Alex Rodriguez’s ex forbids Cameron Diaz from being around her kids

Cameron Diaz Attends The Script Concert, Part Of The Toyota Concert Series Featured On The Today Show On May 21, 2010 In New York City
Star Magazine reports this week that Alex Rodriguez’s ex wife has forbidden him from bringing Cameron Diaz or any other girlfriends around their two children, Natasha, 5, and Ella, 2. That makes sense considering that she’s had to deal with her kids getting attached to their daddy’s last two girlfriends, Madonna and Kate Hudson, along with any other random professionals and actresses he happened to be banging.

Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, is laying down the law when it comes to his new girlfriend, Cameron Diaz! She’s insisting that the actress, 37, stay away from… her daughters with the New York Yankees slugger, 34… “Cynthia is sick of having all these women hanging around the girls. She doesn’t think it’s healthy,” says a source. “She says she’s sure Cameron is a decent person, but enough is enough.” The insider admits that Cynthia, who filed for divorce in 2008, doesn’t like that he has so quickly gained a reputation as a Hollywood playboy. “She has her reasons for being mad at him, but the ‘no girlfriend’ rule is really to protect the girls… If he gets married again, that’s one thing. Otherwise, no way.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 14, 2010]

Alex didn’t just (allegedly) cheat on Cynthia with Madonna, a relationship her lawyer called “an affair of the heart” in a statement around the time of their divorce, he also (allegedly) cheated on her with hookers. She has plenty of reasons to be mad at the guy and not to trust him. It’s not vindictive not to want other women around her kids, though, it’s just protective and realistic. After all, how long are these relationships going to last? I’m surprised Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are still even together.

While I was looking up some old stories to get background for this, I came upon this gem that Cynthia Rodriguez blew $100k on a shopping spree in Paris right before filing for divorce. She had just had his second daughter 11 weeks prior and flew herself and two friends first class to the French capital where they had spa treatments and ate at the best restaurants. Now that’s a little vindictive, but can you blame her? It’s not like her ex husband doesn’t have the money.

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38 Responses to “Alex Rodriguez’s ex forbids Cameron Diaz from being around her kids”

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  1. irishserra says:

    Ugh…he’s so hideous!

  2. guesty says:

    so surprised he’s still with cameron as well.

  3. Bros says:

    Hah, I remember that about Cynthia. and I think everyone was VERY supportive of that trip. I know i’d do the same-she knew he was cheating on her and she just had his damn baby. I think it was hilarious and a great plan.

  4. MymaJane says:

    I totally agree with her. I don’t think it’s healthy for her daughters to have to be around his revolving door or women. Why allow your daughters to develop relationships with women that will be gone in a few months (or less)?

  5. guilty pleasures says:

    He looks dorky to me.
    While I completely understand her sentiment, she can’t enforce her edict. I tried the same thing a hundred years ago when my husband cheated with a Leanne Rhimes skank, my lawyer said that unless she was a Charles Manson gang member no such luck. The ex can introduce your little innocents to every Bombsite McFlea they want to.
    ‘Princess, meet auntie, uhhh, what’s your name again?’

  6. Gwen says:

    MymaJane, I agree. His ex is just doing what any smart parent would do to ensure her children have a stable environment to grow up in.

  7. audrey says:

    Every time i see a pic of him I am struck by how pink his lips are! it’s like he wears Tinkerbell lipstick.

  8. YankeeGirl says:

    I’m no A-Rod fan by any means, but Cynthia is no innocent, jilted, sane ex-wife. Cynthia was the other woman who broke up A-Rod’s first marriage, and Biddy was PSYCHO controlling when it came to him and his career. She developed quite the unflattering rep in NY. I think it makes sense to keep your kids away from your ex’s revolving door gfs, but my bet is Cynthia is doing it more to be vindictive than out of concern for her kids.

  9. Scarlet Vixen says:

    He likes his blondes, doesn’t he?

    I instituted the same rule with my ex. There’s no way I’ll let my son have a whole bunch of ‘aunties.’ I also adhered to the same rule when I had dated men with kids–didn’t meet my ex husband’s older son until shortly before we got engaged. I didn’t want either of us to get attached to one another if it wasn’t going to work out.

  10. missmilly says:

    Um, why, with his track record would woman–especially notably famous, wealthy, seemingly intelligent women(Madonna, Cameron, etc) purposely hook up with a guy like this??? really? Are women that stupid? Yes. They are.

  11. Obvious says:

    when my parents divorced we moved in with my mom’s boyfriend-but he had been uncle kenny to me since i was 3. but i didn’t meet her current husband until they had been dating about a year, and then i met his son first since we were near the same age.

    and respectfully even though i was 13 at the time, he asked my permission to ask my mom to marry him.

    odd cuz once they were married i didn’t like him at all. he tried being my father, and my father and i have a very close relationship, didn’t bode well for our family.

  12. QB says:

    I think he should listen to her , she has a degree in psychology.

    ps:I think AROD was only marry once and that was with Cynthia.

  13. L says:

    It’s totally possible if you have it written into your mediation agreement. My friend did it with her divorce, although it applies to both her and him. Their two girls can not meet girlfriends/boyfriends until an engagement. And overnight stays with a unmarried partner are not allowed either. So it’s totally possible to argue for that.

    After the fact though? Pretty unlikely. Should have thought of it during the actual divorce proceedings. It’s hard to request to add it afterwards.

  14. L says:

    Also, ARod’s only been married once. To Cynthia.

  15. Crash2GO2 says:

    Sorry, but she doesn’t have any control over who he sees when the children are on visitation with him.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I can understand her wanting that (and blowing a lot of cash before filing for divorce!) but I agree with crash, I don’t see how she can enforce it. All she can do is ask him nicely and promise to do the same thing with any guys she dates.

    I do feel bad for her that he was such a dog during their marriage and is dating every blond he can find now. But at the same time, she stayed married to him during all the rumors of him and some stripper, AND decided to have a second child with him during that time. He somehow must have convinced her none of that was true?

  17. RReedy says:

    Look at his face….it doesn’t say, ” I am one cool liar.” But that is just what he is…a cool liar.

  18. bellaluna says:

    When you have children from a previous marriage/relationship, it is harmful to your children to introduce them to a series of people you’re dating. It creates a confusing and insecure home environment. Children need stability and consistency, especially after a divorce/separation. Revolving-door boy/girlfriends lead to feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and attachment issues.

    Best to separate your dating life from your children until you know you have something real that will last.

  19. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Personally, I think Cynthia was the prettiest of all the women (that we know) he has been with.

    If he cares about their children, he would WANT to do that, anyways. Otherwise he will just become (ironically) a male KATE HUDSON.

  20. original kate says:

    alex is a man-whore and cami looks more like 47 to me.

  21. buckley says:

    What in the world do women see in this turd?

  22. Jeri says:

    Good for her. Kate Hudson’s parenting is def not healthy for kids. Too many uncles too quickly.

  23. vale says:

    Guilty Pleasures- Bombsite McFlea is hysterical lololol

  24. Leek says:

    First of all, if my rich ex-husband was banging whores behind my back, most likely unprotected, and screwing me, too, unprotected, I would have bought the city of Paris, then force his dirty penis into the guillotine.

    Secondly, she is right to keep her daughters away from his girlfriends. Even if Cameron is a wonderful person for them to be around she still has to worry about how to clean up the mess of explaining why their dad cheated on yet another blonde and they won’t be seeing her anymore.

  25. maritza says:

    He may have a great body but a dorky face!

  26. carson says:

    The girls spent time with Hudson last year but haven’t spent time with everyone he has allegedly dated. They also spent time with someone Cynthia was dating and his kids.

    Cynthia and the girls are coming to NY for the summer while school is out so they can spend more time with A-Rod when he can’t be in Miami with the girls.

    As long as everyone continues to put the children first, it’s easy for everything else to be worked out.

  27. laurie says:

    I just don’t get what it is about Cameron that is so great. She is FUG!

    I read a blind rather recently that the women in Hollywood are passing him around because he is good in bed, “makes love like a woman” was the way it was put. But he’s dumb as a rock.

  28. Feebee says:

    What’s with the “uncles”, haven’t we moved on from that? When daddy dates a new woman, she’s not introduced as the kid’s new aunt.

    I understand Cynthia’s motivation but I think it’s healthier for the kids to know the truth within limits. Cameron’s a ‘friend’ of dad’s and she visits him. As long as they keep it G-rated in front of the kids then there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s adults acting wierd that causes problems.

  29. mln says:

    If A-rod continues his pattern it is best that the kids don’t meet the women because they will get attached & hurt once they dissapear. I like CD, she has never pretended to be the mommy type I think she has her eyes wide open with this one and will leave as soon as she is no longer having fun

  30. rkintn says:

    In TN, it’s pretty standard to put in the divorce papers there is to be no overnight visitation of “paramours” while the kids are present.

    My ex lives with is girlfriend and my kids don’t stay all night with them.

    I don’t blame his ex…I would be worried about what the kids were being exposed to as well.

  31. julie says:

    In Texas,you can make a no “opposite sex friends” rule during the divorce proceedings, but once its finalized, it is not your business what goes on in the other household. It doesnt matter that your kids go there. I had to take a parenting class as part of my divorce and there were horror stories about drug dealers, hookers, kids being left in cars, ex cons, etc. The state of texas does NOT care about children at all.

  32. Marjalane says:

    Good thing he’s a hotshot ballplayer- otherwise he’d never get laid. Whatta douche.

  33. canadianchick says:

    Cammy has bad taste in men-he’s just gross.

    Way to go the how ex wife blitz shopped in Paris.

  34. Persistent Cat says:

    I really don’t see how her shopping trip to Paris was vindictive. It’s called coping.

    He is ugly, isn’t he? Give me Jeter any day.

  35. Harper says:

    Cynthia is correct. Once he settles on someone for good then its happy families time. Until then keep it separate.

  36. Kim says:

    Im 100% with his wife. He shouldnt be parading a bevy of diff girls around his young children -that is way to confusing for them. They probably dont even understand the divorce/why mom and dad arent together still let alone different women being thrust into their lives constantly.

    Any self respecting girl wouldnt want to be aorund his kids until they were serious anyhow.

  37. bjorn says:

    Diaz is slimy, domineering, perverted, lecherous, scheming, bitch.

  38. sean says:

    well yah can blame all that on skanky kate hudson, she paraded cynthias babys around the country like they were her own, the media were having a field day, and hudson was loving every bit of attention.