Gwyneth Paltrow writes about “fat, depressed” peasants


Here are some photos of Gwyneth Paltrow in London last night, exiting a restaurant after dining with Madonna and Jesus. Incredible coat, and nice leather pants! I actually love the leather – or is it pleather? You know Goopy is so tight with Stella McCartney, and Stella’s big thing is “no leather”. Which makes me think these are pleather. I owned a fabulous pair of pleather pants once. They got me laid on more than one occasion.

Anyway, Goopy has a lot going on! She’s the cover girl for Vogue UK for the May issue (cover below), but alas, no interview excerpts have been released yet. However, Thursday’s are GOOP days, and today’s GOOP is all about how all of us peasants are totally fat. This is one of Gwyneth’s favorite subjects, and she’s talking about it in the context of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” stuff in America – she even does an interview with him (full piece here):

Sigh. Jamie Oliver. I love Jamie Oliver. I love his food, I love his books, I love his app, I love the mission he is on. Jamie Oliver is trying to change the way we eat, and by doing so, he plans to deal a massive blow to the likes of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

He is trying to encourage us to get back into the kitchen and cook for ourselves and our families, thereby cutting out the fast and overly processed foods that are making us sick. And fat. And depressed. We are getting this information from so many sources at this point that it’s hard to deny the link between bad nutrition and the host of bad effects it is having on our wellbeing. Even PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, according to last week’s Economist, sees what is at stake and is reducing salt and sugar in Pepsi products, promising to rid schools of all their sugar packed sodas by 2012 (what a gal!) So Jamie is having an effect.

He recently won the TED prize for his efforts to change our diets, as chronicled on his new TV show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC Friday nights at 9 pm. Check him out in any of the aforementioned ways. He is pretty great.

Love, Gwyneth

[From GOOP]

I do think what Jamie is doing is important, and I recognize that obesity is a huge problem, especially for children. However – whenever Gwyneth goes off like this about how all of us peasants are so FAT, I just want to smack her. But I did think this part was interesting: “He is trying to encourage us to get back into the kitchen and cook for ourselves and our families, thereby cutting out the fast and overly processed foods that are making us sick. And fat. And depressed.” Depressed you say? Are you sure you aren’t projecting, Sad Goopy? All of those peasants might be fat, but your bony husband was still boning Kate Bosworth. Too harsh? She pisses me off when she gets on her high horse.

Here’s Goopy’s Vogue UK cover – she looks very freckled, doesn’t she?


Gwyneth in London on March 31, 2010. Credit: WENN. Cover of Vogue UK courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Ray186 says:

    I can’t wait until this bitch dies of an eating disorder.

  2. bite me says:

    omg what did they do to her…that cover is freaking scary

  3. Whatever says:

    It’s funny because I do agree with the Food Revolution, but she just rubs me the wrong way. I used to like her before she got on her high horse and am tired of hearing her preach to us little people. Pisses me off. STFU Gwenyth.

  4. JustMe says:

    I think this is just a case of ‘Any reason to hate Gwyneth’.

    I found nothing wrong in what she said. She is celebrating a friend who is trying to make a difference, and what she says concerning food, she’s right. The packaged crap is killing us, making us unhealthy, making us fat, and is messing with our body chemistry – which leads to depression.

    Nothing was about her. Everything she said was to congratulate Jaime and explain why what he’s doing is so important.

    If it was anyone but Gwyneth, you’d be congratulating them on writing such a wonderful piece about their friend and saying things that anyone with common sense knows.

  5. R2D2 says:

    I agree with the others, the message is very important but annoying coming from her considering how she has the time to work out 2 hrs a day 7 days a week, something most do not have the time or means to do. I stopped taking anything she has to say about diet seriously after her promos for her joke of a trainer Tracy, I wont even get started on that one.

  6. meme says:

    gawd i can’t stand this sanctimonious beeyotch. yeah, i’ll bet she and vadge NEVER wear leather because they’re friends with stella mccartney. yeah, right. where’s gwynnie’s husband? do they see each other anymore?

  7. Emily says:

    I don’t understand. She didn’t call anyone peasants.

    She pointed out the fact that she, like you, thinks that what he’s doing is good and that eating bad food is leading to health problems, obesity and depression. I agree with all that and it seems like most people do. Alot of times when someone talks about their weight problems, they do say that they feel depressed. It’s not evil of her to notice it.

    If she’s on a high horse then I guess I am too bc I agree with her and I don’t have money in the bank.

  8. kai says:

    IMO, Gwyneth is a super c*nt, but she is spot on about the food in this country. The vast majority of it IS pure poison and will make you fat, stupid and depressed due to all the chemicals and processing they do to it. Over the last year I have started paying attention to food, like how it’s made, processed, grown and it is SCARY. There are lots of foods that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole because it causes cancer, diabetes, obesity and other things. However, I think it needs to be a person’s choice to change their eating habits, we do NOT want the government taxing us on foods and telling us how to eat (who the hell do you think gave the OK to start f*cking with the food in the first place??), because that is the complete antithesis of freedom, free choice and free will. I think the best way to go about it is to educate people about food, then let them choose. If people knew what I know about food, I cannot believe they would eat things like fast food or processed garbage, but if they chose to do so regardless, it should be their decision. Forcing people to do things “for their own good” seems like a VERY slippery slope to me, but I’m an insane libertarian so what do I know? LOL.

  9. Rose says:

    She doesn’t make me feel small or a peasant, she seems rather decent and kind actually. People need to get over themselves and lose the chip off their shoulders.

  10. The Damn Nation says:

    If you live in the UK, a significant portion of your wages goes towards the National Health Service, of which around 10% goes towards treating Type 2 diabetes and it’s effects. It all adds up to a truckload of money which could easily be saved if people were prepared to put the fork down and be more active. I’m not talking starvation diets and exercising until you’re exhausted for a Hollywood “lollipop” figure, just a little more respect for your body! Annoying Gwynnie may be, but she’s still got the right idea.

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    That cover is circa 1965! And Goopie needs to get off her high horse about us fat, sickly, depressed peasants who aren’t wearing Stella McCartney.

  12. loca says:

    She’s right though – people don’t stay home and cook enough. Americans are ARE fat. I’m a midwesterner and usually am offended when people talk about how fat middle America is. But after a recent trip to the Mall of America – I can’t help but agree. We have a major problem.

  13. padiddle says:

    I agree with her sentiments, and also would love to be healthier. But unfortunately we don’t all make enough money to buy all organic and fresh foods! Let’s face it, meat, vegetables and fruit are expensive. I try to buy as much fresh as I can, but sometimes I just have to buy a veggie burger or fake chicken pattie or frozen dinner because that soo much cheapier and easier. My bf works days and nights four days a week, and I go to school nights as well. I get mad when people act like the whole entire country should just be able to eliminate these things so easily. Why do you think obesity is so prevalent in low income areas? It’s because these people can afford to buy pretty much an entire meal at McDonald’s for like 3 bucks, but a bag of lettuce is more expensive than that! I mean, I think we have to acknowledge the affect that socioeconomic factors have on obesity. I’m not saying it’s the ONLY cause, but I think many people would love to buy less processed food but can’t afford to. And now I’ll get off my horse, lol

  14. canadianchick says:

    I wonder if she likes the name Goopy, it really is sticking, like tofu on a sidewalk, LOL.

  15. Sigh. says:

    What is with the washed-out 1970’s California Dreamin’ mag covers of late?

    Meh. IMO, she’s not that cute for the camera to be that close.

    EDIT: And unfortunately this is a case of not being able to seperate the message from the messenger. She’s right, but something about her comes across as condescending, and she’s an ACTRESS to boot. They are not known for losing/maintaining weight in a healthy, easy, and/or affordable way.

  16. Rachel says:

    I will never understand why people hate Gwyneth. I completely agree with what she said about Jamie Oliver and I don’t think she is on a “high horse” at all.

    Oh, Ray186 – seriously? You want her to die? That’s an awful thing to say about another person.

  17. Lenore says:

    Funny how she doesn’t mention the root cause of the problem: money. I’m sure most people would love to be able to plan balanced meals and cook them with the freshest ingredients and enjoy a good family meal every night and get the right vitamins etc etc etc.

    Unfortunately, most people work nine to five or more, in jobs they probably hate, five days a week, for pay that barely stretches to pay the bills; most people get home from a tiring commute, either in a car whose running costs are becoming frightening or on public transport surrounded by equally unhappy strangers. They don’t have the time or the energy to go out shopping at the local wholefood store for fresh salad every few days – they’re gonna stuff the freezer once a month with food that’s cheap and will last longer than the average cucumber.

    Add to that that if they want to spend any time at all with their kids, they’re not going to head straight to the kitchen to use up their remaining energy on cooking Goopy’s favourite non-fat non-carb rice-based cordon bleu nightmare. All they have time for is a high-fat, high-salt, pizza or a bag of frozen chicken wings or a bucket of KFC or something – whatever’s fast and filling and comforting and makes the family happy.

    Of course, if you’re rich and employ a personal chef, I guess it’s easy to forget that the fat lazy unhealthy peasants don’t have it quite so simple. The day everyone has Goopy’s bank account, I’m sure we’ll all take the time to amend our diets as she instructs.

  18. kai says:


    That is pure BS. A meal for one person at McDonald’s is around $6, so if you have a family of 4, that’s like, $24 for ONE MEAL. You can buy a bag of bean soup for about $2 and toss some meat in there and have a big, filling meal for under $10. One bag of beans makes something like 16 servings. A head of cabbage is 50 cents. Meat goes on sale, rice is cheap, but all these things take some time and effort to make, and most people just won’t put either in. If you plan ahead and decide what you’ll make for a week, you’ll save a lot of money and eat way better, with more food for less money. Trust me, I do it every single day and since we stopped eating quick, cheap garbage food, we’ve actually saved a ton of money and lost weight. You can do anything, you just have to put some effort into it, but unfortunately people nowadays like to make excuses and whine instead.

    Oh, and I know plenty of immigrants that work 2-3 shitty dead end jobs, yet they manage to make dinner with good but cheap ingredients, how can they do it if it’s so time consuming, and they’re so poor? It’s only the lazy natives that whine about this sh*t, because nobody wants to make an effort. So don’t give me that BS about how people are too poor and work too hard, because I defy you to find one person that works harder than a Hispanic immigrant wife and mother. You can’t…yet they do it, so what’s the excuse now?

  19. MaiGirl says:

    I agree with padiddle. Any kind of effective Food Revolution has to have some sort of component addressing socio-economic inequality and accessibility. Go to any underserved communities and all you’ll find are convenience stores, liquor stores, and fast food restaurants. Fresh, healthy and inexpensive food options needs to be within reasonable walking distance in order to make an impact.

  20. Lisa says:

    I understand why some people could see her as pretentious at times, but I don’t believe that she intentionally tries to belittle anyone. Yes, she was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and yes, she has millions in the bank. So what? I think that she just has fun working on this GOOP site and if it bothers people so much, then don’t subscribe to it or read it.

  21. She meant well, but her choice of words were poor. Granted, not all overweight people are miserable (because “overweight” is technically a relative term. Some fit athletes are technically “overweight”.)

    I do get her point, but it seems that people don’t really care what she says because she’s..well, her.

  22. andrea says:

    i can get down with goop giving ups to what oliver is doing. b/c he is right – our nation’s diet is a f*cking crime.

    altho the message is a hell of a lot more credible coming from a source OTHER than a woman known for her “macrobiotic” diet, personal trainers, extra rooms in the house just for exercise, money for chefs, etc, etc, etc. celebs like goop have so little credibility on stuff like this b/c its so easy for people to dismiss their message by saying “yeah, if i had all that time and money, id be a glowing size 4 no problem”, its good that someone like oliver is taking up the cause – and he’s putting his money and time where his mouth is. i mean, good for goop talking about something sane for once, but the real props go to oliver.

  23. padiddle says:

    kai – I don’t know where you live, but I have not seen a head of cabbage for under 2.00 dollars in YEARS. And I don’t know what you eat at McDonald’s, but when I do eat there (not often) – I get a McChicken, (1 dollar) fries from the value menu (also 1 dollar) and a small diet coke (more than a dollar, but not by much). So your claim that it costs 6 dollars is untrue, depending on what you get. I did NOT ever say you could feed a whole family for 3 dollars at McDonalds, but a person could reasonably buy a meal for themselves for around 3 bucks. Just yesterday I bought a bag of salad mix for 3.49. And I am neither lazy, nor whining. Simply pointing out that those who are privileged rarely understand the struggles of those that are not. I am blessed to be able to (mostly) buy food for myself and my boyfriend and I do cook around 3 times a week. But to put in perspective, I make around 30k a year, and to cook a pot roast for myself., my boyfriend, and his parents it cost me a little over 40 dollars (the meat alone was 29.00 on SALE) and that was just one meal. Now do you think someone working minimum wage could afford to do that every night? I’m not spouting bs here, I’ve been on the other side of the equation ( I grew up quite poor) so I know from experience what it means to be able to stretch dollars. It’s very nice of Gwyneth to insist that we all eat healthy, but I don’t see her donating her dollars to make sure we all do.

  24. Kaye says:

    I usually find Gwyneth to be very annoying, but her statements here don’t bother me. I think she has lived in such a rarified air her whole life that she has no idea how most people live, so her attempts at being concerned come off as pretentious and condescending.

  25. buckley says:

    I like the message, but hate the messenger.

  26. abbizmal says:

    Hey Gwenneth, your roots are showing. Looks kinda peasanty. 😛

  27. Feebee says:

    Usually she is a pompous ass but I’m with Just Me on this one. She wasn’t calling all fat people depressed. She has a point in that some of the over processed foods in the Western diet (not just US) does have a depressive effect on our bodies and minds.

  28. B says:

    If I would like to die from arsenic cocktail or something, even in that moment I wont read a recipe from that b1tch! That’s how much I d3spise her.

  29. GatsbyGal says:

    I weigh 250 pounds and not only am I happier than she is, but my man has never stepped out on me. Haha, burn.

  30. EMV says:

    Too much of anything is a bad for you. My mom new a kid once who ODed on apple sauce in elementary school. I like the revolution to get people to be healthier, but I don’t think it will happen with arrogance on either side which is a lot of what is going on. If people took the term moderation to heart people would be healthier around the board. I remember when going to McDonalds was a treat for Pete’s Sake!

  31. annaloo says:

    She looks like Aubry O’Day (or whatever her name is ) in this pic.

    Not. A. Good. Look.

  32. Mel says:

    I hate that I agree with her, but I do. Recently I have been paying more attention to the food that I buy and eat and I have become totally horrified! One factor involved that I don’t think has been mentioned is EDUCATION. More than money, I think education plays a huge role in what people eat. There are ways to eat healthfully on a budget, but you have to realize the importance and have the knowledge of what foods to buy. There are products out there that say “whole grain” on them and advertise themselves as “healthy.” If you take a second to look at the label, you can see that high fructose corn syrup is the first ingredient. If one didn’t know how terrible high fructose corn syrup was, or took the product on face value as “healthy”, they would continue to have a false sense of security. I do hope that this is the beginning of us raising awareness about the quality of food we are eating in this country, and that changes are made for the better.

  33. Mouse says:

    @Rose–I agree.

  34. snowball says:

    Depressed? I think she’s projecting on that one.

    If I was married and my husband and I actually had an agreement that we would never, ever be seen in public together or visibly support each other’s endeavors, I’d be freaking depressed too.

  35. Chrisspo says:

    But she is not wrong. They way most people eat is making them fat – and the unnecessary chemicals and sugars and generally crap that is put into most supermarket products is depressing us, and causing cancer and other diseases… and she said nothing about “peasants” – that is your projecting. I think she is completely right.

  36. Gwen says:

    I’m so tired of hearing people whine that they’re fat because they don’t have money or time – eat less and exercise! Yes, Gwyneth can be a snob, but sometimes she’s right.

  37. JuiceinLA says:

    You know, I also have concerns about the state of obesity in the US too, and Its great that this chef guy works so hard, but letting Miss Prissy Pretentious Paltrow pontificate about it makes me want to feed a bunch of kids cheesey puffs.

    In other words: she and her elitist “economist” references aren’t doing Chef Jamie any favors.

  38. tomar says:

    Wouldn’t be nice if we all lived in a time when you could afford and cook great meals. time is a main problem. Economy id a contributing reason. The stuff the FDA approves and puts in the food is a problem. But I know blame it on laziness. Blame it on poor food choices. Do your reading. It isn’t as simple as this. Read about the stuff the spray on and put in your food. Read about soy and it’s effects on the thyroid. It is in everything. Fluoride another poison. I spend a small fortune on feeding my family. In order to keep our food standard up to where we eat healthy. Did any of you know that lack of sleep causes obesity. The solution is much more complected then Gweneth would have you believe. And believe you do

  39. Kate says:

    I’m sorry, but when I saw that she was dining with Madonna and Jesus I couldn’t help but think that she ate dinner with a medieval painting. I will never get that slightly disturbing, coincidental name pairing to settle in my brain.

    Anyways, Gwyn has a point (or should I say Jamie Oliver does?), it’s too bad she’s such a bitch no one cares to listen.

  40. S says:

    I like Gwenyth! I think she’s funny – even though she isn’t trying to be. Yes, she’s a snob, and yes she touts this ideal life that the average person could never ever attain – but wouldn’t you, if you were in her position? The world needs people like her too…wouldn’t it be boring otherwise, if we were all the same?

    At the end of the day she’s not doing any harm, some of her recommendations are really good (like this one!), and we all get a bit of entertainment.

    I don’t understand how people loathe her so much – there are much more deserving people to bestow those emotions on haha

  41. Whatever says:

    I absolutely agree that buying healthy food is more expensive. Try buying meats that are not filled with hormones and antibiotics. They are 3x as much as the gross, corn fed beef from feed lots. The same is true for organic fruits and veggies. Because I don’t want to feed my kids poison that may kill them in 20 years, my food bill is second only to my mortgage.

    The root of the problem is the way farm subsidies are set up in the United Staes. The majority of the crops that are subsidized are either corn used in HFCS and soy that is used to make soybean oil. The result is processed foods and junk food are cheaper and healthy food is more expensive. The way to remedy this is to change farm subsidies to eliminate subsidizing processed foods and only give subsidies to farmers growing fruits and vegetables that will be sold as whole foods and NOT used in processed garbage. Of course, don’t hold your breath because the lobby for the processed food industy is big and in the pockets of dems and republicans.

    OK, off my soap box and back to work!

  42. Strawberry says:

    @Mel @kai @padiddle: You are all right, to varying degrees. What’s sad is that a lot of these fast foods chains target poor/low income areas (much like cheque cashing shops) in the hope that people will be willfully ignorant or lazy to healthier alternatives that are down the street. I live in Canada, and let me tell you it can be a challenge to get fresh fruits & veg in the middle of winter that isn’t shipped from Cali, or Chile, or has been stored in *gasp* cold cellars since last fall. My advice is – everything in moderation. Even Goopy could agree with that. My belief is that we all need to change our attitudes in N America to some extent. I think Jamie Oliver’s ABC special met with quite a bit of criticism here just because it’s a “snotty sounding Brit” trying to tell us North Americans how to eat, and people hate being condescended to (a la Goop). But read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food or see the documentary Food, Inc. and you’ll really have the wool pulled from your eyes, trust me.

  43. Anti-icon says:

    Gwenyth is skinny and depressed—because her husband is a big fat cheater. So, instead of dealing with that, she’ll just beat us all over the head about our weight, and somehow, that makes her less depressed. My take. Go away, Poop.

  44. Morgs says:

    Since when is “The Economist” magazine an elitist publication?

  45. lucy2 says:

    Gwenyth’s problem is that just about everything she says sounds condescending and snooty, so even when it’s not, it comes across that way.

    I agree with the idea she’s talking about, but as MaiGirl pointed out, a big cause of the problem is socio-economic and access. It’s cheaper and easier to buy crap food, unfortunately. I live in the Garden State itself, and organic produce is expensive and in some areas hard to find.

    There are a number of groups working to provide better food for low income urban areas, like I’d be less inclined to roll my eyes at Gwenyth if she would acknowledge that not everyone has a limitless bank account, and maybe offer support and awareness to some people working to do the things she’s talking about.

  46. padiddle says:

    @Strawberry – I couldn’t agree more, I try to live my life in moderation, and never intended to say that socioeconomic factors are the ONLY reason people are obese, simply that it is a reason often ignored in favor of shouting “OMG LAZY FATTIES PUT DOWN YOUR BURGERS” which can also be true that people are lazy or willfully ignorant, but I think it is an amalgam of many things, which some people clearly don’t agree with.
    @ Whatever – thanks, that was very eloquent and often wonder if obesity would go down significantly if we stopped using corn based preservatives in our foods (ala high fructose corn syrup)

  47. KsGirl says:

    Meh. I’ve been watching Oliver’s show and while I believe his heart is in the right place, this whole food crusade (I mean generally, Gwynnie included) sure does smack of being the new (i.e. acceptable) snobbery. Healthy eating/living is good but something about the tone of many people bothers me. And while I can probably be considered a peasant (poor student) I am not overweight at all, so this isn’t really about defending myself specifically.

  48. RHONYC says:

    as she was typing this bull, i hope chris martin was somewhere fucking the shit out of some groupie.

    no one likes a know-it-all.

  49. Allison says:

    lmao these stories about Gwyneth thinking we’re all peasants are hilarious- and probably true too lol

  50. Tessa says:

    Actually, I agree with her. I’ve recently cut out all fast-food and over-processed foods and feel remarkably better, both mentally (which wasn’t really a problem to begin with, so the boost is very surprising) and physically.

    My $.02

  51. Strawberry says:

    Ok, full disclosure: I had a Whopper with cheese last week and I effin’ loved it! Eat that GOOP!

  52. Mistral says:

    She isn’t off on what she says. Our food is NOT good for us. The factory food industry feeds us poison (those chemical additives, dyes, etc.), and poisons/ destroys our environment doing it (i.e. pesticides leeching into ground water, destruction of bugs and birds, etc.). Also, it is killing the farming way of life. Family farms can barely stay afloat. All of this is BAD NEWS for our mental and rest-of-the-physical health.

  53. Cinderella says:

    I think she’s right. When I eat fast food over several days, I truly feel like shit later. Then I’ll swear it off for a month, but before you know it, I’m slowly easing back into the Taco Bell/McDonald’s/Chik-Fil-A drive thru. Ugh!

  54. With those awful roots, she looks like a peasant herself.

  55. Katija says:


    Wow, I never made the Madonna and Jesus connection before…and she’s old enough to be his mother… CREEPY!

    Oh, and Gweneth just sucks.

  56. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Gwyneth will REALLY be depressed when she gets older and is replaced by younger starlets….and its already happening. She is not the “It” girl anymore.

  57. Kat says:

    @Rachel: If you really want to know why a lot of people (women especially) hate GP, you need to read this article about her:

    That article sums it up perfectly.

  58. Rianna says:

    I have no problem with Gwyneth but I think I am the only person in the world who REALLY REALLY REALLY can’t stand Jamie Oliver.
    The way he talks, his hands flapping about when he talks, his recipes that if you made one to his specification it would cost you 30 dollars a head. People want food that is nutritious, takes less than half an hour to prepare and the ingredients are affordable and in the cupboard.
    Personally if I was to watch an English Chef I would choose Nigella. She is a much better cook in my opinion, her food is easier to prepare and she is much more relaxed.

  59. Ms. Nguyen says:

    I love Goopy long time.

    When I can’t go number two, I think of her and it relaxes my bowels.

    Goopy helps me go poopy!

  60. Rebecca says:

    Um, yeah….a lot of people don’t have the time to cook for their family or to buy fresh ingredients, possibly because there’s a FRIGGING RECESSION, people are BUSY WORKING IF THEY EVEN HAVE A JOB, and just possibly they MAY NOT BE SOME PRIVILEGED FRICKING RICH ASS MOVIE STAR WITH CHEFS AND NANNIES AND WHAT HAVE YOU.
    end rant.

  61. blinditemreader says:

    I have no problem with the missive she wrote. It’s true.

  62. London Lady says:

    Why is everyone so hostile to Jamie Oliver and Gwyneth Paltrow? I gotta break it to everyone- in Europe we cook fresh food in our homes and do not stuff everything with corn syrup and sugar like its going out of fashion. . Gwyneth is “preaching” because she is firstly, a foodie (which I am sure her friend Iron Chef Mario Battali will back up) but because she has lived in the UK for years. I love the US and I have lived here on and off for a long time, but every time I come back, I remember what it my main bug bear, and its the food. Sorry guys, its gross, plain and simple, so don’t shoot the messenger.

  63. Ms. Nguyen says:

    How do I hook up with a Cold Pray caliber man? I have lots of love and stds to go around.

  64. Sunnyjyl says:

    I don’t get the vitriol aimed at Gyneth Paltrow. This article only illustrates her support of a friend. I certainly didn’t feel belittled. Of course, I agree with her about nutrition.

  65. RaraAvis says:

    I guess she has to jump on the bandwagons of others, as she shows no sign of having an original thought herself.

    BTW, where I come from, the definition of “peasant” is someone who goes out in public with their black roots showing.

  66. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Its interesting how the average celebrity is about a size 2, and the average American you see shopping in Wal Mart looks like a beached whale.

    Some people need to wake up and realize that its not normal for a human being to weigh the same as a cow or a horse.

  67. anna says:

    Gwenyth is right.

  68. Kenneth says:

    People need to take responsibility for themselves. I call bullshit on people saying they eat fast food all the time because of money. Or they’re overweight because they can’t afford to be healthy.

    I’m a student I don’t have much money but I eat healthy meals. It seems more expensive but vegetables last many servings. Over the week I absolutely guarantee less money will be spend (if you’re reasonable) than eating processed junk.
    Exercise costs you nothing too.

    Secondly in the long run you’ll be saving money on good health. (you’re also more likely to get promotions if you look at it that way)

    I loath how people act like being obese is somehow normal today, and it’s elitist to be healthy….it’s normal NOT to be overweight.
    People in the past who’s monetary funds were equally streched managed to buy normal food.

    Being a regular person with money problems isn’t some excuse for everything in life. You don’t need personal chefs or trainers to be in shape, you just need to live as the human body should be maintained. It is actually fairly easy. If you want it you’ll find time.

    My rant is over.

  69. CB Rawks says:


  70. Kelly says:

    She pisses me off because she has demonstrated yet again that she has absolutely no clue about reality for millions of people in the Western world. Who cant AFFORD to eat real, actual food, and subsist on a diet of what I fondly describe as Yellow. Which is basically transfats mixed with low grade starch. Half of those that can afford it have been brainwashed into believing that the stuff in boxes at the supermarket is ok to eat.
    If I didn’t own half an acre of land I could not eat the kind of food espoused by Jamie and Gwnnnetthhhh et al. And if we DID all eat organic wholefoods, current agricultural land could not support our grotesquely overpopulated planet.
    Gwennntthh is,ironically, stupid whitebread with no grasp whatsoever on everyday life for most people. I grow a lot of my own food and can still barely afford to eat decently. She needs to pull her over-privileged head out of her arse.

  71. Lia says:

    Because she’s thin and hangs around with Madonna, she thinks she’s Princess of the World? Does she realize that we laugh at her in all of her “twit-ness”? She has money. Big deal. She does not have anything that commands respect from anyone other than those who are using her to get something for themselves. Go away please, Gwyneth…there are so many more important people we should be concerning ourselves with right now.

  72. says:

    @kai- lol. who the hell wants to eat beans and cabbage with some meat thrown in?!?!? unfortunately, the mcdonalds that you’re talking about sounds a lot more tempting than that! i’m laughing cuz i understand the point you were making, i myself cook a lot (meaning about 90%) of my the food for my family because i DO care very much about what we eat and put into our bodies and i’m trying to teach my kids the same thing. we eat out, whether it’s mcdonalds or cheesesteaks or pizza about once a week, sometimes two if it’s a particularly stressfull or chaotic week. but you know, ifyou want people to jump on board with wanting to cook at home for cheap, you’ve got to come up with something more appealing then the sound of CABBAGE and a BAG OF BEANS! ugh, it just makes me shudder and makes me think of what my grandmother ate growing up poor in Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s. not good. not good at all.

  73. Scout says:

    “He is trying to encourage us to get back into the kitchen and cook for ourselves and our families,…”

    Beilieve it or not, Gwynnie, some of us have always cooked for ourselves and our families! For years now….can you believe it? It is true – in our own kitchens and everything. I even made my own baby food for my children (and they are in their 30’s now) to avoid feeding then canned/jarred food. And that was way back in the day before you were around to tell us how to live!

    Please feel free to do your thing and I will even say, “Good for you!” – but you need to stop being so condescending – and STOP preaching!

  74. Johnthing says:

    I hate her; she is ugly.

  75. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    I’m a little burned out on J.O. as well. It’s not even necessarily anything about him, just my own hangups. He’s one of those people who says ‘literally’ when he means ‘really’, and uses literally about three times a sentence. Gak. And you know how some people say ‘like’ as if the word is an immolated Viking ship and they have to enjoy the word as much as possible before it’s lost the murky waves and sands of time for all eternity? He does that with ‘yeah’.

    So, I’m here to talk to you about Simon de Montfort, yeah? And the Provisions of Oxford, yeah? Well, there was the Battle of Evesham, yeah? It took place on August 4th, 1265, yeah? It was one of the two major battles of the Second Baron’s War, yeah? Montfort was sitting pretty after the Battle of Lewes, yeah? Yeah, he was literally like, ‘Well, I’m literally like two fennels in a pod!’ Now, we always talk about the significance of Magna Carta, yeah? But the Provisions have been overlooked for literally hundreds of years, yeah? They were installed by Montfort in 1258, so that meant that Parliament would literally have to meet three times a year, yeah? Governmental would be placed in the hands of 24 members, so literally there would be twelve chosen by the barons and twelve chosen by the crown, yeah? So this agreement was sent out to literally all of the sheriffs in Latin, French and Middle English, yeah? But this was literally the first time a governmental document was written in English since the Norman Conquest which had happened like, literally 200 years before. So, literally the next year, they were replaced with the Provisions of Westminster, but in 1261, Henry III he like, literally says, ‘Forget this fennel, I’m throwing out the whole lot!’ So, Montfort’s sitting in his fennel patch, and he literally says, ‘This is bull’, but it was actually a papal bull, yeah? So Montfort lost at Evesham and was killed in battle literally with sword in hand, yeah? So once he was dead, they literally mutilated his body and kept the fennel, yeah? They chopped off his his head, hands, feet and testicles, yeah? And they like, literally tied his testicles around his nose. Henry III had been in Montfort’s custody and was dressed in Montfort’s colours, yeah? So he was literally BARELY saved by reformed rebel named Roger de Leybourne, yeah? So, one could literally say, ‘To the victor go the fennels.’

    I mean, WHAT is he talking about!?!? All of the spastic waving about and heavy, heavy lisping–I’d be worried that my meal is full of saliva.

    I used to like Nigella, but now her programs a little too ‘I am a sexy gourmet goddess, and I’m definitely not wearing a corset.’

    I should talk, I’m spending my Friday as chef lonely night’s asparagus for one.

  76. kaligula says:

    will hearing people call this woman “goopy” ever cease to make me laugh outloud? :)))) it’s hilarious how she *tries* to come across as concerned about the population at large, but…it just comes across as holier-than-thou without fail. she’s so clearly buttering up those two she mentions…. “what a gal!”– really???? do you think she’s doing it out of the goodness of her heart, goopy? she knows it’s the wave the market is going in and her company will benefit from it hugely…. who is she kidding, jeez….

  77. Rebecca says:

    Kenneth: a few problems with your statements. Gwyneth was talking about families. Of course it’s going to be cheap to buy food for yourself, you don’t have three kids by yourself I assume? Also, many people live in areas where they do not have ready access to a supermarket or farmers market. Also, exercise does have a cost – time. Just saying people should make the time or stretch the budget is simply not good enough for everyone.

  78. J says:

    Kaiser, you should try to grab a copy of “Fast Food Nation” and see how your fast food industry works in your country. Ms Paltrow is correct even she could be annoying sometimes.

    I understand your “hatred” towards Ms Paltrow and Ms Aniston therefore sometimes your posts are biased like the pathetic lady Lainey. The only difference is I think you as a blogger have a bigger heart.

    I guess this post won’t be published but it’s OK.

  79. ccc says:

    You are so defensive, not once did she use the word peasant or FAT, is there another word for over weight that she should use? Am I the only one who does not sense a “holier than thou” attitude from Ms.Paltrow? She comes from a privileged family, I am sure that she has never had to deal with having to eat off the dollar menu because lack of money or time, but I find it great that she is speaking about these things, it does raise awareness. I have lived in an area of NYC that if you walked 5 blocks South it was more of an upscale part of the UWS and if you walk 5 blocks North it was Harlem, and the difference in pricing on organic food was astounding. A gallon of Organic Milk in the nicer neighborhood was about $4.00 and in the lower income neighborhood was almost $8.00, why is it that they are not making good food accessible to lower income neighborhoods? Same with organic eggs, the price difference was disgustingly raised (same brands) in the poorer neighborhood. I think it’s time that people in their community write, visit their local congressman, city government and complain, I doubt that Gwyneth is going to change anything in Harlem but we as a community need to come together and speak up.

  80. Lu says:

    Gwenyth Paltrow: Isn’t she a cartoon?

  81. Whiskey says:

    Things I hate:
    1. Europeans who love to call Americans fat. Its been said. Move along.

    2. People who fail to examine the complexities of the subjects on which they comment.

    3. Cooking. I just don’t like it.

    4. Meat, which is always the most expensive item on my family’s grocery list.

    5. Desk jobs. Your company forces you to be lazy, gives you a 60 minute lunch break, then complains about health care costs.

  82. bananarama says:

    Gynnie is american.
    i agree with the post earlier that mentions education. most people haven’t a clue what mono and di diglycerides of fatty acids are – it is another name for trans fats and they are found in everything from bread (even the wholegrain ‘healthy’ stuff) to bicuits to sauces. gluten free product etc etc. they are mainly derived from animal renderings from places like china – enough said. do you realise you eat this stuff every day? (unless you bake your own bread and and dig up everything from the ground yourself!). also called e471 & e472 in europe anyway.
    that is just one example of something that makes you fat and will contribute to heart disease and depression.
    whatever you think about gynneth paltrow she makes a very valid point about nutriton.
    it all starts with eduction about food and that is where jamie oliver is starting.
    for the US – you have high fructose corn syrup in many foods and it is highly damaging for you. it is banned in europe. enough said.
    not your fault entirely if you are fat. well maybe put down that doughnut!!!

  83. mia says:

    “Sad Goopy” !!! HAHAHAHA I love it!!

  84. kai says:

    I would have said the same thing BEFORE I started eating healthy…I’d have been like “cabbage and beans, eww!” but honestly, that’s really plenty of food AND it tastes delicious when your system isn’t accustomed to the fat/sugar/chemicals in processed foods. I’d rather eat like a poor person any day than be a big depressed slob, but I am aware that not everyone feels like I do. And there’s nothing wrong with eating out once in a while, even I do it! Why live at all if you can’t have something bad for you?

    padiddle and everyone else-

    I didn’t mean to sound harsh with my comment, and you do make good points, but I think people do need to take some responsibility for themselves. That’s really all I meant, I probably could have worded it better though! And yeah, I live in a cheap area of FL with lots of farms and farmers, but I am from the DC area which is super expensive, so I know how it is. It’s just an issue that needs resolving but I doubt it will be any time soon, sadly.

  85. s. says:

    I think she’s quite beautiful but utterly nauseating. Sure, she makes some valid points in this article. But here’s my beef with Gwynnie… Food is the current trendy subject and, as with so many trends, she’s jumped on the bandwagon and announced it to us Little People quite sure that we’ve never heard of or thought about it before. Really, Gwyneth: we ought to eat more healthily and some companies are putting less sugar in their products?! Cooking fresh veggies = good and eating fast food = bad? You don’t say!! Stop jumping on trends that have been going strong for years and announcing them as though they are your own personal discoveries that you are graciously sharing with us peons! (She claimed, more than a decade ago, that young women everywhere wearing black turtlenecks was thanks to her trend-setting. Seriously? Women didn’t wear black turtlenecks before you wore one, Gwynnie?)

  86. Sakota says:

    Does she WANT to be hated by people or is she just an idiot?