Is Eli Roth already screwing around on his “trophy” Peaches Geldof?

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Oh, yet another chapter in the gross romance of Eli Roth and Peaches Geldof. They made their first big splash as a couple at the post-Oscar parties a month ago, and apparently there’s already trouble in “Jesus Christ, Eli Roth you should f-cking know better you skeevy jailbait-loving douche” paradise. Even though initial reports had Peaches thinking that Eli could be “the one” and how Eli treats Peaches like his little 21-year-old “trophy”, Star Magazine is now reporting that Eli is probably bangin’ other ladies too. Maybe Eli was turned off by Peaches’ “heroin, lemons and Xenu” hookup story? You decide:

Peaches Geldof (21) and Eli Roth (37) only went public with their romance last month, and already he’s stepping out on her! Eli was spotted flirting “like crazy” with a gorgeous brunette fitness instructor at Crunch gym in Hollywood on March 17, an insider tells Star.

“They were really hitting it off, smiling, laughing and playfully touching.”

After talking intimately for ore than 15 minutes, the pair walked toward the locker run together! So does this mean heartbreak for Peaches, who got married to singer Max Drummey in 2008 for only six months?

“Eli is definitely a player,” a source tells Star. “Peaches may not want to start planning her next wedding anytime soon.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Even though I kind of want to believe that Eli isn’t taking his relationship with Peaches seriously, I’m not sure if I believe this. I find Eli to be very sexy, but I’m starting to believe he’s a Piven. Meaning that Eli likes them young. He likes them fresh out of high school. He probably likes them really dumb and drugged out too. Even though Star doesn’t mention how old this woman was at the gym, I suspect she’s probably too old for Eli’s tastes. But hey, maybe Eli came to his senses and realized he could do much, much, much better than f-cking Peaches Geldof.

2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Gala

2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

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24 Responses to “Is Eli Roth already screwing around on his “trophy” Peaches Geldof?”

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  1. lmae says:

    that’s a trophy? I shudder to think what second prize looks like. woof.

  2. Hannah says:

    Well she is still tweeting about him gr

    Just experienced my first Seder with my amor @eliroth, I was amazed at his prolific Hebrew skills, and his dad is a real mensch…x
    9:55 PM Mar 30th via UberTwitter

    I’m having a leftover hillel sandwich and matzah ball soup for breakfast…
    11:41 AM Mar 31st via UberTwitter

  3. Victoria says:

    @Lmae ha ha ha ha!! I was thinking the SAME thing!

  4. e says:

    Gross, both of them, just gross.

  5. Mackenzie says:

    WTF, I’m so grossed out by him now.

  6. LolaBella says:

    Dammit Eli, you can do better than this!!

    I am still steadfast in my belief that this is not a real relationship and merely research he’s doing for a role in his next gorno movie.

    There just can’t be any other explanation.

    *Sadly eats blueberries*

  7. Sarah says:

    What sick twisted contest is that the trophy for? ew.

  8. susan says:

    she’s PREGNANT. OMG

  9. mslewis says:

    LolaBella, maybe he can’t do better!! Eli is not exactly the best looking dude in Hollywood and not sexy at all. Maybe there are no adult women who would have him. Or, maybe Peachy is his drug supplier and he needs her around. If he thinks Peachy is a “trophy” he’s in sad shape. A drugged out, spoiled Brit teen is nobody’s trophy!!

  10. Green Is Good says:

    What man in his right mind would want to put his shmeckle anywhere near Peaches’ beef curtains? Puke-zilla.

  11. GatsbyGal says:

    If he could get away with it, I’m sure he’d be dating minors. Heck, I’m sure he’s already had a few of ’em under the radar. What a gross human being.

  12. LolaBella says:

    @mslewis: There are many people who find Eli very sexy and would take him in a heartbeat! *raises blueberry stained hand* 😉

    Yes, I get that he’s not the conventional Hollywood heartthrob. However, to me he is handsome,sexy, has a great personality, is funny, intelligent and all that is a hell of a turn on for those of us who love him.

    With all that going for him, I just feel that he can do better than someone like Peaches, IMHO.

    @Green Is Good: LMAO at shmeckle and thanks for putting into words what I’ve been asking myself since news of their ‘relationship’ broke.

    Why, Eli? Why?

  13. Tia C says:

    @lmae, Victoria & Sarah: AGREED!!! She is certainly no prize.

    They’re both over 21, big deal with the age difference.

  14. danielle says:

    Peaches as a “trophy” made me laugh out loud.

  15. Jewbitch says:

    Omg she had Seder with his family?!!!!
    Where. Is. His. Mother???

  16. tsarina says:

    Eli Roth is repulsive, he looks like a gorilla, and I could not date a man who wrote and/or directed the “Hostel” movies. Peaches would be cute if she wasn’t such a dirty drug addict, so I think once she cleans herself up, SHE can do better. But they’re both not prize pigs IMO.

  17. julia says:

    Do some of you really think he is attractive. You must be wearing beer goggles, he’s a dog.

    Having said that she is terrible and here in the UK we are sick of her.

    Personally I am sick of having peoples ugly no talent kids thrust upon us just because Daddy/Mummy is rich or famous.

    Please keep her over there we are loving to peace over here.

  18. girl says:

    Did you read his myspace rant to thatcoolguyben’s mother?

    He seriously sounds delusional.

    It is just linked off his twitter.

  19. girl says:

    He apparently addresses his rant to Ben’s mother and calls her parenting into question. Sounds like an asshole to me. I am liking ER less and less everyday.

  20. Dhavy says:

    I know she’s a crackhead and I’m still grossed out about the detox story and those nude pics of her really high but in these pictures she looks like his daughter or his teen little sister, yikes!

  21. LolaBella says:

    @girl: I saw his letter and initially I was shocked that he was calling out the mother publicly for what her son had done.

    Eli seems to be taking her to task for bad parenting and alluding to that being the cause for her son’s making up this allegedly false story.

    I don’t like the fact that Eli dug up and then presented to the public all of the information about her other children.

    Eli is acting like a man defending the reputation of woman he loves by lashing out at anyone who he perceives (maybe wrongly) as having had a hand in ‘Ben’s’ actions. However, two wrongs don’t make a right and now he’s publicly hurt three innocent (in this matter) people – Ben’s mother, other son and daughter.

    This could backfire for Eli though, if Ben then decides to release more photos which prove that his story is true. What then?

    Oh Eli.

  22. girl says:

    I agree. Bad decision on his part. And from the timeline of events I have heard before, it doesn’t quite jib (jive? whatever). Supposedly Ben talked about the hook up on reddit or some message board about weird hookups. Other people were sharing stories too. When other people pointed out who it was, he deleted his post.

    maybe that is how it happened and maybe it isn’t. I don’t know.

    Still he seems to be dealing with this pretty shamefully. Unless I am unaware of some evidence at all that Ben’s mother was an awful mother and I don’t know that Ben’s behavior is necessarily an indicator of that, maybe he is mentally ill, who knows, ER isn’t being very smart about this.

  23. Shannon says:

    Peaches has a really mushy face.

  24. DrM says:

    Trophy?? More like booby prize…