Grey’s Anatomy crew is glad Katherine Heigl is gone

Back to Black: Katherine Heigl emerges from Katsuya with her own black hair in a ponytail, after spending all day wearing a blonde wig on the set of Killers

Katherine Heigl was on an apology campaign last week as news broke that she was leaving the show that made her a star, “Grey’s Anatomy.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she took responsibility for several of the mouthy incidents during her time on the show and made it sound like the cast and crew of the show were all her BFFs. But that’s not what US Weekly is reporting- they have a source who says the people Katherine left behind on the ABC drama are breathing a huge sigh of relief and are ready to get back to work.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! When Katherine Heigl confirmed March 24 that she was leaving Grey’s Anatomy to focus on 17-month-old daughter Naleigh, “most of the cast and crew were like, ‘Finally!’” a source tells [US Weekly's] Hot Stuff. “There is such a release.”

The actress, 31, who had a rocky six season run in which she publicly bashed the show and feuded with a cast member, has found success at the box office.

“With every movie she’d get worse and start acting like she was the star. They’re such a family and are glad to have this behind them,” says the insider. “I doubt there will be a party to send her off.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, April 12, 2010]

Heigl has tried to make it sound as though she is very close with everyone on set, not just her BFF T.R. Knight. “Ellen [Pompeo] and I text a lot,” she told Entertainment Weekly, but then added that she still hasn’t met Pompeo’s new baby daughter. She also said that she’s been texting Justin Chambers, who played her husband on the show. So, I don’t know: doesn’t sound all that chummy to me. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised is some people on set are humming “Ding Dong, the witch is dead.”

The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Katherine Heigl at The Closing Night Ceremony of SHOWEST in Las Vegas

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34 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy crew is glad Katherine Heigl is gone”

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  1. She does come off as a grade A bitch…I can understand their relief.

  2. Jeri says:

    She’s trying to improve her image but it’s too late – She is a conceited Bitch that thinks her sh– don’t stink.

    I don’t think her Stephanie Plum movies will be a hit – she’s no Stephanie.

  3. Iggles says:

    I love that women of Grey’s picture! They all look great! (except Ellen — unfortunate choice of dress)

    I’m gonna miss Izzie on the show. (Alex and Izzie were great together!) However, the actress, I can’t stand. She talks smack about the jobs that made her famous (Grey’s, Knocked Up). It’s annoying and ungracious — and most importantly unwarranted.

    Can they bring Isaiah back now????? TR and Katherine are gone. He was incredible as Doctor Burke and it’s ridiculous that his career is suffering after all this time. Even Perez Hilton has apologized for labeling him as homophobic. You can google it but he said the following:

    “I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.”

  4. irl says:

    oh man, I can’t beleive they picked her for Steph Plum. My Mom and I have always thought Sandra Bullock would be a good Steph Plum.
    That sucks.
    I never watched Grey’s and only seen one of her movies but yeah, this chick comes off as a bitch.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    The show is in a weird place right now, almost unwatchable. Sandra Oh walks around all the time looking like a deer in the headlights. Ellen Pompeo, however, is radiant and has that new-mom glow. It’s the only reason I still watch.

  6. Jenny says:

    I love the nasty side-eye that the actress on the far right is shooting her!!

    And agreed, she is NO Stephanie Plum.

  7. bellaluna says:

    They probably breathed a collective sigh of relief, as did we all. Sad for me to say, but if she’s Stephanie Plum, I won’t be going to see any of those movies.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Classic case of an ensemble cast, someone becoming a breakout star, and getting a big head.

    I appreciate that she owned up to a lot of her behavior, hopefully she remembers that and keeps her ego in check from now on.

    IMO that show has been unwatchable since season 2 anyway, and I really loved it at first.

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    The side-eye is hilarious. Check out the bolt-ons on Kate Walsh! Top photo of Heigl is very funny. That blouse! That lousy purse! No fashion sense at all.

  10. clare says:

    The first season was great, but then it went downhill. Katherine Heigl is a good actress and I enjoy her movies. Unfortunately for her career, she doesn’t filter her words during interviews, which I find refreshing, but she gets badmouthed for being honest.
    I think she’d make a great Stephanie Plum. Sandra Bullock is too old.
    This story sounds sourgrapes.

  11. Just a Poster says:

    I thought there was a blind that reviled she was actually really nice and not snarky?

  12. Strawberry says:

    @clare: Are you KHeighl’s publicist? She doesn’t sh*t rainbows too does she.

    Sorry, but she’s no Sandra. Hated that movie 27 Dresses too, ugh! At least James Marsden is cute.

  13. ashley says:

    I think she thinks now she doesn’t have to filter because she’s “such a big star”
    See: Megan Fox

  14. Iggles says:

    @ Strawberry:
    She doesn’t sh*t rainbows too does she.


    For some reason I liked 27 Dresses.. But I didn’t watch the Ugly Truth. I don’t want to see romcoms about dirty misogynists falling in love!

    Seriously, why does the formula go: girl meets boy, girl and boy hate each other, boy makes silly grand gesture, boy and girl get married.

    clare – I love season 1 (who didn’t ;) ). But I thought season 2 was awesome too. I stop watching mid season 3. Recently started watching season 6 and after a promising start it’s terrible again.

    I hate Owen with Christina. Derek and Meredith seem really out of character. Callie is great, but she has more chemistry with Mark the manwhore than her girlfriend Arizona! Don’t like Lexie and Alex. At this point, I’m watching out of habit mostly. I do like Callie, Mark, Christina, her mentor/friendship with Teddy (weird right?) and of course Dr Hot Eyes! I am neutral about Arizona and Bailey.

  15. EMV says:

    I used to love Grey’s and now it’s become really dull and plots are getting redundant. I don’t blame her for leaving.

  16. clare says:

    Grow up, Strawberry. Just because we don’t share the same opinion doesn’t mean you have to bash me.

  17. dre says:

    Im glad shes gone – and grey’s is great this year!

  18. Laurie says:

    I’m glad she is gone and I hope her career struggles now too. Karma.
    Grey’s is very “off” right now and I hope they get back on track soon before it is beyond repair.

  19. Penny says:

    This article is ridiculous and malicious gossip. Only yesterday Justin Chambers was going on about how much she was loved and how much he missed her. Katherine is friends with most of the cast. She even hosted Ellen Pompeo’s baby shower.

  20. Lindsay says:

    Re: Her playing Stephanie Plum
    Is it official? I haven’t read anything saying that. Please, God don’t let this be true. She is not Stephanie Plum. NOOOO! BOOOOOO!

    What about Ranger, any casting rumors?

  21. archiepelago says:

    There was also talk that Ellen Pompeo was hated on set and that she was a diva/difficult. It seems that successful women will always get labeled as ‘the bitch’.

    As much as I’m not a fan of her (but I do think she had some great acting moments on Grey’s), she does a lot of great charity work for dogs so I give her credit for taking her fame and doing something worthwhile with her celebrity status.

    There are some stars who could stand to be less ‘me, me, me’ and more about giving back.

  22. Beth says:

    I like Katherine’s movies, even 27 Dresses. I don’t have a problem with being honest but the way she says things comes off as rude and arrogant.

  23. Tia C says:

    I bet they are! She comes off as a self-satisfied, snotty bitch too often for it not to have a grain of truth to it. Ellen Pompeo, too, seems oh-so-very full of herself, and the reason for that eludes me. She is nothing to write home about. But I digress – Heigl makes kind of dumb movies, but that seems to be what people like, so she’ll probably do well.

  24. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Iggles, I second that notion… Bring Back Isaiah Washington!

  25. TG says:

    I third the nomination. I really like Isaiah Washington. Never watched Greys, no plans to, either, but Isaiah is a good actor and not a bad person. I still stand by my previous post a few days ago. I can’t stand Heigel.

  26. Hautie says:

    I am still stunned that The Princess of AssTalk (shoutout to Lainey!) got the role of Stephine Plum.

    Seriously, did they not read the books?? She is so far off physically from the character in the book that it is comical. I just can’t see her as the funny & charming Stephanie. Not when her private behavior is so deplorable. Had she kept her mouth shut in public then no one would have never known how ungrateful she truly is…

    Plus there are like 16 books. Does anyone think she would commit to even doing 3 movies? She would become insufferable if the series actually became a hit. Then that would lead to her refusing to finish out the series unless she got the final word on everything.

    The producers need to move away from Heigel and hire someone without a horrible history of screwing over everyone that works with her.

  27. Dannni says:

    Strange since Sandra Oh has done many more and well, let’s face it, way better movies than her. What’s that ego all about?

  28. That girl says:

    I was thinking the same thing Dannni.

  29. Eastbay says:

    Oh, hell no. She should not play Stephanie Plum. I agree Sandra would be great in the role. My vote for Ranger is Edgar Martinez (Domino). *sigh*

  30. She is off the show and out and about tipping off the paps as to where she is for coverage. Even dragging the kid out as a prop to get more “family friendly” shots out onto cyber-space and in the tabloids to sell the more humble, nice girl version of herself. For someone who was going to focus on her kid and couldn’t focus on both being a mother and an actress on a tv show where she played a supporting role and probably quite a bit of down time, she sure has a lot of film work planned where she is playing the lead. I thought actresses loved tv gig when the kids are young as there is a set routine in place and familiar surroundings making work easier than going off on location with longer hours and greater demands. Guess she needs to be the centre of attention yet again. When the next film bombs, bet there will be an “issue” with the kid re: the special needs that she will just need to discuss in the press to try and keep her in the public eye and work a sympathy angle as to why her film failed and it isn’t her fault. She really grates on me.

  31. Michelle says:

    Typical entitled hollywood blonde princess. Some people just give off an annoying vibe from their pictures (see also: carey prejean). She should learn to be more gracious as she looks every bit of 31 and her career’s only just started. Her new dark hair only emphasises her heavy features and I don’t see her aging well at all.

  32. Kelly Reich says:

    I have read every Stephanie Plum novel- I think she will Grade A SUCK as her. There are plenty of actresses that would be a better fit. She will ruin the movie version for sure…

  33. trish says:

    My god,stumbled on this site & most of the comments re heigel are so shallow and mean.
    Are you all perfect by the way?
    Do you actually have interesting lives away the internet ?

  34. I just now added this website to my favorites. I like reading through the posts. Thanks!