Is there any hope for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s relationship?

Jessica Simpson has been seen out looking unhappy and disheveled, and people suggested that she’s been seeing a therapist. Jessica has admitted to psychotherapy in the past, making it likely that she’s getting professional help during a difficult divorce.

When she was photographed leaving a medical clinic on May 29th she may have been seeing a doctor, not a psychiatrist as was suggested. A source told Britain’s OK magazine that Simpson underwent testing for a stomach ulcer. There is no word as to whether she suffered from an ulcer or was treated for it.

As Jessica and Nick get closer to reaching a settlement in their divorce Life and Style is reporting that Jessica has been calling Nick for long conversations late at night. She’s been known to drink and dial, so this could be true:

“There’s definitely a closeness that’s developed recently,” a friend of the couple tells Life & Style. “Things that used to burn them up, like who cheated and why, aren’t that big of a deal anymore,” another insider tells the weekly magazine.

The report claims that the pair are no longer fighting but spending late nights chatting on the phone and having tearful bedroom confessions about what went wrong.

L&S even consults Robert Butterworth a psychologist that tells the magazine that these types of last minute doubts are common. “People often file for divorce in a moment of anger then start remembering the good times as the reality of life without the other person sinks in, Butterworth tells the magazine.

The divorce could be final in just two weeks.

Nick and Jessica have gone back and forth trying to reach a divorce settlement, with Jessica most recently offering Nick an insulting $1.5 million, which he declined. He is entitled to half her earnings during their three year marriage, and she is said to have made $30 million last year.

If this report is true about Nick and Jessica talking frequently, Nick must realize that Jessica is letting her father Joe run the show as usual and is not responsible for trying to low-ball the divorce settlement.

Nick has moved on to a gorgeous new brunette, Kim Kardashian, while Jessica is single after being dumped by Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine. We think Nick feels for Jessica but that he’s not going to get back together with her.

Here’s Simpson at the CFDA fashion awards in NY last night. She seems happier, and it may be because she’s hanging out with her hairdresser, Ken Paves, who is visible is in the background. She looks a lot like Eva Mendes with her hair up like that.

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  1. Jessie Williams says:

    Jessica was always totally unappreciative of everything Nick did for her, unless it was buying her jewelry or having a closet built for her gazillions of clothes she only wants to wear once.
    There’s also the time he built the recording studio in their home and couldn’t wait for Jessica to come home and see it cause “Jessica’s gonna love this!” and what did he get when she finally did come home…”I don’t wanna see it” in that whiny voice just cause that couch she didn’t like was in it…….
    Or even all that work Nick and Drew did putting that grass sod down while she was gone. And that time he put the arcade games in that room upstairs and bought that one especially so she could play it with him. After much convincing, she finally played it and couldn’t even pretend she was enjoying it.
    She was always whining when she didn’t get her way and could never even ACT happy or glad for anything Nick did unless it was specifically done for her.
    A simple “Oh that’s great honey!” goes a long way. She even got the dog she wanted after whining and pouting enough.
    It takes the patience of a saint to put up with that crap. I don’t see how anybody could ever doubt his love and commitment to her. Hers, on the other hand, was always questionable.
    Some public opinion has turned against Joe Simpson because of all the comments that he has made, concerning his daughter having sex and the size of her breasts.
    Normal fathers do not make those comments.
    She’s a spoiled daddy’s girl who does not see anything wrong with her own father making those comments about her. Her only concern is making daddy happy and staying the favorite daughter.
    She does not have the maturity to be a wife. She lets daddy run all aspects of her life, including marriage and the decision about whether to have children with her own husband.
    Daddy will always be the first man in her life, and she will put him first above her own husband. Thanks to daddy, no other man will want her now, except only to use her for sex and publicity.