Courtney Love: I slept with Gavin Rossdale when he was with Gwen Stefani

Courtney Love Promotes New Album

There are so many sketchy stories today! Lord have mercy. Today we have an extra helping of Courtney Love Crazy, in addition to whatever verbal hate-f-cking is going on between her and Billy Corgan. Apparently, Courtney went on Stern yesterday and claimed that she and Gavin Rossdale were hittin’ it – when he was already dating Gwen Stefani. Now, Courtney has claimed to have had a relationship with Gavin before – back in 2006, she gave an interview where she basically claimed that Gavin was close to proposing to her, and that she dumped him to go out with Ed Norton. Ugh. Anyway, in this new interview, Courtney claims, in a convoluted way, that she and Gavin were still getting it on when he started up with Gwen, and that Gwen knows all about it:

Courtney Love claims she slept with Gavin Rossdale even though he was with Gwen Stefani. On The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio Monday, the Hole rocker, 45, said she had a “vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time … We were like, ‘Let’s go spend our rock star money!’”

During their eight months together, “we had a really good time…” she said. “He was lovely.”

She said she took heat because many thought Rossdale, 44, was too much like her ex, late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain.

“Everyone gave me so much s— because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt….” Love said. “But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed … something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.”

Stern then asked her, “You were [having sex] him while he was with Gwen Stefani?”
“Yes,” Love replied. “She does know.”

Stern continued: “You mean he was having sex with you while he was with her?”

“Everyone … yeah … and a few other people,” Love said. “We didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit.”

Rossdale has yet to comment on Love’s claims.

This isn’t the first time Rossdale has been in a scandal. In 2004, DNA tests revealed that he has a secret lovechild. Stefani, 40, was said to be “devastated.”

The two, who wed in 2002, have two sons together: Kingston, almost 4, and Zuma, 1 1/2.

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I always forget that Gavin is a cheater. It’s always the quiet ones (not really, it‘s every type). I think he’s probably a nice guy, and he seems to devoted to Zuma and Kingston, and Gwen for that matter. But he probably still enjoys some strange. And it doesn’t get any more “strange” than Courtney. Or that male lover Gavin had, “Marilyn”. CB thinks Gavin just has “rock star tastes” which I think is a nice way of saying “fug looks and a disco stick don’t bother him”. CoughcoughCourtneyhasadiscostickcough.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I think Gwen said it best with the song Bathwater.

  2. Risa says:


    this woman is plain outta control!

  3. Kayleigh says:


  4. Victoria says:

    This is one classy lady! NOT!

  5. LindyLou says:

    Sigh…doesn’t any man stick (it) to just one vadge (at a time) anymore??

  6. meme says:

    2010 is quite the year for relationships.

  7. moe says:

    what a mess she is. Its a shame she’s bringing up all this old sh*t just to promote her new CD.

  8. AC says:

    first off… the love child was conceieved WAY before he started up with Gwen. And if he was with Gwen in the beginning and they weren’t being monogomus yet and gwen knows then how is this news exactly. Shame on Courtney for messing with such a nice family and their peace and quiet.

  9. TaylorB says:

    If my husband cheated I would be pissed and we would deal in one way or another with it, but if he cheated with Courtney Love I would rip his disease riddled nads off with my bare hands.

  10. lolol says:

    I’ve read that Gavin also likes dudes that look like Gwen. So this doesn’t surprise me.

  11. Oi says:

    @TaylorB. I share your sentiment, but I don’t think you’d want to have bare hands to do that.

  12. Si says:


  13. TG says:

    I would never be with a guy that liked men also or had ever been with one no matter how drunk he was. I thought that love child was supposedely created while Gavin and Gwen were on a break. LOL

  14. bellaluna says:

    A child from a one-night stand is not a “love child.”

  15. TG says:

    @TaylorB – I hear you. You can cheat just not with a skank like Courtney Love or those skanks that Tiger and that clown jesse james like to bang.

  16. jane says:

    Could this woman (Courtny) possibly get any more repulsive? Ewwww…just ewww.

  17. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Isn’t Gavin’s lovechild 20-something years old & used to date Mark Ronson? Or is there another one?

  18. anon says:

    Kaiser, you are hilarious. And dang, I didn’t realize Gwen Stefani was 40. She looks effin’ great!

  19. Huma says:

    I’m with AC up there. If this was early on in Gwen and Gavin’s relationship, like it sounds…who cares? How many normal people are exclusive when they start dating, much less two successful rock/pop stars? Gwen probably knew Gavin was also bangin’ Courtney but then they got serious and Courtney was long gone anyway. At least, that’s what it sounds like. That’s not scandalous or anything. :-P

    Also, yes, Gavin’s love child Daisy Lowe has to be near 20ish now, right? That was a looooooong time before this mess. Let’s leave her out of it. :-P

  20. Fire says:

    Can’t she just shut the hell up? I mean, how exactly is she relevant anymore? She is bringing up these guys (Gavin, Ed Norton) to show the world that she used to be able to bag hot dudes, like over 15 years ago ?? I’m sure they’re real proud to be linked to her.

  21. jade says:

    Courtney has brought this up repeatedly-I read this story about her and Gavin in an interview with her in a UK music mag a few years ago. I wish I could remember what mag it was, she also said it was during the time Gwen had first met Gavin during the tour Bush and No Doubt did together, so they were barely dating I believe. She also disses Gwen at every opportunity in that interview. Why keep bringing this up? I know this is CL we are talking about, but even this is beyond mean-spirited and tacky of her.

  22. voiceover says:

    Ugh. I didn’t know he had a daughter from a one night stand. But that’s kinda gross, as well as this story from Courtney Love. Damn. Celebs give us good gossip to get bitchy about, but I’m really at a loss for words on those who would ever envy them or want their lives. I sure wouldn’t. Sad thing is, I want to say poor Gwen (for being drug-up in this conversation), but if history is a lesson here, I’m sure she’s not without her own set of vices. America needs better role models.

  23. voiceover says:

    Sounds like everybody in hollywood has banged everybody else. What an AWESOME place to be. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more stories about STD’s.

  24. Anastasia says:

    Anyone have a trank gun? Aim for her ass.

  25. original kate says:

    ugh. who in their right mind would sleep with courtney love, even 15 years ago? she looks like she’s got about 800 communicable diseases.

  26. Trillion says:

    What Moe said. It’s all about revving up any kind of publicity possible for her CD. Oh and “‘her’ rockstar money”? Please. We all know whose rockstar money that is. Was.

  27. jeannified says:

    I don’t know that Gavin “cheated” on Gwen wit Daisy Loew (I can’t remember if that is his daughters name or her mother’s…but obviously I’m talking about his love child’s mother.) I think they were very good friends for a long time, but then stopped being such good friends when Gwen came along. Anyway, his love child is an adult now of close to it, so he had this affair with her mom LONG before Gwen came along.

  28. JC126 says:

    True or not, Courtney Love makes herself look pathetic with this claim. (More pathetic, I mean.) I bet she’s jealous of Gwen’s life – she’s said before she always hoped to end up with a husband and four kids.

  29. TaylorB says:

    #15 (tg?? can’t read the name over the ## because my ‘puter bites)

    Just to be clear, I am not ‘ok’ with cheating at all, I would be beyond furious, but sometimes couples can work past those things… however, if he cheated with some skanky, hypocritical, bigoted, drug addled moron, who was a walking ‘Who not to Do’ poster child at a VD clinic, I might just snap and actually smack my husband upside the head with a giant box of condoms and divorce papers. I am fairly patient and calm but STD’s do not factor into that, not to mention how low does a person set the bar if they choose to bang filthy, racist dipsh*ts like Courtney Love or that Nazi lovin Bombshell McHooker fool.

  30. Dawn says:

    This crazy b*tch needs to shut up! Who cares? Why bring old stuff up? Gwen and Gavin are looking good and have a nice family. Mind your business lady!

  31. Bella Mosley says:

    In her dreams!! I can’t imagine anyone being so desparate for sex they would stoop to sleeping with Courtney. Eeeeeewwwwww

  32. says:

    oh god, one of the 1st things i think of when i look at Gwen and Gavin, unfortunately, is that whole Marilyn guy. i mean, they were together for YEARS…so i know that doesn’t make him gay per say, and if he was gay more power to hime! but it’s the fact that him and Gwen have the two ADORABLE little kiddies that they parade around L.A. for the Gwen and Gavin show. and everybody thinks that they are just some perfect little family, i’m sorry, but if that’s the kind of lifestyle that you led for almost an entire DECADE, and you were dating and having sex with several other people, as it seems Courtney was kind of say, that behavior and those kinds of sexual desires do not just GO AWAY. And, i might be wrong, but i seem to remember Gwen giving interviews a looong time ago talking about maybe having issues with Gavin cheating, or maybe she said something to the affect that it’s been a big rollercoaster with him… i don’t know. but i always think these things whenever i see all their pictures with the kids. i know i’m probably wrong for it, but everytime i see how funny and kind of flamboyant Kingston is, i ALWAYS think of Gavins affair with Marilyn… i can’t wait for 15yrs to pass so we can see how all these HOllywood Babies that we speculate about all turn out. I’m not saying he’s going to be gay, don’t get me wrong, i’m just saying they are going to have a wild little boy on their hands and i’m wondering how they are going to handle it, especially when a simple GOOGLE search can reveal all this stuff. I mean,we now know that Gavin has had sex with some guy for about 5yrs in ENgland, and Courtney Love. YIKES>

  33. Aussie Mama says:

    Rossdale used to be bi-sexual and was Marilyn’s partner years ago(Marilyn was an 80′s singer, very trannie, like Boy George). Rossdale has a huuuuuge past and has lied to Gwenie on many, many occassions. He denied black and blue that he even knew the mother Pearl Lowe of his love child, until dna finally proved otherwise. The daughter Daisy was not froma one night stand, they were in a long relationship. Gwen won’t leave, he totally owns her ass, she is brainwashed and will sweep this under the carpet, just like she has done in the past. this is what music industry programming does to them, takes their barin away, robotic existence, just like GaGa and the rest of them. They sold their sould to rock n roll!!!

  34. anna says:

    Well, Gwen wrote ‘Underneath It All’ about how she tamed Gavin from being wild into a relationship, so I reckon there was probably a long time of grey area before she managed that!


    You know some real bad tricks
    And you need some discipline
    But, lately you’ve been trying real hard
    And giving me your best
    And, you give me the most gorgeous sleep
    That I’ve ever had
    And when it’s really bad
    I guess it’s not that bad

    You’re really lovely
    Underneath it all
    You want to love me
    Underneath it all

  35. Katija says:

    I would believe he stuck his thingy in a toaster before I would believe it was in Courtney Love. She looks like a sea creature.

  36. gg says:

    NOBODY EVER admits to sleeping with Courtney. Ever.

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    She keeps bringing stuff up because people keep talking to her. If no one was interviewing her, we wouldn’t be hearing it anymore.

  38. AC says:

    PEOPLE! His love child is 20 years old. Gwen and Gavin were not dating and it wasn’t a one night stand.

    I hate to see these two dragged through the mud. I don’t like many celebrities like I like these two and they don’t deserve this. They’re a happy family… ugg… Courtney Love, as if i didn’t dislike you enough.

  39. Trillion says:

    GG: Excellent point.

  40. Aussie Mama says:

    Well he used to be in a sexual relationcship with 80′s transvestite one hit wonder Marilyn, so Courtney is an upgrade to at least a woman! Gav’s got a very, very seedy past and has been called out as a liar many a time. He point blank denied even knowing Pearl Lowe, until dna proved he was indeed Daisy’s father and the relationship was long standing, definately not a one night stand. Gwen will forgive, she always does. In the music industry, these people give away all of their rights, they are zombie robots that can’t think for themselves anyway.

  41. Luci says:

    about to propose to her? HA!
    this woman is a lunatic

  42. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Yeah, not sure he merits tarnishing with the cheater tag – sounds like he was overlapping the two women in the early stages of dating, for all we know it was a mutual thing and Gwen was playing the field too. Bringing up his 20 year old daughter is totally irrelevant, yeah it must have been upsetting to Gwen but they have obviously moved on. I just think it’s pathetic Courtney Love is dredging up men she slept with a long time ago to boost her career, it hardly helps her credibility as anything other than a leech, and I say that having liked much of her music. her persoanlity is just abhorrent though, why does she need to drag a happy family into her sick world? She is just really low and sinking lower, pretty sad.

  43. Jazz says:

    Wasn’t Courtney hittin’ it with Russell Crowe at some point?? And Trent Reznor because I remember some snarky comment about “Three Inch Nails”.

  44. Alexa says:

    Gwen needn’t worry – she’s intriguing enough to squelch any exotic or eccentric urges that might strike her husband’s fancy. Wouldn’t you agree?

  45. Melanie says:

    She seems like she would be a freak in bed, and you know from recent events that men like that, no matter what the woman looks like. Russell Crowe?? Yummy. Jazz, did she say Trent was tiny?

  46. fabgrrl says:

    Stay classy, Courtney! The man is a husband and father, why bring up something seedy like this now? Why embarrass the family this way? This casts a worse light on Courtney than anyone else, “I kept hanging around a man after he started dating another woman, and he threw me a few pity f*cks.”

  47. jiboko says:

    Courtney is sad person. Hope Gavin spent with her very short time while Gavin dated with Gwen. Why has she brought this up? Forget about Gavin and find another single man!!

  48. Rachel K says:

    If men want to f*** skanky cracked up whores, why don’t they just marry them in the first place instead of torturing perfectly decent women.

  49. Lady Jane says:

    Gwen looks preggers in that last pic.

  50. Erica says:

    Nice try, Courtney…funny how you have an album being released and you come out with this stuff.
    You are not a credible person…and do not compare to Gwen with looks or talent…nice try, but you failed.

  51. GINA says:

    Gwen knew about him being a cheater, they reconsiled after and got married. If he is still doing it, then he is an ass!! Marriage just isnt taken seriously anymore or any less really it is just more puplic. In the old days of hollywood things were controlled by puplicist. It was going on back in the day too, we the puplic just didnt have access!! Everyone knew Rock Hudson was Gay, it was no surprise to people in the business, just to the puplic years later. Old Hollywood was about the glamour and the lifestyle, more fairy tale. Today with all the internet access it is just more puplic.

  52. Satonica says:

    What I really hate is that when this type of thing happens in the public eye, the victims, like Gwen, are forced to handle the problem to suit ALL the public rather than privately how their hearts tell them to proceed. That’s messed up. Same goes for Sandra, Elen, etc.

  53. cindy says:

    i would not believe a word that come out of her mouth. she is a nasty wicked lady that has problems and always has to be in the news with bad stuff. never anything good. i say we just stop having her talk

  54. Tom says:

    A few years back, I had a poster with a smokin hot women on it, long dark hair, nice tan, hourglass figure, hot stuff.
    The caption under her picture was
    “somewhere, somebody’s sick of her shit too” Has to be some truth to it, look at Gwen compared to Courtney, look at Sandra compared to Bombshell, that’s right, there is no comparrison. Gwen and Sandra are blowing the other two away yet here they are in the situation they’re in. Ladies, the men aren’t the only ones that screw around

  55. Stella says:

    I typically do not comment but Courtney’s inability to focus on herself and try and garnish attention (publicity for the release) is just pathetic.
    Regardless of Rossdale and his doings, she shouldn’t bring up this junk.
    Courtney is like a hurricane. She whirls through and creates upheaval at the very least.
    She’s lost many friends because of her behavior.
    It’s unfortunate because Love had a chance at a real career (yrs. ago), she’s well-read but has never gained solid footing.
    She wants to move past Kurt yet compares Kurt and Gavin’s talent.
    I stopped feeling any empathy for Courtney when she continued down a destructive path, years ago destroying friendships and efforts of good will and help.
    I would expect Stefani and Rossdale to not even address this because it will just draw more drama.
    I saw CL on Letterman last night acting all zen, etc.
    I don’t buy it for a bloody minute.

  56. common sense says:

    Who are any of them?

  57. mln says:

    Ok I am pretty sure this is true BUT if I remember correctly this was like 1996 or something like that back when Gwen and Gavin were dating who knows if they were even exclusive ??? it’s tacky of Courtney to even bring it up

  58. Linda says:

    Ok. So everyone is getting on Courtney calling her names but WHAT ABOUT GAVIN?? HE IS A WHOR* DOG! Come on, why do the woman always get called names and the men get off easy? IF the stories are true that he was with Courtney so the heck what! He and Gwen were not married, or engaged at the time, BUT if he did father a “love” child which to me is funny to say coz he obviously did NOT love whoever it was he got preggers….than Gavin is nothing but RUBBISH! DO MEN THINK STAYING LOYAL TO SOMEONE IS TO HARD TO DO OR WHAT? MEN ARE WHOR*S TOO. So Gavin, if the shoe fits wear it you JERK!

  59. Amanda says:

    Damn! With all these “little boys” in hollywood banging all these skanky, trashy sluts. I’m willing to bet there is a shortage of Ajax and Steel wool pads in hollywood due to excessive buying from cheaters who need to scrub their “coctail weenies” once they’re done. Might I suggest a boiling pot of water anyone???

  60. HeeHee says:

    Why would he cheat with an UGLY whore like Courtney Love?

  61. Aussie Mama says:

    Melanie, when Cobain was alive, he was quoted as refering to her as “The F*** of the century.” Nuff sed!

  62. Aussie Mama says:

    HeeHee, cos men are dogs deep down, that love the dirty whores. The dirtier the better. Once you realise this, it’s easier to not be disapointed. Expect them to be scum. No disappointments.

  63. al h. says:

    HA…LOL…and YUCK…what a frikkin’ pig she is. I mean just an outright, straight-to-the-core pig.
    And, right, Gavin’s a major pig, too. Two pigs to go.

  64. Glo says:

    Gavin Rossdale must be really embarrassed.

  65. GARY says:


  66. smaepmy55 says:

    I think we live in a pretty sad world. Everything is everyones buisness. No one has any respect for anyone . Its back to its “all about me” for what ever the time being. The great world of technology, and wealth. Who has the want and need to be famous. People use to turn on the television and laugh, and also cry when we lost someone that entered our lives through the media.Today we have reality shows and facebook. I think we can see that even a few people don’t agree with what is brought out on these shows. An example is “Bruce Jenner” on the reality show the “kardasians” Seems to me, that is one man that really gets disgusted with that whole “clan”. Chris Jenner could care less what her kids do , as long as they are making money. Its sad to see the two younger “Jenner girls now becoming Khloe, Kim and Kourtney. I have only seen it afew times and even that were not full episodes, as I asked myself, “who cares about these people”?With that I am turning on “I LOVE LUCY” as we speak.

  67. Missfit says:

    Well…some men don’t admit to their cheating and some men don’t ever change. So if he is guilty for this, then it’s just not all Courtney’s fault, he’s just as much at fault. So I can only hope he straightened his shit out for Gwen and he does whatever she wants, cause he would owe it to her, for all of that crap. But that’s how some guys role, they want to be with the good classy woman and have a trashy whore on the side or back burner, because they want to have their cake and eat it too and have the both kinds of women. I just hope that he isn’t like that anymore. Even if their wife is a hottie, they don’t appreciate it and go elsewhere anyway. No relationship is perfect, I’m sure they have their issues, we all do. I just hope it’s not too seriously bad. I think alot of her songs are still about him. Stuff like…4 in the morning, Breakin up, U started it. I remember hearing her say how one of her songs about him on Sweet Escape, he didn’t like what she said. I think it could have been Early Winter.

  68. DF says:

    I know gav personally. Its all bullsh*t. First off Daisy was concieved way before Gavin and Gwen got together. Second of all I have been to alot of shows and there has been alot of beautiful women there. Gavin doesnt even show a slight interest in the girls that way. Come on now Courtney? With all the lies she spews…she is a attention whore she wishes she as with Gav…he has better taste then that

  69. ViktoryGin says:


    Too busy scamming on the dudes to notice the women, perhaps? lol,

  70. Jazmine says:

    that man was sick and has harpies from skank courtney love she is hideous Gwen is beautiful although im not a fan ewww courtney skank love harpies