Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams should be a couple, right?

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

Even though the Oscars were terrifically boring (maybe one of the most boring ceremonies I’ve ever watched, ever), I have to give the producers a little credit for making some really smart matches for the presenters. I loved seeing Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey together (they should do a movie, something with dialogue-heavy, with lots of eating and kissing) and Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper presenting together made some sort of sense too. But my favorite pairing was Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams. I let out a little gasp when they stepped out on stage together, just because they looked so natural, so cute, so common sense together. And I was like, “Damn, why didn’t I ever think of that pairing before? They should totally be dating.”

Of course, lots of people picked up on it. Lainey at LaineyGossip is drooling over the possibility of a McGyllenhaal romance, and many sources are even running full out with a “they totally hooked up!” story. Many of the stories seem to come back to a quote attributed to Jake by People Magazine, with him introducing Rachel to a friend saying, “This is Rachel McAdams, she’s the mother of my child!” Aw…

Now, are they hooking up? Most likely not. Maybe they got each other’s digits, but I doubt Rachel went home with Jake or anything like that. She’s too nice for that. She’s a good girl. And Jake wouldn’t want her like that, anyway. He’s probably already got their first date planned, and it probably involves him cooking, and maybe walking a dog, and one chaste kiss. Sigh… perfect!

Here’s the video from yesterday’s Oprah of Jake and Rachel being interviewed by Nate Berkus. It’s so… sweet. Jake joking about her dress, as he’s holding her purse. And the way Rachel watches him talk about Heath Ledger. And when he says, “She would fall, and I would catch her…” I think I just swooned. Jesus, this needs to happen.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

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39 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams should be a couple, right?”

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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    Not really.

  2. dude says:

    She is so pretty to me! I really dig her

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Ummmm no they shouldn’t. Jake isn’t her type. I don’t really like her. LOL I don’t wanna see her with anyone in Hollywood that I like. :P I think Jake can do better. I can’t really decide who he should be with, he has such bad luck in love it seems.

  4. Chana says:

    They are super cute the both of them. And Rachel McAdams is just so beautiful.

    That video was great.

    Most random moment: Robin Williams helping her get her dress in order and away from the mike cord.

  5. gen says:

    OMG!! I thought the same thing when they walked out. They MUST get together. They would be so perfect. I mean, me & Jakey would be perfecter, but if I can’t be with him, I say she should!

  6. Iggles says:

    Nope. Besides, Jake already has a bf.

  7. naye in VA says:

    mmm, yea i dont think so. I Love Love Love Rachel Mcadams, and i dont know who i want her with just yet but not Jake Gyllenhal. Something about him screams “patsy” to me. She needs an older guy. Yup i see her with an older John Hamm type.

  8. Gemma says:

    Showmance with Reese Witherspoon was terrible and bad PR for Jake, I think Jake should make a long pause in bearding.

  9. Steeze says:

    yes, sweet nice people. they should have a sweet nice relationship!

  10. Amy says:

    I said the exact same thing to my roommate when I saw them walk on stage together. Jake sort of looks like Ryan Gosling anyways and Rachel has Reese’s defined chin. So it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for them!

  11. TTKG says:

    Robin Williams is hilarious in the last few seconds!!

    Unfortunately I think with all the hype these 2 are getting after presenting with eachother, they may just shy away from eachother – too much pressure!

  12. Kristen says:

    Nah. I actually think Jake and Nate make the cuter couple. JK.. :)

  13. gen says:

    Just because Jake played a gay guy in a film doesn’t make him gay. I don’t get all the gay accusations.

  14. meme says:

    Jake is GAY and looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. Ryan’s HOT!

  15. Huma says:

    On the chance that he’s straight, they’d be adorable together.

  16. lucy2 says:

    @gen – Ted C over at E has a long running blind item that everyone has believed to be Jake. I believe that’s pretty much the sole source of the gay rumors?
    True or not, I can’t say I really care. I like him as an actor and he seems like a nice guy who stays out of trouble.
    I like Rachel a lot too, and they do look cute together.

  17. mslewis says:

    I don’t get the gay thing either, Gen. It’s like somebody said it once and now everybody thinks so. I think Jake is just a nice, quiet guy who wants a family, eventually. I don’t get a gay vibe at all. But, whatever!!

    I love the way Rachel looked at him during the interview and, yes, they do make a beautiful couple. And her dress was very pretty.

  18. meme says:

    Jake=Toothy Tile

  19. RobN says:

    Has his head continued to grow or is the rest of him shrinking? He looks like he should be sitting on my dashboard next to the bobblehead dog.

  20. Maritza says:

    These two would really make a cute couple, I like them both.

  21. Manda says:

    The question about Heath Legder was awkward! Like he didn’t have anything else to ask them about and there wasn’t even a segway into it!

    But I do think Jake and Rachel look cute together, however, I agree with the poster who said that in the off chance they like each other in that way they may shy away from anything because of the attention and hype they are currently getting.

    I for one say that at the very least they should be friends. They are both relatively nice people :)

  22. princess pea says:

    I don’t think he’s gay. Mostly because I don’t think he’s the type to need to hide it… but also because I don’t put a lot of stock in Bruce Bibbey’s blind items.

    I do think they’d be a cute match. He deserves someone fun after Reese, I think.

  23. Aww look at Rachel smiling and looking at Jake.

  24. Carey says:

    OMG! Could Nate have been wanting to devour Jake more???? THAT’S what was damn cute.

    I can’t figure out why everyone feels Jake is gay. Why would Reece have gone along with playing that game for so long…especially when she has kids involved. I don’t buy it.

  25. Emily says:

    They would definitely make a cute couple! And I get the feeling that she’s not as much a goody goody as Witherspoon, so that’d be good for him.

  26. Camille says:

    Funny, but I totally thought they should be hooking up when I saw them together. They would make a completely gorgeous couple.

  27. Erin says:

    Wow I see the chemistry there….I vote for them too!

  28. Abby says:

    Wow, I’ve never really thought Jake was hot before but I’m changing my vote. He’s hot from that angle. The flickering dimple.

  29. Bex says:

    Huh? They looked totally stiff onstage, almost like they hated each other.

  30. Carrie says:

    I like them both- cute, normal, nice people who are talented and stay out of trouble.

    They could be good together.

  31. kelbear says:

    I would love it!

  32. mollination says:

    I thought Jake worried “She would fall and I woulNT catch her”. Hence why Nate said “that would be a terrible moment on T.V.” or something to that effect.

    Ditto on Robin William in the last second. haha.

  33. Emily says:

    Yes, they would be ridiculously cute together, but can we talk about how AWKWARD that interview was?! They had a fun, joking vibe until Nate completely out of the blue brings up Heath… I feel extremely uncomfortable, and all I did was watch it on my computer! In what universe did that question, at that moment, seem like a good idea?! I thought Jake, however, handled it quite nicely.

  34. scotchy says:

    I used to work with Rachel McAdams agent when she was starting and to this day if i see her in Toronto she still says hi and asks how i am. She is an incredibly nice person, and she deserves all sorts of success and I suppose Jake if that is part of the deal, though I was a bigger fan of Ryan Gosling and thought they should have stayed together.

  35. nnn says:

    Jake didn’t looked gay AT ALL when he was dating Kristin Dunst.

    He didn’t matched Reece AT ALL compared to Kristin.

  36. Gossip says:

    Jake and Rachel are gay.

  37. Caro says:

    They were SO cute. And the way they looked each other… lovely.

    Which I don’t know is WHY some people tell someone’s gay like it’s something bad. Came on! If they’re gay, is nobody’s business but them.

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s the case of Jake and Rachel. They’re not gay and I wouldn’t mind AT ALL to see them dating. I’d even really like that.

  38. Tina says:


    please no more beards!

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