Jon Hamm licks his lips, the world swoons


Just a little Jon Hamm to brighten your day. He looks fine as hell, doesn’t he? That face. That suit. That hair. That vibe. I just love him. There are actually two photos in this group of The Hamm licking his lips. I almost fell out of my chair, and it took me a full five minutes to recover. Hope you’re stronger than me. Anyway, The Hamm is back at work on the fourth season of Mad Men, thank God. I can’t wait for it – it will probably start very late in the summer, like it has all three previous years. My guess is sometime in August. BOO!!! Hiss. I want it now. The New York Post has just a little bit of Mad Men gossip to hold you until then:

With the assumption “Mad Men” will return to AMC this summer (as all three previous seasons have), production kicked off this week in Los Angeles and Jon Hamm finally slipped back into the tailored trousers that suit him so well.

Although next to nothing is known about the Emmy-winning juggernauts’ fourth season, a few tidbits have trickled out since we left Don’s Pierre Hotel suite. With the formation of Sterling Cooper Draper Price in the season finale, Jared Harris (who plays British defector Lane Pryce) will be a full-fledged series regular this year.

But there will also be a few new faces hanging around the halls as well. According to, creator Michael Weiner is casting a trio of new roles: a handsome and creative male; a voluptuous and cute brunette who is friendly but professional; and an affable guy who is a bit lacking in personality.

Sounds like PopWrap fave Joan Holloway is going to get a little curvy competition when the season premiere — tentatively titled “Public Relations” — hits the small screen later this year.

[From The New York Post]

I’ve also heard that January Jones’s Bette character is going to barely be in the fourth season, which is disappointing. I’m not a huge January fan, but she’s found her niche and her defining role in the character, and it will be sad not to have a lot of Don and Bette scenes. One more piece of Hamm news: he did some voice work on Shrek Forever After! The Hamm in a cartoon! I love it.

Here are a few more photos. Try not to wet yourself (I nearly did).



The Hamm in California on April 14, 2010. Credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Ohhh he’s delicious-looking!

  2. Team Bethenny says:

    Sweet mother of jesus, his girlfriend is one lucky woman.

  3. bite me says:

    i don’t get the appeal of this gentleman

  4. Janeth says:

    I just drooled a little. Yum!

  5. buckley says:

    I love his SNL hosting gigs. He’s funny too!

  6. Missmilly says:

    Really? He looks like my dad? I don’t see it.

  7. vic says:

    I don’t get it either.

  8. Hautie says:

    If you went to high school and every male there wore sad ass baggy jeans with holes, wearing their sneakers unlaced and trying in vain to grow stubble. Listening to hip hop looking like Kevin Federline. Chances are you do not get why this man is gorgeous.

    The Hamm is for girls of a certain age.

    Girls who went to high school when guys actually had the sense to get good haircuts and shave daily.

    I realize, men with great grooming habits, are lost on girls of a certain age.

    Basically girls that are the same age of The Hamm are the ones that adore him most. We are girls that appreciate a clean cut pretty man.

  9. Jeri says:

    I don’t necesarily think age has anything to do with it. I think he’s hot & I don’t fit your age demographic.

  10. Julie says:

    Hey Hautie: Rock On. I’m a girl of the “a certain age”, well, plus about 15 years, and from here, the view looks just like heaven!

  11. Aitch says:

    Love him love him. very very hot.
    Hey! we all have our own individual tastes..

  12. Janeth says:


    I’m 23 and think this man is a FOX… He is gorgeous I guess I have good taste in men. =)

  13. buckley says:

    I’m a girl of a certain age who in spite of not playing for his team, totally gets the hotness.

  14. vic says:

    I am of the age where I’m supposed to get it and I still don’t. And interestingly enough the saying “different strokes for different folks” came out around the same time. Jeez, why do you expect everyone to like the same kind of person or assume if we don’t like this one we like douches like Federline? Oh, he and Federline are only 7 years apart. A little tolerance please.

  15. lola lola says:


  16. Strawberry says:

    “A little tolerance for Kevin Federline?” Anyone who has looked like that at one point scores no points from me×0.450×619.jpeg

  17. lucy2 says:

    He’s old school, classically handsome. If you’re into that, you probably find him attractive, if you’re into a different kind of guy, not so much. Just my theory!

    I can’t wait for the show to return. And he is GREAT on SNL, which I never would have guessed based on Mad Men. Anyone who missed his 30 Rock episodes should check those out too.

  18. Hamm & Cheese says:

    I’m into him for one simple reason: I like men, not boys.

  19. Laura says:

    when i read the title on my rss feed, im like uh huh, whatever.

    than i saw the pic, lol, i totally swooned!

  20. Anj says:

    sorry to say but he used to be hot before now he looks like an uncle.

  21. Zelda says:

    I love this man.
    Please stop calling him “The Hamm”.
    It sounds fatty and greasy, and like a frat boy…

  22. Beejay says:

    Yes, John Hamm is handsome
    Yes, he’s good on Mad Men
    No, he is not THAT special
    No, I do not get why everyone is completely in awe of the man
    Yes, y’all need help

  23. Lady Jane says:

    My friend interviewed him and apparently her is LOVELY. Very kind and down to earth. I love him a little bit.

  24. embertine says:

    Kaiser, I am not stronger than you and totally made a little EEP sound while my boss was trying to talk to me about some boring work.

    Now my boss knows I a) crush on Jon Hamm and b) read Celebitchy when he’s talking to me. Oops.

  25. canadianchick says:

    I need me a Hamm sandwich, yummo.

  26. vic says:

    Strawberry, a little tolerance for other folks opinions in male attractiveness not Kevin F. I called him a douche. Sorry, didn’t know it needed spelling out but I can see where you might/did get confused.

  27. JulieNewmar says:

    So Hottt.. Thanks for the pick-me-up !!

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s actually going to start in July this year. Can’t remember where I read it, but it was from a reputable source.

  29. Red Folder says:

    Hot damn he is a handsome, handsome man. Sigh!

    Lovelovelove him.

  30. JulieNewmar says:

    ummm .. yeah, I had to come back again and look at this handsome devil.. 😆
    aww heck, I’m due for a new screensaver anyway, welcome to my desk top Jon !!

  31. Maravilha says:

    Oh, dear God!! He is hot!And I have the impression that he smells good too!

  32. anna says:

    “I’ve also heard that January Jones’s Bette character is going to barely be in the fourth season”

    Where did you hear that?