Courtney Love wants Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain in biopic

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For years now, there have been mutterings about an alleged Kurt Cobain biopic floating around. Courtney Love really wants it to happen – but so far, no producer or director has really picked up the idea and pushed for the project to happen. The biopic idea got new life over the awards season because first-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner repeatedly told interviewers that he was very interested in playing Cobain. Unfortunately, Courtney Love wants to go in a new, SPARKLY direction. Yes, Courtney’s idea for Kurt is none other than Sparkles/Vesty McSparklepants himself, Robert Pattinson. And that’s not all – Courtney also wants to cast Scarlett Johansson in the “Courtney” role. Here’s more:

Photo by: AJ/AAD/ 2010 3/17/10 Robert Pattinson at the premiere of Remember

ROBERT PATTINSON has landed his dream film role – playing KURT COBAIN in a Hollywood biopic. The Twilight star has always thought of himself as a musician rather than an actor, he even reckons his guitar is his best friend. So securing a part playing the tragic NIRVANA genius, who shot himself in 1994, is ideal for the pin-up.

R-Patz has been in regular contact with Kurt’s widow COURTNEY LOVE, who has been handed a key role in the production by bosses at Universal Pictures. The HOLE singer wanted R-Patz as Kurt and SCARLETT JOHANSSON to portray her. My graphics team have mocked up Rob and Scarlett as the hellraising pair.

A source said: “This is a big money deal for Courtney. She has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the main aspects of the project including director, casting, screenplay and music. Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop. She has been a bit wound up by his manners, but he is her number one choice to play Kurt. She is adamant Scarlett will play her. Scarlett is friendly with FRANCES BEAN, her daughter with Kurt.”

Courtney has been in touch with director DAVID FINCHER about the project, which has the working title All Apologies. He was behind Fight Club, Se7en and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

It’s not the first time a studio have tried to make a film about Nirvana, who had hits with Come As You Are and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

A few years ago Sony Pictures were told to sling their hook by Courtney when they floated the idea of ZAC EFRON as Kurt, while Frances Bean would play her mum.

[From The Sun]

Honestly, I’m not ripping my hair out with ScarJo or Sparkles. Would they suck? Sure. But I get the feeling this film would suck no matter who you put in it. I do think that it’s funny that these are Courtney’s alleged choices for the casting of herself and her late husband – arrogant much? The only think ScarJo and Courtney have in common is the occasional styling. And Sparkles as Cobain? Eh. Cobain was a little guy, with very delicate features. Sparkles has similar delicate features, but he’s still a tall, lanky Englishman. And I don’t really want to see Sparkles do “Polly”.

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  1. bellaluna says:

    Sawyer from Lost would be a much better choice to play Cobain. He has the kind of face and hair that could pull off that look. I could totally see him owning that role!

  2. mel says:

    OH God stop spreading this tabloid crap.
    The Sun must fullfil their daily Robert Pattinson-quota for hits.

    Robert isn’t interested in this, it’s all made up. He has other projects.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I feel bad that Kurt’s musical genius is so often over shadowed by Courtney’s crazy rantings. I wish she would go away.

  4. GossipG1rl54 says:

    Courtney is crazy, I have proof:

    …not like anyone needed proof, but just saying. When I read this stuff she writes I’m like “You are not sober…and if you are, woah.”

  5. JO says:

    Actually I think they would be pretty good.

    Both Rob and Scarlett are surprisingly good singers.

  6. Melanie says:

    No, Just No.

  7. scorpiogal says:

    Ha ha ha ha….I love the comparison pics of ScarJo and Courtney with “similar styling”. Hilarious

  8. Alecto says:

    please no

  9. Cal says:

    I see tabloids again use Robert Pattinson for hits. Pathetic.

  10. meme says:

    dear god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and don’t let courtney be involved in movie about kurt because it will be all lies.

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    Leave Kurt Cobain alone!

  12. Shane says:

    I have never wished someone to just go away (die) but I feel like Courtney Love has caused enough damage for multiple lifetimes. The world would be a better place without her. Maybe she can finally overdose.

  13. Mel says:

    Where do they get this info anyway? sheesh

  14. e says:

    Kurt was way sexier than Pattinson. Please just make this project go away.

  15. Solveig says:

    Everytime I read news like this about Cobain I think that luckily he committed suicide and he can’t see how Courtney is playing havoc with his image.

  16. Whitey Fisk says:

    Courtney’s part should be played by a drunk Muppet.

  17. vale says:

    Sparkles??? Really?? I’ve always felt Joe Anderson, from Across the Universe, would be the best and most dead-on Kurt Cobain ever. I wonder why he hasn’t been considered.

  18. Novaraen says:

    I can see it….him as Kurt. Hope he has his American accent down though…:)

  19. Novaraen says:

    Also…Robert plays guitar as well as sings…so i really can see it working well. Just put some blond hair on him and voila!

  20. Red Folder says:


    And really Scar Jo? Reaching much?

  21. Lenore says:

    Casting ScarJo is sheer vanity on Love’s part, nothing more. I used to love Courtney back in the day (when Kurt was alive and she was coherent) but she was never pretty. Maybe someone who can “do” plain – Chloe Sevigny? – would be better.

    And I can kind of see why she’d think Pattinson might be a good choice, in a roundabout way. He’s being very publically disparaging and conflicted about his fame, and maybe in Courtney’s head that’s key to Understanding Kurt. Unfortunately he’s still a mediocre actor.

    Of course, I can’t help but see it all as the latest stretch in Courtney’s sad long grasp for continued relevance. This is the woman who used to complain that she didn’t want to be known just as Kurt’s widow!

  22. JaundiceMachine says:

    Court. . . I love you, and I’ve defended your crazy for years but. . . NO!

  23. Alexa says:

    I’m definitely a Nirvana fan – let me say that first. However, and as crazy (or lame) as it may seem at first, I believe Zac Efron might make a good Kurt. At least I believe he could pull of his look. They both have those very pretty captivating blue eyes. If Zac grew his hair and had it colored a la Cobain – can anyone else see it?

    RE Scarlett Johanson – I think she looks a lot like a young Courtney Love. It would be interesting to see how well she could become Courtney. I’d love to see that!

    I’m not a Twighlight follower or fan so I don’t know much about Robert Pattinson (other than that he seems to have the “Sloppy Joe” look down).

  24. lilred says:

    Lol @ Whitey Fisk.

  25. Melinda says:

    Courtney loves the Sparkles. Remember not too long ago she was trying to get Frances Bean to date him(despite the age difference). As for who they should cast for Courney’s role, does anyone remember the “junk women” from the Labrynith? I think they would be PERFECT!

  26. Shannon says:

    No no no, a thousand times no. Kurt would hate that.

    I really think the only way this movie could ever be good is if they wait until Courtney is dead to make it. Then she won’t have any say in it.

  27. Kat says:

    Leelee Sobieski is a better fit for the Courtney role.

  28. Nibbi says:

    Actually, I think that would be awesome. I think both actors would (or should!) jump at the chance – there is plenty of potential in those two characters for a career-defining performance. I can also see some resemblance with both actors but obviously pure physical characteristics alone don’t mean very much when it comes to biopics- I mean Cate Blanchett, a woman for crying out loud, handed in a hardcore Bob Dylan. I’m also very curious to see what Rob/Sparkles could do with a gritty role like this- I think it would be awesome to see him sweating and flipping out during an overdose. I hope he’d be able to go about it not too “sweetly”- I see a lot of sweetness in him. Seriously, I hope this happens.

  29. Izzy says:

    Naturally. And she also wants Pattinson to marry Frances. I personaly think they shouldn´t make this movie, specially if it’s about Courtney´s point of view. It would give much to Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and all the team Cobain to complain about.

  30. Dingles says:

    This is exactly the kind of thing Cobain was against, yet his ex-wife wants to stomp on his grave some more because she has a coke habit to fund. Pathetic.

  31. Moocow says:

    Maybe if Cate Blanchett plays both of them it’ll be okay

  32. hannah says:

    oh my god. Why? why would you cast pattinson? thats insane. he doesn’t visually look like him, which, due to him being a very public figure, matters. also, he lacks the pain/depth in his eyes. cobains eyes were a pretty big part of his look, and they show his soul. Sorry, I’m a nirvana fan, and can’t watch some lanky brit play cobain, poorly.

    plus if he has a crap american accent it will ruin it. and i don’t want to hear any actor actually sing in that movie, there are enough recordings to use cobains own work.

    steps off soapbox

  33. Rianna says:

    I wish that everyone would just leave Nirvana and Kurt in the 90′s where they belong. Courtney Love was very lucky to have been so close to Kurt and surely out of anyone she would know that, if he was alive, this would be the last thing that he ever would have wanted. She seems to be riding off her dead husbands coattails a bit.

    Don’t make a hollywood film out of him, it is definately not what he would have wanted at all. Kurt was always conflicted about his fame and to him it was like a catch 22. I think this film would be like the antithesis of anything that he would want.

    Let’s just enjoy his music, read articles on him but leave the cinema to other projects. Just my opinion.

  34. malachais says:

    Jeremy Renner with longer hair would probably look closer to Kurt Cobain that Sparkly, but I agree this movie will more than likely fail. David Fincher is an awesome director though, so I am looking forward to it :)

  35. yae says:

    She’s his widow.

    Oh good gawd.