Has Mariah Carey put on 57 pounds in two years of marriage?


Sure, we’ve all pretended not to notice. Okay, not really, we all noticed and commented on Mariah Carey’s weight gain. Much like Jessica Simpson, it’s not Mariah’s weight that offends me in any way – Mariah looks happy and God bless her. No, what offends me is that Mariah still dresses like she has her old figure – and many of those ensembles were questionable even then. But I digress – The National Enquirer has an epic story about how in the two years of blissful matrimony to Nick Cannon, Mariah has gained 57 pounds. That seems like a lot. I don’t really think it’s that much – my guess is closer to 30 pounds, but I think I might be bad at guessing weights. The Enquirer’s piece quotes extensively from a doctor who isn’t treating Mariah, and he’s basically just saying that if she eats one more cheeseburger, she’s going to die. FYI: Nick Cannon comes across in this article like a really lovely man. Here’s more:

Has Mariah Carey turned herself into a foodaholic – just a few calories away from hitting a deadly high of 200 pounds?

“Mariah looks like she has really let herself go,” revealed a source close to the singer.

Mariah has packed on a whopping 57 pounds just in the last two years, says a concerned source. And her ballooning weight – now approaching an all-time high of 192 pounds – has brought her to the brink of life-threatening medical problems, warns an expert. But pals say the hardworking diva is under tremendous stress and is resorting to food binges to relieve her frustrations.

“Turning 40 was a big thing for Mariah, and she’s been trying repeatedly to get pregnant. Combined, the two things have hit like a one-two punch and stresses her out. She is turning to food for comfort.”

To make matters worse, Nick Cannon is sending the wrong message – telling Mariah there’s “just more of her to love.”

For the past several weeks, Mariah – who turned 41 in March – has been dropping hints she may be pregnant.

“Mariah’s been coy about the whole pregnancy thing right now to deflect attention from her weight gain,” said the close source. “She doesn’t want to have to address it. And Nick keeps telling her how beautiful she looks.”

When Mariah and Nick got married, she weighed 135 pounds. But over the past two years, Mariah has been cooking mac & cheese, fried chicken, pizzas, et cetera. “Nick has even suggested that her food is so good, she should think about writing a cookbook.”

Where she once was rumored to have undergone liposuction (in the fall of 2008), now “she has turned to high-calorie late-night snacking and she’s at her heaviest weight ever. Her attitude is not to fight the weight gain, but just to go with it.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I remember the liposuction rumor! It seemed like all of sudden, around the winter of 2008-09, Mariah’s stomach looked really flat and, like, mysteriously toned. And only her waist was small, everything else was normal Mariah-sized. By the way, doesn’t Nick sound like a lovely husband? That’s probably why Mariah has been gaining weight – because Nick adores her no matter what she weighs, and he supports her in whatever she wants. It’s kind of awesome. Who would have thought that Mariah would have such a great marriage? Now, regarding the whole “Oh my God, she’s going to die!” stuff. I don’t know, I guess people should get a grip. Sure, she could stand to lose some weight, but we don’t know everything that’s going on with her, so just leave her alone. And make her buy some clothes in her size so she won’t keep jamming herself into this stuff.

The 67th annual Golden Globe Press Room..

Mariah Carey Attends 12th Annual Keepers Of The Dream Awards In NYC!


Mariah Carey in Malibu on November 4, 2009. Credit: Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Team Bethenny says:

    “brought her to the brink of life-threatening medical problems”??

    Puhleeze. She looks happy and healthy. Stop the hyperbole.

  2. westender says:

    Why does this woman always wear clothes that are either too tight or way too small for her?

  3. Dorothy says:

    Unfortunately I also gained a lot of weight when I got married…. So I can’t really comment. But I have to say that last picture of her crouching in the sand is too funny!!!

  4. Kaye says:

    I agree that it looks more like 30 pounds. She’s a pretty woman with a horrendous sense of style that is now making her look bigger.

  5. lucy2 says:

    1 – I’d say 25-35 lbs at the most. No way it was 57 lbs.
    2 – She is nowhere near having major health problems from her weight. Whoever that “doctor” is needs his own head examined. I think she’s naturally just a bigger girl than we’re used to seeing with celebs, probably in real life she looks very normal. To be down at her previous weight, she was probably starving herself, which was probably more harmful than a few extra lbs.
    3 – She may have put on some weight, but I don’t really think she looks all that bad, especially when you consider she’s not 16 anymore. The way she dresses makes her look far worse than she really is. Proper styling and proper sizing, and she’d look great.

  6. happymom says:

    As someone who struggles with her weight, I certainly don’t condemn her for whatever her weight gain has been. What I find appalling is what she wears-no matter what her size is. She dresses so young and so cheap-yikes!

  7. Mrs. Darcy says:

    She has gained but no way does she weigh anything close to 200lbs.

  8. Jana says:

    She still looks healthy and happy. Isnt that what matters??

  9. eva says:

    It’s nice her husband is so sweet and I’m happy for her. Its natural to put on few pounds when in a genuinely happy and healthy relationship. Most of what we see on gossip sites are stories about affairs, breakups, drug addictions, and mental illness. So who cares if she has put on a few pounds. It’s nice she can enjoy all her hard earned money with a nice partner. Hope her happiness lasts a long time.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I don’t know- Mariah is really tall and you can hide weight better with height. I remember going to the Dr. and having her ask to have me weighed again because she didn’t believe what the chart said! A curse or a blessing?!

  11. crab says:

    She looks like a sausage stuffed in it’s casing!

  12. kelbear says:

    Well, she has definitely gained weight.

  13. RhymesWithSilver says:

    My theory? They’ve been cramming her full of fertility hormones for the past year. A baby at 41 doesn’t happen for everyone naturally, and the injections they give you could definitely cause weight gain.

    But aside from that, she’s not all that fat- she just dresses like a slutty twelve-year-old.

  14. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t believe she gained 60 pounds, but I also don’t believe she weighed 135 2 years ago. She looks happy & beautiful, though.

  15. Scout says:

    Not a big fan of hers, but, seriously, she is not all THAT big! I think she’s put on weight – it happens! I agree, she looks happy, has a good marriage as far as we know, and is nowhere near obese! She is a very muscular woman, though.

    Regarding her clothes, well, I agree that her taste is not doing her any favors. However, I like that she has the confidence to show her fuller figured body off. She could tone it down, though, without going all matronly. She just doesn’t seem to know how to flatter her figure with the right clothes.

    (BTW, I never knew she was tall – I actually thought she was on the short side. After reading your post, Marjalane, I checked. I got two answers – 5’7″ and 5’9″. I think the latter is probably the most accurate. You are right, you can carry/hide weight better if you are tall!)

  16. EJ says:

    Mariah please borrow your husband to me i’ll give him back in 2 years :) .I actually lost 20 pounds the first year i started dating my current boyfriend and i never got them back ;(

  17. Neelyo says:

    ‘Grammy winning singer Mariah Carey dead of one too many cheeseburgers’

    I can see the headlines now. That idea in the post made me giggle it’s so ridiculous.

  18. Madchen says:

    I’m about sick of experts commenting on people they haven’t seen as patients. They can’t comment on people they are seeing as patients because of privacy issues — I guess that means they would just have to shut up then. MAKE IT SO!

  19. Naye in VA says:

    I do not believe she is 192lbs. That looks and sounds ludicrous to me. Her whole face would be a lot more swollen.
    I’m built just like Mariah, big chest, and really no waist or but to speak of with fat going to my arms face, belly and thighs, and i look like her at 168. I actually look a little worse than her at 168. I’m also 5’5 but idk how tall she is, she may be taller. But i just think at 192 she wouldnt be nearly as attractive as she is

  20. Naye in VA says:

    NVM just read a poster said she was likely 5’9, which makes sense becasue she is always nicks height with heels on

  21. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Mariah looks awesome and it is wonderful that Nick is so supportive of her and good for her that she doesn’t subscribe to the skeletor gristle ie Rachel Zoe, Madonna idea of “beauty.”

  22. onya says:

    She looks great!, like any healthy mid age woman, and most of all H A P P Y!. Rather see celebs look like this than a walking skeletal figure.
    U Go Girl!!!

  23. Kaboom says:

    Look like she lost about 6 inches of height while keeping her weight.

  24. bellaluna says:

    @Kaiser – Like I said yesterday, I’m glad she & Nick are happy. I just wish she’d own her “happily married weight gain” and stop stuffing herself in clothes that are size/age inappropriate.

    Nick really does sound sweet. I hope they last. I also hope “Rhymes” is right (she’s been on fertility drugs), because I think a Nick & Mariah baby would be gorgeous!

    All “health professionals” should keep their mouths shut, period. Unless they are granted permission by one of THEIR patients to discuss a condition on said patients behalf, they should all just STFU.

  25. CeeCee12 says:

    I am glad to see her happy and I bet like Scout it is fertility drugs like clomid or something. My husband doesn’t care about weight either. I am thin but I carried some baby weight after having a baby and he never pressured me. I think real love means loving someone whether they gain a few or lose a few.
    Seems like being with Nick helps her feel secure.

  26. Patrice says:

    Oh, who cares! As a naturally small, but curvy woman, I myself have put on about 20 lbs in the last year, and it has been very painful for me so I get it all to well. I’m sure Mariah is very aware of her weight (despite the slutty clothes…lol) but it doesn’t help for , millions of strangers to critisize her about it. She looks happy and healthy to me so good for her!

    Perhaps we should be more focused on the skeletal appearance of someone like Tori Spelling who is clearly on some level crying out for help. Where’s the story and much needed public “concern” about her?

  27. irishserra says:

    She’s a big girl, even at her healthiest. I think she may genuinely be “big boned.” That being said, I don’t think she looks bad. She wears her weight well and if she is happy with herself, then good for her. She does not look unhealthy.

  28. Carrie says:

    It’s her horrible, too tight clothing choices that are making her look big- if she dressed her body as it is now, I think she would have some Christina Hendricks curves and we would all be celebrating her womanly figure. But she stuffs herself into these dresses that make me seriously wonder how she sits or walks, and all we notice is how unflattering her body becomes.

    I doubted the Nick Cannon marriage when it happened, but they seem really happy together- I bet he probably makes her feel great at any size, and so she’s not that worried about it.

    Awesome that she feels sexy and hot at a larger size, but please dress like a sexy fuller figured woman, Mariah!!

  29. scorpiogal says:

    Hmmm….I’m 5’8″, and I didn’t look any thinner than her when I was 165 lbs. Hell, I’m 140 lbs now, and I still don’t look overly thin. I can’t imagine her being anywhere near 200 lbs, even for a taller woman.

  30. CaramelKiss says:

    This is by no means Kristy Ally v.2…geez. Newlyweds typically gain weight and coupled with the possible fertility drugs, it totally is reasonable to expect. Whatevs. *shrugs shoulders*

  31. Lisa says:

    She’s always been thick as guys would say she does look alittle bigger which is ok she just needs to learn to dress more her age and weight! No one wants to see her goodies but her husband

  32. bored says:

    Her body type isn’t meant to be super skinny. If she’s trying to get pregnant (or newly pregnant) she’s probably eating a bit better than she was in that starvation phase she went through a while back and therefore putting on a little weight. The bad clothes just make it look a lot worse than it is. I doubt she is medically overweight for her hieght.

  33. palmetto says:

    If she’s happy and her husband is happy, then who cares? I personally would not want to be that big, but if she’s cool with it then good for her. She doesn’t have to please anyone but herself and Nick. I do wish she would dress a little bit more…appropriately though, but that’s all I can really say about this.

  34. original kate says:

    i don’t buy that she’s 200 lbs. she has put on weight but she looks fine. but those ridiculous breast implants make her look chubby. also, stuffing herself into clothes that are 3 sizes too small isn’t helping.

  35. Tru says:

    don’t fertility drugs plump you up?? not sure but I read that they are using fertility drugs.

    its her business, excpt I do wish she’d cover up a bit more and its no way its 57 lbs.

  36. freckles says:

    Well she’s almost definitely not going to have any life threatening issues due to this weight gain, but I have to say most of you are pretty skewed in your view of healthy weight. Furthermore if you’re so against health PROFESSIONALS speaking about health concerns, what makes you feel as though you can give your uninformed opinion on them?

  37. Mischa says:

    Her poor choice of clothing is the biggest problem. However, I like Mariah’s curves. She has starved herself in the past to fit some kind of Hollywood ideal and it doesn’t work for her. She is naturally voluptous and just needs a new stylist!

  38. anon says:

    LOL! At the last pic of her on the beach. But she’s not nasty fat… she just doesn’t have any (good) style about herself. I like Mariah!

  39. Lilias says:

    She looks fine to me. A bit on the heavier side but she looks happy, not uncomfortable and she is definitely not obese or frighteningly overweight.

    Her problem, as pretty much everyone else agrees, is that she still dresses like a teenager.

  40. Kim says:

    She doesnt look like she has gained 57 pds but if she is drinking heavily that puts on the weight very rapidly.

  41. MingMing says:

    You can see her fat roll when she hunkered down in the swimsuit. Ick!

    Since celebrities dont want to be ‘ordinary’ people, its part of thier job to stay in shape.

    Sadly, Mariah is obviously getting older and sloppier at her job.

  42. Cinderella says:

    I was going to say lots of wine will do it every time.

  43. Majosha says:

    That bathing suit is absolutely hideous, but I agree that she doesn’t look anywhere near 200 pounds.

  44. JC126 says:

    See, I tend to believe the shorter height of 5’7″; I think celebs tend to lie about their height. I used to see Gloria Steinem listed as being 5’7′; I met her once and she was MAYBE 5’4″. Possibly shorter. (However, I don’t think super-tall women like Geena Davis lie about their height, just short and medium entertainers of both sexes.)
    I could believe that she’s gained 50 lbs,, however. It’s so easy to put on weight. That gain could be affecting her ability to get pregnant, too, it screws up your hormones.

  45. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s probably put on near that amount – she is the kind of woman who has lots of places for it to go – she kind of puts it on evenly all around. I don’t think she looks bad at all, but the fact that she dresses herself like she is 6 sizes smaller is bothersome and not flattering IMO.

    She bugs me.

  46. Raven says:

    Most women let themselves go after they get married. It’s a fact of life.

    And yes, men do too, but we were already out of shape to begin with.

  47. Jackington says:

    She’s looking better than ever before.

  48. M says:

    She’s pretty. Of course her sense of style is atrocious lol. Her make-up is usually flawless though…

  49. Dhavy says:

    She’s gained some weight and I bet if she dressed appropriately she wouldn’t look so overweight

    I think a 57 lb weight gain will be someone like Kristie Alley

  50. Jaxx says:

    I do believe she weighs 192. She has a very muscular body and muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Her body has not blown completely out of proper proportion but she had better watch herself because any more weight and she will look fat.

    As every one says, she really needs to dress appropriately and that would help a lot. She carries the weight well and looks happy so I say leave her be.

    Her husband is very sweet about it and that probably goes a long way toward her being comfortable with her weight.

    I wish she would have a baby and go away to enjoy it and her happy marriage. Her voice has always creeped me out with her Orca like trills which affect me like squealing chalk on a blackboard.

  51. n says:

    she’s clearly overweight. which is not going to do her any good in the long run, albeit that she’s happily married.

  52. Mac says:

    I don’t care about her weight. There are many more anorexic and bulemic music and Hollywood stars than obese ones, and Ms. M is by no means obese, anyway. Would you rather she look like that paragon of beauty and health, Madonna?

  53. Kelly says:

    A deadly high?? WTF???
    Who monitors the weight of complete strangers??? Who buys these magazines to read about it???

    Mimi is a silly ho but she seems happy enough. We need to stop policing each other’s weight and start giving a shit about real, actual issues, of which there are many, lining up to slap us in the face.

  54. sallie says:

    She is a beautiful woman and actually she looks great with a few extra pounds.She has that”PlayGirl” look now.

  55. lolo says:

    She looks like that hippo from that animated Madagascar film

  56. Sophia says:

    Well I think she looks amazing in her Herve Leger dresses and she has great style. She is proud of her womanly shape and so she should be. She might have put on a few pounds recently but i’m sure she’ll loose it when she’s ready. She is a glamerous diva with amazing talent!

  57. kyle says:

    i have a bad feeling about mariah…she is very hot but if nick doesnt push it she will keep eating and eating and eating that fatty food to get up to 200 pounds…she already is almost obese…she actuly might be obese

  58. nicole says:

    i dont think she looks bad at all she looks like a woman not some one who starves her self so lay off her back or try eating your self cause you cant judge her unless your a tooth pick and you still shouldnt cause you do not have a right at all she is beautiful and you are just rude

  59. RRRosa says:

    I think it’s the cloths she wear that makes her look so plump. She needs to go on that show called “What not to wear”. She has very bad taste in cloths. Too tight, too young and too small.

  60. green420 says:

    Kyle…..OBESE…really? What do u guys considr obese? When she s bent ovr crouchd by the sand there s hardly ny roll. With that rathr lg v n the front her ntire gut would b hangin out f she was “fat”. Shes like 5’8″ or 5’9″, nd probly a size 8. At that height its hardly obesity! Get real! All these comnts must b made by ppl that r a size 4 or undr. WOW i gues evry1 here r modls. Can i hav ur autographs?

  61. Wouldntyouwannaknow says:

    For all those who said it is impossible for her to be close to 200. You all are wrong. Actually i was once 188 with size 12-14 and i looked just like her, toned but big. now that i weigh 140 i wear a size 7. It is not impossible. Dont argue that just because she is a celebrity. At the end of the day, she is another human being who let herself go and needs to take notice before health issues become a problem.

  62. Chipoltespice says:

    Mariah is also a tall woman 5’9 I believe so she can compensate that that weight. I can’t believe she gained 57lbs maybe 30 tops. She looks fuller but she needs to go easy on the fried chicken. At last she’s cooking for her hubby. I know women who don’t even make a meal. Leave that woman alone. She looks better then most 30 year olds.

  63. tiffani says:

    hey mariah if your reading this you know that since you havent lost weight me and my friends decided to hate you so sorry fatty no im not sorry your just plain fat

    lose some damn weight

  64. tiffani says:

    hey this is tiffanis friend jessica i dont think you look bad you know things happen im really sorry for what she said hope you can forgive her thanks please read and comment mariah


  65. tiffani says:

    hey mariah this is another one of tiffannis friends i think you look kinda good i mean more love in you for nick cannon right i mean i hoope yall start a family and have a huge back yard for them and maybe even adopt abused animals from the pound for them…….please comment mariah

    xoxo,Jessica same friend

  66. Unknown says:

    Mariah looks great, she is NOT by any means PLUS-SIZED, what a load…. She is obviously not anorexic and more power to her, I’m so over super-skinny, can’t-eat- more-than-a-pea-a-day-look. Healthy should be in, not skin over bones, she looks great, she is a tall female and carries her figure very well, I feel sorry for all the people who are obsessed about every pound, because that’s not a life….. GO MARIAH, show the world what sexy really is!

  67. anna says:

    she is the best singing most succesfull slut ever and she likes it

  68. mimi says:

    GOD BLESS her. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matter.

  69. Grace says:

    If Mariah watches the the way she eats,she will be fine,but if she eats wrong,she will pack on 10 to 15 pounds maybe 25.She’s one of those women that gains weight easy.But she is not 200 Pounds,maybe 170.Otherwise she is hot!!!

  70. Andrew says:

    Mariah is just one of those girls that put on the pounds if she don’t be careful.She will pack on about 10 to 20 maybe 25 pounds if she don’t watch what they eat,its kinda her body that’s making her a heavy chick. Yha she looks like she put on about 20-37 pounds in the photos above.But Nick Cannon won’t let her get “overweight” she is not going to be 200+ pounds unless she just wants to eat bad and gain some weight.She has kids now so she will probably put on 10-20 pounds a year.Weather she is 140 pounds or 170 pounds,she is still a diva and a hottie.

  71. Andrew says:

    Mariah is just one of those girls that put on the pounds if she don’t be careful.She will pack on about 10 to 20 maybe 25 pounds if she don’t watch what they eat,its kinda her body that’s making her a heavy chick. Yha she looks like she put on about 20-37 pounds in the photos above.But Nick Cannon won’t let her get “overweight” she is not going to be 200+ pounds unless she just wants to eat bad and gain some weight.She has kids now so she will probably put on 10-20 pounds a year.

  72. Armani says:

    Mariah,You’re not fat,but if you eat bad then you will look fat and you will most likely weigh 191 and I know nick does not want you to weigh that much, maybe in the 162 pounds area.Your a diva.
    Watch your weight and don’t get any bigger.

    • Armani says:

      Well,she has gained about 20-40 lbs.I think she is 6’0 tall so she can kinda hide the pounds she added, but you can easily tell she gotten ”Heavyer” the way she looks.She is just big-bone.And I think that’s funny that they said ”Deadly High 200lbs”. The heaviest I’ve seen her be Is like 171 lbs,she can’t afford to get any bigger.

    • Armani says:

      Well,she has gained about 20-40 lbs.I think she is 6’0 tall so she can kinda hide the pounds she added, but you can easily tell she gotten ”Heavyer” the way she looks.She is just big-bone.And I think that’s funny that they said ”Deadly High 200lbs”. The heaviest I’ve seen her be Is like 171 lbs

    • Armani says:

      Well,she has gained about 20-40 lbs.I think she is 6’0 tall so she can kinda hide the pounds she added, but you can easily tell she gotten ”Heavyer” .I laughed when they said ”Deadly High 200lbs” The biggest or heaviest I’ve seen her is like 178lbs.She does not need to get any ”heavyer”

    • Armani says:

      Well,she has gained about 20-40 lbs.I think she is 6’0 tall so she can kinda hide the pounds she added, but you can easily tell she gotten ”Heavyer” .I laughed when they said ”Deadly High 200lbs” The biggest or heaviest I’ve seen her is like 179lbs.

    • Armani says:

      Well,she has gained about 20-40 lbs.I think she is 6’0 tall so she can kinda hide the pounds she added, but you can easily tell she gotten ”Heavyer” .I laughed when they said ”Deadly High 200lbs”