Scientologists Celebrate Tom Cuise’s birthday with cruise ship blowout

Gawker has a new video of Tom Cruise’s birthday party on the Scientology Cruise Ship. It features footage of the band playing the theme songs from Top Gun and Mission Impossible while Cruise whoops and claps in the front row. Then Cruise takes the stage to sing a duet of “That Old Time Rock and Roll.” He jams out with the singer, jumps around, and looks like he’s having a great time.

In the Church of Scientology’s statement on the Andrew Morton bio they say that Tom Cruise does not hold any position of authority in the church, but Gawker points out that they’re willing to spend what must be at least six figures on this party for him.

The thing is, this video is fun and not that damning if you forget that the Scientologists are involved. Watching this, I was thinking “I wonder if everyone who works on that ship is a damn Scientologist. Is that singer a Scientologist? Can anyone escape their love bomb?” You know if Tom Cruise were talking Scientology to me I would probably look down at his wild sexy eyes and just smile and nod, losing all that pent up suppressive knowledge and anger. Damn you, Gawker, for making cults look like they have fun in between taking money and making people disown their families.

The video seems to be taken from a DVD of Scientology moments, because you can see someone chose from a menu at the beginning and there are small icons of Tom Cruise. Maybe Gawker has their hands on that DVD and is going to release more clips next week. Please let that be the case. And no more party videos. We want more speeches we don’t understand about things we’ll never grasp unless we embrace the program and surrender all our worldly goods and critical thinking skills.

You can watch the Tom Cruise party video at

Update: This clip is undated, and seems to pre-date Tom’s relationship with Katie Holmes.

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  1. Phil McCracken says:

    “You know if Tom Cruise were talking Scientology to me I would probably look down at his wild sexy eyes and just smile and nod, losing all that pent up suppressive knowledge and anger.”

    Celebitchy, it’s too bad for you that the Cruiser is G A Y.

  2. Scott F says:

    Yeah, and those cats at Jonestown were quite the party-animals as well. Great punch, killer hangover.

  3. gg says:

    Not only that, but I bet even the cooks are $cientologieses too.

  4. Roma says:

    Wait… if this is his birthday celebration, where’s his wife??

  5. Phil McCracken says:

    Cruise’s birthday is July 3rd, too.

  6. celebitchy says:

    Roma this is an “undated” clip which probably predates Katie. I will update with that because I didn’t mention it and should have.
    @Phil – I don’t think Cruise is gay at all, and have even exchanged e-mails with the supposed hooker he wrestled with. I really don’t think he’s gay.

  7. anonymous says:

    Yes, EVERYONE on that ship is a Scientologist. Even the singer. I once knew someone who was asked to take a job on that ship (complete with the 5 000 year contract and all) and I was told I could never go on (okay, we were engaged) until I became a scientologist, that everyone that walked on it had to be one.

  8. Phil McCracken says:

    A male hooker, of course.

  9. headache says:

    CB, I don’t think Cruise is gay either. Narcissistic and maybe asexual if anything.

    John Travolta on the other hand . . .

    Then again, I’m not even sure about him. I saw him on an epi of fear factor cheering on Kelly Preston and at the time I was wowed by how much they seemed to love and adore each other. Of course, they are actors.

  10. Jayne says:

    I really like Tom Cruise and I can’t understand the need for venom against him. He is sexy I agree. Don’t give a damn about his beliefs.

  11. Scott F says:

    Jayne: I think the reason people hold his Scientology beliefs up to such scrutiny is because HE chose to make it such a central pillar of who he is. He’s not Tom Cruise anymore, he’s “Tom Cruise, Scientologist.”

    When you vocally go around saying psychiatrists are the worst criminals the world has ever known and telling seriously disturbed people to dump their meds in the toilet, you’re at best an idiot, and in Cruises case, a heavily-indoctrinated idiot whom people actually listen to.

    Just listen to his rants some time, he flat out says that Scientologists are the only ones who can really ‘help’ anyone, and the rest of us are useless mouth-breathers sitting around waiting for ‘permission’ (whatever the hell that means).

    Guy is a great actor, but a grade-A douche.

  12. MSat says:

    It’s not a matter of liking him or disliking him- he just acts like a moron! This clip is seriously embarrassing! I would be mortified if there was footage of me dancing around like a drunk and singing…badly. And I’m not a movie star.

  13. Phil McCracken says:

    Cruise also said he can’t wait for the day when SPs (Suppressive Persons, which is anyone who isn’t a Scientologist) are “only read about in the history books.”

    I’m having menstrual cramps. Maybe Cruise can help me with that, since it’s probably all in my head…just like the advice he gave to Brooke Shields.

    I think he’s gay and he is using Holmes and Suri as props to make him look hetero…his career would be over, otherwise. He’s a very limited actor who mostly does action movies anyway.

    Rock Hudson, Part Deux.

  14. gg says:

    I don’t know many people who think he was ever a “good actor”. He just does that blinky thing and stutters a lot.

  15. Breederina says:

    Tom Cruise is not a closeted gay. He just has sex with men once in awhile. Secretly. Which he denies. Vehemently.
    As for being a woman straight or gay married to a gay man who loves and adores you, the Travoltas’ didn’t invent that arrangement. Isn’t it called a” New York Marriage”?

  16. Jayne says:

    I see nothing embarrasing about the video. It is harmless fun. I watched those videos and am sure he is not going to kill any of you, LOL. To each their own. I like him, you don’t not big deal.

  17. gg says:

    He’s still douchetastic, though. ;)

  18. Zanna says:

    I don’t think Cruise is gay at all, and have even exchanged e-mails with the supposed hooker he wrestled with. I really don’t think he’s gay.


    That just…..GAY.

  19. rose says:

    I also like Tom Cruise and while some might not agree,he is one of the very few actors that I consider to be a major movie star.I think he did some major damage to his image when he went OFF on Matt Lauer.I could really care less if he is gay and if Katie’s marriage to him is only an “arrangement” then she obviously know what she got herself into and is playing her part accordingly.

  20. xiaoecho says:

    who is that woman in the white pants suit…….I’m short sighted but it looks like RACHAEL GRIFFITHS


  21. Jess says:

    So this is what scientology is spending all the money they take from member’s pockets? A party for a mult-millionaire.

  22. Syko says:

    Odd. I never realized his voice was so high.

    I was a little taken aback by how hysterically funny he found the clips from his old movies. Isn’t it weird when people laugh so hard at things that aren’t really funny?

    There was a time when I thought he was reasonably attractive – Risky Business, Born on the Fourth of July, even Top Gun. But that fervor in his eyes, the laughing too hard at things, and his attitude, have all turned me totally off. I feel the same about pictures of him as I do when I see a slug oozing along the ground.

  23. geronimo says:

    Syko, you have put your finger firmly on the thing I too find most unerving about him. It makes him seem quite deranged and unhinged. I can remember seeing him do this in interviews long before he went so public with Scientology. Like a nervous reaction or something. Scary.

  24. gg says:

    I wonder if everybody walks around on eggshells at his home, hoping to not piss off his highness, for fear of some manic lecture. ugh.

  25. XenuChan says:

    what is with tom’s shabby outfit? He looks like he came straight from RPF.

  26. Jayne says:

    The attacks on Tom Cruise are going too far and are going to backfire on the campaigners against scientology. This video is an invasion of his privacy and I doubt will bring down the church any way.

  27. skyblue says:

    That video was painful. What astonishes me is that it was made to be shown to other people – it was shot with 2 cameras then edited. It would be bad enough if someone in the crowd just held up a camera for the hell of it, but they actually thought this extended moment of douchebaggery was worth preserving. And that last note the singer hit was so off key it was hilarious… “Aaaahhheeeiiii!”

    I thought he was cute back in the day (anyone see Legend?), but that was around the time had a crush on Boy George.

  28. Arwen says:

    Tom Cruise comes across like he studied human behaviour from a book and is now attempting to show it..

    If he started talking to me I’d probably back away slowly while not making any sudden movements. He looks manic. Hungry.

    I couldn’t care less if he’s gay, but he’s made himself the figurehead of a cult that seperates sick people from their medications and vulnerable people from their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters – not to mention all the money they own and all they can borrow. That’s my problem with Cruise.

  29. gg says:

    Jayne – how is slamming Dum Cruise in a gossip site going to backfire? Planning a little “backfiring” with your little “church”? And then in the next sentence you say it won’t matter anyway.

    The video was slickly produced for viewing purposes. How is this an invasion of his privacy?

    So what is your real problem? No one is afraid anymore of these nuts, so can the artificial threats.

    Cruise plays the exact same character in every role he gets. The confused, blinky stuttering “cute guy”. Tired and worn.

  30. Phil McCracken says:


    It’s probably no coincidence that the man you had a crush on (Boy George) turned out to be GAY…same thing with Cruise.

    By chance, did you also have a crush on George Michael? We all know how that scam went down….oops, no pun intended.

  31. Phil McCracken says:

    Not sure how reliable this article is, but if it is true then Cruise is nuttier than we thought:

    Katie Holmes has told friends she feels like a “prisoner in my own home” as her controlling husband goes security mad.

    The former Dawson’s Creek actress reportedly made the comments after her husband, Tom Cruise, announced plans to have a $1.3m security system installed at their $40m Los Angeles home – dubbed ‘Cruise Castle’ by friends, according to Showbiz Spy.

    A source close to the actress – who fears the star will have no personal space away from domineering Tom, said: “Because of his high profile, his children and his Scientology connections, Tom believes his family is vulnerable to potential kidnappers, stalkers and crazed fans.

    “Katie will barely be able to move around her own home without being monitored by cameras and electrical devices.”

    Tom and Katie have almost completely rebuilt their home since they bought it in May last year,” Showbiz Spy reports.

    “There will be codes and devices that only Tom will have the secret information to operate,” adds the sources – who also said that Cruise, 45, learned about the high tech security systems while filming the Mission Impossible films. “It’s incredible how safe this house is now.

    “Katie, who led a carefree life before she met Tom, says it’ll be like a prison.

    “Every move she makes inside or outside their house will be recorded.

    Friends of Katie, 29, are already concerned she doesn’t have enough freedom from the Top Gun star, who they claim, approves her friends, her trips, screens her calls, controls her spending, and decides when and who they go out with.

    “At home she would often go to a bedroom of her own and spend hours there with Suri,” the friend tells Britain’s Now magazine in its latest issue. “Now she says she’ll feel as though there is no escape from Tom’s controlling ways.

    “You can escape the eyes of another person by going to a different part of the house.
    “But (Katie) knows she can’t escape the roving eyes of the cameras that are constantly sweeping the house.”

    Within the grounds of the couple’s house, there’s a small guard house; 24/7 cameras; floodlights activated by movement; and guard dogs. An electric fence around the grounds was, however, ruled out – but a moat inside of the compound will surround the 13,000sq ft mansion if permission is granted.

    “Even that wasn’t enough for Tom,” adds the source. “He wanted to build a fortress that couldn’t be breached – and that’s what he’s done.”

  32. skyblue says:

    It’s probably no coincidence that the man you had a crush on (Boy George) turned out to be GAY…same thing with Cruise.

    By chance, did you also have a crush on George Michael?


    Phil, you nailed it, LOL. My gaydar was infallible back then. If I had a crush on him, he was gay. And yeah, I adored George Michael.

  33. headache says:

    Who didn’t adore George Michael?

  34. frewt says:

    …I feel the same about pictures of him as I do when I see a slug oozing along the ground.
    Syko | 03.15.08 – 6:56 am | #


    For real Syko – for me he elicits the kind of shocked revulsion that I get when I’m sitting in a restaurant and a cockroach scuttles across the floor.

    Hehehe ok, I’m exagerating a bit but I do think the guy is a major tool. He seems to be constantly acting and it just doesn’t seem cool or genuine. I think Nicole has an inbuilt dork homing device, Keith’s a bit of a prat also.

  35. gg says:

    and I know he caused the Brangelina triangle!!! That damn Angifer!

    lol just kidding.

  36. brit says:

    hes not gay, he was with me last night.