Britney Spears thinks conservatorship is “worse than prison”


Let’s go through the praise for Britney Spears first. Okay, her budget weave doesn’t look jacked and dirty, it actually looks pretty clean. In fact, Britney herself looks pretty clean, almost like she’s fresh out of the shower. Also, she isn’t wearing a face full of hideous makeup, and the clothing kind of works, although I wouldn’t have picked this out for her. And, as The Sun points out, Jamie Spears’ loose-nipple fatwa is still in effect – Britney’s got her bra on, and her boobs are looking good. You know, supported and not flying all over the place. Of course, she looks “cold”. But overall, a vast improvement.

Not so great? In this one photo grouping, I swear to God that Britney changed from one personality to another like five times. It was some When Rabbit Howls sh-t. In one part she looks like she’s about to cry, in other she’s about to punch something, in another she’s smiling and so happy. All in one walk from the restaurant to the car. Seriously.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, there’s an article claiming that Britney has been back in contact with former paparazzo and active sketchball Adnan Ghalib. Ghalib is described as “currently unemployed” and apparently Britney has to sneak around behind her dad and Jason Trawick’s backs to make the calls. Us Weekly’s source (via Jezebel) says that Britney thinks her life is “worse than being in prison — at least in prison you know when your time is up… What 28-year-old wants to be legally controlled by her father?” Then take your meds, Britney! I know, I know, getting Britney to dial down the crazy is a lot harder than it looks. But still, prison? If prisons were fabulous LA mansions with unlimited Cheetos, perhaps California would have an even bigger jail problem.

One more thing… Fame Pictures put up this side-by-side of Jason Trawick to show how he’s started to look like hell because he’s with Britney. I don’t know – I don’t even think he looks that bad in the “after” photo:



Britney on June 22, 2010. Additional side-by-side of Jason Trawick, all photo credits: Fame.

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  1. tiki says:

    rockin’ the camel-toe look in the top picture. sigh. brit-brit’s my fashion idol. she sure knows how to make a statement. the boobs may belong to daddy, but the cooter’s all hers.

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:

    She still looks *SAD* : (

    I mean emotionally, not as in ‘Trainwreck’.

  3. NayNay says:

    I am just an observer looking in from the outside, but it looks to me that having her dad in control is a good thing. Of course, no 28 year old wants to be legally controlled by their father, but she has come a long way since her head shaving. I think that until drs. can confirm that she is 100% mentally stable to gain control over her life, the conservatorship should stay in place.

  4. Melanie says:

    Poor Britney..There are so many things the public does not know….I will keep her in my prayers…

  5. ronnie says:

    Jason Trawick reminds me of Sam from True Blood. Yum, yum.

  6. jokerjim says:

    Leave the poor girl alone, she is trying to get her life in order. Her parents are more afraid they’ll lose HER money then anything else, very sad.
    This is the worst part of the internet, people prey on others misfortune, leave the kid alone. She is also a mom, one day her children may read this nonsense.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know jokerjim, her dad seems to be doing things right with her. Her mother was more of a fame/money leech, but it seems like she’s not in the picture as much these days.
    Britney has some form of mental illness, and needs people looking out for her. Her dad taking control has brought her around from a really bad place, and though she doesn’t seem happy, I don’t think she’s as much danger to herself and others as she was at one point. He’s probably also limited her spending, which will help preserve her fortune to support her through her whole life.

  8. Roma says:

    @ronnie: Yes!! I was trying to place who he looked at and you nailed it.

    MMMM… True Blood. Am I the only one who really, really wanted Sam to hook up with Bill in his dream?

  9. zen says:

    I really feel for Brit. I know I’d be acting crazy too if I were her age and had people constantly watching me and controlling everything I did. I know they claim to be looking out for her own good but she seems to just get worse.

  10. l says:

    in the the last few photos of i’ve seen of Jason, hes kind of starting to morph into Billy Bob Thorton territory. He needs to be very careful,

  11. Bodhi says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks Jason is hot! Or that he looks like Sam merlotte! :drool:

  12. Victoria says:

    It looks as though Brit cut the fabric of her bra so her nips could be seen through the shirt anyway. How bizarre. Maybe if anyone questions her, she can whip out the bra strap to show that she’s wearing a bra, and in a defiant move is still essentially letting her puppies fly.

  13. Penguen says:

    @ jokerjim – No offense whatsoever, but whenever I hear someone say to leave Britney alone, all I can think of is:


  14. Green Is Good says:

    Kaiser, I thought I was the only one who remembered “When Rabbit Howls”. That book/memoir was seriously scary effed up!

  15. sharylmj says:

    I feel really bad for Britney. she seems so sad in most of her pictures, never a real smile. On the other hand she has been doing so much better since her Dad took charge. I think that poor Jason is stuck in the middle trying to make her dad happy and trying to make her happy.. I wouldn’t want that job!! I think Jason is hot too, but sometimes he looks kind of dorky.. but he seems like a person Britney can rely on.

  16. Taya says:

    Ya, Britney you are right. Having daddy control your money because you are unstable 90 percent of the time is much worse that getting beaten/raped in prison by a 300 pound butch, in for murder. Living in your million dollar house with nannies, maids and housekeepers is just horrible. How do you do it?

  17. amanda says:

    Isn’t there a plan to dial back the conservatorship over Britney as a person, while keeping the conservatorship over Britney’s business interests in place? That sounds like a SMART idea to me. Personal freedom, but she can’t destory herself financially. Brilliant!

    Also, I hate to point out, but the god awful make-up appeared in the bottom photo. The matte, brick red lipstick is the WORST.

  18. Cinderella says:

    Small steps.

    Who knows what the paps were spewing at her as she was walking. Or she could have just been intently listening to someone. Pictures can be deceiving.

    Either way, it’s obvious she’s not entirely well, but this is actually one of her better looks lately.

  19. Rosanna says:

    Conservatorship can’t possibly be a good thing. Either she is fit to be a parent (in which case she is also fit to handle her finances and ultimately life) or she isn’t (in which case she shouldn’t be trusted with her own kids). I personally think it’s just greed that keeps JS in charge and a judge who cares more about Britney Spear’s money than her life. Hope somebody will do the same nasty thing to them… maybe they’ll understand then, who knows.

  20. Anonandonandon says:

    Didn’t she once tell a homeless person, “Be glad you aren’t me.” in her British accent? She really has a skewed view of reality.

    Britney is really not a sympathetic character. I wish people would stop making excuses for her and just ignore her. Everyone seems to assume that something horrible happened to her but have no reason. If she has a mental illness then that’s why she’s sad. Add to that the paparazzi constantly hounding her and that is all the reason she needs not to be smiling constantly. She has already been given a free pass in the music industry. She doesn’t need another one to excuse her selfish behavior. She’s been spoiled for the past few years and now that she is on a leash she can’t stand it. Poor Britney.

  21. Kim says:

    I feel for Britney & am sympathetic for her because she has 2 young children so if anything we should all wish the best for her so that she can be a good mother to those boys. What grown accomplished woman wants to be babysat by her father? I think this conservatorship, in the long run, will be worse for her emotionally then not having one. I know everyone thinks she was going off deep end and I agree something needed to be done but i dont think something as drastic as father conservatorship because thats demenaing to her and is bringing her down and i believe making her more depressed. Give her back her life already. She has been a puppet for most of her life with her career and i think she deserves her own life now not controlled by Disney or her family. i think the conservatorship should be over her money only.

  22. meme says:

    I feel for Britney. She has a lot of money but very little happiness. Money can’t fix everything.

  23. amanda says:

    Not everyone (sane or insane) can handle their own finances. Just ask my husband, he gets a dollar and it burns a hole in his pocket. lol. I think Britney has proven she cannot handle her own finances, and I think it’s the responsible thing to have someone manage it for her. When there are millions at stake, and she has a family to provide for, I think it would be neglectful for someone not to step in.

  24. Jeri says:

    From Britney’s POV, going from regardless of price, whatever, whenever, however you wanted, having no control or say would be a bummer. I agree she needs it but I can see why she doesn’t want it.

    Jason looked way different when he was first viewed w/Britney. He’s improved in looks & now people know who he is.

    Hope they can keep Adnan Ghalib & his type far far away!

  25. BlessedBeauty says:

    These “poor Britney” entries are getting redundant. She’s been doing great for over a year and bloggers still can’t see her as relatively content. Maybe not the most thrilled person in the world, but she seems happy with her music, tour, fans, and of course her children. Every photo is dissected and over-analyzed. There could be ten photos of her smiling, yet the most unhappy looking one usually gets posted up front. I wouldn’t be smiling all the time if I had a public scrutinizing me 24/7 and paparazzi stalking me and (most likely) making uncomfortable comments towards me.

    I like CB, but this is just a general thing I’ve noticed here and on other celebrity blogs. I think that’s why I enjoy the site Poor Britney com so much. The US Weekly story is recycled and b.s. I don’t understand how these things are worth re-posting over and over again. It keeps perpetuating this unhappy and pathetic perception of her. It’s boring. Her father can’t wait to go back home. He’s given her control of all her personal matters. She’s with her children so much. The finances are a different story, of course (I agree with amanda’s comment). But why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Britney releasing her own line made for Candies or all the great producers she’s working with for her seventh album? Where are all the positive things about her life? Where’s the balance, y’all?

    Sorry, I had to rant a little. Maybe I’m just missing the whole point of this site. I don’t know. I mean all this with TLC though.

  26. Camille says:

    I could not agree with you more Anonandonando. I totally agree.

  27. Jag says:

    She won’t get control back over her life until she has no more money to give her father and the rest of the leeches.

    Why would a psychiatrist say that she’s mentally stable, when she most likely has to have regular appointments, which is likely a cash cow for the doctor? Why would the father say that she’s all better, when he’s getting a huge paycheck every month? And why would any of the people employed by the father as Britney’s handlers, risk losing “a good thing” by saying anything different?

    It’s disgusting that she can’t hire her own people and mental health professionals to prove that she’s better – if she is truly able to handle having her life back. For those who might say that a psychiatrist is bound by honor or code or something to be good to his/her patients, let me introduce you to most of the ones I’ve seen, because there is a long list of bad ones. The worst drove a new Jaguar and didn’t accept insurance, but even though I told her I had been fired while on disability and money was tight, she somehow needed to see me twice a week with no end in sight. $200 for 45 minutes, which turned to 30 minutes after a while, and $50 per 10 minute phone call. (I never called.) My current one needs to see me about every 3 or 4 months, and does take my insurance, so go figure.

  28. Seth says:

    Totally agree, Blessed Beauty! I mean, really, half of the things that are reported about Britney are swallowed whole only BECAUSE it’s Britney, when they are just as likely to be crap. I am getting so tired of this same recycled story-throw in some Adnan Ghalib, some Britney is sad and hates her situation, a little Sam Lufti, fights with Jason, and a whole lot of weird underwear/nudity issues, and voila, another exciting issue of Ok! or Us Weekly. She had issues in the past, she seems to be getting over them. I think she still has them, but I don’t think just because her facial expressions seemed off she is schizophrenic. We’re just constantly on watch for that now. Maybe it’s time to dial it down a touch. It has literally been years now since the headshaving, and even since she was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.