Jon Gosselin says he turned down Dancing w/ The Stars; Kate’s book bombs

Jon Gosselin Attends A Meet And Greet With Fans At The Green Turtle On April 29, 2010 In Frederick, MD
Kate Gosselin and her two left feet helped boost viewership for Dancing With The Stars this season to the point that it beat American Idol in the ratings for the first time. Not one to be outdone without some kind of weak legal move or passive aggressive jab, a “source” tells US Weekly that Jon Gosselin was offered a spot on Dancing With The Stars next season but that he turned it down. I’m so sure that’s true.

Jon Gosselin won’t be waltzing his way to Hollywood. A Gosselin source says that ABC offered him $500,000 to be on Dancing with The Stars next season – but he turned down the opportunity. “Jon was like, ‘I don’t want to wear tights and feathers,'” says the source. Jon tells Hot Stuff, “I couldn’t say if they asked me or not. But after seeing what the show did to Kate and the kids, I wouldn’t put them through that again.” (An ABC rep says “We do not comment on casting rumors.”)

[From US Weekly, print edition, May 10, 2010]

You know that Jon told this to US himself. The only quote that isn’t attributed to him is the claim. He can’t even lie effectively, “I can’t say if they asked me or not.” He then tries to make himself sound so noble by allegedly turning it down. He can’t stand it that Kate has more going on than he has and that he’s always going to be begging for leftovers from her media table. I doubt it’s even true. Maybe there were some kind of talks but is DWTS even setting up dancers for next season at this point?

Jon is looking thinner and he’s moved into his own apartment after crashing at his brother’s place post-breakup with the last 23 year-old rich girl he was leeching off of. He’s no longer with a DC-area 40-something woman as was rumored and is hooking up with some other random 23 year-old in his area who is proclaiming her love for him on Facebook. (It seems like just about every woman he’s hooked up with has been 23.)

Meanwhile Kate showed off her abs to the paparazzi in a sad and kind of pathetic way to earn some headlines post Dancing with The Stars. You know she hates to be out of the spotlight and will do anything to get press. It even looks like her abs are airbrushed on. At least she’s pulling different stunts rather than prancing around her yard in a bikini. It’s still too cold for that anyway.

And Jon has hired yet another attorney to mount his custody battle. He previously promised to be “moving forward to work out things privately and amicably” with Kate after firing his last attorney. I bet Jon fired the guy because he couldn’t pay him, not because he had any issue with the fact that the lawyer was talking smack about Kate to the press. Jon is just so noble – look he even turned down Dancing With The Stars!

I wrote this whole story up and was about to publish when I came across this delicious news. Kate Gosselin’s new book I Just Want You To Know isn’t a bestseller and has only moved a little over 10,000 copies. She really should have dished the dirt on what an assh*le her ex husband was and then maybe she’d see enough sales to take some time off her media tour – not that she ever would.

Kate Gosselin and her dancing partner Tony Dovolani making an appearance at Live With Regis & Kelly TV Show

Jon Gosselin Attends A Meet And Greet With Fans At The Green Turtle On April 29, 2010 In Frederick, MD

Kate Gosselin Resorts To Retail Therapy!

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Ugh, that picture makes me want to hurl.

    I doubt that a) they offered him that much, kind of common knowledge the “stars” get about $200K, and b) if he did get offered any money for any sort of fame related thing that he’d turn them down. He’s just as bad as she is, and even grosser that he’s seizing on criticism of her to make himself sound more upstanding, that he would never do what he did. Barf.

  2. I used to like Jon. He seemed dumb and immature, but nice. HOW WRONG WAS I on that one!

  3. freckles says:

    Ew… Jon is so gross looking. The girls he’s with are just pure fame whores, because there’s no other excuse to get anywhere near that.

  4. simplicity says:

    They’re both running low on the credibility scale. I don’t think Jon would turn down money for anything. And I can’t imagine Kate having a book that sells. A boring, self serving woman, who chatters endlessly about nothing.

  5. guesty says:

    aren’t their 15 minutes up by now?????

  6. Anastasia says:



  7. lucy2 says:

    Forgot to add that I’m happy her book didn’t sell big, only because after seeing the description of it a while back. It was something that would have been very sweet, letters to each child, had it been kept private just for the kids. Her selling it in book form seemed wrong, just more capitalizing on the kids and their family.

  8. YeaRight! says:


  9. Sarah says:

    I just have to note that, following the link to Perez’s story about Jon’s girlfriend’s facebook page — the best part is that, after she says “I have the best boyfriend in the world,” one of her friends responds: “I just can’t believe you’re dating men again.”


  10. Feebee says:

    I don’t want to see zitface in tights and feathers either. I think he thought he’d be pretty safe putting out that story, it sounds more than a little unbelieveable. A little like Kate’s candid “abs” shot. Yeah she just walks the streets like that. I’ve seen self-absorbed body builders who still wear full t-shirts outside.

    Kate’s book has moved 10,000 copies? 10,000? Is that actual sales or store orders as is soon to be returned or placed in the $2.00 bin? 10,000 morons, oh well.

  11. guilty pleasures says:

    Umm, could someone please forward me the names of the 10,000 people who bought this book (actually more like 1500 cuz Kate bought the rest) so I can get them proper referrals?
    Kay, thanks.

  12. Leek says:


  13. wif says:

    As if he’d turn down a paid gig. He has to spend $20,000 a month on child support. He’s lying…again.

  14. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Jon, you better get your clown ass out there in tights & feathers! You have EIGHT children to support. How dare you put your imaginary shred of dignity above your children!

  15. Leslye says:

    If anyone believes that DWTS offered Jon a job, muchless wanted to pay him $500,000 ( of course, more than Kate supposedly received), when I have some swamp land in Arizona I’d like to sell you. This guy is beyond pathetic. Of course he has another 23 ye old bimbo. He’s so desperately insecure, he needs a woman by him all the time. Next we’ll hear, *they’re soulmates and never loved anyone like they do each other*. Gag.

  16. bellaluna says:

    It doesn’t surprise me to hear Jon turned down the (alleged) offer of a job. It would really hurt his plea of “no job” to get his child support lowered if he actually got paid for *gasp* working. If you call that work.

  17. original kate says:

    his hair is wack.

  18. Taya says:

    Of course Kate has a toned stomach, TLC paid a plastic surgeon to give it too her. There is nothing natural about this hag.

  19. Maritza says:

    His whole self is wack!

  20. Linda says:

    Hey Jon, contact ProActive. You sure are the before!

  21. Tonto says:

    Can we just make these two go away?

  22. GatsbyGal says:

    Hahaha her book sucks, this is awesome.

  23. neelyo says:

    Based on that top picture, should’t the National Enquirer be investigating whether or not Jon has Down’s Syndrome?

    They are grasping at straws. It’ll be fun to see how these two will try and keep the public’s attention.

  24. Catherine says:

    Is it me or is he getting uglier by the day?

  25. Madchen says:

    Who told him he could wear his hair like that?! He looks like a giant baby.

  26. MingMing says:

    I predict a big ‘Jon and Fake + 8’ re-marraige special on TLC.

    Jon on DWTS? Get real! Nobody wants to see his fat jiggly a$$.

    Jon, give back Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s hair!

  27. alexandra says:

    She was the biggest biatch to humpty. She emasculated him all the time. She ran him off. No one can tell her otherwise, just like her dance partner. She is an awful human being. She is nasty. She was never a victim, the only victim was her husband. Who turned into a wild douche after being suppress for so many years.

  28. fritanga says:

    Both Gosselins are absolutely revolting people. Those poor kids – their only hope in life is if kindly nannies raise them (which will probably be the case). Their mother is a delusional, narcissistic idiot and their father is a total douchebag. Nice to find this out so early in life.

  29. Zelda says:

    Wow–a fauxhawk?

    I didn’t think there was anything left, but then he pulls this out.
    His dedication to douching up the world is very impressive.

    He really has no clue how he comes across, does he?

    Please post all news about these two failing whenever possible. I enjoy it very much.

  30. Zelda says:

    If you clock on the link to his facebook chats you see that he pretends he can speak French (he can’t–it’s awful and seemingly google-translated)


    So much douchebaggery. How does it all fit in one guy?

    If he were a character in a book or a movie, I’d complain about him being poorly-written, and “not believable.”
    I am in awe that people like this exist.

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    LOLOL these comments are so precious… I don’t get how this guy gets women… you couldn’t pay me enough *barf*

  32. Wresa says:

    omg, neelyo, thank you for that!!

    Seriously, 14:59…I can’t wait!!!

  33. Dhavy says:

    his fat ass would’ve benefited from DWTS

  34. canadianchick says:

    @anastasia I totally cosign, BOYCOTT GOSSELINS.

  35. ogechi says:

    Love Kate unfortunately.

  36. j. ferber says:

    I read on another site that Kate “revealed the heartbreak” of a seventh embryo that did not make it to one of her 8-year old twins in the book. I’d bet money that the girl never heard of this before and it’s being revealed to her through the book. Sorry, but a seventh baby would mean the others had less chance of survival. The bottom line is, Kate can even exploit a non-surviving embryo in addition to the other eight she’s pimped out to the world since their birth. Deplorable.

  37. Amy says:

    Explain to me again why these two are news-worthy? I still don’t get it.