Russell Crowe: “I’ve been sold as an angry person & that’s just not true”


Here are some new photos of Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett at the photo call for Robin Hood. Robin Hood is the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival, and it’s also going to be Cate’s big “comeback” after more than a year spent doing theatre stuff in Australia and Washington. I’ve missed Cate, haven’t you? Especially on the red carpet. We needed her to be our great fashion icon. Cate was prepared too – delivering a great fashion moment in a very interesting, beautiful pale pink suit. Russell looks like he would rather be in a bar, or that he’s just come out of a bar.

Anyway, Russell and Robin Hood director Ridley Scott sat down for an interview with The Daily Telegraph. Russell is still trying to convince us that he’s not a hyper-aggressive toolbox, like he did in his GQ UK interview. The full Telegraph piece is here, and here are some of the highlights:

Russell on the character of Robin Hood: “We never assume that he is a charitable person, he’s not. He’s totally about looking after himself but he develops into this other thing, mainly driven by the desire, I suppose, to be loved by Marion.”

Russell on working with Ridley Scott: “I love working with him. On a film set with Ridley Scott I trust in the fact the infrastructure is there, I trust in the fact that even though he’s making an expensive movie it will not cost one dollar more than it needs to because he has a very responsible attitude to where the money’s being spent. He knows how many severed heads he’s got in the effects department; he knows what he can use and how quickly he has to move, and I really respect that.”

Russell on his image as an aggressive bully and a “difficult” actor: “When you read it in black and white it sounds like I was being ridiculously aggressive, but one of the main misunderstandings is that I’ve been sold as an angry person and that’s just not true. I like to put a lot of effort into what I do and that comes with a certain amount of energy, especially when you’re weary and it requires you to dig deep inside yourself… I certainly have a temper that can flare up, but having a temper is a completely different thing from being an angry person.”

[From The Telegraph]

Do I buy that Russell is just a misunderstood guy who has maligned in the press? Not really. I do think he’s such a talented actor, and I also think he’s probably a total douche unless he considers you a friend.

By the way, the tales of Robin Hood’s disastrous film production have already come out, but here’s another piece of “what were they thinking?” info. While everyone knows that it was a very expensive film to make, and that it went over budget, new information indicates that it ended up going about $80 million over-budget. Originally, it was thought that it cost $155 million to make, but the actual budget is rumored to be $237 million. And that’s before the promotional and marketing costs! Good Lord. They really need this movie to be a hit.


Cate and Russell in Cannes on May 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. meme says:

    i’ll always love you, russell.

  2. canadianchick says:

    I love Cate, really fun fashion misses are at gofugyourself. Russell likely overcompensates for the fact he didn’t finish high school, will catch this flick on dvd.

  3. Joan says:

    I think Russell is overrated although I really did enjoy his performance in The Insider. I can bet that he has a heck of a temper although I’m sure it’s cooled off since having kids and being married. The real bad boy days are over for him.

    I actually can’t take my eyes off of Kate in that picture! She is gorgeous! Those shoes are lovely as well. I wish I looked so good. :)

  4. g says:

    He’s probably misunderstood but at least he’s been allowed to make dolce vita$$$$ anyway.
    Others havent been allowed to be as fortunate-sooo many evil malevelent people out there!
    Esp if seriously intelligent.

    world is run by devils carers unfortunately. ce la vie

    But yeah ruski’s a douche-this aussie agrees somwhat. still like him though, but I also know if we met we’d probably try to punch each other out after awhile. Disposition difference is one of sensitive/creativity versus sensitive/thick-headedness.

  5. Amoosed says:

    Did anyone catch his BBC radio interview last week on the Mark Kermode movie podcast? (If you are into movies I do recommend that podcast – Mark Kermode is a Brit who really knows movies.) Anyway, Russell thought Mark was another Brit interviewer who had been very unflattering years earlier – and showed he could definitely hold a grudge. It was quite amusing!

    Having said that – Russell was in Total Control of that interview – and maybe that is why Russell gets all the negative press, journalists clearly can’t cope with Alpha Males.

    Also – totally off topic – I love Cate’s shoes.

  6. Matt says:

    I love it, he’s not an angry violent maniac he just acts like one, and it affected his career.

    Buy, Buy Russel Crowe.

  7. meme says:

    @Joan MAXIMUS overrrated? Surely you jest, have you seen A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, LA Confidential? The man is a great actor and both he and Cate are real movie stars. Not like those twilight twits.

  8. LindyLou says:

    Love the outfit and the shoes. Love Cate!

  9. SallyJay says:

    PLEASE. He is awful. Angry and awful.

  10. CathyT says:

    Why did they spend so much money on this movie? Did they really need expensive battle scenes? Robin Hood is a outlaw in Sherwood Forest, which is not close to the ocean despite what the trailer shows! Robin and his band of merry men survive by using guerilla tactics on their home turf in the forest, not by assembling an army to storm the beaches in heavy armor.

  11. carrie says:

    i like Crowe’s acting:it’s always strong!
    and i just saw “robin hood” this afternoon.It’s a strong movie but less epic i expected :Crowe is really good but the rest of the casting is underused or nothing to act(Cate Blanchet is beautiful)

  12. Sns02215 says:

    Right. Cuz people who are NOT angry throw phones at hotel clerks. I would have sued that jerk’s ass off!

  13. I Choose Me says:

    Oh my, Cate is sublime in that outfit. The hair, the makeup, the shoes – she is the epitome of feminine classiness.

  14. irl says:

    lovin’ all these RC posts!

    I always thought they were selling him as an angry person and never thought it true.
    Sure I knew he had a temper but most intense people do. If he’s nothing else he is intense.
    Having a temper is different then being an angry person for sure.

  15. Joan says:

    @ Meme –
    I didn’t like Gladiator at all and enjoyed A Beautiful Mind the first time around. (I didn’t see Cinderella Man.) Also, I thought L.A. Confidential was rather so-so on the whole – I think it was a bit violent for my taste and therefore I couldn’t appreciate too many of the characters.
    I suppose I liked Russell before he became too well-known. I could be willing to give his version of Robin Hood a try, though! He reminds me a bit of Richard Burton.

  16. scotchy says:

    i just saw this movie, and it is actually the story of robin hood before he becomes robin hood so there is a battle of course between the french and english in the sea, hence water scenes.
    the film was all in all entertaining..
    i too dig cate’s shoes

  17. Mingo says:

    Actually I think he’s been sold as a drunken, narcissistic bore. I see and read nothing to dissuade me of that image.

  18. Camille says:

    Nice to see 2 co-stars who aren’t all over each other while trying to promote their film.

  19. Confuzzle says:

    Fat thug. What’s with the sunglasses, pretentious much? Cate doesn’t seem bothered by the sun.

  20. g says:

    still a great actor even though is a monarchist-as for Kate damn hot!

  21. Sincerity says:

    Frankly, I love to see Russell Crowe on the screen and he rarely disappoints anybody performance wise. However, I can understand why he’s trying to project a much more “mellow image” because he wants people who may be put off by his well known “prima donna” antics to see this movie. Being talented is wonderful; however, being “bankable” will ensure that he continues to work in Hollywood and his most recent films have not done very well at the box office.

  22. Jaxx says:

    I’ll never be able to watch this film and forget that he was so bloated and fat that tiny Sienna Miller made him look fatter so she got axed. She would have made a great MM, however, I will enjoy seeing Cate in the role. Him, gross, gross, gross. Robin BlubberHood.

  23. serena says:

    The movie was great. I don’t know about Russel’s accents ’cause I watched it dubbed, but it was really a masterpiece of a movie. 10/10 stars, and it upset me seeing how much digraceful it was for the critics.