. She’s acutally a singer/actress.

    Sedondly, that bullshit about 50 to 55% of french people not showering daily…I’d know, I live in Belgium, which happens to be the little neighbour of France, I think I’d smell them from where I live. (Kidding, aside, having been to France quite a few times and knowing a lot of french people, they DO shower)

    And I don’t care if Depp stinks, he’s still one of the best actors of his generation.

  72. Seer says:

    @ hannah I’m glad you know him personally. Thanks for correcting me.

  73. Seer says:

    @ hannah I think that you have some interesting and valid points. In the countries I have lived in, I’ve witnessed a great deal of anti-American sentiment. It’s rampant! So of course, it’s a shame to think that someone from the States would speak ill of their own country. I understand where they’re coming from to a certain extent. Also, I’ve seen these interviews. Have you????

  74. Mingo says:

    Well if Fox News said it then it’s a lie by definition.

  75. Solveig says:

    ça y est quand on ne s’en prend plus au couple de Brangelina, On s’en prend a
    Depp/Paradis ? et alors ils ont le droit
    de vivre comme ça leur chante, vous verrez
    quand il y aura des catastrophes planétaires, vous allez être mal, quand vous n’aurez plus votre confort!!! lol

    excusez moi si je ne répond pas en anglais
    je suis une grenouille française!


    Quand le monde sera submergé par la mer nous n’aurons pas de faire de soucis à propos des douches et parfums: problème résolu!

  76. Lu says:

    No, he does not smell! I remember seeing Johnny, himself, in an interview where they asked him if hygies was a problem with all those “dirty” pirates. He laughed and said that it was the magic of hollywood and that he, himself,smelled better, thanks to a shower, than he looked.

    He also, recently, noted when asked about being the Sexiest Man Alive that he gets up every day, showers, brushes his teeth and looks in the mirror and can’t see it. Not that he likes mirrors!
    He avoids them.

    So, I think we can all put this down to the Polanski case or jealousy!

  77. hannah says:

    wow seer,

    lol, no never said to know him personally but like you, have seen interviews, where he has refuted that statement. its also common knowledge where most celebrities live. i’m not claiming to know insider information, but thats cool.

    i have lived abroad, in france actually.

  78. Dannni says:

    I cannot believe that you reprinted those ignorant and rude comments on the French. Wow. Fox hates everything French. I think the only thing that Depp is guilty of is over-accessorizing.

  79. Ally says:

    Vanessa is an actress and a singer, not a supermodel.
    I’ve met them once in Paris and they don’t smell at all!
    And just to let you know, I’m french and I take 2 showers a day: 1 in the morning, 1 in the night……
    FOX is so pathetic!

  80. Bobby says:

    Anyone who believes this bullshit if a fucking idiot. End of.

  81. Bobby says:

    Comment no. 10: WTF are you talking about? Vanessa smiles and laughs ALL the time. Get a clue before you mouth off, will you?

  82. Bobby says:

    So, Seer. You know for a fact that Depp is ant-American, but when someone refutes that, they get snarky comments about knowing him personally? I see…

  83. doggy2300 says:

    Well, pardon me, but who gives a crap whether they smell? Fox has always been full of it. It’s no wonder they rag on celebs to make them look bad. They think their viewers will follow anything and everything they say. They will target anything they can get their greedy little mits on and twist it around. And P.S., I believe Johnny and Vanessa have very good hygiene. If they don’t shower 6 times a week, is that a crime or something? I mean, GOOD LORD! And I don’t even want to get started on the whole french thing. Stereotypes and just plain crap 🙁

  84. Alex says:

    I don’t beleve it

  85. David says:

    I Believe it !

  86. chloe13 says:

    I can’t imagine that Johnny gives a cuss what anybody thinks, he never has and I don’t think he ever will. When you look back to how many famous beautiful fiances he has had not to mention women throwing themselves at him I have never ever read that any one of them has ever said that he smells bad or that it put them off him, surely out of all of them one would have said something. As for Vanessa, for God’s sake give the girl a break, at least she is not plastic like most celebrity women these days, so, her teeth aren’t perfect,so what, why should she have them seen to just to pander to other people he obviously loves her anyway gappy teeth or not, I think she is a natural beauty and, is the luckiest woman alive to have him.

  87. Nodzkie BoBo says:

    I think you all need to take a look in the mirror, i bet your teeth are not so perfect, i bet not one of you smoke or bathe regually. Johhny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been the most loved celebrity couple in the last 12 years. Just because they wear casual clothes does not mean they stink (like your attitudes).
    By the way – Johhny Depp has won best actor of the decade and Vanessa Paradis has got more talents than any of you. **Jealousy is an illness, get well soon bithes**

  88. chloe13 says:

    Some of these letters make me furious I totally agree with Nodzkie it is jealousy pure and simple. Of all the A list celebrities, Johnny is reputed to be one of the best autograph signers, he always has time for his fans and never snubs them.
    He donated a million pounds as a thank you to the hospital that cared for his daughter when she was so ill, all right he can afford it, everyone might say but at least he showed his gratitude to the Doctors and staff. He also turned up at the school of an unknown little girl, he dressed as Jack Sparrow and made the day for her and the whole school, simply because she wrote him a letter.
    He’s not a saint he’s had his moments, but some of these comments about his and Vanessa’s personal hygiene are so bitchy and petty it beggars belief, some people need to get a life.