Angelina’s obgyn and brother flown to Namibia, she’ll be induced June 3rd

Angelina Jolie’s personal obstetrician has been flown to The Burning Shore resort where the famous family is staying in Namibia. The couple is said to have converted a suite in the hotel where Angelina will give birth. If Angelina doesn’t have the baby by June 3rd, she’ll be induced. Everyone agrees that the birth should be uneventful since she’s super fit:

ANGELINA JOLIE will be a mum by 3 June (06). The actress and partner BRAD PITT have flown their obstetrician/gynaecologist to Namibia’s Burning Shore resort, where the couple are preparing for labour. And, according to American publication Life + Style, the medic will induce labour at the beginning of next month (03JUN06) unless due Jolie delivers naturally before then. A source close to the couple says, “Doctors who have examined Angie say she should have a normal delivery with no complications.” While a local Namibian doctor, who examined Jolie earlier this week (beg22MAY06), tells Life + Style, “She’s in great physical and mental shape. I don’t think there’s going to be a problem with the baby or the mother.” The insider claims one of the couple’s suites at the Burning Shore resort has been turned into a delivery room.

Jolie is said to be doing yoga in preparation for the birth, and should be well prepared when her time comes.

Meanwhile there’s a good reason why so few pictures of Angelina and Brad have come out lately. Photographers and journalists are really intimidated by the Namibian government and the thuggish Jolie-Pitt security team. Many are threatened with deportation, and one photographer spent a few days in jail before being released without charge:

Heavy-handed security men equipped with binoculars and walkie talkies threaten, chase and intimidate anyone who come within sight of the couple’s Namibian coastal hideout.

The thugs have been backed up by the Namibian police, who have created their own special task force to patrol the Lang Stand beach. Unwelcome foreign journalists have been flushed out of their homes or hotels and sent packing under immigration orders. This weekend, one veteran photog was thrown into jail while pursuing a shot, and three French photographers have been ordered to leave Namibia or face arrest. The government has even taken the extreme step of decreeing that foreign journalists who want to cover the story must have approval from Brangelina before they can enter the country…

The perception in the world is that the couple are being swarmed by photographers. The reality is different. Much of the press is too scared to stick around.

Someone managed to snap Brad riding his bike with Zahara dangerously strapped on his back without a helmet, so there’s at least one paparazzo around.

The first picture of the baby-to-be has commanded nearly $5 million from an American magazine. You can hardly blame photographers for hoping to secure their retirement with an unlikely shot of the newborn.

Update: Angelina’s brother, James Haven, has been flown to Namibia. Jamie accompanied Angelina to the 2000 Oscars for her best supporting actress win, where Angelina sparked controversy by kissing him on the lips. She is now said to want Jamie by her side for the birth of her first biological child.

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  1. Jude says:

    Thank God she’s finally about to pop. It feels like she’s been pregnant for about four years now. That baby could be one hell of a fine-lookin’ baby.