Snooki slaps a guy and throws a drink in his face

Jersey Shore castmember Snooki first shot to fame when video came out of her getting punched in the face at a bar while filming the first season of the MTV reality show. The Jersey Shore gang is down in South Beach, Miami and newly single Snooki was just involved in her second bar fight. Radar Online has video of the incident (fight is around :50 in to video) and Snooki doesn’t look like the victim in this case at all. A doofy looking guy circles Snooki at an outdoor bar, and bends over to tell her something that is impossible to hear over the drumming music. She then gets up, smacks him twice and throws a drink in his face, to which he retaliates by chucking a drink back at her. She resorts to throwing the ketchup at him while he’s retreating. The whole thing was dutifully filmed by the MTV cameras and in some shots you can see the boom mic edging in to catch the dialogue. I’m sure we’ll hear all about this fight in the coming days, but for now all we have is video that’s essentially without audio. No matter what the guy said to Snooki, she assaulted him and there’s no excuse for that. Here’s Radar’s account, which claims the guy hit on her. I would guess that he said something pretty obnoxious and wasn’t hitting on her at all:

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi slapped a man, sparked a food fight and threw alcohol over him during a bar fight in South Beach, Miami, on Saturday night — and has the exclusive video.

In retaliation, the man showered the Jersey Shore star with his own drink, during the incident at Ocean’s 10 bar on Ocean Drive at around 6pm.

MTV was filming the second series of the hit reality show, at the time. Police were not called.

According to an eye witness, the argument started when a drunken lout expressed interest in the newly single Snooki.

She had been doing shots with co-star Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, said the witness.

“She was in a good mood, but this particular guy was obviously interested and she wasn’t,” explained Fred Hernandez, who was at the bar and watched the incident.

“She told him, ‘Don’t f— with me’ so he snatched her drink and walked off.

“He returned to his table and told a friend, the man in the green T-shirt, who then came over and mouthed off to Snooki.

“I guess he provoked her by wanting an apology and she flipped out.”

In the ensuing confrontation, Snooki reached for food on her table and threw it over the beefy brute.

She then lunged toward the man, slapping him across the shoulder with her left hand — and then walloping him in the face with a second, right handed slap.

Not content, Snooki then doused the contents of a nearby plastic cup over him.

In response, the man — whose identity is not known — reached for his own drink and drenched Snooki, much to her anger.

Security responded and booted him out of the venue.

“What the f— has happened,” JWOWW screamed at Snooki, as she rushed to her co-star’s aid.

To which she responded: “He took my drink!”

It is the second bar fight to involve 21-year-old Snooki. During series one, Brad Ferro, a teacher at North Queens Community High School, was caught by MTV cameras slugging Snooki in the face inside a Seaside Heights, New Jersey, bar.

MTV showed clips of the shocking punch in promos for the show, but it ultimately pulled the footage from the episode, calling it “extremely disturbing”.

After this latest confrontation, Snooki continued to party as fans screamed, “We love you Snooki!”

[From Radar Online]

So Snooki smacked a guy repeatedly, threw a drink and a ketchup bottle at him, and he’s the one who gets thrown out of the bar? If the tables were turned and a guy did that to a woman it’s not like the woman would be tossed out for getting beat up. Just because Snooki is little and female doesn’t mean she deserves a pass.

Not only did Snooki fight with this idiot guy, she also got in a screaming match with some women at a nearby table. Photo agency Bauer Griffin has the photo (below) and description: “Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley have some cocktails together. Before long, Snooki gets into an argument with a nearby table.’ Oh and TMZ has a better photo of Snooki and J-Woww feeling on each other’s boobs at this same bar while onlookers gawk. This show is such a train wreck.

This ridiculous incident aside – I want to know why Snooki is wearing a butterfly clip in her hair. Those things are for separating your hair while you’re drying and styling, and are not intended to be used as accessories. If this pint-sized wonder starts to popularize the butterfly clip I’m really going to dislike her.

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  1. DoMaJoReMc says:



  2. bellaluna says:

    So, business as usual then?

  3. peridot says:

    ewww. just ewww.

  4. Peach says:

    Ugh. These people make me throw up in my mouth a bit.
    I mean, do people really get much trashier? I get that people get more perverted, or more violent, or more disgusting. But in terms of classic trashy behavior, how much lower can they sink? (and still be such an ugly, smug, bitches about it).

  5. Just a Poster says:

    Why is this poofy hair’d faked baked thing even remotely famous?

  6. J W says:

    once a skank always a skank

  7. texasmom says:

    Rule of thumb: don’t order alcoholic drinks that are as big as your head.

  8. Skins says:

    Actually liked the show at first, but watching these trolls strutting around like they are some kind of superstars in getting to be a little too much. Just replace them with a new cast and watch how fast they disappear

  9. Westcoaster says:

    What is so special about these people?

  10. bros says:

    All I can think of when I look at her is the imitation the guy on SNL does of her where he wears a bumpit and is colored orange. she is such an oompa loompa. I love her trough of a daiquiri. what trash.

  11. Huma says:

    I liked the show during S1 because, as I said, these are some of the most horrible people in the world (based on ignorance, not actual malice, because let’s face it, they’re not evil and calculating, they’re just not bright), and they didn’t even know it.

    Now? It’s not funny anymore. I don’t know why people even like Snooki. She’s horrible and not talented and ANNOYING with all her ‘snookin’ for love’ bullshit. UGH. STOP ALREADY NO ONE WANTS TO PICTURE YOU HAVING SEX AND WHY ARE YOU MORE ORANGE THAN THIS CITRUS FRUIT I’M EATING RIGHT NOW.

  12. djork says:

    Dang, she’s an ugly little thang. And I don’t mean that in a looksist way.

  13. ligeia says:

    i’d rather watch these kids than some rich trust fund baby pretending they live a “normal” life. snooki is the new girl next door! get with the times people lol

  14. Alarmjaguar says:

    I’m guessing the four empty shot glasses and “trough of a daiquiri” (thanks bros!) might have something to do with this bad behavior. Keepin’ it klassy!

  15. twisty says:

    Thank you for pointing out the double standard on this…people on this site are screeching about that old butterface dating the “Kick Ass” guy and how men can do it but women can’t, yet I don’t see the outrage brigade here decrying the double standards against men who are assaulted by women! WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?

    However, Snooki fascinates me even though she’s basically trash. They’re all trash and it’s sad that we’ve come to a point in society where trash is something to emulate, applaud and celebrate, but it IS interesting so IDK. Oh and if someone (friend or not) reached across the table and just touched my tit, I’d knock them the f*ck out. Gross!

  16. gg says:

    ligeia – Literally all these people do is get stinkin drunk, start fights, and try to have sex with anything orange available. How can you possibly say this is the “girl next door” – where in hell do you live? Not in my neighborhood, thankfully.

  17. Cinderella says:

    Why do I see her pretty much looking and doing the same when she’s 40?

  18. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Can we put her (them) on the Boycott Bus with the Gosselins and the Pratts?


    Click if you agree!


    (Judy, you know you want to, click away!)

  19. Wow says:

    I felt so bad for her when she was punched the f&$k out by that guy in their first season. But just as I suspected, I had a feeling she’d try to take it to the next level during the second season. It wasn’t her fault that first time before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she over reacted to whatever he said just so there would be drama for their show.

    Granted, I don’t know exactly what this man in Miami said to her. But could it have been that difficult to just choose to ignore the guy, especially since I’m sure they supply the cast with some form of security buffer due to what happened last year and people now knowing who they are.

  20. original kate says:

    she looks like the love child of joe pesci and an oompa-loompa.

  21. The Bobster says:

    Despite everything, I still sort of like the little speed bump.

  22. QB says:

    She is a bully.

    People talk like the first time she got punch she was an innocent bystander , she was insulting a drunk stranger. I’m not sayin is ok to punch someone in the face but when the guy is doing the talkin trash people say he deserve it.

    Double standar

  23. Shannon says:

    I freakin’ love Snooki! She is what she is, and she doesn’t try to pretend she’s anything else. She’s unapologetic about it, and that I can admire.

  24. B says:

    This Little Piggy went to South Beach…the other orange piggies stayed home…

  25. TaylorB says:

    Wow, as others have mentioned that is one BIG cocktail. As for the poofy hair, all I can say is the old southern addage ‘the bigger the hair the closer to g*d’… but probably not so much in this particular case.

  26. nanster says:

    @Mentok the Mind Taker – ROFLMAO. My sentiments exactly.

  27. Catherine says:

    She is one tough bitch.

  28. mike says:

    You people are whacked.

    There is no double standard going on here. At all. It’s not called double standard; it’s called common sense.

    Let me ask you all who cry double standard.

    Is it ok to break the nose of a child who hit you(a full grown adult male)? Is it ok to break the nose of a 5′ 4″ 120 lb woman who hit you (a full grown adult male)?

    Is it ok to shoot in the head the person who hit you in the nose? Is it ok to break someone’s ribs and collapse his lungs for pimp slapping you?

    It’s called proportionality, folks.

    In any case, Snooki the hoodrat was not wrong to get pissed off. People, read the article. The dude took HER drink and slinked off when she told him off. HE was the douche first. It is not cool to take other person’s drink and leave. And then he had the temerity to send his friend over to bitch more. Srly? After taking her drink, you send your goon to talk some smack more?

    The dude dserved to showered with drink and get love tapped by Snooki the hoodrat.

  29. Ohforf says:

    To be fair, he stole her drink and started the whole thing off. Also she was sitting there minding his own business and SHE approached HIM.

  30. Ohforf says:

    She was minding HER own business.

  31. texasmom says:

    I don’t care what happened, that drink is still just TOO BIG!!

  32. Laura says:

    C’mon Mike, no way is Snooki 120 lbs. No way.
    Don’t start shit if you can’t finish it one way or another.

  33. mike says:

    What crap are you talking about, Laura?

    Snooki isn’t 120 lb; neither is she 5′ 4″! It’s called a hypothetical. BTW, I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune if your SO knocks your teeth out for slapping him/her in anger. Guess you shouldn’t have started shit you couldn’t finish. You deserved to get your teeth knocked out, right?

    More germane to what’s on hand, she did NOT start it. He and his douchetto friend did.

    What kind of douchebag guy steals a girl’s drink just because that little hoodrat rejected him? And just how much of douche can he be to send his douche friend over to talk smack to that little rat AFTER stealing her drink? As if stealing her drink wasn’t enough?!

    You know, in this country, even little hoodrat like Snooki has rights.

  34. JERSEYBOO says: