Lindsay Lohan actually gets work as an actress

I know a lot of you have been confused about Lindsay Lohan’s profession lately. Is she an actress, a singer, or a nude model? A spokesperson? Or is she a hooker? Well, it looks like she’s finally found a movie studio with the courage to sign her onto a project.

Producers have exclusively confirmed to E! News that the tabloid queen is resuming her day job, signing on to star alongside Jack Black in Ye Olde Times, a comedy tentatively set to start rolling this April.

A source at Patriot Pictures, which is producing the yukfest, told E! News that the film follows two rival Renaissance Faire troupes as they make their way through the competitive circuit. It’s unclear whether Lohan will be one of Black’s repertory players or a member of a competing Ren Faire faction.

Lohan’s mother, Dina, also let slip via a phone call to E! News from her Long Island home that her firstborn was currently in talks to star in one other big-screen project, though she did not reveal any details.

[From E! News]

People have been saying that posing nude and pretending to be Marilyn Monroe would be bad for Lindsay’s career. But starring in a Renaissance Faire comedy with Jack Black– that’ll really show ‘em, won’t it! This movie has “clunker” written all over it. I like Jack Black, don’t get me wrong, but he’s been in some really horrible movies lately.

This is only the second acting job Lindsay has landed since her triple-stay in rehab last year. She has a small role in the film, “Dare to Love Me,” which reports has no release date due to production delays. Since then, Lohan has mostly been appearing on magazine covers, or walking around shopping in those hideous black leggings.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Lindsay Lohan is shown at the Los Angeles Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival on 2/17/08.

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