Bombshell McGee “didn’t plan this drama” says her for-profit website

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has been alleged by an American magazine to be having a relationship with this Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

Granted, I have not been keeping up with the minute-by-minute goings on with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock and all of the mistresses. But I think this is news – Us Weekly is reporting that Michelle “Bombshell” McGee – the first of Jesse’s mistresses to go public – has launched her own for-profit website, complete with “naughty, naked photos” and coffin-related pr0n. If you go to the NSFW site, there’s a countdown clock (I first typed “c-ntdown clock” which I should have kept) that will keep you updated on when the full gallery will be online. The launch comes complete with a bitchy statement from the webmaster: “To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption. We were caught off guard, but we will have our full pay-site up in the next couple weeks.” Here’s more:

Jesse James’ first alleged mistress has launched her own website. On, paying customers can view “naughty, naked photos” and videos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the first woman to claim an extended affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband. (Warning: site is not suitable for work.) Although the site doesn’t yet list subscription prices, it does advertise a “limited time only sneak-a-peek” for $9.95.

But the timing of the launch and the affair scandal are completely coincidental, McGee, 32, says via a recently-posted webmaster statement.

“To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption,” the statement snipes.

“We were caught off guard, but we will have our full pay-site up in the next couple weeks.”

(In a PG-13 photo above the statement, McGee poses provocatively in a small cage wearing a leather bra, leopard-print pants and platform shoes. The caption reads “Michelle Bombshell’s Current Hideout”)

The statement also promises that she’ll break her silence on the controversy soon:
“We…know that the entire world is waiting to hear from Michelle regarding all of the extreme bull**** that is being thrown around out there.”

The tattoo model, stripper and mother of two (Elijah, 11, and Avery, 5) has been accused of being a white supremacist, thanks to a Nazi-themed photo shoot and shocking tattoos. But the statement adds, “We DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion…Soon Michelle will be able to clear the air in her first interview since this scandal broke.”

The site didn’t specify further details about when and where McGee’s first post-scandal interview will take place.

The woman’s father, Ohio barber Denny McGee, recently said that his daughter is “doing great” despite the media scrutiny. “She’s in seclusion right now. I’m all concerned… she’s cool with it, [saying], ‘We’re gonna make it through this good.'”

“She’s always been a great kid and a good mom to her kids,” he said. “She’s just a little bit different with the tattoos and stuff.”

During her purported 11-month affair with James, 40, McGee was “under the impression” that he was separated from Bullock, 45, her father explained.

[From Us Weekly]

Where to start? Okay, let’s start with the whole “this drama was unplanned” thing. Now, there are various versions of how Bombshell went about selling her story to In Touch Weekly – Gawker ran an interesting behind-the-scenes account that suggested that Bombshell made something like $10,000 for her story and photos because she was too dumb to realize that she could have gotten a lot more. This story was weeks in the making as In Touch actually fact-checked Bombshell’s story and she agreed to several interviews. So what about this was unplanned again? She might be a f-cking idiot, but she planned this sh-t. And now she’s hoping to ride her mistress fame into a big pr0n payday.

Second issue… now Bombshell is some kind Gandhi-type figure who accepts all races, religions and creeds? The website reads: “We DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion…Soon Michelle will be able to clear the air in her first interview since this scandal broke.” So this isn’t pr0n for white supremacists? Good to know. It’s never too late to turn your back on bigotry. Although I’m sure Bombshell “turns her back” on lots of people when she’s doing pr0n.

Finally, the statement from her dad. It comes in an article about her for-profit pr0n site, and whether or not your daughter is trying to profit from screwing some married douche. This family is f-cked.

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has been alleged by an American magazine to be having a relationship with this Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

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  1. Whatever says:

    Yeah, it was unplanned. Sure. That’s why SHE sold her story for $30k. Aww, poor baby, everyone is calling her a whore. Sorry, crapshell, we just call it like we see it!

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:





  3. Uzi says:

    Am I missing something here? This is a woman that chose to get involved with a rich and famous married man whose wife is even more rich and famous. She didn’t exactly go into hiding after the scandal broke. Judging by all the skank hos of Jesse, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin, Mel Gibson, John Edwards, etc. who have used their infamy to get publicity it seems that f***ing married celebrities has become a hot new career!

  4. Erin says:

    pssht, she is SO full of shit, and I’m sure she could be making loads more cash being a Marilyn Manson impersonator.

  5. moo says:


    And obviously lovin’ it!!!

  6. OXA says:

    She planned it before she contacted the magazine.

  7. Kaboom says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that someone would tattoo their face.

  8. lola lola says:

    This person is simply filth. I look forward to never having to read/see anything about her in the near near future.

  9. LindyLou says:

    As Michael K calls her “Boobshit” McGee is as stupid and offensive as she looks. Obviously a little slow on the uptake and trying to cash in on her notoriety now when should could have already made a boatload of cash. Such a disgusting whore!

  10. Ron says:

    Please. She is nothing but a money grabbing whore who doesn’t want to be called by her proper name. This skank gives gold diggers around the world a bad name.

  11. sasha says:

    Why are you actually linking to Bombsite’s webpage? Why give the skank hits that she can sell to (the few) prospective advertisers who might give her money?

    And yes, I know it’s mainly that dumbass JJ’s fault, but I refuse to let this one off the hook. Grrr.

  12. fantastica says:

    Obviously, nothing intelligent is ever going to come out of this. I want to hear about the amish upbringing and how that leads to being a fetish “model,” but that would actually require a mature conversation, which isnt in the cards.

    I’m sure she doesnt tolerate any racism or bigotry (against whites)

    Whatevs to this whole thing, although, it still seems like this is all just the beginning.

  13. Just a Poster says:

    Key words *For Profit Web Site*


  14. CC says:

    Can we all just call her Bombsluts McGonorrhea from now on? Please?

  15. meme says:

    she’s a bitch and i hope her fake tatas deflate.

  16. krissy_kitty says:

    Notice on the pics of her lower tummy that she tried to use her tats to cover up her stretch marks.. This chick gives a whole new definition to the word gutter-rat. Ugh, nasty ass skank. I feel sorry that her kids actually have to live with this piece of sh!t.

  17. Alarmjaguar says:

    Aren’t her parents Amish or Mennonites or something? I call BS on that ‘statement’ by her dad. I’m pretty sure there’s no way he would use the phrase ‘cool with it’

  18. meme says:

    @CC – Bombsluts McGonorrhea – ROTFLMAO

  19. Jenny says:

    Maybe I read something wrong, but didn’t an earlier article state Bombsluts McGonorrhea age as 24??? And she has an 11 year old??? clASSy.

  20. Lynnie says:

    That chick has a mustache.

  21. Spooge says:

    jeezus that chick is fugly. how the hell could anybody get it up with her?

  22. gen says:

    I am going to sue this woman. She got into my dreams last night. I dreamt we were “friends” & she was explaining to me why she got with Jesse. NOT COOL! I want some kind of emotional damage & scared of sleeping now money!!

  23. yadicakes says:

    Since when did this “beast” get some dignity? You know she is really lovin all this attention and easy money coming from it

    I am all PRO SANDY in this!

  24. dee2 says:

    you can call her every name in the book and it would be suitable but she did this all for money and attention and she’s getting it. I think thats what she meant by the one quote about coming out good, its going to all be about the dollars for interviews soon. Im sure she’s only been holding out for the highest offer. Hopefully no one will actually tune into them or this one will never go away. Yuk..makes me sick

  25. lola lola says:

    What her dad meant to say is ‘Ye$$$, We’re gonna make it through thi$ good.’

  26. Skipper says:

    She’s just being a whiny c*nt now b/c everyone hates her and she probably can’t get a coffee without people booing her or spitting in her food/drink.

    Tough shit, Boobshit (curtsy to Michael K)!! You reap what you sow! MY ASS that she didn’t plan this – please – the general public isn’t as stupid as she would like us to be… her pleas of ignorance and innocence fall on deaf ears. She is a completely transparent famewhore and everyone knows it!!!!

  27. princess pea says:

    Dumb bitch. If she wants me to believe that she didn’t plan this drama, she should think about how much less drama there would have been if she confronted Jesse/Sandra directly instead of through a tabloid.

  28. trvlbug529 says:

    Lies. Lies. Nothing but lies! This is the same woman who professes an Amish upbringing. Hasn’t anyone observed her school pics? Cheerleading, track team and since when did Amish girls wear secular clothes and choker necklaces? Hmmm.


  29. Sigh. says:

    Then why did she come out with her story AT ALL? JJ never seemed like the smart-type, so she could have figured out a way to get to Bullock to “out” JJ with all of this behind-the-scenes crap and we may not have ever known. A “Blind Item” at best. She didn’t tell her story to a MAJOR TABLOID MAG for FREE, whatever the final price. It coming out around an Oscar-win, icing on the cake.

    She did it out of jealousy.
    She did it for vengence.
    She did it for money.
    She did it for show.
    She did it for Hollywood drama.
    She did it for notoriety/celebrity/infamy.
    Take your pick…

    She’s not changing anyone’s perception about her. She obviously wants to be seen as a bad-ass bitch, then be the biggest one out there and don’t bother to back down.

  30. oh hey says:

    God, the hoes are out in full force today (Boobshell and the ugly porn star Tiger was with)!

  31. gg says:

    She’s not whining, she loves it. She was probably stupid to not hold out for more than a lousy $30K.

    😆 @ Whatever: Crapshell! Love it.

  32. buckley says:

    I really hope karma comes calling on this beast sooner rather than later….

  33. irl says:

    If one believes what boobshit’s ex husband said . . .she planned it before she even met JJ. The ex said she was obsessed with JJ and was hell bent on meeting him and being with him.
    The Amish stuff was also allll a lie, she has not been anywhere near an Amish community. The area of Ohio she’s from reportedly doesn’t have one.
    Basically, all the Ayrian Nation numb nuts and various other sickos that will buy a subscription to her website will only get more lies from her when she “clears the air.”
    But then again. . .don’t all the pr0n sites and pr0n chicks lie. . . so the pathetic can delude themselves?
    Yes, they do.
    I hope her site fails but knowing how many racist pigs are out there I doubt it. It’s disgusting that these types of people get the attention then get rich off being such a dispicable human being.

  34. Rianna says:

    She didnt plan it? What exactly did she think was going to happen when she called that magazine about her having an affair with an oscar winners husband?

  35. snappyfish says:

    She did this for spite. The married man I was sleeping with has tossed me to the curb…I am sure it isn’t the first time this piece of trash has experienced this.

    If you are a slut, be one… Don’t try and play the injured makes a mockery of your whoredom.

  36. Ruffian9 says:

    The woman’s father, Ohio barber Denny McGee, recently said that his daughter is “doing great” despite the media scrutiny. “She’s in seclusion right now. I’m all concerned… she’s cool with it, [saying], ‘We’re gonna make it through this good.’”

    ….Well, that’s a relief; I was worried.

  37. Ruffian9 says:

    Well….obviously…no one with face tats likes drama.

  38. AnonPlus says:

    She should receive an official award for “Dumbass of the Year”.

  39. karen says:

    anybody who could get it up while looking at this and all her that without serious medication or a device is twisted as hell. done.

  40. CB Rawks says:

    She’s a hateful, disgusting, empty shell of a person, and I just don’t understand why she exists.

  41. gg says:

    Moustache stubble, Sharpie eyebrows, blue face, bowlegged – what else could you want?

  42. SpreadLove says:

    eww she is gross. In every way possible. She goes in the same basket as Hilter to me.
    I hope she gets what she deserves.

  43. Green Is Good says:

    I’m still shocked that any man would put his favorite organ anywhere near this creature. Even if they were on death row, and they’re final request before riding the lighting was to get laid one more time. *shiver*

  44. mtngirl says:

    @ Whatever – “Crapshell” LMAO.

    I thought it was pretty sad when she told some newspaper in California that she did it for her family: yeah, like her kids want to be quizzed about their mom sleeping with Sandra Bullock’s husband and her fancy dress-up photos as a tattooed Nazi whore. I feel sorry for them, but especially Jesse’s kids and Sandra. The adult a-holes who don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves in this sordid break-up of a family deserve every bit of karma coming their way.

    @ Irl, agree, and am willing to bet Clapshell McBoobs fame is gonna be fleeting. Liars don’t age well…

  45. mojoman says:

    “we do n ot tolerate bogotry, racist remark blah blah..” This is rich coming from a white supremacist. Plus I got a migrane just looking at her crayoned up body. My 3 year old can color better than her tattoos put together!

  46. ogechi says:


  47. Whitey Fisk says:

    Funny point, Ruffian9!

  48. bellaluna says:

    She’s not Amish; she decided to go forward with the story because she got all butt-hurt when she saw how happy Jesse & Sandra looked at the Oscars; and she’s 32, not 24. That info has been corroborated by at least 3 people who know her.

    She absolutely planned this and is rolling around in her newly found “fame” like a pig in shit.

  49. ViktoryGin says:

    @ alarmjaguar

    I’m more willing to call foul on the Amish upbringing. When you break ties with the Amish, you are officially dead. There is no way that if her parents were legitimately Amish that they would have anything to do with her or this bullsh*t drama, unless they themselves are defectors.

  50. the truth says:

    He cheated not her she is not married he is, why all this hate towards her and none for the man who cheated on his wife broke his wovs ect… women are so funny calling her names blaming her but letting the man get away with it…

  51. princess pea says:

    @ the truth – You should see a doctor about your eye problems. If you were somewhere on this site and you saw a lot of commenters “letting the man get away with it… “, there is a serious issue and you should get professional help right away. I think it’s pretty clear from the article and comments here that even though she wasn’t married, people are unimpressed with the filthy whore for her obvious lies, personal greed, and alleged racism, even before we start talking about her slutty behaviour.

  52. julia says:

    Well said Princess Pea.

    @the truth, you wouldn’t know it if a stack of Bibles fell on your head and you got slapped round the face by the Pope himself

    As for Crapshell (aptly named by who ever that was well done)the sooner she disappears up someone’s ass the better.