Britney’s full length “Break the Ice” video

Break the Ice

There was a lot of anticipation built up for Britney’s new music video after some stills were released yesterday. It features a superhero-style animated Britney battling bad guys in Las Vegas. The style of anime is reminiscent of that “Aeon Flux” show that used to be on MTV’s “Liquid Television.” I’m not a fan of Britney’s repetitive video-game dance music, but this song isn’t bad.

It was reportedly Britney’s idea to use animation for the video and that was a wise move given her many image problems lately. She should just become an animated character permanently like Gorillaz, only venturing out as an alter ego of her cartoon self.

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  1. cc says:

    I like it, but then again, I am a gaming nerd :)

  2. Kolby says:

    It looks SO much like Aeon Flux.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    I like it a lot! I don’t agree with you, I don’t think Britney should permanently be an animated character. She will fix her image problems and go back to being the hottest princess of pop! Britney is a legend, the Gorillaz are not.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Sign #4556757 That Things Are Going Very Badly For Your Career: you don’t actually appear in your newest music video.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Britney is not a legend for her singing ability, Britney is a legend and will be a legend for being the most screwed up celebrity on earth. What is saving britney’s career are the good beats that are over shadowing her horrible voice. The video is typical anime, but still a good video. One question though, how the hell does the video relate to the song?.

  6. mitsu says:

    Sooo….I’m looking at the top two items here on the front page of Celebitchy, and it looks like both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are now animated characters. This is a bit too surreal. Do you suppose this means they’re thinking of getting back together? Perhaps for the sake of little Huey and Louie? They do need little Dewey to complete the set, after all…oh wait, that’s right, that’s Adnan’s kid. Maybe he’ll turn into a cartoon character next, he’s already halfway there.

  7. Snowblood says:

    Anonymous, You Are Wrongo, boyo. Britney was extreme-famous for ten years before her downward spiral began a couple years ago. Jesus, JESUS!!!! I get so sick and tired of the same old asinine bulshit cruelty speweing out of the same old coward-anonymous fugly puckered little mouths.

    Jaclyn, Yes! Totallt agree.

    GOG I am so sick of Britney Spears bashers. Bashing Brit is so (literally) last year. Get with the times, “anonymous,” and see if you can’t actually grow yourself a little semblance of a heart in the meantime.

    I do NOT like Anonymice. Little skeezy cowards, 99% of the lot. Fuck off with your worthless hatred, all you anonymice bastards, for real. “Kind” is the new black. Haven’t you heard?

  8. Miss Luigi says:


  9. Fran says:

    I don’t like it and she doesnt even look like her!!

  10. Arwen says:

    Cool clip. Song is a bit meh, but I’ve never been particularly into her music.
    I wish her the best and hope she keeps climbing from here, though I would really consider if better if she took a complete break for at least a year, or until her life was stable, her health was better, and the media drama around her had died down a bit.

  11. Sarah says:

    What a crappy song!! There is no variance in it whatsoever. Not even a much needed key change around the refrain. Sth similar I can arrange withing half an hour an my computer. There was that “Gimme More” Song even better than this repetitive crap!

  12. hairball says:

    Totally agree with you Sarah. Song and video are complete CRAP. Terrible.

  13. Wif says:

    Snowblood, what do you mean ” “kind” is the new black. Haven’t you heard?” ? I don’t understand what you’re saying.

  14. Jody says:

    Here’s the deal, Britney has always been a much better dancer than a singer– that is fact. The best part of her videos is the dancing, she also has really good mixes– but it’s the dancing that makes it. I was left wanting. The beat was fast, and the anime short was too slow for my liking, but I am a fan of her dancing.

    That being said, I’m very happy to see her life making a turn for the better, and it has been nice to read all of the good press. I came to realize that I was getting much too excited for Mondays, because there were three days for Britney and her bazaar behavior to unfold. That is not healthy, her sleeping at night is healthy, so yay for Britney’s progress!

  15. journey says:

    do janet jackson and kirstie alley know about this? no need to worry about losing any excessive poundage when a video or show is coming out, just anime! if only brit had thought of this before her slow, disjointed dance performance on, was it the grammys?

  16. Anonymous says:

    you’re an idiot get an education you dum bitch.

  17. Anonymous says:

    you’re an idiot get an education you dumb bitch.

  18. AC says:

    britney is a great … was a great… performer and thats what she was known for. amazing dancing and perfectly put together performances. Until she can do that again she has little claim to fame. I don’t hate her or love her but I could watch her dance all day (back in the day)

  19. JaeMae says:

    I miss old Britney. The crazy Brit was fun for awhile but now I just feel bad for her. I would love to see her come back and kick some ass.

    NO ONE does it like Brit.

  20. Alex says:

    That’s a cool video, seems like Britney hired some capable people!

  21. monk says:

    whatever she is, she is talented, no matter under what cercumastances she is. People like to see the others fail, but she is the one who won’t…

  22. Kattybitch says:

    The video’s great if you turn the volume down all the way. THe song was repetitive but the thing that annoys me the most recently with her stuff is the spoken sentences in all her damned songs.

  23. FF says:

    Doesn’t look anything like Aeon Flux. Aeon Flux owed more to Egon Schiele’s art style.

    This just looks like any MOR anime style.


  24. zzs says:

    Whoever said Britney is a legend is a moron she is a talentless has been.