Elisabetta Canalis is on Twitter, comparing Jennifer Aniston to Iggy Pop


LaineyGossip has been following Elisabetta Canalis’s comings and goings for a while now, even when most of us (me) were pretty sure that Canalis was on the way out. After her seemingly disastrous appearance with George Clooney at this year’s Oscars, I thought she would be long gone. But she’s still with him, and she’s doesn’t give a sh-t if he hates stuff like Facebook and Twitter and any sort of media that would put out a less-than-whitewashed image. Canalis has a Twitter account! It’s kind of unbelievable, but LaineyGossip confirmed it. Here’s Ely’s Twitter feed. It’s mostly in Italian, which I don’t speak, unfortunately.

Anyway, apparently Ely spent her Memorial Day reading magazines and tweeting. Sounds like Lindsay Lohan, actually. But Ely is a bitch, and she’s actually pretty funny, if Lainey’s translation of one particular tweet is accurate. Allegedly, Ely tweeted: “I’m flipping through the new Rolling Stone. Iggy Pop on the cover is the double of Jennifer Aniston.” Oh, GOD. Here’s the original tweet in Italian:


[From Ely Canalis’s Twitter]

Is that an accurate translation? Anyone who speaks Italian, please confirm it or correct it. Now, as to what she said and why she might have said it – well, Ely has met Angelina Jolie. Could it be that Canalis is just a bloodthirsty Team Jolie fangirl? Or that Canalis has had some kind of run-in with Jennifer Aniston and didn’t care for her? Or maybe it’s a larger statement about Iggy Pop and his face? It’s up for interpretation. Actually, not so much. No matter how you look at it, it was pretty bitchy!

Iggy Pop in concert - London

Hollywood's A List Celebs Head To Hawaii To Film 'Just Go with It'!

Header: Elisabetta Canalis with Clooney on January 17, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. JaisyMaisy says:

    I love Jen, so I hate to say this, but I kinda see it. Just kinda. Either way, yeah, that girl is a bee-i-ee-i-itch.

  2. nnn says:

    Iggy’s face makes jennifer’s looks like the 8th wonder on Earth.

    As for Elisabetta, that was definitely bitchy !

  3. Leticia says:

    I’m not defending Anistan, but good grief, this Canalis broad should not be throwing stones! She is no better looking than Anistan! Canalis has the same tacky barbed wire upper arm tattoo as Pam Anderson and Nick Lachey. That alone should keep her from ever opening her mouth.

  4. JuneBug says:

    taking bitchiness to a new level. Classy girl you have there, George.

  5. Miranda Ann says:

    Well, I would imagine Ely would be a friend of Angelina. I mean, Angelina is far more “worldly” and sophisticated than Poor Jen. Ely and Angie would have far more in common than Ely and Jen. Maybe they met at one of the award shows and Ely found her to be shallow and vapid. At any rate, that twitter is kind of funny.

  6. DoMaJoReMc says:


    I’m sure that she is taking sides, whereas George and Brad are pals. And I wonder how she feels about Angelina?

  7. Tess says:

    That is some first-class bitchery.

    Let the games begin.

  8. Granger says:

    Agree with Leticia. I’m not a big Aniston fan, but I think she’s a beautiful woman, and Canalis is entirely classless for saying something so unbelievably catty. I also can’t believe Clooney’s people would let something like that out, because it certainly doesn’t look good on him.

  9. Gistine says:

    Yeah? Well this life-support for a vagina looks like Fabio. Fucking bitch probably has to shave her man-chin.

  10. Whatever says:

    She really isn’t so great looking to be talking trash like that. Probably sucking up to Clooney’s friends. Stupid.

  11. hstl1 says:

    OMG Leticia, you are in my head! LOL

  12. RHONYC says:

    how do you say ‘me-ow’ in italian? lol :-)

  13. Constance says:

    Yeah Georgey trying the “go back to your roots” pick for a gf is not making him look good at all.

    I figure it’s something like this. Hooker#8678935 asks G about Brad Pitt and the “Aniston thing.” G sticks up for Brad explaining that he was not happy with Jen and blah blah. Hooker thinks she knows inside track material and gets the coarse wave of adrenaline. Like most star-fu**ers, she has to run her mouth about something she just heard, no matter how old the material is, and make some sort of attention whoring statement about anything she could find “recently.” She should have been looking up the word Relevant on Google.

  14. original kate says:

    where did clooney find this broad? she looks like a bargain basement teri hatcher.

  15. bondbabe says:

    Jeez Louise…it was just a facial expression caught on film at a moment in time!!! It’s not like her expression is permanently like that. What a bitchy thing for Elisabetta to say. Be careful…what goes around, comes around.

  16. Livia says:

    The “RT” at the beginning of her tweet means she’s “retweeting” what @alecattelan said, which follows after their name. Canalis might be retweeting it because she thinks it’s stupid or funny – you’d have to read the rest of her feed to find out. But, she didn’t write the original quote. It was someone else.

  17. Nuharoo says:

    Who is she to talk? She’s not some major actress, she’s a showgirl for pity’s sake, nothing more. The only reason she’s with Clooney is because she doesn’t have a career and is basically his ‘beck and call girl.’

  18. Rachel says:

    Perhaps someone should look in the mirror before insulting the way someone else looks.

  19. biskachoo says:

    Second @Livia’s comment, it’s a retweet, she’s not the author of the comment so the retweet could mean a variety of things, one of which could mean she thought it was stupid and retweeted it because she thought as such. I’m not saying it makes sense, but with her, who knows?

  20. La Cannuck says:

    She actually didn’t write this herself, she RE-tweeted it (RT). She must agree though!

  21. Merry says:

    Italian confirms.
    But than again, in italian it just sounds like one of those usual funny comments you make with gal friends about magazine covers! Not that much bitchy…although, the point of commenting pictures (of other people and yourself, too) IS being bitchy. She needs to step it up!!

  22. Guest says:

    She was retweeting the comment that someone else had made, but still, if translated correctly, it is bitchy to have even retweeted it. I agreee Leticia that Canalis is the last person who should be throwing such stones – IMHO at least.

    As for whether she has met Jennifer, it is likely since I’ve read sightings of Clooney, Kidman and Aniston dining together while they were all in Hawai’i filming their respective movies, so it’s possible Clooney would have brought her along since she was also there for a period of time. Either way, the comment is ridiculous unless you are blind or blinded by hatred – like her or not, Aniston is at the very least an average to attractive person, and at most stunning. She looks nothing like Iggy Pop who is obviously suffering from age and the effects of a hard lifestyle. Since Clooney and Aniston are pals dating back to their TV days when their shows filmed on adjoining lots, I would imagine he would be none to thrilled to find Canalis including/endorsing such comments on her twitter.

  23. Rose says:

    It’s a retweet.
    Edit: ah beaten to it more than once.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I wonder if she’ll be one of those people who then claims she didn’t know it was all public.

    Bargain basement Teri Hatcher – haha! And true.
    I don’t find EC to be very pretty – at the risk of sounding very mean, she kind of looks like a female impersonator doing his best Cindy Crawford. I don’t really get what Clooney is doing with her, but whatever.

  25. Amneh says:

    This is coming from the woman who looks like a tranny.

  26. YT says:

    It’s just a silly observation that has been retweeted. There is a resemblance, and it’s funny that someone noticed. I don’t see any bitchy conspiracy.

  27. Janeth says:

    Tacky hooker has some nerve!

  28. cee says:

    What is the big deal!!!! Aniston fans have said worse about Angie and even her kids. As far a what she tweeted, it was not her words, but I think she got just the reation she wanted from Aniston’s fans. God Bless Angelina she will always get the blame for this and everything else bad that happens to Aniston.

  29. Maritza says:

    Elisabetta is a major bitch, she should not be criticizing Jennifer because she has some deep expression lines herself and she is half JA’s age. I agree with others, George Clooney’s girlfriend looks like a tranny.

  30. ViktoryGin says:

    The Italian is accurate. It’s a pretty straight-forward translation.

    I never would have connected the two,but damn, the resemblance isn’t THAT off.

    I don’t pay attention to this woman. I mean…is she known for doing anything besides dating George Clooney?

  31. Anna says:

    It’s good publicity for both. Elizabeth’s run on Leverage is starting in a few weeks; and not we can see more pics of a teary eyed Jen “reacting” to the dis.

  32. Kay says:

    I hate Jen, and Ely is funny & right!

  33. goldie says:

    OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a bitch…Jenn is absolutely amazing
    and adorable!!Elisa-bitch-a Canalis time to visit an eye doctor.

  34. Mel says:

    The only funny thing about this tweet or ‘retweet’ is the italian porn queen probably just said farewell to the international spotlight she so clearly basks in.

    Love the bargain basement Teri Hatcher comparison…lol.

  35. meilamon says:

    How thick is this “chick’s” neck? Yeah, ok, she can shut up about who the F**K looks like a man!

  36. cee says:

    So it is okay for Chelsea Handler, Anistons pal to diss Angelina and her kids whenever she wants with worse comments about Angie and racist comments about her kids, but not okay for Canalis to pass on a comment from someone about Aniston. Did anyone hear Aniston telling CH to stop or even saying it was wrong? NO!!!!.. CH is nasty to both Angie and her kids and claims to be best buds with Aniston so if you can dish it out you better be able to take it. SO if ANiston comes out crying she is truly a bigger fool than I thought.

  37. d says:

    WOW. That is a seriously bitchy tweet. But, beneath her to retweet, isn’t it? Or, if she’s that low, will George still want her around? It’s not the kind of behaviour you’d think he’d want to be associated with…

  38. meme says:

    retweet or not Canalis is a class a cunt. George has the worst taste in women and he should kick this tranny to the curb. and NO i’m not an aniston fan either. she’s got zero talent but she certainly isn’t ugly.

  39. Liana says:

    I hate Jen, and Ely is funny & right!


    Must be nice to know Jen Aniston enough to say you hate her. I’ve met her and I like her.

    Meh, Canalis retweeted something one of her friends said. Was it bitchy? Yeah. But who cares? We all come on here and say bitchy things about celebs all the time.

  40. Me says:

    What a bitch. JA is hot, Cannalis is man.

  41. Chico says:

    Oh my. I guess Clooney dosen’t think much of Aniston. Some of that must have carried over to Elisabetta. This was definitely bitchy and she should stay out of the rabid 6 yr battle known as the triangle. Doesn’t she know the fans are nutty?

    And, I think it’s hysterical how Aniston fans are reacting–calling her a tranny, hooker, ugly, a porn queen, and thick necked! Wow–God forbid that everyone not think Aniston the most beautiful woman in the world! The fans go absolutely bonkers. They take an insult so personally. This stuff is funny as hell.

  42. MissyA says:

    Jennifer Aniston should be thanking her lucky stars that she’s mentioned in the same breath as the legendary Iggy Pop.

    . . . And who is Elisabetta Canalis anyway?

  43. Alex says:

    I completely agree Chico. The Aniston’s fans are NUTS and they have nerve to call the Brangie’s fans crazy. They look really look in the mirror.

    btw: Maybe it is true what the Italian Queen said cause it sure have the jenloonies up in arms lol

  44. Laurie says:

    Same hair color and skin tone, like Jennifer Aniston if she started melting…

  45. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t like Aniston, but damn, that was mean!

  46. Whatever says:

    And, I think it’s hysterical how Aniston fans are reacting–calling her a tranny, hooker, ugly, a porn queen, and thick necked!

    Why do you assume this? Are you a Brangaloonie? Probably. I said this chick is fug and she is. Has nothing to do with loving Jen. Don’t know either J or A and couldn’t care less about the stupid triangle. I actually like movies both have done and don’t see the need to take sides. But, this Ely bitch just annoys me and has no room to talk. Simple as that.

  47. gabs says:

    LOL I totally see the resemblance. Elisabetta is a bitch, but at least a funny bitch. Go Ely!

  48. Whatever says:

    And who is Elisabetta Canalis anyway?

    NOBODY, just another random chick that is famous for the guy she is screwing. In this case, Clooney. No talent or career, just a famewhore. Why can’t these guys keep their pieces quiet, so we don’t have to listen to them??

  49. mln says:

    I wonder how many of these people were up in arms when there were nasty comments made about B & A ‘s 2 year old children or 4 year old daughter???
    Is it a bitchy retweet of course it is but methinks the 41 year old Aniston can defend herself.

  50. Ana says:

    Google Translate Kaiser! Not everything translates perfectly but usually you can get the gist.
    I think Elisabetta is pretty. And she has a lovely body. I just hate that tattoo.

  51. sdcs says:

    maybe she means the hair?
    cuz iggy does kind of have ‘rachel hair’, albeit with bed head.

  52. Rosanna says:

    You guys all think that she’s being b*tchy because you have a cultural bias ie all the Anglo-saxon “niceness” you all like so much (which btw is viewed as being outrageously fake in the rest of the world!!!).

    To give you an idea… the “niceness” you all like sounds to an Italian the way a Californian sounds to the rest of the Americans LOL

    Anyway the translation is indeed correct.

  53. jenn says:

    Whoa, she must really not care what George thinks to say something sooooo bitchy. I kind of like that.

  54. joe says:

    Rude – low class – but then alot of those who want “attention” these days are this way. Bomshell and Chelsea Handler included. Gets them the blog posts and that is what they are after. Pretty sad when to get noticed you have to name drop nasty things about someone else.

    It will be interesting to see where this thing goes is main stream outlets pick it up. YOu can bet George will want to put a stop to it. He likes his image nice and intact as the good guy.

    I am thinking also that after reading all the posts that the true Jen and Angie fans (the hard core crazies) are all the same. They blame one for being rude and then do the same thing. It is kind of like the post claling the kettle black. Perhaps we should make a special web site for them to be rude to each other and get them off the main internet where the rest of us and actually ingage in a normal converstaion.

  55. sassenach says:

    I wonder if Aniston will get upset and tear up like she admitted to doing when FUG extraordinaire Kim Stewart called her average? She probably will.

  56. serena says:

    lol I think she was referring to iggy’s hair XD it kind of resemble hers. but it’s a joke, isn’t it?

  57. mln says:

    EC is apparantley a big star in Italy I don’t she actually gives a hoot what George or Jen have to say about it

  58. Wholesome1 says:

    She’s got a point. It’s bitchy but it IS funny.

  59. Harper says:

    This coming from the woman who had ‘Eminem’ tattooed on her arm? She is trash and should NOT be judging anyone on their appearance.

  60. Carmelatta says:

    She’s just a back alley broad trying to stretch out her 15 min. into an hour. George “Lainey-knows-I-REALLY-like-chocolate” Clooney’s rent-a-date will be going bye-bye shortly.

  61. Carmelatta says:

    I wonder if Elisabetta’s caught on to the fact that her appeal lies in the fact that she’s a cheap knock off of George’s good friend, Randy Gerber’s, wife? Maybe they wanted a matching pair?

  62. nnn says:

    LOL, so UNCOOL !

    I think it’s bitchy but not as rude as other uncool comments made by certain celebrities towards others or their loved ones or even their children…

    In any way, it’s not that serious and people should just relax and let it go. She probably found the comparison a propos and funny and retweet it to others who may feel the same…a little bit like we all do in here at times. That’s all.

  63. Mercedez says:

    she is just pissed because she is the least attractive of Clooney’s trophy girlfriend series. I always thought that but I didn’t feel it necessary to say it until now. Her face is square and her eyebrows are huge. Get over yourself women, You will be replaced for a younger version anyday now.

  64. Kelbear says:

    Just because she is with Clooney, that does not give her the right to talk about someone like Jen!

  65. Karen says:

    I think this is from a film review. I remember one of the reviews for Bounty Hunter talked about Aniston’s leathery, Iggy Pop-like skin. So, she’s probably retweeting that. And, I agree with Chico. Calling someone an ugly, tranny, hooker porn queen is a little much don’t you think? Isn’t that what you complain about ALL THE TIME when it comes to the non-Jen fans? They are haters, nasty, women haters, etc? But these people act exactly the same? What’s the difference? I don’t get it?

  66. Ka says:

    Every time I see Elisabetta Canalis I wonder when George Clooney learned that she’s a travestite…

  67. Mia says:

    I thought it was funny. People have said worse about other celebs.

  68. FIONA says:

    I’m sick of all the hate towards both Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

    Aniston looks great for her age! She is Italian as well and a lot of Italian women have strong, masculine features. Not saying that they are manly, but from bad angles, pictures can be unforgiving.

    Even if this is just a retweet, she obviously agrees with whom ever said it to begin with and RT’ed it out of spite and jealousy.

    Ps- the tattoo is cheesy!!!

  69. Alex says:

    Since when is Aniston italian? I thought the woman was greek

  70. Kitten says:

    Who cares ? Jen is a huge star and loved by millions . I feel bad for EC to have to make such a comment to get attention . That comment will surely come back to bite her in the ass . Twitter is evil . That was probably a drunk tweet . I hate Twitter . Facebook is evil ! She should get someone else to manage her Twitter account .

  71. Anna says:

    Aniston is not Italian, but Greek. And she needs to play the victim again as she’s had three flop films in a row. And Iggy’s prettier anyway.

  72. amel says:

    Guys! it’s not true! it’s a complete lie!!!! She just said it on tweeter!!! don’t believe everything you read!!!

  73. Lem says:

    I JUST RED ON GOOGLE that I TWEETED something bad about J Aniston,let me be clear,it’s a complete LIE,I would never do that!!
    17 minutes ago via web

  74. Lem says:

    meh. she kinda does look like iggy pop or vice versa. i can see it, lol
    so too does tara reid…

  75. ele forre says:

    this is not her tweet, she re-tweeted a tweet of an italian comician who was surely kiding comparing jen to iggy pop. in a program he hai his corner where compares funny pictures of famous people

  76. Cruisin Through says:

    EC is a nobody in a long string of Clooney women. People will know Aniston’s name long after they’ve forgotten all about this nobody.

    I would bet that they’ve never even met. What a bitch.

  77. jane16 says:

    Skank. She looks like a hostess for Caesars Palace in that ridiculous dress.

  78. jane16 says:

    can I say f u to Rosanna? Pretty please? She really deserves it.

  79. buckley says:

    You’re an idiot.
    How’s that for american niceness?

  80. Beth says:

    I can see the comparisons because of the hair style/color and head shape. Iggy could pass for Jennifer’s father but they aren’t doubles.

  81. Morgs says:

    How exactly does a Californian sound to the rest of America? Would someone please educate me?

    I second both Buckley and Jane16. Rosanna sounds like a Troglodyte.

  82. DD says:

    retweet or not that was a pretty classless thing to do on a public forum especially since her significant other is good friends with her ex-husband. Either way that comparison is quite an exaggeration and let’s face it, Aniston would not be starring repeatedly in romantic comedies as a love interest if she was even remotely hideous.

  83. Camille says:

    LOL Hilarious!! Very bitchy and yeah kinda true too! (:o

  84. Claudia says:

    Well, Aniston is ugly and nobody, and Iggy Pop is a rock legend… The tweeter message is a compliment for Aniston… Now, Jen fans, I await your insults in 3, 2, 1 ….

  85. EC looks like Steven Tyler says:

    That girl is crazy. If she thinks Jen looks like Iggy Pop then Elisabetta definitely looks like the lead singer of Aerosmith, STEVEN TYLER. Give me a break. She sounds jealous.

  86. ivana says:

    ma siete tutti così stupidi a credere a queste bugie su elisabetta??? sapete che elisabetta è invidiatissima e dicono tutte cose false.

  87. Flipper says:

    Joe, if Clooney liked his image nice and intact he wouldn’t be dating girls like Elisabetta.

    A lot of pot and kettle calling on this site today, plenty here have no trouble judging the Italians looks, calling Canalis a horse face and tranny and Canalis has been likened to Steve Tyler on other sites, so sauce for the goose.

    I’m no fan of Georges latest piece but at least she has a sense of humour which seems to be more than can be said for many here today.

  88. aury says:

    it may have been bitchy, but damn it was funny. lol

  89. Messenger says:

    this guy does not look like jen anniston. she is very pretty and fit. canalis is a low life with no talent. her retweet was pure sour grapes and jealousy. stupidity also factors in when you consider she actually thinks people believe her denial.if you have a semblance of intelligence, you can come up with your own comment. retweet is like repeating mindless gossip. doesn’t she have anything better to do? that said, jen has taken swipes at angie, so she should just take it on the chin.. consider the source and forget it. canalis is probably trying to deflect all the horse face comments made about her. imo,that is an insult to the horse, a noble animal.

  90. Carly says:

    @Whatever. you get mad @ Chic assuming
    some are Aniston fans, and then assume she/he must be a Brangieloon? That makes no sense. People here admit they are Aniston fans. Maybe, you should take some time to read before you type.

    All the nasty comments towards EC when she said she didn’t say this too. Ppl say the meanest things in the book, then cry when others say mean things about Jen. huh Makes no sense.

  91. jane16 says:

    Somehow this thread is turning into a JA/AJ brouhaha. I am not a fan of either AJ or JA, and rarely bother to see any of their movies, although I think they are both pretty women and good actresses.

    This is about GC’s gf, the un-pretty and untalented e canus or whatever her name is. Who is this nasty tramp to be criticizing other women’s looks? Like she’s some rare beauty or something? The funniest thing about this is that she looks like Steven Tyler, and not in a good way like his beautiful daughter, and she’s commenting that JA looks like Iggy? Are you f*&king kidding? This broad really has nerve…but again, not in a good way.

  92. Mimi says:

    LOL Leticia. Agreed for the most part but its time for Manniston to retire. She’s an old lady now trying to be 25 still. She and Madonna should call each other.

  93. STEVEN TYLER ...YEP says:


  94. Wresa says:

    Maybe I’m naive, but couldn’t she have just meant that they looked like they could be father and daughter or brother or sister, and it came out wrong>?

  95. sharon says:

    Yes, don’t say anything bad about Jennifer Aniston. Or, the fangirls will say the vilest things about you. These same people cry bloody murder when anyone dares defame their “precious” Aniston, yet have no problems hurling the ABSOLUTE worst insults at Brange, their kids, or any other celeb. Go figure.

  96. Lindsay says:

    Morg – I wondered that myself.

    Rosanna – Sorry our “niceness” offends you although most of these comments aren’t sweet.

    Claudia – Beauty is subjective (or distorted by jealousy for some, maybe not for you) But come on she is not a nobody. Any story with her in it is one of the most commented on. I bet you most people would be able to identify her than they would Iggy Pop.

    Joe – Yes I agree. There should be somewhere they can go and analyze the three of them for the next decade. I think when the comments are being moderated if Angelina and Brad aren’t in the article they shouldn’t be in the comments and vice-versa. And I would ban the line “God bless the Jolie Pitts” just because I think it is a bit creepy.

    Civil War Two is going to be started by their extremist fans. But liking Brad, Jennifer, Angelina, or any combination of the three (God forbid all of them) doesn’t automatically make you crazy; the way it manifests itself does.

  97. la chica says:

    the problem with all of this hysteria is that it will make the link between Aniston and Iggy Pop become automatic from now on. if folks had just ignored it, that would never have occurred. now all i can think of is the comparison between two people that i would otherwise have never linked.

  98. ViktoryGin says:

    @ ivana

    Dunque, non so niente della questa donna. Sinceramente, non m’importa. Mi sembra che sia un’altra puttana nella fila lunga delle squaldrine di George Clooney.

    Someone asked out “American niceness”:

    Truthfully speaking, there is a contrived manner with which Americans can conduct themselves that is perceived as naive by cultures that do don’t waste time with these kinds of social niceties. It’s apart of our national character, I suppose. So, as annoying at Rosanna’s post is, there is some truth to the perception. Some Aussies and Germans have told me as such.

    Rosanna, visit NYC. You probably won’t have to worry about Americans being “nice” to you there.

  99. Cla says:

    Well… she was just retwitting a good frend of her (ale cattelan).
    Anyway… this is the cover she was speaking about:

    I might say… they are two of a kind! hehehe

  100. eli says:

    i’m italian…yes the translation is right!!!but she didn’t write it!!it was ale cattelan(famous italian mtv presenter)that wrote it!!

  101. Shay says:

    There’s nothing wrong with twitter per se, but it’s great at exposing the crappy people.

  102. Messenger says:

    I live in NYC and I agree with Vicktory Gin’s remark to Rosanna. New Yorkers do not mince words. Nor do we tolerate phonies. and the last thing we would do is back down and run scared! If you’re going to snipe at someone at least have the guts to own it when it blows up in your face. That would be the right thing to do. But you cannot expect someone trashy to do the right thing. she is a moral midget with a scary sense of entitlement because she dates clooney. they’ll just blame it on her poor grasp of our language and her utter classlessness. that should float.

  103. benven says:

    There’s something about this woman, canalis, that makes people love to hate her. My Mother & sisters in Italy can’t stand her & either can any of the women I work with. Clooney really knows how to pick ‘em.

  104. DDRD says:

    I’m Italian and I can tell you the translation is correct.
    Canalis is weel known in Italy for not having any particular skill or talent; she’s just a wannabe. I think her tweeting is utterly pathethic and envious as Aniston is a classy, rich and talented actress, she’s nobody and I hope americans too learn to recognise her lack of any good quality.

  105. elybeeyatch says:

    it would translate as ‘impersonation’ or ‘mime’

  106. Hollowdoll says:

    She’s pretty mouthy for a call girl.

  107. Anne says:

    Did she used to be a man? She’s not much to look at.

  108. guest says:

    Looks like Elisabetta needs attention!!!!

  109. Jane says:

    What a jerk….Jen is lovely, who cares what Elisabetta whoever thinks….Jen still has alot of fans….that don’t insult Brangelina….

  110. Annie says:

    Reading all the comments regarding this tweet is MUCH funnier and certainly bitchier than the tweet itself!


  111. TweetieBird says:

    What cracks me up about this whole thing is that the Jen and Angie fans think they have a monopoly on hating George’s latest piece. Not true! Clooney’s fans have hated on her for months! The majority of us have never liked her, because we see her for what she is. A conniving fame wh*re gold digger with a porn and escort past. So THERE! We hated her first!

  112. ME says:

    I think Isabeletta is just kissing Angie and Brad’s butt…..I wonder what they think about this comment.

  113. Jess says:

    Aniston has received worser criticism, I think the point is that it comes from her ex-pals girlfriend….yikes!

  114. VillageReader says:

    I think the comment is a little rude and this whole discussion involving Aniston and Brangelina is getting ridiculous.

    I think both women are good actors, they both have had hits and they both have had failed movies.

    Aniston appears to be happy with her life and people who are choosing ‘sides’ are pathetic.

    In the end, do either Aniston or Angelina come help pay for your bills, care for your children or call you when you are sick? NO! They are actresses you pay money to play a part in a movie. Reality people! Don’t bother with sides. Enjoy the movies, sit back and eat some popcorn. Relax!

  115. Jen Fan says:

    Wow.. ok Canalis has nothing on Jen. She needs to worry about her dirty hair, nasty fashion self before she diggs on anyone. HEll No iggy doesnt come close to Jen, hello he has more wrinkles than the San Antonio fault has cracks. && it just goes to show how Stupid Canalis is, she didnt remove the tweet, claimed she didnt say anything about Jen, yet the tweet was still up. Finally she removes it and feels like such an idiot jajajaja. Probably does know Angelina, they look alike (jajajaja) and can be found under the same dictionary word — BITCHES. Oh and I doubt Jen will say anything back… she has way more class than Canalis.

  116. Abby says:

    So who retweeted this ugly remark about Jennifer Aniston, was it his little, yound, boyfriend, oh, I mean dude looking girlfriend. Honey needs to make herself half as feminine as Jennifer Aniston, FYI, she kinda looks like the orignal tranny girlfriend, Angelina, whose butt she is obviously trying to get up.

  117. Liz says:

    Manistan or Chiniston and EC are both manly looking from the neck up imo. They both look better than Jolie from the neck down though.

  118. Camille says:

    The more I look at the pics of these two, the more I see the resemblance. Their hair is even similar!
    This story and the jenfans getting so over hysterical about it is hilarious even a day later! lol

  119. K Wilson says:

    Classy girl, George. What a classless woman to go there, let alone that low. She’s a model. A simple model who is now feeling larger than her modeling roots by dating someone. Did I say simple already?

  120. K Wilson says:

    And George, your girlfriend looks like a man in drag. How have you not noticed that before? She looks like Sylvester Stallone from the neck up.

  121. Ashley says:

    Oh please this is the same women that slept through Inter Milan? (for those non-football fans that’s a team)

    She bagged Clooney because he likes his women trashy, but don’t be fooled Canalis you’re trashy and not just slutty, I mean wannabe WAG, I used to work for MTV, took her kit out for a c-list movie, and her tattoo looks like something from a trailer park, trashy.

  122. carla says:

    the translation is correct! the abstract was written by a friend of her(famous italian mtv-veejay) and she took it..now she tells she doesn’t know how twitter works…she’s a bitch, in italy she did nothing, just played the “velina” and dated soccer player…

  123. himy says:

    well, Im italian, but I totally agree with people sayin’ ely’s a bitch! She is famous in Italy only ’cause she was used to move her ass in a show, no talent at all! She tried to be an actress, but she can’t. Jen is an amazing girl, she studied to be an actress, nice charming person who went through probs in her private life but she showed us how to go on. Ely thinks she is GREAT now, but only because of george. And now she come back here acting like she was a STAR. No interview, for example, ’cause she is famous abroad and cannot have contact with the italian press! She is nothing, only one of george’s girlfriends. And, btw, she IS NOT a model. American press says that she’s a model, but I live here in Italy and she was NOT. Sometimes, because of the show, someone famous asked her to do the catwalk, but that was not her job. I don’t hate her, but I also don’t like people with no talent at all pretend to be what they are not.

  124. carla says:

    confermo la traduzione!!
    i’m italian..and i confirm .. the translation is perfect!

  125. lem says:

    I am Italian and I confirm the translation is correct. What you don’t know about Elisabetta Canalis is that in Italy she has always been considered a cheap bitch who was only able to more her ass in the stupid tv owned by Mr Berlusconi!! She has only dated ignorant football players and is clearly after money and fame! I just can’t undersdant why Americans are giving so much importance to such a stupid, talentless person!

  126. natashasmith says:

    I agree oout of respect for George, regardless for her personal feelings for JA and it is obvious that EC and AJ are peas in the pod from thier tatoos, sleeping around and it is obvious EC is bias. She is probably disclaiming it becuase of all the back lash and her action speaks so loudly that evan a a joke it is a sick one comming from her posiiton as a wanabee artist you would think she would be smart enough not to have done something like that. Who knows maybe George is a little uset at her for her tacky bitchy thoughtless action. She sould feel the heat. Intesting what her fellow country people have to comment on her and her reputation. JA is class all the way and has integrity so she deserves to have the support from her fans and people who see a wrong.

  127. Harper says:

    I think it was kind of funny. Unfortunately the two photos make it seem like she is on to something.

  128. Melissa says:

    That girl is nobody next to Jennifer Aniston, and Aniston is MUCH more of a woman that she’ll ever be Canalis is definitely a bitch.

  129. Fergus says:

    I don’t understand: is miss Aniston so important that no one can make a joke about her?

  130. Bintang says:

    I believe what EC says. What if she was telling the truth….imagine if the same thing happened to you…I don`t know what retweet means, I dont even know how to use twitter… You so much seem to hate her!! And agree with Fergus – what`s the big deal – just a joke…probably the resemblance with the hair style – which there is.

    Come on…

  131. jen looks like iggy says:

    iggy looks more handsome than anuston

  132. anonymous says:

    “Jennifer Aniston should be thanking her lucky stars that she’s mentioned in the same breath as the legendary Iggy Pop.”

    MissyA, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    @ Anna. Agree with everything you’ve said.

  133. anonymous says:

    Frankly, I think Canalis should apologize BIG TIME. To Iggy Pop.

  134. anonymous says:

    JUNE 20 TNT!!!!

  135. elizabetta is beautiful,Jenifer Aniston is not.

  136. Jenifer Aniston should look as good as Iggy Pop.

  137. I agree with the person who said Canalis should apologize to Iggy Pop big time. What an insult to him.

  138. Lorenzo says:

    Elisabruta is not beautiful .
    She should not make jokes about the outer appearance of other people, because she is the one who looks totally aged and used like a cocaine sniffing prostitute .
    Get a mirror, Elisabruta !!!

  139. xoxo says:

    Elisabetta Canalis is ugly………………

  140. anonymous says:

    Jenifer Aniston could never be as beautiful as Canalis.And if you think so you are a poor judge of beauty.Aniston’s got a Jay Leno chin,crooked jawline,eyes to close together,paper slits for lips,this you call beautiful? Please don’t ever judge a beauty contest.The lock ness monster would win.

  141. anonymous says:

    I just don’t get the fascination with Jenifer Aniston. She can’t act and she is on the homely plain side.How she ever got where she is I can’t figure it out. It must be strickly a sympathy promotion and a sympathy reaction to Brad Pitt leaving her.Poor Jenifer Aniston the people think. Please enough is enough. I wish she would disappear.

  142. Madgestic says:

    Iggy’s a fine-lookin’ hunk of older man. If she had to be compared to an old man, poor Jen could do worse! Jen looks pretty good though. It was just a mildly amusing ocmment – and a retweeted one at that.

    Would expect Clooney to have more class in his girlfriends, though.

  143. shef says:

    Elisabetta worth nothing but Aniston 100000000+
    Elisabetta go make money on cocain and when you back, we will make desigion who is who. By the way explai Gorge and publik what minings of your tattu.

  144. Sarah says:

    Cannot believe I actually had nothing better to do than read all these Inane comments. You are all sad bastards! Who gives a flying fuck about jennifer Anniston, iggy pop, Elisabeth canalis and George (up his own ass) clooney…. I can’t believe people take this so seriously?,…. Meanwhile there is a genocide going on in Sudan… Anyone care to comment on that?

  145. blaylock says:

    I always thought that Jennifer Aniston looked like a man to me.Has she had a sex change???Does anyone know if she is a transexual?Her body looks like a girl,but her face is completely mannish.She looks like a dude with a wig on.Look at her face and tell me that that is not a man.