Tiger Woods cleared as father of pornstar’s son (update: maybe not! suit filed)

Tiger Woods is seen on the putting green during a practice round prior to the 2010 U.S. Open at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California, June 16, 2010. UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom
Tiger Woods has been cleared as the father of the nine year-old boy of a pornstar, who goes by the stage name “Devon James.” James recently told her porn coworkers that Tiger is the father of her oldest son, who lives with his grandmother and does bear a resemblance to the golf star. (Here’s a link to some photos that were just released.) James’ mom called her daughter a pathological liar and pointed out that she has never paid child support for the three kids she dumped off on her. A paternity test was done in 2002 though, according to TMZ, and some guy in Florida was named the kid’s dad. It sounds like James’ mom was totally right about her daughter, who was just talking out of her ass.

Given all the women Tiger slept with without protection, it’s surprising that this is the only allegation we’ve heard so far. (There are other vague rumors, but nothing substantial.) I would guess that Tiger has at least one other illegitimate child that we haven’t heard of because he gave the mother/mistress enough money to make it worth her while not to sell the story.

Tiger’s wife Elin is back from China, where she was visiting her brother in Singapore with her kids. Elin may travel to California to visit Tiger during the U.S. Open, but it’s not a romantic reunion. This Friday is their daughter Sam’s third birthday and she wants to make sure that Tiger gets a chance to celebrate it with their daughter. After everything this woman has gone through, she sure is staying classy. She may not talk to Tiger, and when she does I hope she gives him a piece of her mind, but she hasn’t talked to the press either. She also hasn’t yet filed for divorce, and I would guess that she’s just getting her ducks in a row and determining what she can get first.

There’s a lot of buzz over whether Tiger will perform at the U.S. Open. Judging from his performance at tournaments so far on this comeback tour, I would say that he’ll do mediocre at best. He’s dealing with a neck injury and doesn’t seem to have his mojo back yet.

Update: According to Radar Online, this isn’t settled yet. They report that Devon James filed a paternity suit in Florida Thursday naming Woods as the father and asking for a DNA test. It could just be a ploy to squeeze money out of Tiger, or she could have a legitimate claim.

Tiger Woods of the U.S. catches a ball on the driving range as he prepares for the U.S. Open Golf Championship at Pebble Beach, California, June 16, 2010. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT GOLF)

PEBBLE BEACH, CA - JUNE 16: Tiger Woods looks on during a practice round prior to the start of the 110th U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links on June 16, 2010 in Pebble Beach, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

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  1. Patrice says:

    Uhhh, ok, so here’s what I don’t get: Even though we all suspected from the beginning that this was NOT by any means Tiger’s child, the DNA test in question cleared him all the way back in ’02! So why, and HOW in the Hell was the mother able to claim in “headlines” just this week that Tiger “could be” the father???? Ridiculous.
    I grow more and more dissapointed with the irresponsibility of the media every day. Check stories BEFORE reporting on them people! Geez.

  2. Sincerity says:


    Not all media outlets are concerned with maintaining a reasonably “reputable” image. They’re more concerned with selling units of advertising and/or magazines in order to generate higher revenues. It’s less expensive for them to wait for the celebrity, in question, to deny or confirm their stories, if denied, they’ll simply print a retraction to avoid being sued. They’re simply “too cheap” to do the necessary leg work.

  3. bellaluna says:

    I hope he totally biffs it in the U.S. Open. And it’s only a matter of time before some ho comes forward with a kid who actually is his, IMO, unless he “encouraged” her to get an abortion.

  4. Miranda Ann says:

    According to at least one of his women, he paid for two of her abortions. Then there is the woman he paid $2M to keep quiet about a baby. (That’s probably in addition to child support, private schooling, health care, etc.) I knew from the get go that this particular woman was lying because Tiger pays good money for a woman to keep quiet and this fool was flapping her lips and not getting any money for it from the ragmags. Her mother is right, she’s a total liar.

    Elin is totally a classy dame and it’s obvious she’s trying to keep her babies happy by taking her daughter to Cali for the child’s birthday with her Daddy. He doesn’t deserve it, at all.

    P.S.: Isn’t Singapore an independent nation and not part of China? So, did Elin go to China or to Singapore?

  5. abbizmal says:

    I would be shocked if there were NOT a couple of his babies unknown to us as of yet. He kept everything so quiet about what he’s been up to, I bet he would pay one quite a bit to keep it on the down low. Wonder when his — can’t call ‘em love child, perhaps booty call child — extra kids will become known. Good for Elin for not trusting that sex fiend again. I wouldn’t.

  6. Wench. says:

    Ooooooooooookay. So, Celebitchy has some pretty odd standards. Back when Ginger McGummy released a picture the picture of Gary Coleman in a hospital bed, the blogger got on their high horse about not being the one to link to it – which I agreed with. On the other hand, I think it’s pretty tasteless to link to a photo of a child who isn’t even a relation of Woods to back up salacious gossip. This might be mildly entertaining to some and that kid might have a pretty fucked up parent, but it might be nice for him in 15 years if he didn’t find a shit load of links to his face.

  7. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I am continually surprised with how people canonize Elin. She’s the ORIGINAL bimbo. She’s an uneducated, Swedish bikini model that Tiger plucked from obscurity (probably ordered her from a catalog). His handlers told him he needed a family man image, so he married her. She’s not some sainted woman.

  8. qb says:

    That order her from a catalog made you sound ignorant.

  9. pooky says:

    “She’s an uneducated, Swedish bikini model”.

    Actually she’s the well-educated daughter of a prominent Swedish politician who was introduced to her husband whilst working as a nanny to a fellow golfer. The reason women like her is that she’s handled the whole humiliating situation with dignity and class, refusing to be a puppet of Tiger’s management team during his media rehabilitation and instead focussing on their childrens’ welfare.

  10. ams says:

    well said pooky! i like her b/c she just kept it moving.

  11. bros says:

    i mean, I think elin has handled this well too, but the other poster has a point. she actually hadnt finished college, and i dont care who her parents were. tiger didnt pick her because he was attracted to her half college education and her parentage–but that doesnt make her a bimbo at all. we know a bimbo when we see them. she knew what big ticket she was pulling down, and it had a lot to do with her looks. that has nothing to do with how her marriage turned out-she became a great mom and wife and deserved nothing of this.

  12. Carrie says:

    Mrs Odie
    Oh my God you seem jealous and bitter ???
    If Elin is a bimbo what are the sluts and whores Mr Woods slept with ???? Angels ..
    You need to leave Elin alone. Sick and tired of people bashing her just because she married him. If it were another woman he would have done the same thing.
    You must be one of Tiger lovers and you are still in denial about your hero. Yes he ain’t great anymore and believe me it will take him many many years to regain some kind of respectability or ever .. He’s the one responsible of his actions. Apparently Elin was good enough to marry him.
    BTW she attends right now some classes to finish her education. What do you think about that ????
    This is pure class act and certainly not a bimbo thing to do.
    Next time please spare us your ignorant comments.

  13. mojoman says:

    @Miranda Ann, yes Singapore is an independent country. Elin went to Shanghai, China to visit her brother who works there (I live in Shanghai, thus know the story).

  14. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    If he loved Elin and had any respect for her, he wouldn’t have treated her this way. I have no feelings for Tiger Woods either way, I just found the “she is so beautiful and amazing!” chorus of the media so tedious. What if she hadn’t handled the divorce with poise and grace (I mean AFTER she dragged him out of an Ambien haze and hit him in the face with a golf club)? Would people respect her less? What if she were to turn to comfort eating and get super-fat?

  15. Zaia says:

    Mrs Odie
    There is no what if ….. You seem to be bitter and jealous . Why ? What this woman did to you ? My God she’s not responsible if her husband is a jerk and a little spoiled brat.
    I bet you if the roles were reversed Elin would be called by all the beautiful little names possible … but this is Tiger Woods it’s different right ???
    I have the utmost respect for this LADY yes lady because she has behaved quite remarkably under those circumstances. She never ever talked to the media even before this scandal broke. She kept a low profile and took care of the kids.
    What more do you want ? Just because she doesn’t fit in the bimbo category you have to bash her. I don’t talk about her physical beauty I prefer to talk about her poise, class and grace which are for me far more important than physical beauty.
    If you don’t like Elin be it but don’t blame her for this huge mess.
    Don’t worry Mr Woods will soon realize what he has lost …

  16. mrsodie2 says:

    I am neither jealous, nor bitter. I’m not saying that Elin didn’t get wronged. She did! And Tiger is hardly a hero of mine. I think watching people play golf should be a torture technique. If you read my post carefully, you will see that what I SAID is that she is not a saint. She was his arm candy and she was lucky enough (compared to his other girlfriends) to get the ring and the mansion and eventually the kids. But what did she have of her own before she married Tiger? She was an au pair. She was not some established career woman. Tiger’s “other women” are damaged people who would do anything for love and affection. I don’t pity them. And I don’t pity Elin either. She will make out quite well. She made more money having her husband cheating on her than most of us will ever dream of in a lifetime of working. So “Boo, hoo, hoo.” AND she’ll always have the satisfaction of busting him up with a golf club like the trash ass trick he is. (golf clap)

  17. Lydia says:

    Mrs. Odie is a bitter slob who pokes fun at this woman…why? Because she is a nobody who claims she once was a child actress who amounted to nothing but a high school teacher of kids who don’t even speak english.

  18. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    They speak English when I’m done with them.