Bachelor Jake’s ex: he told me he loved me after he proposed to Vienna

The Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seen leaving ABC studios together, showing a lot of PDA!
Bachelor Jake and his new fiance Vienna are all over the place this week. The latest Bachelor season proved quite popular due in part to some minor scandal over a cast member’s alleged romance with a producer. Now Jake has made his pick and she was the show’s villain, a 23 year-old divorced Florida marketing rep who cleaned out her ex husband’s savings while he was deployed to Iraq to pay for new boobs. Both US Weekly and People are featuring the happy couple on the cover this week, with US focusing on Vienna’s bad reputation and Jake defending Vienna on the cover of People.

US leads with “how she tricked him,” and includes details in their story about how Vienna taunted the other contestants and was overly sexual in an attempt to snare Jake. There’s speculation that she was in it to win the competition, not because she was particularly fond of Jake.

People has Jake saying “I didn’t make a mistake,” but their cover story isn’t available on their website yet so I just have to go on the photo that’s online. In other interviews, Jake has enthused about how crazy he is for Vienna, and has said things like “I have never had this much heat in a relationship,” and “it’s like a fairy tale every day.” I would bet the guy has only been with “good girls” and is on a sex-induced high now. Once that fades, he’ll have to contend with Vienna as a person and she’s already shown what kind of character she has.

Jake may be protesting too much, because an ex girlfriend tells Radar that Jake called her and told her he loved her well after he gave the final rose – and a Neil Lane engagement ring – to Vienna. Jake also allegedly said that Vienna and all the other women on the show “meant nothing to him.” You might assume that Jake was forgetting about Vienna during the three or so months they were forced to hide their relationship before the finale aired. The two told Ellen yesterday though that they were sneaking around during that time and “We’ve been together for the last three months.” It sounds like Jake is just as much of a scammer as Vienna. They’ll each move on when better opportunities come around.

The Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seen leaving ABC studios together, showing a lot of PDA!

The Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seen leaving ABC studios together, showing a lot of PDA!

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  1. theresa says:

    i wish u would stop saying that she cleaned out her ex-husbands bank account to pay for boobs as is u know it to be the truth……just because its in the tabloids doesnt make it true!!! but i guess she doesnt deserve the benefit of doubt..after all she is no angelina jolie…she is jus another human being!!!!

  2. ien says:

    fame. whores. period.

  3. Roma says:

    It’s a tv show and a competition, a la Survivor. I think if you’ve watched it enough and know the way the game is played, anyone can win.

    My gf and I are in a bet right now; we’re submitting our applications for the show. I swear I could win just to win, and she believes it’s all about love, roses and bunnies.

  4. Marjalane says:

    I’m sorry, (no, actually I’m not) but this broad looks like the poor old nag that gives pony rides at birthday parties. Even with all the professional hair and make up in the world, she looks like this? I’m no fan of Jake’s, the guy reeks of fake cheese, but the idea that he’s having the hottest sex of his life, cries: “I’m a closeted gay man” I bet the “love” lasts three weeks into DWTS, and then my little pony will be on the cover of People crying about her heartbreak.

  5. Meow Mix says:

    Marjalane I couldn’t have said it better…

  6. Bam Bam says:

    This show is such a farce, under the pretense of finding love, its such Bull and everyone on its is a player or delusional. I wish it would just go away,

  7. Miss says:

    Marjalane’s comment was spot on.

  8. Goosie says:

    I like them both, especially Vienna. She’s been getting ripped apart in the tabs, but they both are handling it well!

  9. TxGal says:

    I agree with Marjalane’s comments.

    All reality shows are one way or another pure BS.

  10. gg says:

    I feel so sorry for anybody named “Vienna”. All I can think of are those fleshy nasty rolled blobs of fake meat in those evil little cans. I can’t find anybody in Europe who eats this $hit or knows what it is.

    And the people in the US who do, call them, “V-eye-ennie sawsedges”. naaasty

  11. Eden says:

    He’s starting to look like her in these pictures..
    I do think there is something there between them or more accurately, I get why he picked her.
    Tinley was way too much like him and that made him uncomfortable because he is so tight and false himself. It was to much like looking into a mirror. So he picks someone who makes him feel sexy and wild and rebellious and a woman who he has to defend and protect and he likes who he is by default.
    Classic example of a man picking a woman based on how she makes him feel about himself, not how he feels about her.
    Maybe it will transcend into the real deal, maybe not. Who cares.

  12. Boo says:

    Fake, Fake, Fake. And Jake above all. He was totally on a power-trip having all those girls fight for him. And yes, I think his final choice came down to sex appeal. Good luck to these two, they’ll need it.

    PS. This was my first time watching this show, and I’ll never bother again…all those pregnant pauses and totally fake words about falling in love. bleh.

  13. Stella says:

    I wouldn’t blame Jake if he cheated on her, Vienna is beyond UGLY….inside and out!

  14. Amy says:

    Ugh I knew way before the finale aired he would pick Vienna (if any of you are familiar with Reality Steve, you probably already knew too). It’s a shame, but Tenley was too sweet for her own good.

  15. Meredith says:

    Ah!!!!! She drives me freaking nuts!!!!! She’s so fake!!!!! She just needs to shut the hell and fall into a black hole so I never have to see her ugly self ever again!!!! She sat there during the freaking show saying just wanted to be the “winner”!!! That’s why all the girls hated her and tried to worn Jake about her from the begining!!! I wish she would just see that America has hated her from the get go and go cry and through a damn pitty party for herself!!! Oh wait, never mind, she call a tabloid to try to have the pitty party with her!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! She drives me crazy!!!!