Jon Gosselin predictably wants to do another Jon & Kate show

Jon Gosselin Takes It Easy Island Style!
Now that Jon Gosselin has run out of money, gullible girlfriends, and promotional opportunities for John Hardy products, he’s predictably begging TLC to let him on the air again. Jon of course was fired by TLC and then decided to shut down production on the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 by refusing to let his children be filmed. Then he got the pants sued off of him by TLC for violating his contract by doing outside appearances that weren’t approved. Next we heard that he was broke and couldn’t pay his legal bills. TLC and Jon eventually settled their lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. Jon has reemerged from his ex girlfriend’s parents’ couch and is asking TLC to take him back again. He has a new lawyer too. I’m sure TLC will be beating down his door, especially considering that he’s now suing Kate for custody of their eight children. This whole situation is such a mess:

Jon’s lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ “under the right circumstances” Jon would do a show with Kate, but “the contract would have to be tighter.” He did not elaborate, but we’re guessing it has something to do with the way TLC cleaned Jon’s clock in court.

List did not say what type of show he’d like to do, but said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a definite plus.

List says Jon would “love to settle” the latest legal dispute he ignited. TMZ broke the story that Jon filed legal papers asking for primary custody and child support. But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her “global commitments.” According to List, Jon feels Kate can’t have it both ways — being both a star and an attentive parent.

List says he and Jon both feel Kate is “addicted to the paparazzi.” He says even if Kate is booted from “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday, he won’t drop his custody case because Kate is “caught up in the glamour of Hollywood” and will take other jobs.

Now if Kate brings Jon along for the Hollywood tour, well apparently that’s a whole other Oprah.

[From TMZ]

So it’s Kate that’s caught up in Hollywood and not Jon? Didn’t we hear that Jon was playing the diva at Sundance with a full security team? Didn’t Jon and his former lawyer both say that he was the “most photographed person on the planet” and that he was more popular than Kate? He’s just pissed off that Kate has two new shows in the works. If he can’t get some money from her by suing her he’ll try and get a piece of one of her shows. He’s so lame.

Jon Gosselin Takes It Easy Island Style!

Jon Gosselin Takes It Easy Island Style!

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34 Responses to “Jon Gosselin predictably wants to do another Jon & Kate show”

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  1. shorty40 says:

    Another K-fat in the making. Bwahahaha…what a joke he is.

  2. Ugg, he’s pulling a bare foot Britt-Britt and he sucks. Yuck!

  3. shorty40 says:

    And yuck, why is he walking around barefooted??

  4. bellaluna says:

    Why am I not surprised? Mouth, meet hand that feeds you. No biting!

    How sad…Jon is so poor he can’t afford shoes! Of course he wants to spend time with the kids, now that it means he’ll have a roof over his head and can try to get support from Kate. Where has he been the last 5 or so months, when he didn’t care about visiting his kids? This guy redefines absentee father. But wait…isn’t this also the guy who can’t get a regular job because he’s “too famous”? Yeah, but Kate’s the one who’s addicted to fame. Okay, Jon; run along and play with your 20 year old co-eds. I’m sure there’s a few left in Buttcrack, Nowhere, who haven’t heard of your desperate attempt to recapture your “lost 20’s.”

  5. Whatever says:

    He is a complete moron. Everyone stops talking about him, so he files for custody and support spouting that it is “bad for the kids.” Now, he wants to get back into the spotlight, so he is basically blackmailing her to let him on the show or he’ll keep coming after her in court. How is that ok for the kids? As long as daddy’s fat ass is on the screen, it is fine. Otherwise, it is harmful. Who is this idiot kidding?

  6. Kaboom says:

    Tubby needs to be hit with the reality stick a couple times.

  7. ogechi says:


  8. lastwordlinda says:

    He is so beyond gross. There just aren’t any words to describe him.

    How about a Kate and Jon reality show where separated couples vie for ways to make each other even more miserable than were when they were married. The viewing audience gets to vote off couples each week according to how well they stiffed each other. Call it “Jon and Kate. How Much Can You Hate?” Or a reality show that has Jon and Kate minus the eight on a deserted island and see how many weeks it takes before they start eating each other alive. Call it “Jon and Kate. Do in your mate.”

  9. UrbanRube says:

    Here’s who Jon has always reminded me of and why I always had just a *little* sympathy for Kate before the money got to her:

    I have no affiliation with this site, by the way.

  10. Icecat says:

    You know.. I don’t know whom I dislike more; Kate or Jon??

    To me their both bottom feeding famewhores. I wish they would just GO AWAY!! 😛

  11. rkintn says:

    What a douchenozzle. I don’t like her either. The kids would be better off being raised by a pack of wolves than these two celebrewhores. UGH.

  12. Lin95 says:

    He’s so disgusting….say what you want about Kate but she does not need her kids to sponge off of….she famewhores it up everywhere and even without the Kate + 8 she still has a way to earn money

    The only reason he wants custody is so he can use his children to recapture his 15mins

  13. Taya says:

    Jon may be grss, but Kate is worse. She is such a famewhore, she will do anything to stay in the limelight, including auctioning off her kids to TLC.

  14. Lindsay says:

    “F List” in “Jon’s lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List” made me smile, drop the middle initial.

    If their drama didn’t have an impact on their kids, I would say this stuff should be dealt with on Twitter. It is petty jealousy that is never ending.

  15. Catherine says:

    He is one fat and disgusting little freak.

  16. bellaluna says:

    @ Lindsay: LOL! Maybe that’s how Jon & his lawyer met…on the F-List!

    Jon desperately wants another shot at the “fame” he had right after the separation. How else will he support his children? He’s just so nasty.

  17. Feebee says:

    No Jon, you can’t have anymore reality tv time. You’re done.

    I don’t have a problem with you getting the kids primarily but you’ll do it without any cameras around. C’mon Jon, it’s taking too much energy to keep up with you two famewhores. Give it up, let Kate have it, trust us, in the end you’ll be happier.

  18. lena says:

    he should try out for celebrity fit club

  19. Just a Poster says:

    Oh Lena.. that would require Jon to actually do something.. like move around.. I don’t see that happening LOL

  20. Cinderella says:

    I bet he is totally working the K-Fed angle. Get fat, get paid. Next stop, porn!

  21. Erin says:

    I agree, he’s gotta be gunning for Celebrity Fit Club. I kind of feel like they wouldn’t have him, though.

  22. Leslye says:

    Now he wants the kids. Where has he been for the past 6 months? Oh, I know. Running from tramp to tramp. His little plot against TLC backfired big time and now he has no money, no job, no family. This is all his fault. He doesn’t deserve the kids. Even when he’s with them, he’s ignoring them. Go away you waste of space.

  23. ann says:

    In my neck of the woods this idiot is called: “a fat lazy turd livin’ off his woman.” Or in his case any female or large amount of children will do!

  24. osakagurl says:

    Is he’s so broke now, he can’t afford shoes???

  25. ding says:

    Is it porn next? He’s fat, shoeless and desperate!

  26. westender says:

    He does not work and has to make support payments where is he getting money to live on? He is at least eating well, judging by how large he is getting and be able to afford smoking as well!

  27. Joanne says:

    Pot Meet Kettle

  28. Beth says:

    How can you call somebody celebrity obsessed one minute and beg to be on that show the next? I get the feeling Jon will be laughed out of court considering I barely remember seeing him the kids anytime this year.

  29. Maritza says:

    I bet the only way he’ll let TLC film the kids again will be with the condition that they hire Jon too. He won’t let them go that easy. The man is broke and he loves the spotlight as much as Kate.

  30. Crash2GO2 says:

    This dude is as sick as my ex (no – mine is actually sicker). Damn they are idiots, but they can make your life miserable. Buzzing around like self righteous bloated little flies driving you out of your mind until you find yourself responding in kind despite your best intentions. NOT that I am identifying with Kate in any way except for the fact that she has a fat useless ex whose sole purpose in life is to make her look bad (actually she does a pretty good job of it herself). And all of this jockying for position in the tabloids and reality TV is really just about his own abysmal lack of self esteem.

    Hoosh. Rant over.

  31. Jag says:

    He can’t do porn because of his micro peen. Well, unless there’s some kind of fetish thing with that. Celebrity Fit Club will be his only chance. And as much as I dislike Kate, I think that she’s a better parent than this slob, even though that’s not saying much at all.

  32. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Celebrity fit club calling?

  33. Kitty2000 says:

    Pfft. Celebrity Fit Club? More like Biggest Loser. Oh wait, he already has that title.

  34. ann says:

    Crash2G02, great rant! Sorry to say I know too many like Jon Gosselin. Those men willing to sit on their brains all day and eat, smoke, play video games etc. while the woman carries the entire load. Sure once upon a time women stayed in the home all day, but they raised children, took care of the home and made sure everything was done. But those days are long gone thanks to women’s lib. Watch what you whine for, you just might get it. I work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, standing. My husband and I get home at the same time. I hit the kitchen, he hits the chair. Someday women will rule this world and I just hope I am here to see it.
    Hoosh. Rant over!