Neverland Ranch is to be sold at auction March 19

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for auction – by the trustees, not the pop star himself, and will include everything in the house and on the grounds:

Jackson received word Monday from Financial Title Company, the trustee, that unless he pays off $24,525,906.61 by that date, a public auction will go forward in Santa Barbara, Calif., in front of the county courthouse.

It’s not just the house either. When Neverland is auctioned, it will include everything: all personal property inside, all fixtures and appliances, furniture, and “all merry go round type devices,” any rides, games. The auction literally includes every single thing that is or isn’t nailed down.

Fox News

Michael hasn’t lived there since 2005, when he moved to Bahrain following his last child molestation trail. While the Ranch does have a zoo, all of the animals are gone, and some of the rides are shut down too. No one lives there currently.

Michael Jackson has been in financial trouble for quite some time, as a result of some bad business decisions and large loans he has been unable to pay. Several years of legal action, from his child molestation cases, his Neverland employees, and business associates, have also drained his finances. MJ just released a new edition of his best selling album, titled Thriller 25, maybe a check will clear from his royalties and he’ll be able to buy his house back, but it’s doubtful.

Fox News suggests that if the property is not sold at auction in March, it will be listed with a real estate agent and marketed as a private corporate retreat. There is also a possibility that a very rich person might be interested in purchasing what could be quite a bargain in the fire sale.

I can imagine a very wealthy parent who likes to spoil their children might buy this for their family. The property, according to Wiki, is 11km2, and has a zoo and a theme park, with a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, zipper, spider, sea dragon, wave swinger, super slide, dragon wagon kiddie roller coaster and bumper cars.

I don’t know why people think Jacko is crazy for having the property – doesn’t it sound like fun? Unfortunately the ranch has somehow just become another sign of his wackiness, and evidence that he is a child molester. I’ve always thought it was such a shame that Michael Jackson has become best known for his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, court appearances and plastic surgery instead of his music. Regardless of your opinion of his personal life, he is incredibly talented.

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