Elin Woods meets with lawyer for three hours – what’s she planning?

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There was a lot of buzz yesterday over the first photo of Tiger and Elin Woods together. They were seen out walking separately but near each other in workout gear, Elin with a handkerchief around her head with a Nike logo, one of the few sponsors that stuck with Tiger after the scandal. Given that Elin is said to have quietly moved back in with Tiger and that they’ve – allegedly – been spotted kissing and hugging, a lot of people assumed that she was buying his excuses and attempting to reconcile. That might not be the case though. Radar Online reports that Elin met with her lawyer for a whopping three hours earlier this week and that it was at her rented home, where they say she’s still living apart from the golfer. (There were reports Monday that they were living together, but according to Radar that’s not true and Elin has yet to move in.) Is she getting ready for a divorce? Could Elin be renegotiating her prenup for a hefty settlement? Maybe she’s making sure she gets paid well for keeping up appearances while Tiger returns to golf. It could be anything, but whatever it is it seems sort-of promising to me:

Tiger Woods wife met with one of her lawyers at her Orlando-area house for three hours earlier this week, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Elin Nordegren had a marathon session with her lawyer at the rented home where she still lives, despite agreeing to move back in with Tiger.

And an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com: “Her lawyer left with a lot of documents. Several boxes.”

Tiger and Elin have been spending more time together in recent weeks as RadarOnline.com was first to report. They’ve had dinner together several nights but still have not gone out in public together.

“Their relationship is still going through severe ups and downs,” one source with knowledge of the situation told RadarOnline.com. “In the last few days, Elin has been upset with Tiger and they haven’t been as close.”

Elin has a divorce lawyer but told him not to file papers. She participated in Tiger’s therapy at Gentle Path in Hattiesburgh, Mississippi and she flew with Tiger and their two children to Arizona recently, as RadarOnline.com first reported.

Tiger has told her he will do whatever it takes to put the marriage back together and sources say they have made progress. “But they’ve also hit a lot of bumps on the road to getting back together,” the source said.

[From Radar Online]

I’m hoping Elin drops a bombshell right before Tiger’s big return to the links. We’ll see, though, and she seems like the type of person who tries to lay low and not attract a lot of attention.

Yesterday Radar reported that Elin was disgusted to learn that one of Tiger’s mistresses was a porn star. Supposedly she didn’t look up the information herself and was told by a friend. I’m guessing she doesn’t know that there were plenty of paid professionals among Tiger’s hookups. Radar claims that Elin has yet to have marital relations with Tiger since the scandal and quotes a source who says “The physical part of their relationship is something that is simply very difficult for her right now.” Tiger is trying to make it up to her, and their source says “At this point, Tiger would give her pretty much anything she wants.” I doubt that includes a divorce.

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  1. Isaidit says:

    I doubt Elin will make any kind of real decision for months. Speaking from experience, this process is really a series of ups and downs, flashes of hurt and despair mingled with fiery anger. The worst of it to me was the unprotected sex with pros–that kind of stupidity and betrayal is unfathomable. Tiger willing risked her life for his own pleasure and probably did not even consider that his stupidity could cost her life with her children. As for Tiger, I could care less what he does. He is so narcissistic that his own opinion of himself will get him through all this.

  2. meme says:

    if she’s smart she’s getting ready to get out of dodge STAT. how could she possibly have sex with him after he had it with all those walking STDs skanks.

  3. bellaluna says:

    Finally, some sense! Ugh, we’re disgusted, too. I’m guessing she hasn’t been reading about all Tiger’s skanks, or she’d have filed for divorce when it all came out. Poor Elin!

    “The physical part of their relationship is something that is simply very difficult for her right now.” Understatement of the year, no?

  4. Gypsy says:

    Elin needs to divorce Tiger so he will be free to publicly date, there are many famous and some seeking fame actresses who would love to be seen with Tiger.
    The most famous athlete in the world can have his pick of the litter.

  5. Shawna says:

    I wouldn’t want to touch him, either. Good luck to her.

  6. princess pea says:

    Imagine you’re going through what Elin is going through, learning about your partner’s infidelity so very publicly. In your heartache, your anger and pain, you talk to your friends, right?

    I hope the douche “friends” who keep running to media outlets fall into a deep ditch. It takes a special kind of asshole to think they should tell everyone whether or not you are sleeping with your filthy dog of a husband.

  7. Raven says:

    Doesn’t sound like much of a source to me. “in the last few days they haven’t been as close”??? Anybody posting on this website could have written that.

    Her meeting with her attorney could be to get advice on protecting her rights and also be an ongoing process of providing paperwork. She wasn’t in their home for quite a period and, now that she is spending some time there, she may be able to obtain documents that she didn’t have access to earlier.

  8. Sudini says:

    @Gypsy – Just because someone is a famous athlete doesn’t mean they automatically get the “pick of the litter”.

    Tiger’s proven to the world what a loser he is as a person. Anyone who gets together with Tiger after THIS mess is a straight up bottom feeder.

    Elin needs to divorce Tiger so that SHE is free to find a real man.

  9. Gypsy says:

    @Raven, I totally agree.
    But also, isn’t it tax time and if you’re a wealthy person you meet with your attorney and tax accountant?

  10. canadianchick says:

    Reminds me of that show the Good Wife-anyone watch it last night? Elin honey keep lawyering up and get whatever you and kiddies need and hopefully you will find a new man to kiss, a career of your own and self-respect.

  11. Liz says:

    Can’t wait to see Elin at the Masters.

  12. LindyLou says:

    Tiger always looks so miserable in pics with Elin…just sayin.

  13. d says:

    She may just have met with her lawyer to update whatever she was doing before. It doesn’t have be a “gasp! she moved back in but now she’s meeting a lawyer!” type of thing. probably it was just the normal course of events. that being said, if it was me, I’d have been out the door and divorced a long time ago. a clean break seems like it would have been best for everyone. it’s hard to see how anything positive would come out of being together truly. tiger should divorce her, give a hefty payoff and go back to banging whomever he likes. cos’ he doesn’t really seem like a committed family man, ya know? why pretend at this point? I mean, are people really buying it?

  14. Alexa says:

    My heart goes out to Elin. I’ve been in her shoes, just NOT PUBLICLY! The pain seemed unbearable when I learned my husband was living a double life. I was totally IN LOVE with my him, and suddenly I was supposed to just leave his @$$ and be over it. It took a while to just ACCEPT that the man I loved did not, in fact, exist. It was hell, and only due to a bizzare and tragic (at the time) event was I able to “rip off the bandaid” and divorce him. Ugh . . . we all need to pray for Elin (as well as for Tiger and all of us, I know that). 🙁

  15. ha ha ha says:

    i bet he’s still plowing half of them. hes not really sorry either! thats what she gets for gold-digging! hes probably way more upset that he lost his sponsors than how she feels.
    what a dumb cunt, how the hell did she not notice years and years of that shit! she must be one stupid fucking cunt.

  16. Gypsy says:

    Lets just stop going overboard sticking our noses deep into Tiger’s private business, I only hope that when you are going through difficult times people will do the same to you.
    It’s Tax time, Attorneys and Accountants visit their rich clients to prepare their tax shelters – The rich are not like you and me.

    @Sudini – A wealthy, famous sexually potent man will always have his pick of the litter of beautiful AND successful women, If Tiger were to announce that he wanted a woman there would be worldwide stampede to get to the head of the line, don’t delude yourself, in a divorce Tiger would “land on his feet” quickly.

  17. ohsofabulous says:

    Public embarrassment will be the main reason for her to leave him. Just like Chris brown and rhianna. I believe that they would still be together if the world did not see those pics.

  18. Emily says:

    I really hope she divorces him and gets as much for herself and her kids as she can. And also gets fully checked out for STDs.

  19. Gypsy says:

    @Emily – For your sanity I hope they get a divorce, I would hate to see you on a tall building threatening to jump.

  20. Feebee says:

    “The most famous athlete in the world can have his pick of the litter.”

    Do Americans use the definition of litter as in garbage? If so, then the above statement is true. He already has.

  21. alexandra says:

    Regardless that he cheated she needs to make sure that he will have money for a hefty child support payment. Remember the kids are babys still.

  22. Victoria says:

    So is Tiger under “Sexual House Arrest”?

    Clearly Elin had a lot of sex with Tiger before he considered marrying her. Does this mean Tiger, who can have sex several times a day, must now have sex with Elin when she wants it?

    Tiger is too rich and ego too big to be under “sexual hours arrest”.

  23. Lway says:

    I don’t know – i don’t think it’s worth her while. If he cheated with 1 woman – a person can still work through that hurt and betrayel -but 14 Women including hookers and porn stars – it’s just too much.

    Everytime she sleeps with him, she’ll be reminded of it.

  24. Tim Saint says:

    Poor Elin, hopefully she does not go too crazy waiting for some disease to show up that hasent yet. Meeting with the lawyer for three hours, maybe they are both taking inventory of the rest of all of the white women that tiger hasnt nailed.

  25. HamElin says:

    I think personally that they should divorce. They’ll all recover quickly. Another thing is they all have human needs that must be fulfilled. If they do not fulfill them for each other, than they will go elsewhere. Surprise you? Hell No! Worried about the kids? maybe. But they shouldnt have to, they are loved by both parents. Her lawyering up is a good step for both of them, so they can decide their futures and their childrens. They are business partners and dual investors, and they share (shares) money in investments, so they need to take care of the proceeds and Elin willfind out just how active in Tigers life she will be after the divorce. This break up is going to be good for them. They both will be rich, and have thier “pick of the litter” or “some of the many fish in the sea” in laymans terms. Neither is guilty of anything but being human. I think the narccisistic personality does not fit this scenario, but instead borderline is the more accurate description of both. So all in a days work, they face the world as two beings, whose pains are real, and festering the more misleading information reaches them. Sex is normal, sex with others is healthy too, but then this is where religion comes in and burns them with a brand of discrimination. Who knows what went on in their relationship? Do you know she was faithful to him, with his long absences from home? Can you prove it. Paparazzi just started paying attention to her recently, maybe she is fucking her lawyer? Oh yeah how about the security guards? Can you prove it?
    Okay I thought so, oh and cursing Tiger Woods, is going to come back tenfold on you and your family, there memebrs of this group I never heard of before. Its called Karma. Tiger is serious about what he wants to do, if he chooses his wife than good, if he doesnt than good. It goes both ways. Have a great day!