Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher to hold press conference w/ Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred Tiger Woods Press Conference

When I first read this story I was hoping it was a late April Fool’s joke, because it’s just so ridiculous. According to TMZ, Tiger Woods’ former kindergarten teacher is going to hold a press conference with Gloria Allred this morning at 10:30 Pacific in order to set the record straight on an incident of alleged racism committed against Tiger on his first day of school. Tiger told a story in a book written by Charles Barkley in 2005 in which he claimed that other students tied him to a tree, spray painted the word “n*gger” on him, and that “the teacher really didn’t do much of anything.”

That teacher, Mrs. Decker, now says that story isn’t true, and she waited five years and right before Tiger’s comeback at the Masters tournament to deny it. I guess Tiger refused to pay off Mrs. Decker for her silence. He allegedly paid $10 million to Rachel Uchitel, also repped by Allred, and Mrs. Decker probably thought she should get at least six figures for her trouble.

The mystery teacher is speaking out even before her news conference, claiming Tiger Woods’ tale of childhood racism is a lie.

Tiger told a story back in 2005 about how, when he was a child, “a group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word ‘nigger’ on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn’t do much of anything.”

Ms. Decker, Tiger’s kindergarten teacher, couldn’t wait, and even before she takes the mic at Gloria Allred’s office at 10:30 AM PT, she’s denying it ever happened, saying, “… no such incident ever
occurred to Tiger Woods while he was under [my] care as a kindergarten pupil on the first day of class.”

Allred, released a statement saying, “No teacher should ever be treated in such a callous and unfair manner especially one such as Ms. Decker. The time for Tiger Woods to make direct amends to her is

So what does Ms. Decker want now? TMZ will live stream at 10:30.

[From TMZ]

This stunt is right up there with Allred comparing novelty golf balls with Tiger’s mistresses on them to domestic abuse. In a press conference with Tiger’s porn star mistress Joslyn James, Allred even used a big cut out golf club and a giant recreation of a ball to show how the faces on the balls would be obscured when they were hit.

Why issue a simply stated press release that a story isn’t true when you can get so much more publicity from a dramatic press conference with the queen of drama herself? Here’s Tiger’s Kindergarten teacher speaking out about how she was oh so hurt by an allegedly false story that everyone forgot from five years ago. Who’s next – Tiger’s childhood friend? His hairdresser? Elin’s midwife? Give me a break.

Tiger Woods delivers remarks to the news media.

Gloria Allred January Gessert News Conference Regarding Reggie Bush

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42 Responses to “Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher to hold press conference w/ Gloria Allred”

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  1. MSat says:

    Gloria Allred is an embarassment to women and lawyers. Plus, she has lobsters in her vagina.

  2. Melanie says:

    If Tiger left a floater in a public bathroom, Gloria would find a way to sue. I hate that witch more than that sexaholic.

  3. JuiceinLA says:

    File this one under “WTF/Idiotic Lawyers”.

  4. ElizabethM says:

    Well, hell. That’s it. The final straw. I’M SUING TIGER WOODS for not trying to bang me. I’ll be citing the following as examples of why he is discriminating against me.

    1.) I’m a natural brunette that does not lighten her hair.

    2.) My boobs are natural.

    3.) I’ve never done a sex tape/porn.

    4.) I have a code of decency that I live by and one of those statutes states I will not have a romantic/sexual relationship with dickheads who want to cheat on their wife.

    Just because I don’t fit his “type” doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to hit it with me. I’m deeply offended.

    Somebody, get me Gloria Allred’s phone # !!!

    (That WAS ridiculous enough to grab GA’s interest, right? Should I go deeper into the dumbassery?)

  5. Susette says:

    “Plus, she has lobsters in her vagina.”

    MSat, that’s a rumor definitely worth spreading. LOL

  6. Maddie says:

    My cat had sex with Tiger Woods’ golf cart.

    Does anyone know Gloria Allred’s number?

  7. Jeri says:

    I agree with all of the above.

  8. ElizabethM says:

    Wow, Maddie, that gives new meaning to “catting around”.

    Also, your cat is a whore. Howard Stern will be calling it in 5…4…3….

  9. Toe says:


  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Plus, she has lobsters in her vagina.”

    LOL…MSat, please post in the comments more often!

  11. lucy2 says:

    What the what?
    Seriously all these years later, the woman’s coming out to deny it? Why not right away? And why does she need Allred to do it?

    With all these lovely new clients, Allred better send Tiger a nice gift basket.

  12. lem says:

    as a woman and a future lawyer, i HATE allred. goddamnit.

  13. Just a Poster says:

    I roll my eyes with each new Tiger story.. now I have a headache.. Get me Allred STAT!

    Okay outing my age.. but come closer kiddos let me tell you a story from long, long ago, where the World was different and Allred was actually a good lawyer, who actually stood for real things and not rep bimbo’s and star f*ckers…

  14. Dhavy says:

    This woman is so annoying!

    I thought she only represented the Hollywood bimbos.

  15. danielle says:

    That’s incredibly weird. Shocking if he made that up, but yeah, why would you wait 5 years to deny it? And then hire Gloria? Unless she’s setting up a defamation suit?

  16. Gracie says:

    @ElizabethM: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that is brilliant! I laughed so hard when I read that.

    And YES, of course you should sue! I think Tiger has plenty of cash to go around. I think I should sue too. I never even got so much as a phone call from him.

  17. OXA says:

    I watched the press conference wity the teacher and she is not suing for money but wants a public apology. Tiger said he was the only bi-racisl child in Cerritos and that he was attacked on her watch. That is why she is upset that her reputation and that of the school is being smeared again. She said the kindergarten is separate from the rest of the shcool and gated so it never could of happened.

  18. Wisteria says:

    When are people going to grow some balls and stop hiring lawers everytime someone is slightly mean to them?

  19. Just a Poster says:

    Wisteria is being mean to me! I am so lawyering up!


  20. Lindsay says:

    All the teacher did was make it worse. I had never heard that. Plus, the story is idiotic. For it to be true a group of six year olds would have had to get spray paint and rope and bring it to the first day of school just in case there was a black kid, then band together as racist (since many had probably just met) and know how to use and spell the n word.

    Also, there would have to have been no other adults outside to stop it and no one else in the school noticed a child walking around with the word n*gger spray painted on him. I think in even the most relaxed schools a teacher would be fired if one of their students came in with profanity spray painted on them. Plus, when he came home his parents didn’t notice the spray paint and/or he didn’t tell them the story or if he did they just thought “kids will be kids, no big deal”, hence no police report. I really don’t think all these unlikely events occurred all together. The teacher just wants her 15 minutes or $$$.

    After I finish my ETrade lawsuit for ruining my name I will start my list of things Tiger has done to hurt me.

  21. RobN says:

    She’s been publicly denying this story since it came out in 2005. This isn’t a case of somebody trying to jump on the bandwagon. Her problem back in 2005 was that Tiger was a god and nobody would listen to anything that inferred he might also be a bit of a liar. The public realization that he’s a scumbag has given her the opportunity to point out, yet again, that the incident never occured and that he’s been slandering her for years and nobody ever cared.

  22. Lola says:

    She’s been denying it ever since but as she’s not a world class whore like Tiger, no one was aware of it but they are now and good for her. The real point to me is why he felt the need to make up such a lie in the first place and why it doesn’t bother anyone that he did. Oh wait, I remember now, it’s because he plays golf really well! Sins forgiven, do as you wish and how dare that sweet little old teacher defend herself and the school that she loves.

  23. Tazina says:

    I don’t know if this story is true or not, and at this point who do you believe…. but here is the fame-ho Gloria Allred sticking her nose in as usual. She has absolutely no credibility – always in there like a dirty shirt seeking out fame and profit.

  24. Anti-icon says:

    Please, stop the teacher bashing. Did she spread her legs for Tiger Woods? Maybe she is lying for an apology, but I don’t think so. I hate
    Gloria Opportunist Alred like the plague, but this lying in a book has gotten other writers publicly flogged, i.e. James Frey and his fake memoir. Tiger deserves to pay the consequences for his massive lies. He was mighty and powerful and got away with tons of crap. Time to make amends for ALL of it, jackass.

  25. Sarah says:

    I like lobsters.

  26. Maddie says:

    @ Anti-icon I think the whole calling a press conference and Gloria Allred yet again sitting beside some woman telling the world her side of the story yet again is where this all is coming from.

    This is the first time I’ve even heard of this story to begin with until the press conference.

    Can some tally the amount of times Allred has held a news conference for yet another one of her clients?

    Dose she even practice law anymore? And how does her daughter (Allred’s) feel about her mom defending all of these homewrecking whores.

  27. Wresa says:

    OMG MSat, I heard that too! And I have it on VERY good authority that it is true!!

  28. Whatever says:

    I agree that coming out now is stupid, but not as idiotic as making up such a horrible story! I’d be beyond pissed if one of my former students lied like that about me. But I wouldn’t call that bitch to defend me. Ever.

    Someone should tie him to a tree and paint manwhore on his face. In permanent paint.

  29. Anti-icon says:

    @Maddie. Yeah I know it grows tiresome, but the public has to use their critical thinking skills here and separate the lawyer (scum bucket) from the client (teacher whose story adds a new element to the very evil behavior of an entitled and powerful athlete.) The teacher went to the lawyer who has access to Tiger Woods. No other attorney would probably give her the time of day before. That is an unjust system. I hope the story grows “legs” as they say in the new biz.

  30. Alecto says:

    where did they get the spray paint?

  31. Lady D says:

    Slightly off topic here, but I’m wondering if Uchitel got 10 million because Tiger got her pregnant. Abortion or illegitimate child somewhere?

  32. Anti-icon says:

    Lady D, there’s something unclean in the milk with that HUGE payout to her. She’s got some VERY damning info on Tiger Woods. She herself is shamelessly morally bankrupt. OR, Tiger made the contract with Allred to shut her up BEFORE it all became a circus. So, he had to pay up, even though the dirt came out. I don’t think we’ll ever know, unless slutty Uchitel tells. For $10 million, I bet she keeps her slut trap closed.

  33. chshc says:

    That top picture symbolizes what these press conferences are really about.

  34. Popcorny says:

    In the past couple weeks she has gotten more face time than Lady Di ever did (slight exaggeration).
    All these “press conferences” and payoffs, this reeks of extortion. How is what Halderman did to D. Lettermen any different (other than Halderman had the decency to extort Dave in private).
    A #&@%!! press conference just to say a 6th grade incident never happened.
    We ought to sue the piss out of Allred for wasting OUR valuable time.
    In fact, quick, someone whip an arm around my shoulders and represent me, I think she’s causing me an ulcer as I type (you are all witness). My head izz gettin dizzy. Lok, I cand evun spelll enymoor, lok whutz shee dun to mee.

  35. Jazz says:

    God I hate this witch! When I first read that headline I thought Tiger had been banging his kids’ kindergarten teacher or something. Wouldn’t put it past him.

    And why is the first bimbo getting a 10 mil payout to keep quiet now? It’s a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. She’s been flapping her vag lips since day one. Well they’re loose enough!

  36. Kim says:

    Tiger told this story to Barbara Walters in 1999 years befor Barkley’s book. I would have more respect if she didn’t align herself with an attorney who is representing Tiger’s mistresses.Did it happen IDK maybe that idiot Earl Woods convinced him it happened. If you tell a child something happened over and over again over the years they will believe its true.This is the not the same but my neighbor had her kids believing they had been molested by their dad.The mom finally confessed her lies after she was “saved”. Fortunately he wasn’t arrested because insufficient evidence ( the mother had them convinced they were raped by him)I know this is an entirely different thing but its about who easy it is to influence and change a chil’s memory of something.

  37. Shay says:

    What’s with this lady. All the vindication she got sticking her nose into Octomoms situation is lost with this nonsense. Why do home wreckers need Gloria Alred? What would it benefit this teacher 5 years later to get a public apology?

  38. Julia says:

    Is it wrong that I read all the way to the end of the comments (and gave a mental high-five to MSat and ElizabethM along the way) and the most pressing thought I have is that his eyebrows in that photo are freaking terribad? I think it’s wrong, but I don’t want to be right.

  39. wctw says:

    If Gloria Allred asks Tiger for an apology to the kindergarden teacher, then she should first ask her client Joseyln James to make a public apology to Elin Nordegren and then asks her other client Rachel Urchitel to make another public apology to Elin Nordegren… If not, notorious Gloria Allred, you are a sham and should be de-bar ! As for the kindergarden teacher, the fact you chose Gloria Allred as your lawyer and held a press conference facilitated by her just before Tiger’s return to golf is the worst move you made in your life ! Whether your story is true or not is not the issue now… People are now doubting your motive (with Gloria who last associated with Joseyln James in bashing sex texts and just refused to be dumped by Tiger…timing of 5 years from Barkley Book).. Besides, dear kindergarden teacher, you didn’t even have a case…The Book wrote “teacher” with no specific teacher name, so how come you are so ridiculous to come out owning it !!! Also, it is Barkley Book, so Barkley wrote the script, not Tiger…so you should approach first Barkley, then Tiger …Besides, a professional teacher should resolve issues directly with student and his parent (Earl Woods) and NOT lobbying with a notorious lawyer for a press conference… I have seen so many bloggers now laughing at you poor teacher in your choice of Gloria.. Besides, when you complimented Gloria in the press conference that she is good and only accepts clients who tell the truth..people are laughing sarcastically…because Gloria’s clients are the whores like Joseyln James and Rachel… This kindergarden teacher seemed not having the right common sense to handle issues ! She is digging herself into trouble with partnering with Gloria… I pray for Gloria Allred to get de-barred !

  40. sizzy says:

    I am starting to feel sorry for Tiger Woods… Not that his infidelity is correct, but this attorney Gloria Allred made me feel the world is totally “misplaced” and “selfishly manipulated by her greed”… Tiger had made an apology to people whom he thought needed, yet Gloria demanded her to apologise to Joseyln James..(why ? Should it be Joselyn James should be apologising to Elin instead ?).. Now Gloria is again firing up with this kindergarden teacher … I don’t see the teacher’s story is ever a legal case.. In fact, from what I read from the blog, the teacher was looked on either like an idiot or someone with doubtful motives for being associated with Gloria as well as the choice of timing for the press conference!

  41. Barbara says:

    The kindergarten teacher is either extremely naive or an opportunist.

  42. Steve says:

    Gloria Albitch should have a class action suit filed against her. If you want to know where she lives so you can pickett her, she lives in the penthouse of the white condos on the corner of PCH and Sunset Blvd in Pacfic Palisads, CA. She also frequents Paradise Cove Resort in Malibu, CA.