DNA Paternity test available at Rite Aid for $150 including results

Rite Aid has started selling DNA paternity tests over the counter. For just $29.99 plus a $119 lab fee, US dads can figure out if that kid they’ve emotionally invested in and raised for years is actually theirs.

All it requires is a cheek swab from the mother, the man, and the child. You send it in and 3-5 days later your family could be torn apart.

The results are not admissible in court, so in order to nail that deadbeat dad for child support he won’t pay anyway you’ll need to follow up with a traditional expensive DNA test:

sadbaby.JPGIdentigene, which runs a DNA testing laboratory, said its DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit went on sale at the 4,363 Rite Aid drug stores throughout the United States, except New York.

The swab in the kit is used to collect a saliva sample, to be mailed to the Identigene laboratory for an analysis that costs additional 119 dollars.

It takes three to five business days to get the test results, which are delivered by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service.

The paternity test kit is already a hit in California, Washington and Oregon states, where they have been selling on a trial basis since November, Identigene said.

“Demand has been very strong, store sales are brisk and Identigene has been inundated with questions regarding the product’s availability,” it said in a statement…

Sold without prescription, the paternity kits are not allowed as evidence in court, where more precise and costly DNA tests are required.

[From AFP]

The implications for a widely available and relatively inexpensive DNA test are wide sweeping. Maury Povich’s show will have to change focus for one. This also might change human behavior over time in that men might not be so quick to deny that a baby is theirs and women might not try to pin an unexpected pregnancy on whichever hapless guy is around. And just maybe it will result in increased use of birth control.

Baby photo from Morguefile © P.Winberg

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10 Responses to “DNA Paternity test available at Rite Aid for $150 including results”

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    At last, something that can put a end to paternity fraud. Now, if we men could have a fool-proof contraceptive pill…

  2. cc says:

    It’s sad that we now have over the counter DNA tests. I think our society is going down hill way too fast. I think if we had a male contraceptive, then it would help, some, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. AC says:

    is it mean for me to say that is a weird lookin baby? *crosses fingers that its not one of the celebitchy staff’s*

    maybe its just a bad pic!

  4. elisa says:

    well, the baby IS from “Morguefile”… :D

  5. Toubrouk says:

    CC, in all fields of life, technology is getting cheaper. And when it’s cheap, uses come easily. It is to be expected.

    As far as a male, oral contraceptive goes, i have heard there’s one in the pipes somewhere. He should be available in the next few years.

    Ain’t technology wonderful?

  6. cc says:

    Toubrouk, lol…in the pipes. Sorry, juvenile of me, I know, but still gave me a giggle. I wish that with everything they have out there for women, this would have been covered already.

  7. Bellatrix says:

    I’m with cc’s first comment on this.
    DNA testing “your child” is not some daily grocery shopping decision to make.

    It has all become about genes.
    Where has the morality about being a parent gone to?

    If you have serious doubts whether it is your biological child, then it means your relationship probably went wrong before the pregnancy.
    And I have a hard time believing that all children should be tested “just in case”.

    This is not some ordinary calculus test (plus, these tests are not be trusted that easily).
    I remain with the fact that commercializing a child’s so said identity (and when you think about it : an adopted child will never test “positive”, so in what perspective does that place parenthood and relationships?) is morally wrong and a very heavy responsability.
    This should stay within the area of law and justice.

  8. Kolby says:

    What in the world is “Morguefile”? I have chills just thinking about it.

  9. celebitchy says:

    Morguefile is an unfortunate name for a really awesome free stock photo site, which is full of pictures submitted by users.

    That baby is from a stock photo. Hopefully he grew into his face.

  10. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Paternity fraud makes me angry.