Sadie Frost bans Sienna Miller from her kids events after haircut incident


There’s a strange follow-up to last week’s story about the new bitch fight between Sadie Frost and Sienna Miller. According to last week’s reports, Sadie got really pissed at Sienna when Sienna took Sadie and Jude Law’s daughter Iris to the salon for a haircut. Sadie was so pissed she even tweeted about it, writing, “I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair!” Unfortunately, after that tweet, Sadie took down her Twitter. But the war continues – according to the Daily Mail, Sadie is banning Sienna from all activities involving the kids. Oh, and maybe Sienna didn’t have Iris’s hair cut, maybe it was Rudy’s hair? Weird. Also, something about Sienna and Jude getting married and wanting the kids there, and that is pissing off Sadie even more.

They have never exactly been the best of friends, but the Cold War between Sadie Frost and Sienna Miller has intensified ahead of Miss Miller’s summer wedding to Jude Law. Miss Miller, 28, left Miss Frost furious after taking her young son Rudy, seven, to the hairdresser, where all his golden curls were cut off.

And Miss Frost, 45 – who has three children by her former husband Law – has now hit back by banning Miss Miller from attending her nine-year-old daughter Iris’s ballet recital next week.

Iris is due perform alongside her best friend Kate Moss’s little girl Lila Grace next week, but a source told the Daily Mail: ‘Jude was bringing Sienna to the recital to support Iris, but Sadie has had enough and put her foot down and said she could not come. Sadie is a great mum, she’s just had enough of someone else playing mum with her children.’

The move comes after Miss Miller played the doting stepmother with the children last week as she enjoyed a sun-filled break with Law, 37, in Vaudelnay in the Loire Valley, where his parents live. Despite being reunited just eight months ago, the couple are now making plans for a summer wedding in France, which includes having Iris as a bridesmaid and sons Rafferty, 13, and Rudy as best man and page boy.

A source close to mother-of-four Miss Frost, who also has a 19-year-old son called Finlay by her first husband Gary Kemp, said: ‘There are many things that Sadie is cross about at the moment. Sienna is making all these plans for Sadie’s children to be part of the wedding party. Jude asked Sadie if she could have an informal meeting with Sienna to smooth over their relationship for the sake of the children – but that was before Sienna took Rudy to have his haircut.’

Miss Frost, an actress and designer, left her children with Law and Miss Miller while she went to the Isle of Wight festival earlier this month. However, she devastated when she saw Rudy’s haircut and attacked the blonde actress on Twitter.

She wrote: ‘I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair!’

A source said: ‘Sienna took her wedding file with her, which is filled with all her plans, to discuss everything in detail with Jude’s parents, Peter and Maggie. After all this time and such a long and rocky history together, they want a low-key wedding. Jude and his parents really want the wedding to be held in the French countryside, so that is what is being discussed at the moment. Jude and Sienna just want to be married and start their life together.’

Law, 37, has even been talking to Miss Miller’s favourite jeweler, Stephen Webster – who counts Madonna among his celebrity fans – about designing his fiancee’s wedding ring.

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll just say that I don’t have a dog in this hunt – to me, it seems like Sadie is completely overreacting, AND that Sienna is now and has always been a narcissist who doesn’t care if she’s stepping over the line of propriety. Jude seems like he’s trying to be the peacemaker, but I’m not sure if I buy all this stuff about a wedding. They just got back together over the winter, and I don’t think Jude is eager to jump into marriage with Sienna. Now, if my scenario is the case, where Jude and Sienna’s relationship status is still in transition, then perhaps that should be good enough reason for Sadie to not want Sienna participating in events for the kids – because after all, Sienna might not be sticking around. But if Sienna and Jude are engaged, then perhaps Sadie should grow up a little and accept that Sienna is trying to be an active step-mum. Plus, Sadie has had several boyfriends since she and Jude split, and Jude has been supportive of her and her relationships, and I guarantee those dudes have spent time with the kids.

Here’s an old photo of Jude and Sadie when they were married:

Jude Law and wife Sadie Frost arrive at the premiere of the Dreamworks SKG film 'Road to Perdition' at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, July 9, 2002. Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect.

And here are some pics of Jude, Sienna and the kids. The boy is Rudy, before the haircut I guess:



Header: Sadie on April 29, 2010. Credit: WENN. Also, Jude, Sienna and the kids on June 11, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Istanem says:

    I would fume if anyone cut off my kids hair without asking. Everyone knows that’s a “no-go domain” – Especially that mop – it gorgeous !!

  2. Fabulous says:

    Cutting your boyfriend’s child hair IS overstepping the mark. Sienna isn’t their mum and she shouldn’t have done that. It is up to either Sadie or Jude to have it done. Is it that Jude can’t be bothered and is passing over active-parenting to Sienna?

    I understand why it is a big deal about the wedding too – its hard when you split up with someone you love and even though both Sadie and Jude have had other partners, marriage is a big step and bound to make SAdie feel a little wierd.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I sense trouble for them. They have managed to work out things with the kids for this long, I really hope things don’t get catty now. Jude Law really skeeves me out. I don’t like him anymore and does he ever see his other child? I personally couldn’t date a man with kids for this reason, dealing with his EX does not appeal to me.

  4. gabs says:

    Its his hair. maybe he wanted it cut? Sadie is overreacting. My mom pulled the same thing when my dad got remarried. Its just jealousy over another woman being a part of the kids lives. They need to get together and make peace for the children. Im all for bashing sienna when she deserves it but this time its not a big deal

  5. Brittney says:

    I’m still so confused about that picture of Sienna, Jude and the three kids. Is Rafferty in it? I see Iris, Rudy and a mystery girl.

  6. ligeia says:

    when i was little my aunt chopped off my waist long hair into tomboy mullet. don’t think my mom was too happy either.
    i sure as hell would be pissed if some skank my ex was canoodling with took the liberty of making decisions regarding my kids appearance.

  7. RHONYC says:

    weird how that last photo looks like the kid has an amputated arm.

  8. andrea says:

    yeah, sienna seems like kind of a wench overall. sadie might not be as pissed about it except for both jude and sienna have ridiculous relationship histories, individually and with each other and i wouldnt blame her for not exactly trusting their new union or sienna’s judgment.

  9. Miss Bitch says:

    That kid had better enjoy his hair now, ’cause in 20 years it’ll be gone, just like his dad’s.

  10. Miss Bitch says:

    …oh, and Sienna may be a skank, but Sadie’s a bitch. Hair grows back, you sour-faced cow.

  11. Oi says:

    Jude really should be trying to smooth this over, maybe even defending Sienna. (Did she apologize for the hair thing?) Sadie and Jude are divorced. Sienna is going to be her kids step-mom (apparently), and part of the kids’ lives whether she likes it or not. Sienna has to have some authority somewhere. I think Sienna is trying, she messed up granted- but come on. If this business started with the haircut, then she needs to get over it.

  12. Ro says:

    There is probably something else going on there besides a haircut. I mean this is Sienna Miller we’re talking about here.

  13. dread pirate cuervo says:

    If Sienna just packed the kid up in the car & took him for a haircut without telling Jude, she would be wrong. I don’t think that’s the case & I think Sadie is letting her jealousy & insecurity show. If anything, Sadie’s problem should be with Jude. As the father, he could/should have told Sienna no. But like Gabs said, maybe the kid wanted his hair cut?

  14. N.D. says:

    Sadie is (reportedly) a very hand-on mom, always have been, so of course she cares a lot about her kids, their haircuts and everything, no matter how small. But I don’t think it’s all about hair. Seems to me that the haircut was the last straw for Sadie and it only got public because she lost it and twittered her anger. So for all we know there could have been a lot of arguments before about other more important things that kind of piled up.

    And even if Sienna is indeed engaged to Jude again it still can fall through like it did the first time around and therefore isn’t a reason for Sadie to adjust her attitudes toward Sienna right away. For all we know tomorrow another woman may come out with Jude’s “love-child” news and the engagement will be called off.

  15. lucy2 says:

    They all sound nuts.

    If they do get married, I hope they have an “arrangement” or I predict less than 2 or 3 years and they’re breaking up from one of them cheating.

  16. KittySchmitty says:

    I’m glad she is teaching her kids how to act MATURE. Nice, Sadie.

    Get the F*ck Over it.

  17. denise says:

    I side with Sadie on this one. I would probably have to hurt someone if they cut my daughter’s hair without my permission.

  18. Feebee says:

    I understand Sadie being pissed but the war she’s waging will be damaging to her kids who obviously like Sienna. She makes their dad happy. I presume they like seeing their dad happy. All Sienna has to say when they ask for something will be ‘your mum doesn’t want me to…’ a few times and look who’ll be the bad guy. I’m not saying Sienna would do this to spite Sadie but genuinely, say for the next hair cut….

  19. Nique says:

    In all fairness to Ms. Frost, Jude Law does have a very bad track record of supervising his children while with a woman(the nanny?). If Sadie Frost is trying to protect her children, then I don’t think she is being to harsh. Beside who says that she has to agree with Jude and Sienna discussing wedding plans with aor around her children.

  20. Sienna just pops back up in Jude’s life and decides to be SuperMum with another lady’s kids.

    Sorry, Sienna was out of line. Jude is a wimp. Sadie reacted as any mom would when a major decision about HER kids is made by the off-on girlfriend, not the actual StepMum.

    It’s about permission. As a StepMum, you are a part of their lives, but you still consult the mother, especially if she’s still active in her kids’ lives. Today it’s a haircut, next, it’ll be allowing them to go against rules that Sadie set just to be “cool”…

  21. Leek says:

    This is just stupid. Sienna should have not had the boy’s hair cut and Sadie is overreacting.

    My son father was sleeping with his new wife when we were still together and I couldn’t care less. I’m just grateful there is someone there keeping his father semi-normal when he’s with my son. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and take one for the team.

  22. Gwen says:

    There must be more to this story because Sadie has AFAIK always been very positive towards Sienna in the past. Sadie even defended her, when everyone called her her a slut because of her relationship with Balthazar Getty so something more must have happened since there’s suddenly bad blood between them.

    Personally I’m team Sadie. The kids seems to be doing all right and it must mainly be her doing since 1. she obviously around more than Jude, 2. her child with her first husband is also doing well. 3. She’s not the one who’s able to ignore a child of hers, unlike Jude.

  23. Rosanna says:

    Newsflash: kids aren’t properties!!! why is it so hard to understand???

  24. Lady Jane says:

    You don’t cut someone else’s kid’s hair. The dogs on the street know this. Either Sienna was being deliberately obtuse and inflammatory or she is as dumb as a plank.

  25. Novaraen says:

    It was wrong for Sienna to cut it without asking Sadie’s permission….but honestly…it’s only hair and will grow back quickly.

  26. meme says:

    i agree. you do not take someone else child to get a drastic haircut without permission from both parents. sienna’s a stupid twat.

  27. flourpot says:

    LOL @ MissBitch. It’s totally taboo to bring your boyfriends kids anywhere without clearing it with mom first. It doesn’t matter if Dad is there – clear it with mom. Unspoken rules. Perhaps the original wife is bitter and a serious bitch but she really needs to step off and try and make some kind of peace with Judes new skank ’cause it looks like she’ll be around a while. She’s not putting her kids emotions first – she’s putting her own “Mine” emotions first and that’s never good.

  28. Whatever says:

    I am totally with her on the hair thing. I’d never have done that with my step daughter or tolerate it with my own kids. However, banning her from the kids’ events is stupid. Parents need to get over their own pain and be civil for the sake of the kids. Otherwise, they will be screwed up. If she is a concerned mom, she should think about that.

  29. snowball says:

    Sooo, if Jude asks Rudy if he wants his hair cut and the kid said he wants the curls gone and Jude asks Sienna if she’ll take him, she does, then Mom from Hell freaks, Rudy gets scared and says it was Sienna’s idea..

    Bitch Mom can’t ban Sienna from a school play or whatever if Jude brings her. You don’t need permission from both parents to take a kid to get a haircut. My ex never asked me and I never asked him. If my kid wanted it, he got it. That’s stupid.

    Really, really. Do you really, really, really think Sienna just out of the blue took Rudy to get a drastic haircut and he just blithely went along with it, never batting an eye or asking what his mom would say or thinking he’d rather leave his hair the way it was, knowing someone was getting their ass kicked when it was done? C’mon, really? Is this kid 2?

    Sienna’s an idiot, but it’s not like these kids are infants. They have mouths and opinions and Jude is a pussy if he lets Sadie continue to walk all over him. She’s a bitch on wheels.

    Is getting a haircut a major decision? Those curls will be back in a month. It’s not like she got him circumcised or something.

  30. meilamon says:

    If she cut off all his curls they may be gone for good! His hair will probably start growing in straight now, that’s what happened to my friend’s sons hair. I would be completely pissed about that too! She’s not overreacting in the least bit. I get mad at my own husband if he takes the boys for those terrible shaved head ‘dos!

  31. gg says:

    Sadie is a serious Chav. Hair always looks bad & dresses very poorly, parties too much IMO.

  32. buckley says:

    Good god…really over a haircut?
    Relax woman.

    In other news, Rudy is beautiful (with short or long hair)
    Love that last pic of him.

  33. qb says:

    Sienna has no authority over those kids. I will piss off to if people were making decisions with out my authorization about my kids.

    Sienna needs to back off.

  34. flourpot says:

    “It’s not like she got him circumcised or something.” ROFL! Well! That certainly adds some perspective to the argument :)

  35. Bopa says:

    @ gg:

    You’re talking about Sadie or Sienna?

  36. RastaPasta says:

    Sadie is so wrong.

    Jude is the father and can bring whomever he wants to his daughter’s ballet recital.

    Maybe the haircut wasn’t the best decision, but the ex-wife is really overreacting.

    She sounds like a control freak. I hope Jude stands up to her and asserts his parental rights, for the sake of everyone involved.

  37. k says:

    I would be pissed, too, but if she’s banning Sienna from her daughter’s recital, it may be the daughter who suffers (assuming she is keen on Sienna)

  38. d says:

    I’m not a mum and even I know that you don’t cut the kid’s hair. You just don’t. Even if it’s simple and ridiculous, you just don’t do it. It’s a mum thing. And it’s a sign of disrespect to the mum. She could have called her or something. Although, what did Jude have to say in the matter, I wonder? And no doubt Sadie’s extra sensitive on this matter because it’s Sienna. Doesn’t help that Sienna isn’t exactly known for propriety.

  39. ctkat says:

    I’m not getting into the haircut battle, but I will say that Jude and Sienna have a rocky history, and maybe the kids were traumatized the first time she left their lives after playing “stepmom”- that would explain why Sadie is trying to limit the kids involvement until Jude and Sienna are married.

  40. SammyHammy says:

    1. If the father gave her permission to get his child’s hair cut, then she did nothing wrong.

    2. If the father wants to take his fiance to his child’s recital, that’s his right.

    I don’t like any of these people, but it seems to me that Frost is forgetting that the kids have TWO parents and that BOTH of them get to make decisions and participate in their lives.

  41. julie says:

    Wow, Im really amazed at the differences of opinions here. I think this is all on the father. If he lets his “girlfriend” or even wife if they actually do get married play the mom, when they ALREADY have a mom, he is just doing it to get back at their actual mom. If the mom has primary custody, then any decisions should be up to her, and to openly defy her, is a shot at her. As always, the kids suffer when the dad is useless,ineffectual,cant be bothered, let “fillinblankwoman” take responsiblity for HIS children.

  42. Sumodo1 says:

    Sienna was right. That kid needed a haircut. What a mess, and on vacation? Puh-LEEZE, he’s a boy and they get haircuts, not walk around with messy mops.

    Sadie is playing by some very old rules from the 60s and she’d better drop it. God forbid Sienna get them a DOG and Sadie disapproves.


  43. N.D. says:

    To everyone who emphasized that kids have TWO parents and Jude may have given his permission – HIS isn’t enough. Because kids have two parents and Sadie should have been consulted too. Especially that as a mom she most probably would care much more about haircuts and similar things than Jude.

  44. Kitten says:

    I agree with Snowball. I don’t have kids but I’d like to think I’d be mature enough to take Snowball’s approach.

  45. Kim says:

    Good for Sadie. Her kids have a mom they dont need Sienna (who is so not a good role model to have around children) playing “mom.” But then again she is marrying a man who just had fathered a baby he has NO relationship with so we obviously know these 2 arent good parent figures.

  46. Kim says:

    Good for Sadie. Her kids have a mom they dont need Sienna (who is so not a good role model to have around children)playing “mom.”

  47. telesma says:

    My father-in-law once bullied my son into letting him get his hair cut without consulting me. Let’s just say that he won’t ever make that mistake again.

    You do NOT cut someone else’s kid’s hair without their permission. Period. It’s just not your decision to make, and doing it is way out of line.

    And dad “letting” his girlfriend do such a thing? Seriously disrespectful to let her step all over mom’s toes that way. If he knew about it and let it happen, the whole sh*tstorm is his fault. He needs to set the boundaries between any women he chooses to have in his life and the mother(s) of his children, and he really failed here.

  48. Kim says:

    You do not EVER EVER EVER cut a child’s hair who is not your own and without BOTH parents permission.

  49. Mairead says:

    Personally I wouldn’t consider Sadie a particularly good role model either, to be blunt. They’ve kept extremely skeevy company in the past and still having Kate Moss around isn’t convincing me that much has changed.

    There are far too many variables on the whole haircutting thing to pillory Sienna completely (perhaps Jude was the one who thought the kid might be more comfortable with shorter hair and asked Sienna to bring him to the hairdresser? who knows).

  50. Disco says:

    My ex has a fiance that I can’t stand…I mean REALLY can’t stand. But you know what? I put my big girl panties on and we make it through all the kid events just fine…we’re both at soccer, basketball and baseball games and sometimes even sit together. Is it comfortable? Noooo. But that’s life. I think all the so-called grownups in this situation need to get it together.

    But I’d still be pissed about the haircut :)

  51. jane16 says:

    Sadie sounds like an insanely jealous, self-absorbed bitch. If someone was nice enough to take my kid for a haircut, I’d say thank you. Haircuts are part of regular grooming, folks, its not like getting a tat or piercing.

  52. tripmom says:

    Sadie is absolutely overreacting. Every summer my parents would send my brother and I to visit my grandparents looking like perfectly normal little children, and we would come back looking like idiots because my grandparents would indulge whatever stupid clothes/hairstyles/makeup/accessories we wanted. My parents would wash it off, call my grandparents and yell at them for letting us do that stupid stuff, and then the next summer we’d all go through it again. That’s the way families work, and whether she likes it not, Sadie needs to accept that Sienna is about to become part of her extended family.

  53. Liana says:

    sadie might not be as pissed about it except for both jude and sienna have ridiculous relationship histories, individually and with each other and i wouldnt blame her for not exactly trusting their new union or sienna’s judgment.

    Oh please, it’s fairly well known that Jude and Sadie had an “open” marriage. They were swingers and swappers (they were part of a group known as the Primrose Hill Swingers). Sienna Miller was part of this group, too. None of them should be considered “role models” and they’re ALL sketchy individuals. Oh, and this swapping partners and all happened when they HAD children, not just before.

  54. nuBeauty says:

    For once, I have to take sides with Sienna.
    Sadie is down and out..HATE her!!

  55. la chica says:

    if the father was present and he approved the haircut, don’t blame the girlfriend.

  56. K McFarlane says:

    I would have been upset too. Especially given that his curls were so gorgeous! It has to be hard seeing your kids with another woman and I would be very surprised if Sienna was sensitive to that. Of course you’re not always as grown up as you’d like to be. And in fairness to Sadie, she took down the Twitter account afterwards. So she realized that she was overreacting.

  57. Cindy says:

    It doesn’t help that Sienna is one of the stupidest women to ever live, with the judgement of an alley cat. I wouldn’t want her cutting my kids’ nails. She’s dumb and she’s evil and should have no say about anything those kids do. I’d say jude is an idiot for having such a skeeve around his kids, but he’s also got no morals or values either. They both suck a$$. If he thinks that having his dippy blond piece attend his daughter’s recital is more important than keeping the peace, then I hope Sadie kicks his worthless nanny-bopping butt.

  58. Sadie is better looking says:

    Didn’t realize Sadie is better looking than Sienna actually. I know she’s older, but if you made them the same age, Sadie has more interesting looks.

  59. Tami says:

    I used to kind of like Jude, now between the love child he blew off and his hooking up with this trashy beyotch, I am so over him. Pigs slop together. I throw up a little whenever I see them

  60. Kate says:

    I know Sadie, as we have a good deal of friends in common, and we have come across each other in the party scene. And I will say she can certainly be a over-confident and brash woman, fairly off-putting if one does not get to know her well. But no one can doubt her love for her children; she is an amazing mother.

    Most in the group believe that Sienna cares for the children, but it is also well known that in the stereotypical “dad’s girlfriend” sense, she does have some jealousy toward the children regarding how much time Jude spends with them (or rather, how much time he spends not completely devoted to her).

    Sienna is definitely someone who needs constant focus on her and finds it frustrating that Jude is devoted to his children with Sadie; she does not share time easily. I have heard it also bothers Sienna that Jude has a good relationship with Sadie, as well.

    I feel she may be a bit too high maintenance for him in the long run, as he is relatively high maintenance as well.

  61. Moocowhead says:

    That little boy is too handsome!

    Can you do a post about how much KAty Perry sucks so we can bitch about her? I just saw this video of her song (3rd one i’ve ever heard) and it sucked so bad! I can’t believe she gave Lady Gaga shit when the only thing that sells her records is her tits & legs – what a fucking hypocrite. How dare Russel Brand try to educate her about The Smiths, she isn’t worthy!
    ahh anonymous commenting.
    Thanks :)

  62. DiMi says:

    They’re both wrong, but Sienna started the conflict by crossing the line. You NEVER cut the hair of somebody else’s child without permission. Period. Just don’t do it. Anybody who doesn’t know this is lacking in basic sensitivity and responsibility.

    Hair is always a symbol. This sounds like a straw that broke the camel’s back situation.

    I think Sadie has just decided to stop working with Sienna, which is her right. But any conflict will hurt the child. If Sienna apologizes, Sadie should forgive her.


  63. reality rules says:

    I would have shaved the little rug rats’ heads next time they were with us. All of ‘em. See how that crazy bitch likes that.