Jennifer Aniston names her perfume (updates)


Epic! Jennifer Aniston might have finally named that perfume that she’s going to launch. According to Life & Style Magazine, Aniston has decided on “Lola V”. Are we saying it like “Lola Vee” or “Lola the Fifth”? I don’t know, but both would be equally bizarre in my opinion. I kind of don’t believe it. Everyone knows that Jennifer Lopez is the one with the “Lola” fixation.

Michael K at Dlisted of course had brilliant suggestions for how to interpret “Lola V”. Michael K writes: “Is that the formal name for LOLvag? Maybe it’s short for Lonely Vagina. Or maybe just maybe, Jennifer named her perfume after Gerard Butler’s c-nty ass dog Lolita. If that’s the case, then I’m okay with the name. Anything named after a bitch who don’t play is fine by me.” LOL-VADGE! Is it too mean to suggest we call Aniston LOL-VADGE from here on out? But the Gerard Butler (and his little dog too) angle is interesting? Many people are beginning to wonder just exactly what is up with the Butler and the LOL-vadge. Us Weekly put a flirty, sexy angle on their relationship and that now-infamous finger-up-the-ass incident:

No butts about it: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are more than friends. On March 27, after the Bounty Hunter costars joined Sony execs in Paris for a two-hour cruise down the Seine (just like the one she took with ex Vince Vaughn in 2006!) the Scotsman, 40, flagrantly groped Aniston’s fanny.

“To put it bluntly, Gerard put his finger where the sun doesn’t shine!” a witness tells [US Weekly's] Hot Stuff.

Though Butler has said he and Aniston, 41, are “just friends,” a pal of his insists the duo – who stayed in separate hotels while promoting their flick in France – have been “hooking up for a while.”

They slept together on her February birthday trip to Mexico, another source confirms. And though an Aniston insider says “she’d like it to be more, they’re friends with benefits.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, April 12, 2010]

I’ll buy that they’re friends with benefits. I’ll also buy that LOL-vadge wants more than that, and Gerard is all “Whoa, slow down, I’ve got lots of ladies/hookers on the side!” After all, he did go trolling for strange as soon as he hit Madrid. Of course he did – he was in a city full of lovely, dark-skinned ladies with long dark hair and long legs (aka, his type). And although Us Weekly put a flirty vibe on the ass-fingering, the National Enquirer was less pleased, quoting sources who claim that the whole incident was inappropriate, disrespectful, demeaning, crude, crass and offensive. Seriously, the Enquirer got a bunch of old ladies who are clutching their pearls over this. Honestly, I’m down the middle on this one. I didn’t think it was horrible or crude, I thought he was probably just joking around with her, trying to get her to loosen up or something.

UPDATE: Us Weekly confirms that the name of Aniston’s perfume is actually “Lola Vie” which apparently means “laughing at life” in French. Oh noes, she did in French?!? It’s a signal to Brad!

UPDATE #2: Gerard also spoke about the ass-finger incident when he was on a radio show today. He told “Johnjay and Rich” that he’s “a bit of a bad boy… by the way, I’m still not sure my hand was really on her butt. I think that’s just the way the camera was angled. I actually haven’t seen [the photo].” He also once again denied that he was “dating” Aniston, saying: “If I was going out with Jennifer, I’d be more than happy to say I’m going out with Jennifer — it’s just not true.” And now Aniston’s “rep” is getting involved (probably Huvane) – the dude told Us Weekly, “the ‘friends with benefits’ label is crude and incorrect. They were not flirty in Paris.” Oh, snap. So both of them just hit it and quit it, apparently.


Aniston & Butler promoting ‘Bounty Hunter’ this week in Europe. Credit: WENN.

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  1. jane says:

    I hate perfumes and cosmetics that are named after celebs, and won’t buy them. Something about it (their names on products they didn’t create) just bugs me. Several years ago Sephora gave me a sample of a “celeb” lip gloss…I think it was Jess Simpson… and it burned the crap out of my lips. They were a mess for days. Seriously people, avoid their crap. No quality, self respecting company needs to have a celebs name on their product to sell it. Its the generic perfume/cosmetics co.s that pull this silly stunt to try to sell more of their garbage.

  2. Gracie says:

    Personally, I thought it was very sexy.

    Plus, I mean, come on. They are adults and can do whatever the heck they want.

    Great sex = happy people.

    Plus not every friends with benefits situation is going to turn into a serious relationship. Some people just have smokin’ hot chemistry and enjoy each other most between the sheets. Or up against a wall. Or wherever.

    It’s the tabs that paint Jen as so desperate. Maybe she likes being able to f*ck whoever she wants.

  3. Mistral says:

    Isn’t there already a perfume out there called Lola, or am I imagining it? Marc Jacobs, I think…

  4. bite me says:

    yes marc jacobs has a perfume name Lola

  5. truthSF says:

    Lola V = Lonely Vagina?!

  6. archiepelago says:

    FYI – A Scotsman knows better than to “flagrantly grope” anyone’s fanny. In Scotland, a ‘fanny’ is at the front. Which in essence would make her vadge not so lonely. Just sayin’

  7. Dhavy says:

    The color of that dress just hurts my eyes! I think I might need to put a filter on my screen for that one

    Queen Madge calls her daughter Lola as well

    Celebrities need to leave the perfume business to the pros. I’ll let all of you know how it smells when I find at CVS on sale

    Love the Lonely Vagina name!

  8. Beth says:

    I’ve always hated the name Lola so I think it’s a dumb name. I don’t know why celebrities get fashion and cosmetic lines. Most of the time it’s just their name and they aren’t involved at all, although there are exceptions. I guess I think Jennifer is random. I don’t think fashion when her name comes up.

    I thought Gerard putting his finger up her butt was crude and tacky. A pinch or pat okay but what he did was yucky.

  9. segolene says:

    Lola vie??? How does that translate into “laughing at life” ??? I am French from France and yes, vie means life…But Lola..please explain??

  10. neelyo says:

    lola overload. I even have a lola(brand) dishscrubber. I know aniston’s not using the female name, but still.

  11. I have a friend and if we go anywhere together EVERYONE thinks that we are a couple. People are convinced that we are magic together and while I will admit I hit it for a few months it no longer is that way AT ALL. Also, as great as she is and as much fun as she is we just don’t work in a relationship, even one as mundane as friends with benefits.
    And so, I think they might have. I also believe they no longer do.

  12. andrea says:

    that is a stupid name for her perfume. actually, it seems pretty stupid for her to have a perfume at all. she’s not exactly known for her fashion creativity and she’s not a reality show type, so what the hell? and she just might get her ass sued by marc jacobs.

    also, i could give an F who this chick is dating, but SPARE ME the hang all over each other and then act indignant about hookup rumors routine!!! that is this b*tch’s calling card these days!

  13. ien says:

    it would be “Lol à la vie” to be correct.
    she looks like bradley cooper in the second pic.

  14. ien says:


    “lol” in english means “laugh/laughint out loud” so apparently some genius thought it would be cool “vie” to the end to make it sound sohpisticated, even though what they end up with makes absolutely no sense.

  15. ien says:

    “cool to add “vie”

  16. KsGirl says:

    Yeah, this isn’t necessarily “laughing at life” – in that ‘Lola Vie’ is not a direct translation. Some people are interpreting it as LOL – at – life. It could be (although that seems a little weird to use internet-speak for a perfume for a woman in her 40′s), but it could also just be Lola (the name) Vie.

    As it happens, Jessica Simpson’s first frag (Fancy) was really nice, imo – I bought a full bottle, it was subtle and soft and not overpowering or cloying. I would try Aniston’s perfume, just to see if I liked it.

  17. escapee says:

    I think Gerard was playing a joke on Jen with the whole finger/booty thing. It looked like they were having their pic. taken w/a fan and he decided to make it hard for her to keep a straight face.

    I LOVE the perfume name – playful, unique and applies to her. I also love her style. I always see her as being classically chic and sexy.

  18. Anon says:

    Kaiser I understand your Gerard Butler love – I happen to think he is a hot Scotsman myself! – but is mocking Jennifer’s sex/relationship life really necessary?

    And as for Gerard’s lame excuses regarding the butt pics: people need to check out the rest of the pics taken by Ramey that night…there is more than one with his hand cupping her ass and there is also one where she gets in on the action: they have there hands in each other’s back pockets. See below link:

    They are definitely more than just friends, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were in a relationship but keeping it quiet. Both of them are constantly attacked for their personal lives, his female fans are quite possessive, and if they were out in the open in a relationship the tabs would have them married and expecting by next week. Time will tell I guess.

  19. Ana says:

    Yes, Marc Jacobs has a perfume called Lola. Daisy is better!

    Isn’t Fancy Jessica’s only perfume? I actually dislike it, and it’s our lowest selling perfume.

    I’m interested to see what this one smells like, even if the name is horrible. I get the feeling there is going to be a hint of lime in it.

    Off topic, but does anyone else thinkg Dolce Gabana’s Light Blue smells like lemon house cleaner?

    Sarah Jessica Parker came out with a new one. SJP NYC. It’s pretty forgettable.

  20. Canuck says:

    Wasn’t “Lola” the name of a song by The Kinks about a hick farmboy who falls for a transvestite?

    And isn’t AJ’s former middle name, now last, french?

    Is that a coincidence?

  21. tara says:

    the fragrance of choice for self-respecting women.

  22. Mimi says:

    sick of her and her crappy movies, she’s too old to be cute anymore. get lost manniston

  23. raincoaster says:

    It’s not French, it’s tacky Franglais with a little Lolspeak thrown in: LOL à vie, meaning LOL at life. Meaning “Bloody hell, Jennifer Aniston’s marketing people spend too much time reading ICanHasCheezburger and not enough doing their jobs properly.”

    It’s embarrassing.

  24. nnn says:

    ahahahaha, d’accord avec toi raincoaster.

  25. Canuck says:

    It would actually mean “laughing for life”, not “at life”, assuming that this whole interpretation isn’t just the fantasy of some text speak journalist.

    And for all the talk of “tacky franglais”, vous les francais, vous vous garez votre voiture dans un “parking”, parfois vous faites du “forcing”, et vous passez votre “weekend” a la campaigne.

    In fact, it’s such a danger and so widespread in France that you have an whole group of language police that you call the Academie Francaise to keep it out. I suppose that makes the entire country a tacky place by your own standards, right?

  26. nnn says:

    No if it was that it would have meant literally laughing TO or AT life. ‘A’ in french stands for ‘TO’ or ‘AT’ in English.

    That’s why from any persepective you take that name, thetranslation doesn’t mean to the least what they said it means.

    Because if it was the real Franglais it would means in french literally : laughing to/at life or better yet mocking life.

    Besides it misses the LA before the V, for ‘THE LIFE’ you had to add the article in french . Again, this is a wrong translation and is not even franglais from any perspective you use it.

    Nothing like the examples you gave that are words and not expression taken from one another country and that are sometimes originally french before the english took it and then the french took it back and vice versa.

    There we don’t have franglais, we have an all wrongly constructed expression that doesn’t even means by any stretch what it is suppose to mean in french. From syntax to the missing of article and the wrong ‘préposition’ . An expression that is totally invented and that even if using in its stretchiest transation will gives another meaning in french.

    LOLA V is more perceived in french like LOLA (the first name of a woman) and V (the first letter of the surname attached to the first name)…like standing for LOLA VANDERBILT for example.

    But the one who has come up with the ‘laughing at life’ expression has made one of the weirdest, strecthest, trickiest, wrongly constructed expression from the syntax to the article to the proposition in french AND in Franglais.

    It’s absolutely wrong in every way and it doesn’t mean what it is supposed to mean in French.

  27. Gemma says:

    right there with you raincoaster! That’s not French and doesn’t even remotely resemble it. This woman and her people are embarrassing! If you’re going for French choose at least a proper word. This is just stupid. Yet people will be all over it.

  28. truthSF says:

    Well Gemma, to quote Forrest Gump: “stupid is as stupid does.”

  29. melymel says:

    What does he mean he doesn’t “think” his hand was on her bum? Shouldn’t he know for sure?

    Also if the person on the receiving end of the anal massage isn’t offended, why should anyone else be?

    Oh and dumbest name ever for a perfume.

  30. scout says:

    @ Jane – OMG – I just came off of about 4 months of swollen, peeling, bleeding, cracking, etc. etc. lips and no one could figure out what it was. Then they finally got infected, and an ugly painful rash surrounded my lips, as well. Then I went to the doctor again and this time, she said it was an allergic reaction and infection and put me on topical steroids and antibiotic and told me to not put anything on my lips that I had been using since this all started. Within 4 days, they were completely healed and back to normal. Then we figured out the culprit was Sephora Lip Gloss (3 came in a little box and were given out free for your birthday.) I had gotten mine in Sept. and started using them in Oct. and the reaction at first was gradual but got worse and worse. I never figrued it was lip gloss but she did a patch test – and it was. Then I found a website where I read about 30 accounts of people who had the same exprerience as me! It was like I could have written every one of their stories and they mine! I just do not recall if had a celeb name on it – I just know it was Sephora brand…and NOT plumping gloss, just plain old seemingly safe lip gloss!
    So, you are another one who had it happen to you – but a longer time ago.

  31. Bellatrix says:

    Lola Vie can be interpreted in 2 ways (both are extremely ridiculous, mind you):
    - LOL à vie (LOL for life)
    - LOL @ vie (LOL at life)
    Yeah, that’s bad…

    As for the Académie française remark Canuck made, I can only point out to the fact that l’Académie française is a place where old French conservatives come to have one last debate before they die. I’m sorry to say so but they are the slowest bunch of language professionals ever. When the Académie was founded by Richelieu, one of the main tasks was to create the first French dictionnary ever. It took them over 60 years to put it out…
    So when it comes to including words from other languages (not just English) into the French one, I’m absolutely not against it. On the contrary. We import words from other cultures as we import some of their habits, ideas, developments.
    And the French didn’t call in the Académie to guard the French language from being overtaken by foreign words. The Académie likes to pretend to be very important just by itself and make such decisions…

    This does not alter my opinion about how stupid Lola Vie sounds and is to be interpreted.
    Then again, this is a celebrity perfume we’re discussing. We weren’t expecting anything very intelligent, did we?

  32. lrm says:

    Maybe she should just call it ‘LOL’
    a post-modern, techie kind of name, that incorporates true laughter and joy!!!!
    And can also be an abbreviation for ‘lolly gaggin around’….bring out your playful side, with LOL

    btw, am I the only one who thinks Butler is gay? I have had that feeling for a looong time. The ‘elusive’ bad boy image is suspect to me-are there any actual photos of him w/women, ie on dates or the like? It all seems like heresy and conjecture, which could mean it is or is not even real…..

  33. Jaxx says:

    That name is just embarrassing. I am just so sick of her anyway. Way overexposed.

    As for why to a perfume? It is a total cash cow. Perfumes have one of the highest profit margins in retail.

    I wouldn’t wear the stuff if they were giving it away.

  34. kiki says:

    Can she just retreat while she still looks young and not do a Pamela

  35. Jaxx says:

    @ Irm–Gay for sure.

    I saw him on Craig Ferguson’s show and they were flirting so hard with each other I wouldn’t have been surprised if they started making out. Butler had brought a greeting card Ferguson had sent him and was joking about their “inside” jokes with each other. What guy carries around a card another guy sent him? Gay. All the other about him dating is B.S. Like you said, where are the candid shots of him with ANY woman?

  36. Cea says:

    I’m going to assume, it’s mostly women commenting on this site and not men (hopefully)

    But, I’m, really sick of women bashing other women for their age. Women perpetuate agism by doing that.

    Pamela Anderson looks bad, not so much because of her age, but, because she dresses super slutty and wears awful make up.

    Aniston, while not a great beauty, is super attractive, (if not more so now, than her time on “Friends.”) She takes care of herself. Her face is youthful and her body is tighter than a 20 year old.

    Not all women have kids by the time they are 40. Not all women want kids at all.

    Just because some of you are her age and are now stuck raising kids and have let yourself go in the process, doesn’t give you the right to bash her.

    Aniston, clearly still has “ït” going on and you don’t anymore.

    And to any of you who are in your twenties bashing Aniston. Why? Because she looks better than you do?

    Here’s a tip for you, one of these days you’re going to be 40 years old, and it will happen sooner than you think.

  37. Mimi says:

    I laughed so hard with the names on D-list for her fragrance, and after the speculation over the name they would choose her people or herself appears with THIS dumb name … just to sell the “image” that they have being trying portrait her for the last few years… oh well the game most go on for the cash keeps coming in… so more power to her.
    And by the way she can get sue by Marc J. and by Madonna too specially if the LOL-VADGE stick with the mass hahaha we all know Madge will NOT GIVE UP her HARD EARN NICKNAME hahah.
    PS: I’m NOT the Mimi that make that comment

  38. Ana says:

    I still wanna know why she is wearing Angelina’s hand me down earrings!!!!×300.jpg


  39. Cheyenne says:

    @Cea: It’s a silly assumption that anyone who criticizes Aniston is jealous of her.

    She’s got a tight body. So what?

    As she has shown over and over again, a tight body may be enough to attract a guy, but it isn’t enough to keep him.

  40. the truth says:

    she should call in (finger in butt)

  41. chipolata says:

    Anyone who thinks her body looks good for a 40+ year old forgot to mention the one most important thing – MONEY!! It pays for her lipo, little surgeries, personal trainer, personal yoga instructor, 2 personal chefs, personal hairdresser, personal makeup artist, personal gym, personal estate manager, personal spoon feeder, personal dresser and someone to stop her from putting her pants on her head….despite all that money she has the intellect of parrott droppings

  42. Katie from Boston says:

    In regard to Canuck’s comment – Qu’est-ce que ca veut dire “Faire du ‘forcing’? J’ai compris les autres examples mais pas ca. Merci en avance pour le renseignment.

  43. Orbit says:

    I guess “Spinster” was already trademarked?

  44. CB Rawks says:

    If she actually incorporated “LOL” into the name of her perfume, then I hope it’s a stinking crapfest that goes down in bankrupting flames! Blech!

  45. Cea says:

    I’ll agree that she has more time to keep up with her appearance than most people.

    But, I really think a lot of people over estimate the amount of lipo and botox she and other actresses get. I agree that actresses are more vain, and end up getting surgeries they didn’t need and end up looking far worse than they would have, if they had just left themselves alone. Nicole Kidman is an example. Botox doesn’t even look good to me. It just make you look weird.

    My cousin who is around Aniston’s age, doesn’t have a lot of money, has never had anything done, still looks really youthful. She’s also had 2 kids. Her face actually looks even younger than Anistons’. Her body however, could use a little toning. Overall though, I think she looks great.

    It’s important to point out, that not all women start looking like crap by the time they hit 40.

  46. ViktoryGin says:

    Damn @ Orbit

    I do wish that people would spend more time getting the proper grammar and usage for names that they are planning to trademark and market. You can’t tell me that they couldn’t get a hold of a native speaker of French to make sure that the company and Aniston don’t look like damn fools. And trust…they will those who know better. The issue is an epidemic here in Korea. I see bad English, bad Italian, and bad German ALL THE TIME. If someone has managed to create packaging with a coherent, syntactially viable sentence/phrase, an accident has surely occurred! It really undermines any professionalism you’re trying to exude. Furthermore, JA is an international celebrity; it’s not as if they will limit marketing to the States. You can bet that this olfactory drugstore tragedy is probably going to go to France, where they will point and laugh. “Laughing at Life”? No. Laughing at the dumbass Americans who obviously didn’t bother past high school Spanish.

    @ Ana,

    And yes, Light Blue smells like Lemon Pine Sol. I wonder if it cuts grease. Can’t stand it.

  47. Canuck says:


    “Faire du forcing” basically means pushing someone into doing something that they didn’t intend to do.

    Your boss doesn’t intend on sending you on that seminar that you wanted to attend? Faire du forcing!


    hehehe for your description of the Academy. My remark was more or less in response to the remark that “Raincoaster” made about “tacky franglais”. A bit hypocritical in light of how much has seeped into the day to day french language.

    Personally, I think this is all moot. Aniston is quite obviously making fun of Brangelina with this name. ;)

    The Kinks (hehe) sang a song about a transvestite who picks up an innocent farmboy and makes him her b*tch. The name of that song was “Lola”.

    Then she tacked on a french word at the end to make it sound more exotic, exactly like AJ did with her last name.

    If they use “Lola” or “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” in the ads, take it as a sign! lol

  48. raincoaster says:

    Orbit wins this thread.

    Canuck, I’m French-born, thirteeth-generation Canadian and I can therefore harsh on Franglais all I want by divine right. Any half-intelligent French person finds it tacky; in Quebec, of course, it’s actually illegal in many cases.

    None of which makes this any less sad for Aniston or her marketing team.

  49. lisa says:

    I don’t understand why she did a fragrance. People are always screaming that she has this great hair (I don’t get the hype but..) It would seem more logical for her to market a hair line. I can think of at least 8 celebs that have a fragrance or are associated with one.. and not including the guys. But this just seems a bit random. And yes the name sucks. Especially when a product already exist with the same name. Means that she and her associates did not do much market research. If they had they would have made sure the name was different; unique. I think they discovered it too late thus Adding the V on the end.. hmmm

    not smart. Could there be some kind of lawsuit or name infringement thing that could happen. Marc Jacabs in not some random brand. I think we may see a problem in the future.

  50. lisa says:

    @Canuck I just saw this part of you post

    Then she tacked on a french word at the end to make it sound more exotic, exactly like AJ did with her last name

    I don’t understand your point. Angelina’s name is Angeline Jolie Voight

    she dropped the Voight. how then did she tack on Jolie (to sound exotic).. it was already a part of her name.

    your point just confused me a bit..

  51. terry says:

    her face looks puffy

  52. bite me says:

    i see someone has been reading justjared

  53. Canuck says:

    Oh dear, I guess I forgot that Quebec is the center of the French speaking world. And that you really DO have the language police.

    Btw, I can trace my ancestry back to the mid-600′s and most of it is French and some of it was royal. Does my Divine Right trump yours? Do I get to to claim a “droit de cuissage” over Robert Pattinson, by Divine Right? Woo!

    Lisa: and you think she dropped Voight for what reason then? Probably the same reason that she keeps claiming that her mother was French when she was not.

  54. Lilias says:

    “As she has shown over and over again, a tight body may be enough to attract a guy, but it isn’t enough to keep him.”

    Because that’s the only reason to stay in shape and the only way a woman can define her self worth: By keeping a man.

  55. just my opinion says:

    Why do people worship this woman? She is incredibly superficial. Her movies are cheap mediocre trash. Her latest movie is as crude as a Tarzan and Jane cartoon. HOW DOES SHE REPRESENT ALL WOMEN? I’m educated, not superficial, NOT A FAMEWHORE, don’t pretend to date my co-stars to promote a movie, don’t do tacky nude photo shoots, etc, etc. Aniston’s nothing but trash in my book.

  56. ViktoryGin says:

    @Canuck and Lisa

    Concerning Angelina Jolie’s omission of her surname:

    According to IMDB, Voight and his wife intentionally chose middle names for their children that would work as stage names if they ever decided to go into show business. This way they wouldn’t have to make the nepotism obvious by using the name “Voight”.

  57. lennie says:

    I’m french, and excuse me but Lola Vie doesn’t mean anything like laughing at life. If Maniston’s people meant it that way then it’s screwed. French-wise it sounds weird and bland (like its creator)because Lola is just a plain girl name and Vie means life, and there is no connection between the 2 words then I guess it is just a rather inelegant combination of words.
    This being said, isn’t this chin girl Greek? Why name her very dear creation in french? She has no connection to France. Mexican beaches know her best through her bent over bikini poses and sunbathing all day long. Her movie premiere in here are not all big and that like in Germany or in Spain simply because she is miss nobody in here. France doesn’t care her so called triangle. French people don’t believe that a husband can be stolen. French people believe that a husband can leave you if you are not good enough. So France loves a beautiful and strong woman like Angelina.
    Since Aniston can’t exist without connection to Brad and Angie, I cannot help thinking the connection to Angie’s french name and her daughter’s whom she named after the passing of her mother: Vivienne Marcheline with the idea of life through a newborn baby.

  58. Canuck says:

    French women know that someone who sleeps with other women’s husbands in order to break up a marriage is insecure, not strong.

    AJ’s mother’s name was Marcia Lynne, they “frenchified” it to make it sound more exotic, just as they did with the made up Iroquois ancestry.

  59. Chur says:

    “Lola” whats’ that? “Dior” what’s mean?I am Asia, don’t know what’s mean. To name a perfume, if like Asia, usually name it from the pet’s name or baby’s name? or even by the founder? hehe, it seems so funny.