Us Weekly: Jennifer Aniston thinks she looks “rough”

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Damn, someone has it out for Jennifer Aniston over at Us Weekly. Or maybe they just got a really, really bitchy source. The gist of the story is that Jennifer saw a cut of her film The Switch (the one with Jason Bateman), and Aniston asked the film’s producers and director to retouch her scenes because she thought she looked “rough”. I have no idea if this story is fact or fiction, but when I saw the trailer for The Switch, I thought Aniston looked the same. She always looks the same – perfectly highlighted hair, cute clothes. I didn’t notice anything “rough” about her, but I guess that’s not the point of the Us Weekly story. The point is: Aniston is 41 years old and she wants to look younger. Who doesn’t?

At 41, Jennifer Aniston’s age is starting to catch up with her.

When the actress recently watched the final cuts from her upcoming romantic comedy The Switch (out Aug. 20), “she thought she looked rough — especially in the daytime scenes,” a movie insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

“She wanted them retouched further, but the studio had already spent its postproduction budget,” continues the source. “The studio discussed making her foot the bill for any enhancements.”

Though a rep for the star tells Us that “all films go through print adjustments, and this is no different from the rest,” the insider adds that Aniston was just as self-conscious during filming, often pulling her hair down to cover any facial lines.

Snipes the source, “She’s starting to show her age.”

Making matters worse: The actress — who once declared she’d be “devastated” if coffee, dairy or wine were cut from her diet — is currently filming Just Go With It alongside 23-year-old model Brooklyn Decker, who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue earlier this year.

Aniston “is jealous” of Decker’s hot bikini bod, adds a source.

For more details on Aniston’s grueling seven-day-a-week exercise regimen, her “obsession” with staying young and her deprivation diet (that includes baby food, despite her denials), pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

[From Us Weekly]

The hair thing bothers me. Pulling your hair down in your face is such an immature mannerism, and I really wish Aniston (and other women) would pull back their hair once they get to a certain age. You’re not hiding anything. You just look like a 40 year old who wants to pretend you‘re a teenage girl hiding a pimple. Not a good look. Regarding Us Weekly’s tease of Aniston’s baby food diet, Jennifer already denied that last week, saying: “Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was 1. I’ve been on solids for about 40 years now.” Still, Us Weekly’s bitchy source claims that Aniston is “always on a diet” and while on location in Hawaii, she’s been “spotted eating pureed food”. Also: Jennifer is still smoking? The source says she smokes a pack a day, AND she does an hour of cardio everyday. Well, at least we know how she got those toned abs. And if the smoking thing is true, we also know why she’s worried about her skin.

Jennifer Aniston enjoys the lively atmosphere on the set of Just Go With It , under the Hawaii sun

Brooklyn Decker shows off her fantastic bikini body while shooting Just Go With It on a beach in Maui

Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker are entertained by their co-star Nick Swardson on the set of Just Go With It

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  1. erika says:

    That woman works CONSTANTLY to look the way she does. I suppose that’s admirable, but imagine how stressful… anyway, she looks a million times better/more natural than a lot of other ladies in their late 30s-50s who are trying not to age (Madonna, Demi Moore.) So something is paying off (yoga? pureed food? not being married or having kids?)

  2. maria says:

    She’s not rough – but she’s not pretty, either.

  3. Tia C says:

    Those are good guesses, Erika. I can attest to the not having kids thing keeping you looking younger. I look way younger than my friends who have kids (IMO of course, lol). But I digress…

    I don’t really understand why Jennifer Aniston gets so much coverage in the gossip rags and on the websites. I am a fan, but I don’t think she’s all that interesting. Not enough, anyway, to warrant so much gossip attention.

  4. Missy2025 says:

    I am 100% not a fan of this woman, but I don’t believe this story at all. I’ve never seen her skin looking anything less than flawless even in candid pics and in the age of the ultra-zoom lens, some pap would have gotten close-up shots of any lines and wrinkles on her face.

    I do buy that shes probably insecure, especially around the swimsuit model, but I’m calling crap on the rest.

  5. meme says:

    @missy – totally agree. there aren’t many women who wouldn’t be insecure around a bikini clad brooklyn decker.

  6. Lisa says:

    Ya, she should stop the smoking. I know how hard it can be, but she should really give it up. You can’t smoke and expect to look young at 41. The last movie preview I saw of her “The Bounty Hunter”?, I noticed how stretched out her face looked. She looked much different to me. I would rather see a few wrinkles on her, rather to see that botoxed (or whatever she has had done) look.

  7. denise says:

    Get this chic some self esteem quick.

  8. krissy_kitty says:

    I bet Angelina’s people had something to do with this story after everyone gasped at how much her Salt poster was “retouched”…. lol!

  9. zen says:

    I dont believe any of these stories about Jen. Cant say Im really a fan but she doesnt annoy me either. I think she’s just a target for the tabloids because she’s usually a private person.

  10. Visitor says:

    “I really wish Aniston (and other women) would pull back their hair once they get to a certain age”.

    Just wondering I am 45 should I let my hair down at this age? What if it hangs over my face sometimes? Should I wear a bun like my grandmother used to? At what age should this happen? You should let Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren, Heather Locklear, Michelle Pfeiffe, Jane Seymour, Brooke Shields, Sharon Stone, etc. know this as well. These crazy women wear their hair down also. I really wish that women would learn what is appropriate at what age. Thank goodness we have blogs like this one to let us know. I never realized that I should pull my hair back to let people know my age – thank goodness I know now.

    What about men at what age should they not wear their hair a certain way. What about Johnny Depp don’t you think that his hair hanging over his face is a little much for a man of that age?

  11. Kaiser says:

    Vistor – There’s a difference between wearing your hair down, and wearing your hair pulled in front of your face, half-hidden. Many women of all ages manage to wear their hair down without looking like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club.

  12. Lisa says:

    But I do want to also note that I have a Greek friend (a female Greek friend) that told me that Greek women have to work pretty hard past a certain age to keep their looks because they can start to look manish with age.

  13. lmae says:

    every actress in Hollywood – hell, the world – is always on a diet. every. single. one.

  14. Visitor says:

    Tia C – I agree with you. But you know what, notice how the story about Jen not eating baby food was the number 1 story at People for days. This story about Jen on US Weekly already has almost 50 posts in just a few minutes and the story about Sandra from yesterday only has just over 100. Any story about Jen is always a number 1 story and has many, many hits. I have never figured out why. It is so weird.

    Notice as well when she promotes a movie every single stop and an analysis of every dress is posted on almost every blog. Weird. Why? I have never figured it out. I just don’t understand.

    I understand that US Weekly wants hits – however I am disappointed that they talk about women this way. Can you ever imagine a man being a target of something like this. Like George Clooney is jealous a a new young co-star and is eating baby food. They will do this to women all the time – but never to men. Makes me sad.

    And by the way US has been after Jen since she went on CNN and stated that the story about her engagement to Vince was not true. That really made them mad. They have tried everything since then to bash her.

  15. LindyLou says:

    She looks a little puffy in some photos but that could be because she drank wine the night before?? Most of the time I think she looks freakin amazing. There’s lots of 40ish women who would kill to look that good!

  16. Blaster says:

    I’m just wondering what a photo of Brooklyn Decker is doing on this post when the movie Us Weekly was talking about is her one with Jason Bateman?

    Subtly making a casual comparison?

    Honestly, JA is screwed no matter what she does. SHE seems just fine with how she is. Yes, she exercises and does pilates and whatever but since when is that a crime???? She never claimed to be that size naturally. She’s always been open about how much she enjoys exercising.

    She’s not running through the streets crying, with mascara dripping down her face, clutching her barren womb, screaming for a man while simultaneously devastated by how she thinks she’s ugly while gobs of leftover baby food dribbles down her chin.

    She’s constantly working and enjoying her life.

    Why tabloids and the public who buy these magazines want to believe otherwise is beyond me. And I agree, I don’t know why Us Weekly has it out for her.

    And regarding the smoking…it’s a disgusting habit. But if we’re going to criticise her we’re going to have to do the same to CZA, Salma, Eva, Kate W, Brad P, and countless others.

  17. Dobben says:

    “Vistor – There’s a difference between wearing your hair down, and wearing your hair pulled in front of your face, half-hidden.”

    I don’t get what pic of Aniston you’re referring to, Kaiser. I’ve never seen her seemingly trying to hide behind her hair (i.e., the “You’re not hiding anything. You just look like a 40 year old who wants to pretend you‘re a teenage girl hiding a pimple.”)…


  18. Toe says:

    Brooklyn Decker has some major Big Mac/cheeseburger/camel toe going on there. I would be devastated too, if i had to compete with that.

  19. snowball says:

    When you have people who loooove to rag on you for your chin and jaw shape, for the shape of your nose, who love to call you “Mannifer” – why should it be a surprise that she doesn’t like how she looks or how people think she looks when she pulls it back? It’s not like Hollywood is oh, shallow?

    How often do you see you know who with her hair scraped back? She looks like a skeleton, so she keeps it down and styled around her face. She gets a pass because she’s younger?

    Isn’t US Weekly the same rag who has the inside source that says Brad makes fun of her all the time? Sounds like someone at USW has a hard-on for making insulting headlines about Jen.

    She hardly looks like Cousin It. She pulls it back at the top a lot lately. It’s her hair and no stylist has been fanatical enough about changing it. It works for her.

    Look at the crap Zellweger has done to herself, no matter what she does now, she looks painful, hard and like she sucked a lemon with a greasy, uncombed hairdo.

    Women go their entire careers with the same haircut and she’s hardly the first actress who wears her hair framing her face.

  20. Maritza says:

    I would feel insecure too if I had to work beside Brooklyn Decker, just look at her, she is gorgeous! She is young, blond and beautiful, guess who wins?

  21. Shay says:

    If she stopped smoking her head off, she woudn’t look ‘rough’.
    Lisa that ‘ethnic’ comment is bordering on racist, that Greek women have to work ‘harder’. It’s BS. If you travel to Greece and have a look at the female celebrities they have on offer, they make Aniston look like a troll, and they don’t have to work as ‘Hollywood’ hard.

  22. scorpiogal says:

    @ Toe: WHOA! I didn’t even notice that epic camel toe until you mentioned it…how did I miss that?? LOL.

    But camel toe aside- I can absolutely see being insecure working with Brooklyn Decker. It would be pretty hard to measure up no matter what your age though…I’m pretty sure Jen wouldn’t have looked like that even at 23.

  23. Rachel says:

    If only I could be as “rough” as Jennifer Aniston! Life would be pretty good.

  24. guesty says:

    bd is prolly making her a little insecure with her age & all.

    that being said…CANNOT stand when other women criticize other women’s hair. such a pet peeve of mine.

    one of the most attractive things about jen aniston imo is her gorgeous hair.

    so gonna have to agree with visitor on that one. geeze.

  25. Blaster says:

    Oh god…and this is posted under “Aging” too!?….

    How about…when she gets cheek implants the size of hamhocks a lá Madonna we can start doing that?

    And I can’t believe the “Mannifer is JELUZ of Brookyln” rumours are already being believed so readily. Let’s keep it real. If ANYONE would be jealous of Brooklyn on that set, it would be…oh I dunno…NICOLE FREAKING KIDMAN!!!! The woman who REFUSES to to be seen without at least 2 vials of botox injected into her forehead, not to mention the injected lips!

    That would make more sense, because while Jen exercises (SCANDALOUS!!) she hasn’t done to her face what Nicole is doing/has been doing for years. THAT reeks of insecurity to me.

    But of course, Nicole is married with a baby and Jen is aaalooooonnnneeeee so even though Keith Urban was known to cheat on her early on with skanky groupies, Jen is the one who is insecure.


  26. Cheyenne says:

    Oh puh-leeeze, tabloids make up bullshit to sell magazines. I don’t believe that story that Brad makes fun of Aniston any more than I believe Angie’s people put this current story around. I don’t think either Brad or Angie spares Aniston a moment’s thought.

  27. Lisa says:

    @ Shay: How is that bordering on racism??? A Greek woman told me that.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I think she looks the same, and she looks fine. She works to stay in amazing shape and looks a decade younger than she is – as do many actresses her age. I think the tabloids just like the insecure Jen stories because for whatever reason they sell. Kind of silly.

    My guess is she wears her hair down because it simply doesn’t look as good pulled back.

    Tia C, I agree – I like her, but don’t find her THAT fascinating that every magazine must publish stories on her every day.

  29. Blaster says:

    Oh someone mentioned this somewhere else but JA was an Executive Producer on the film and her production company is behind it – she would have seen her work throughout the filming and editing process (in between exercising and tanning of course ::rolls eyes::), so there’s no way she “saw the final cut” and decided she suddenly “looked rough.”

    I think US Weekly is reverting back to the “Jen Iz Lonely and Insecure” stories because they sell, no matter what she does (see my above comments). And because their biggest sellers: Jon&Kate and The Hills cast are now irrelevant.

  30. Dallas says:

    Rough? No! Gorgeous? Yes!

    Continue to do what it is you do Jen!

  31. Rose says:

    She 4 years older than me and I think she looks terrific.

  32. Miss Thang says:

    “She’s not running through the streets crying, with mascara dripping down her face, clutching her barren womb, screaming for a man while simultaneously devastated by how she thinks she’s ugly while gobs of leftover baby food dribbles down her chin.” -Blaster

    LMAO! This is awesome!

  33. RobN says:

    If she were insecure about working with a young supermodel, then she wouldn’t have taken on a movie where she had to work with a young supermodel.

    If she were insecure about her age, she wouldn’t have made a point of pointing out that she was over 40 in the baby food quote.

    So she works hard to look good; anybody know an actress who doesn’t?

  34. skibunny says:

    The blonde girl is obviously very attractive but honestly Jennifer Aniston has the better body. By far!!!! And hair.

  35. voiceover says:

    @Blaster and Miss Thang: you took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for the laugh!

  36. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I love your comment Blaster, I almost spit my OJ on the screen it is so funny!

  37. ogechi says:

    Well, Jennifer stories sell.

  38. Just my opinion says:

    She has a history of doing this. I remember years ago Allure magazine wanted to do a cover she didn’t like. She flipped out and threatened to not do anything for them again. So, they used an old magazine shot she liked. Ted Casablanca witnessed her at the Oscars asking the photographers to see the pics of herself. He insinuated that she was more interested in her photos than her date, Mayer. And, he’s a fan.

    So, I think she’s obsessed with her looks because that’s Hollywood, folks. Most of her fans seem shallow–always praising her looks. So, of course, she wants to maintain that. Too bad she doesn’t put the same amount of effort into her acting. Then, she might have more respect from people who aren’t as shallow.

  39. Lilias says:

    She looks fine.

    I think that people who criticize others about exercising are really just jealous that they make the time and effort to look as good as they do.

    Jennifer Aniston doesn’t lie and act like her body and youthful appearance come from “good genes” or “drinking a lot of water”. She sweats for it and there is nothing weird about it. And it’s not stressful. I work out a lot and I love working out. I love sweating and knowing that I’m going to be healthy and feel great and accomplished for the rest of the day.

    And the hair thing is silly. She has long hair, like a LOT of other 40-something actresses. She wears it close to her face because it looks good that way. I expect in that top picture it was windy (as evidenced by the few blonde strands whipping away to the right) and the hair flipped into her face.

    Interestingly the only other pictures of her you chose to use were ones where her hair is pulled back.

    She doesn’t do the Cousin It thing with her hair. Ever. I’ve never seen it and I’m a fan of hers. She has gorgeous hair and she likes to keep it where people can see it, front and center.

  40. EMV says:

    I only hope I can look as good as her when I’m 41.

  41. voiceover says:

    @Just My Opinion: I LOVE Ted. He’s only ever had nice things to say about her, really. That stuff about Allure magazine; where did you read that? I’ve never heard of it before. Was it a tabloid story like this one? Even if it were true, I can see every. single. actress. being concerned over the cover photo chosen for a magazine. I would, if it were me. Finally, I don’t like how you group all of Aniston’s fans together as “shallow”. I’m anything but, and I have to admit I admire her for her personality and the fact that she doesn’t change her look or her behavior based on what everybody says of her all the time. Her movies? Meh. But as a person, she seems very genuine. And you can’t blame people for noticing her looks. She looks bangin’.

  42. Majosha says:

    EMV: You and me both.

    Blaster: Great comments! *tips hat*

  43. mollination says:

    Damn! Brooklyn Decker is a freaking babe!!! I’ve never even heard of her.

    As for Aniston, she is positively radiant (especially for her age, but I don’t want to include that as a stipulation, because she looks good no matter how you cut it). If this story is true, I wish she were happier with herself. She’s always projected a very in-control, confident, content persona though. So either she’s a very good liar, or this story is crap.

  44. krissy_kitty says:

    Amen Blaster!!! lol.

  45. Just my opinion says:

    I disagree, voiceover. The whole Allure thing was not tabloid. It was talked about in the press.

    I think Aniston is very shallow. I’m sorry if that offends you fans. She actually said staying at a luxury Mexican resort was the equivalent of helping the Mexican people.

    “Why did she choose Mexico where she has gone many times before? “These people survive on us coming down and spending money,” Aniston explains. Considering the country’s troubles with swine flu and drug trafficking, “It sort of made sense to sort of say, ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico.’ ”

    And, she only picks the lamest, most shallow films. She promotes bottled water, which pollutes the environment. She drives giant SUVs, and talks about saving the environment. Her interviews are filled with dumb cliches. She spends a lot of time working out, tanning, promoting herself, selling water, perfume, etc. Doesn’t she have enough money by now? Again, shallow, shallow, shallow.

    And, I didn’t say all her fans are shallow, but if you actually look at the comments here–it’s mostly about looks.

    I personally prefer stars who are more talented, and who do meaningful movies: Kate Winslett, Blanchett, Catherine Keener, Rachel Weisz, etc. I admire those women. Sorry I’m not a fan of the shallow queen. No offense to you.

  46. Visitor says:

    Just my Opinion:

    Actually – just to point out the whole Mexico thing – Jen was right. Right after H1N1 Mexicans were laid off in huge numbers. The Mexican economy was hurting because tourists were afraid to go down to Mexico.

    “Tourism: Foreign currency from tourists contributes to development, particularly of poor coastal regions, adding $13.2 billion to the economy in 2008.10 However, tourism is vulnerable to economic shocks and other factors. Tourism in Cancún alone, for example, dropped 82 percent in the first two weeks of the H1N1 breakout.”

    At the time it was all over the news about how devastating it was for Mexico and the workers there. Because Jennifer is a star Jen going to Mexico signals that it is safe to go and a good thing to do. She probably saved hundreds of jobs in Mexico.

    By the same token I think that what Sean Penn is doing in Haiti is great. Each star has a different means of helping others and does it in different ways. That does not mean that one way is better. We need everyone to help out. By staying in Mexico Jen probably paid for close to one hundred individuals wages and sent a good signal out about Mexico.

    Unfortunately all stars talk about saving the environment and pollute it by driving big cars and flying all over the place. Really sad. Jen is not alone in this. I am hoping that you post the same thing on Leo, Brad, Angie, etc. All are guilty of this. And I agree it is bad.

    I enjoy serious movies and I enjoy comedies and action. What a actor decides to do for movies has nothing to do with what they are really like. They are acting. That is like saying that since Kate only does drama she has no sense of humor is always serious, never laughs and is hard to be around. Similar to saying that a comedian is never serious and shallow. I also enjoy Kate, Blanchett, etc. I also think that Tina Frey is great and not shallow just because she picks up crazy comedy roles. Here’s to hoping that you never watch a comedy. What a shallow thing to do. I’m thinking that you probably don’t laugh much either. See how easy it is to say how I think you are when I don’t even know you.

    And finally every actress and actor spends alot of time promoting themselves it is their job. Imagine how shallow was it of Kate Winslet to be the face of Lancôme’s Trésor campaign, and what about her whole controversy over the photoshopping “Kate it seems, has a bit of a history with being “excessively” retouched”, or how about the fact she went so public with her children after the divorce from her husband. I agree they are all shallow – just a bit hypocritical to call Aniston out when all stars are the same. I look forward to seeing you post on others who are just as shallow like kate.

  47. Majosha says:

    Just My Opinion: Maybe the reason most of the comments on this thread refer to Jennifer’s looks is because the story in question is ABOUT JENNIFER’S LOOKS. Nice try, though (not really).

  48. original kate says:

    overall, i think jen looks great – amazing body. but her face does look a little worn – i think it’s the smoking.

  49. RHONYC says:

    if those boobs are real, brooklyn decker’s a bonified ‘genetic freak’.

    golly! :-)

  50. Ursaline says:

    Thanks for the response to Just My Opinion. To add to it, Jennifer Anniston did also do charity for Haiti by working the telephone fundraiser with a bunch of other celebrities. It seemed like good intentions if nothing else.

  51. nnn says:

    Age and heitgh may be the reason why she may feel insecured towards 22 years old Brooklyn who could technically be her daughter.

    Many women still feel that being tall and leggy versus petite and short legged is an advantage in the beauty department.

    As for age, well it’s not just a question of looks, it’s a question of being and therefore still having more options because of the timeline of your journey of life.

    Since according to her ex, jennifer is stuck in 1998, since she referred to her age on her last b-day as being 30 something and not wanting to be recalled that she is 40+, this may be an element of insecurity in an industry where beauty and youth (BEING young) are worshipped, where Brooklyn Decker embodies that flambayant youth she had 15 years ago.

  52. PJ says:

    Aniston would have been crazy to accept the part if her co-star’s looks or youth bothered her. Especially since the plot involves Adam Sandler choosing between Jennifer and Brooklyn.

    What do you bet Sandler picks Jennifer in the end?

  53. tar says:

    She’s 41. She looks fantastic for her age.

    OF COURSE if you compare her current self to her past self, then she does look “rough”.

    Nobody is going to look as fresh and dewy at 41 as they did at 21. But as you age, other things like confidence, maturity, & wisdom (just to name a few) replace your young elastic skin, and can be just as, if not more, beautful.

    However, when your whole career is based on not only good looks but looking as young as 21 year old up and comers, then you got problems.

  54. rraven says:

    Even if JA is shallow, is that such a bad thing? better than being thought of as crazy or slutty or a homewrecker or some other indefensible thing. As for the mexico help out statement, I think it came across as shallow because instead of just giving away stuff, JA always does charity in a way that references her lifestyle first, like working out or yoga or vacationing or her celebrity in general before the cause, which isn’t bad because she at least tries to help, but can be misconstrued as shallow.
    I vote that she is a little shallow, in that very good gorlfriend who you can gossip with and go shopping and talk about trends and fashion with but everyone has layers and depths, she is 41 and has lived through things so she has sides most people probably don’t know about. See, I have all these opinions about her and to be honest she doesn’t even interest me that much, not her personally of course, but the image of her and her acting etc

  55. Cuckholddd says:

    @Just My Opinion

    I’m still not getting this “shallow” thing you keep saying. She donated $500,000 to help Haiti. Was she being shallow then? And she probably just wanted to go tanning when she hosted that benefit for Haiti in New York and when she answered the phones during the telethon.

    Or what about her continuing work with St. Jude’s these past few years? You’re right. She’s probably only thinking of herself when she visits them and how glad she is that she had a head full of beautiful hair, unlike those poor sick children. Not to mention when she films PSAs for the hospital with the children.

    Seriously, the hate this woman gets. You’d think she made a habit of purposefully running over puppies, skinning them in her lair and making a warm, puppy-fur coat.

    Oh, and take a look at @Blaster’s comment. She’s an Excecutive Producer for the film! Her production company was behind it as well. She would have seen herself as the film was being edited so there’s no way she could have been “surprised” by how she looked in the final cut! Unless of course her head was replaced by a Gremilin.

  56. Lisa says:

    I definitely don’t hate JA. I think she is a beautiful woman and please…. most people are shallow to an extent (we are all guilty of being shallow from time to time), doesn’t mean she is not a good person. But she does need to stop getting botox or whatever it is. I don’t care what anyone says, she is doing something to her face. But it still irks me what you said Shay. F U, that was in no way meant to come across the way you perceived it.

  57. Mistral says:

    This is a non-story. Who hasn’t felt they look rough from time to time? We all have our insecure moments and go through “rough patches” depending on stuff like stress, our period, how rested we are, etc. She puts in the time and effort and looks great, end of story.

  58. WendyB says:

    Visitor’s comment cracked me up! What I could read of it, that is. My hair is in my eyes.

  59. Camille says:


    And yes she does look like a 40 something woman no matter how much her (just as loonie as the Brangeloonie fans) fans try to tell us that she looks ’10 years younger’. She doesn’t. She looks like a 40 something woman who puts a lot of effort into looking the best she can. And there is nothing wrong with that either.
    Everyone gets older, there is nothing that can be done about that, no matter how good the fillers/plumpers/surgeons scalpel is.

  60. Ann says:

    Big deal. Women need to stop getting so hysterical about “aging”. We’re just following the rules set by men who think they can be 50 pounds overweight, balding and still be cat nip to supermodels.

    Women in their 40s look great.

  61. Tru says:

    its called aging and yes, Jennifer it will happen to you. She must live in a bubble or something.

    its natural, she has the money she’ll get more nips and tucks and shots but its gonna happen. if you embrace it, its more gentle on you.

    if you try to fight it you’ll eventually look horrid.

  62. nnn says:

    At the end of the day, whatever formula we use to slow down aging process, our body has still the age we have.

    Our heart, muscles, organs are that age and we are all more prone to illness, less energy, ect as years go by.

    At 40 you are not old but you are not freshly young either and statistically, you begin the second part of your life journey.

    You will also noticed that as young as you may look, most people know your age and will expect you to behave, talk, dress in par with your age…mainly they will tend to look more behind your physique…you are more define by your history, maturity, what you have done,your accomplishment, your physique being just one of the element than defines you and that will be less and less important.

    At 20, you don’t have that maturity because fresh with no history, hence your physique defines you more than your (lack) of accomplishements and that’s where you are young, makes mistakes that are more tolerated because you are into a learning process into adulthood.

    Being young makes you prone to mistakes and wrong doings are tolerated because you are a ‘student’ of adult life.

    That’s where the insecurity, envy can come with mature women/versus younger ones because as you age, even when your body is still good, you lose that candor and innocence and may envy that in young people.

    Women who have grown and lived their life, youth to the fullest without regrets appreciate the calmness and serenity that goes with aging and maturity and are more secure with their physique and changes in their body. Women who define themselves/perceive themselves more in the prism of physical appearances will have more difficulty to feel secure because their competitors are those fresh 20 something who are defined mainly through their physical beauty because they are too young to have built something more consistent than physique or are in a process of building their own persona, learning who they are and starting to accomplish what will also defines them.

    Again, in a journey of life, whatever your physique, your social relations are defined using criteria that are different according your age. Meaning, when you are 40, your ‘attractiveness’ factor is most definitely seen in a palet of criteria that is much more complex than sheer physique. And that is a fact wether in social relations, including with potential partners.

    That’s why also 40+ years old men and women tend to look for a partner with a decent physique and great personality or other non physical criteria while the younger ones are more physical driven.

  63. Nataloo says:

    I am not a fan of Jennifer’s work, but she is undeniably attractive. She seems funny, down-to-earth, and most importantly – nice. I am 25 & I would LOVE to have Jennifer’s body (and I am pretty in shape myself). Her bod is smokin’ hot. She might not have the world’s most beautiful face, but she has a sexy complete package overall.

    I don’t believe this story, but I do believe that she has some self esteem issues. I lost respect for her when she got back together with John Mayer after he kept yapping his trap & told the paparazzi about how he DUMPED her! How humiliating. (Not to be dumped, but the way Mayer blabbed on & on about him being the one to kick her to the curb… That was so rude & disrespectful, and it says something about her that she went back to him.)

  64. A says:

    I actually like Jennifer Aniston. She is harmless – makes some funny movies, never really states anything TOO stupid, and stays mostly out of the way. I dont know…I feel we should applaud older women who are just themselves. Besides, that bikini broad will age like everyone else. She looks wonderful, but so does Aniston. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe SHE is a little nervous around Aniston? The woman is rich, connected, and a real powerhouse.

  65. nnn says:

    I don’t beleive for one second that 22 year old tall Andy Rodick’s wifey is intimidated by Jennifer Aniston.

    Like you said, jennifer’s persona is perceived as harmelss by many people. It’s where her attraction come from. She doesn’t look ‘star’ and her Rachel TV persona is still perceived as the biggest accomplishment, hence she is still largely perceived as a TV star (something that Georges Clooney has succeeded in doing, making people forget that he was doctor Ross from TV) first trying to get credibility in that transition from TV to silver screen.

    She has that girl next door, buddy vibe that don’t trigger that star truck, intimidation factor.

    So i don’t think that BD is intimidated nor star trucked by her to the least. She may be more intimidated by the main male actor or Kidman though.

  66. Carrie says:

    I AGREE Just my Opinion! Only recently has she done charity. So, she donated a dress showed up at a swanky fundraiser or did a commercial. Big WHOOP–she’s a saint. And, Aniston’s Haiti money came from a fundraiser she held, so it wasn’t EVEN hers. I think it’s fair NOT to like her for MANY reasons. She’s a famewhore, she’s obsessed with her looks, sells pollution water, She’s FAKE

  67. Sdee76 says:

    Aging is hard for people like her because she refuses to evolve. Jen, honey, time to give up the romantic comedies that work for girls in their 20′s. She is so shallow and one dimensional.

  68. whatever says:

    I think the Mexico quote is hysterical. So staying at an uber-rich, swanky resort suddenly amounts to helping “the people” of Mexico? Why not admit you are on vacation rather than turning it into some shameless charity plug? How is she helping? By putting a few cabana boys in business with her drink orders? Or, tossing some poor maid a few dollars? This shows you what a spoiled rotten yuppie she is. What a turd ball.

  69. Boots says:

    Jennifer, Brad, and Angelina are the tabloid press’s modern day epic. Beowulf as written by a bunch of bitchy women unsatisfied with their own lives. The only time they’ll ever print something complimentary about either Jennifer or Angelina is if they’re using it to stick the boot into the other.

    Brad, as a man, gets a free ride. Running other women down to make yourself feel better is how you play the game. So Angelina’s an anorexic harridan and Jennifer’s a lonely wrinkled up old prune and blah blah blah. Yawn.

  70. Marjalane says:

    What a crock of doody. Even Jennifer Anniston knows if you’re not dead, you’re going to get older! The Hollywood ladies have several advantages over us mere mortals, (ahem) but even the best plastic surgery can’t save you- only attitude can, and that’s what Meryl Streep and Jamie Lee Curtis, and even, (blech) Sharon Stone have. They may have had “work done”, but they certainly aren’t Nicole Kidman or Kim Kardashian. Bitter unhappiness shows itself at any age, and for whatever reason, I don’t see that kind of unhappiness on Jennifer Anniston.

  71. amle says:

    I cant believe so many morons believe this article. bwahhaha
    By the way, Jen
    s body is a heck of lot better than that other gals.

  72. Shells says:

    @Cuckholdd. What about the St Jude commercials? What do they prove exactly? Commercials aren’t reality. While I don’t think she’s a terrible person, I wouldn’t call those commercials proof of anything.

    If you go to the Ellie’s website (the little girl who was in the commercial) written by her mother (it’s incredibly touching!), she talks about filming the commercial with Aniston:

    “Before you knew it Jennifer arrived. She was beautiful and she was thin. Super thin. Ellie was on set with Richard and when I heard she was here, I snuck around to the front where Diana and Emma were. Jennifer went up to Erin and gave her a big hug. She then shook hands with everyone and headed to the back room. She arrived with her bodyguard, two wardrobe people, a make-up artist and her hair stylist Chris McMillan. Chris was so nice. He has been her stylist for years and it was his cut that caused the US sensation on the Friends TV show. Remember the Rachel haircut? He has a salon in Beverly Hills that many celebrities frequent. He was extremely friendly and funny and spent most of his time with Erin, Sandy, Beth, Emma and Diana in the front of the house.

    When Jennifer was ready, she came onto the set and met Ellie. She was very sweet to her and gave her a big hug. She was not really overly warm fuzzy. She was nice and she was professional. I can imagine how hard it must be to live her life I could tell she was very guarded.

    We were there for 3.5 hours. Ellie was a trooper and it’s so hard to tell from what I saw what the final scene will be like. I am sure they will edit all the good parts together to make one finalized product. Ellie was fidgety at some points and didn’t look at the camera the right way at others or she tapped her foot, which made background noise. Little things. A five year olds attention is easily distracted. At one point she stood up and told everyone her underwear was sweaty. It was hot in there. She also asked Jennifer why she had on so much makeup. Jennifer replied that she was old and needed it. It was cute. She played with Jen’s hair and fluffed it up. I asked Jennifer to tie Ellie’s sneakers…not once but twice. Diana called me Dina Lohan and said I was a ruthless stage mother. That Diana, she’s so funny. Ellie also complained about the remote battery pack that was tucked in the back of her pants, she thought it was uncomfortable to sit on. Her and Jennifer compared notes about the location of the battery pack and Jennifer said hers was up high and she wasn’t sitting on it. They had cute banter back and forth like that.

    All in all, it was amazing and to stand back by the director and see Ellie perform and to have Jennifer Aniston sitting right beside her was the neatest thing. They had good chemistry and Jennifer hugged and kissed her on every take. I am so proud of my little girl and the opportunity that St. Jude has given her. For us to be able help St. Jude make money for all the kids that need it is a blessing.”

    Then, Ellie doesn’t have much contact with Aniston after that, until she’s asked by Access Hollywood to film an announcement for her, telling her she survived cancer (while Aniston was on the red carpet promoting Love Happens).

    Aniston seems nice, but again, you can’t say you know someone from a commercial. It’s appearances versus reality, and who knows what celebs are really like behind closed doors?

  73. amy says:

    aniston never donated any money to haiti the 500 thousand never happened doctors without boarders recieved donations from sandra,giselle bragelina and other celebs

  74. amy says:

    she denies any silly story about her but will not deny the one about donation half a million to haiti or going back to her ex she is selfish and self centered

  75. s. says:

    Meh. I don’t love Aniston and I think she has a fugly face. But neither do I think she is a raging ball of insecurities, either. She was married to a self-absorbed dude, they divorced; I bet she’s relieved about that. She has many, many, many millions of dollars and an incredible house. Her body rocks, and overall I think her life sounds sweeter than 99% of other folks’ lives: married, with children or not.

    The fact that society wants to paint all single women of a certain age as total losers is terribly misleading and terribly misogynistic.

  76. random says:

    She is just a normal human being with the fears and insecurities we all have…she happens to be an actress too so obviously every blemish is now magnified…from personal heartache to body image issues every bit is publicized -that doesn’t make her strange or abnormal. unlike the likes of jolie, fox et al who must live on the brink of starvation and swear by the blade of a surgeon’s knife for their looks and yet try to pass it all off as natural, jennifer has always advised sensible eating and exercise and claim those as reasons for her great shape -she is honest and fortright. and please, now women are to be told when and how they need to do their hair! ridiculous! how dare you dictate at what age a woman can leave her hair loose – it’s an indication of your chauvinism and heavens help you with that. you go Jen aniston!

  77. Lilias says:

    amy: Seriously? “wake up America” over whether or not some random celebrity donated money to a cause or not?

    It’s not that serious. Repeat that in your head over and over.

    And she did donate $500,000 to Doctors without Borders, Americares and Partners in Health. Stop spreading malicious lies, it’ll only come back to bite you in the butt.

    Also, how do you know she’s selfish and self-centered? Are you her best friend? Have you ever come into personal contact with her? I didn’t think so.

  78. CB says:

    Aniston is the most boring celebrity out there. She has had the same hair and look and rhetoric for countless years.

    Heard it said once that she’s the most over-rated average-looking woman in H’wood. Have to agree.

  79. margo says:

    she does look rough, not very pretty, best thing she did was marry Brad Pitt

  80. Marieme says:

    OMG! If this is true then it’s the most honest she’s been with herself in a loooong time. We’ve been saying she looks rough since “The Break-Up.” She looks like a man. A Maniston.

    Watching her play opposite Ben Affleck in HJNTIY was cringe inducing. She looked more like his mother not girlfriend. This is why she uses her body so much – to deflect from her fugliness.

  81. Chico says:

    Shells–interesting read. So, Aniston shows up with a 5 person entourage to do a commercial for charity? Full make-up. It’s important to look good when promoting charity, right? And, the mother describes her as professional, guarded and not that warm/fuzzy. Hmm . . . how not shocking. I always knew the sweetheart thing was just for the camera.

  82. Josephina says:

    Just My Opinion-

    Bravo. Well said and ITAWU.

    There is so much more to value in a woman than just her looks, especially after 40. I think she is well preserved. Still, she has not reached any sex symbol status because she does not exude the confidence of a sexy woman. She is not a bombshell like Halle Berry, Gisele Bundchen or Farrah Fawcett. She is a woman that works hard to keep fit and that is a requirement to stay relevant in Hollywood.

    She is a popular, comedic actress whose personal life seems boring. She vacations at the same Mexico spot year after year, or month after month. Her dyed hair has been the same for ages. In most of her interveriews and the celebrity blog sites, such as this one, people talk about her hair and body because this is what her fans like to hear more about. And she hangs out with her friends a lot. At 40-41? Yawn.

    When she was on Friends, her talent was much more talked about as well her looks. She has been in a lot of movies, but she is still better known as Rachel…and the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, which is left an un ugly mark because she allowed herself to be known as someone’s ex. And, unfortunately, she is not above dating manwhores like John Mayer and Gerard Butler.

  83. Big Smile Huge Grin says:

    One can only imagine how damaged herself esteem is after being told she had to lose 30lbs in the first season of Friends.

    I like her but I’ll be lying if I said she doesn’t annoy me with her teeny bopper behavior. Compared to other women her age…Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek and women younger than her like Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Aniston lacks a certain maturity. She acts and talks like she’s in her teens. Even the latest teen sensation, Kristen Stewart acts more matured than she does and this is why silly stories like these surround her. If this was about any other actress, even little Dakota Fanning, it would have been scoffed off because SHE, as young as she is, does not project an air of insecurity.

    So instead of blaming everyone and their mama for always picking on “poor Jen”, how’s about we blame squarely on the shoulders of whom it belongs…Jennifer Aniston.

  84. frenny says:

    Who wouldn’t be insecure compared with Brooklyn Decker in ANY age?

  85. Granger says:

    Where are people getting the proof that JA smokes? I thought she quit years ago — and if she really smoked a pack a day, why aren’t there any pics to prove it? I see photos all the time of Katherine Heigl and Kate Winslet with cigs hanging out of their mouths, but I haven’t seen one of Jennifer Aniston in years. Somebody enlighten me, please.

    On another note, this is such a stupid, useless article. I’m not a JA fan but I don’t believe it for a second. I’m sure she has her “off” days, where she feels old, tired, and maybe even “rough,” but don’t we all? I’m willing to bet, however, that she feels pretty good about herself most of the time. She works very hard to maintain her physique, and spends a lot of money on her skin and hair. I would too, if I had her money!

  86. Visitor says:

    As predicted: # 1 story here at celebitchy, #1 story at US weekly, was #1 story at People. A couple of weeks back her baby food story was #1 on Huffington post as well. What is it about Jennifer that gets so many posts? Love her or hate her she is the #1 seller for all magazines and blogs. Never does a week go buy without a post. Crazy.

    And LOL at some of the “hate” comments. People are so desperate to make her look bad that some of the posts are just good fun to read. Love that some people post to say she is boring. If she was boring they won’t be posting.

    Oh well just another day for Jennifer. Still rich, still loved by friends, family and fans, still loving her job, still helping others. She has it all and we have our computers. Who wins?

    And as for the article – total BS. Everyone knows this but loves to comment because it is Jennifer.

  87. Chico says:

    Yeah, she’s #1 in everything, just not the box office. Her last movie came in #3. She’s more known as a tabloid sensation than for her talent. I still can’t get over the fact she shows up with a 5 person entourage (bodyguard, make-up artist, two wardrobe people, and hair stylist) to film a commercial for charity. How vain. Proof positive that she is just that shallow.

  88. mln says:

    Jenn was never a delicate beauty but she is aging OK, and her body is sick

  89. clare says:

    Why is Jen too old to do romantic comedies??? I think 40 years olds and up enjoy romantic comedies with older women!
    She looks darn fine for her age- she should hold her head high, and be proud!

  90. crazydaisy says:

    brooklyn decker is going to be old one day, too. youth is just one part of life. if you’re lucky and live a long life, that is.

    had to scroll back for the camel toe. lol. looks airbrushed to me.

  91. The Bobster says:

    JA, it’s time to stop teasing us and start considering the Playboy spread.

  92. Jen the FUG says:

    Jennifer really looks like a 41 year old dried old maid.. anybody saying she looks younger is a LIAR!!

  93. Jen the FUG says:

    by the way she should avoid pouting like in the first picture she looks like an old hag without her denture… SHE LOOK UGLY.

  94. bebbi says:

    Most people look rough in their 40′s. It effects women more than men, in terms of dealing with it. Poor Jen.

  95. Stacy says:

    I am so sick of the media picking on her and others doing the same…I see people complain she is in the news too much, but its the press that wont leave her alone…I am divorced and would be so upset if everything I did was compared to my ex or his new wife..its the press that wont get over it….give the gal a break…I think she looks wonderful!!! Go Jen!!!

  96. Josephina says:


    There is no hate here.

    We would not have known about how she feels unless she tells us, which she did. This woman did not take the high road, she fought back through interviews and unfortunately, revealed her level of immaturity and insecurity while going through her divorce. We do not know what her ex-husband feels other than he stated it was a dead-end marriage for him. No wiggle room there at all. He obviously wanted a big family, he said so while he was marreid to her, and he now has that family– with someone else.

    She keeps agreeing to interviews as late as this year where she still refers to her divorce from Brad. Why? Why allow People magazine do a front cover that states “Five Years After Brad?” Why state in Architectural Digest, of all places, that you have been doing spring cleaning for the past 5 years? Who are you fooling? Brad never mentions her because she is part of his past and he leaves it there. Ms. Aniston? Not a chance.

    No one is picking on her. She does it to herself.

  97. CB Rawks says:

    If she’s smoking then that accounts for looking rough. I had no idea she smoked. Pretty foolish when you consider that her business forces her to obsess over her looks and youthful image. Why not just draw the lines on with a sharpie marker?

  98. Visitor says:


    Sorry your post is in the wrong area. This post was about Jen and attitudes towards women not Brad/Jen and their five year old divorce. Move on honey, move on. No one cares anymore. We are more interested in what Jen is doing today and how the whole blog world seems to revolve around what she wears and what she thinks ,who she is dating and the 500,000 she gave to Haiti.

    LOL at the “no hate here” though. Nice try.

  99. Big Smile Huge Grin says:

    Rolls eyes!

  100. Cheyenne says:

    @Visitor: According to you, she is the #1 tabloid queen. What an accomplishment.

    What she is doing today adds up to several mediocre rom-coms and not much else. Helping others where?

  101. Visitor says:

    $500,000 isn’t helping others?

  102. Chico says:

    Yeah, she helped for St. Jude’s. She shows up with her 5 person glamour posse to film a commercial next to a 5 year old girl w/cancer and no hair. She had to get dolled up for the cameras even on that day. Then, she had little contact with that young girl. She didn’t even know the girl survived cancer until Access Hollywood told tell her about it. What a great help.

  103. Camille says:

    Yes Chico, thats right, Jennifer is a Saint don’t you know! All praise Saint Jennifer Aniston!!!11one!

  104. Josephina says:

    My comment is just that. Indeed, it is a form of criticism and certainly not hate.

    My comments will probably never read the way you “see” her as this carefree…woman. When she speaks she offers insipid thoughts. It takes a special fan to think her way of life as inspirational…

    If you can reference some imaginary amount of money donated to Haiti in Feb/March, then I can certainly use the same time period and reference her “thoughts” from direct quotes in recently completed interviews.

    If she threw herself into her work it would show. The fans and the critics would notice. But since that is not the case, we are left with … this blog.

    She works very diligently to maintain her physique. It is not likely that many women will exercise three hours a day as a routine fitness regimen. Since she does do it, my hat is off to her for that. I will admire her more the work ethic and determination to stay fit and far less for the results.

  105. Bunny says:

    Doesn’t she smoke? She can talk about eating healthy all she wants, but eventually the smoking catches up with you.

  106. I enjoyed your article and the information that are provided. There are a ton of ideas out there that are both reliable and bad. If you know of any more ideas concerning travel tips or simliar topics, that would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the excellent writing!

  107. David says:

    Brooklyn is a pig faced long necked fake boobed giraffe. She is NOT better looking than Jennifer she just looks more like a porn star. Jen has a natural beauty, athletic and stylish.
    I have dated many women in their 40s and they do NOT look as youthful as Jen. She DOES look about 30 compared to regular women. She looks like a Young Woman. Although since humans are living beyond 100 these days 40 isnt even middle age anymore. Humans are aging slower now.