“Bionic Kitty has two peg legs & a heart of gold” links

Bionic Kitty! Seriously, this cat is friggin‘ adorable. [Gawker]
Amy Winehouse probably thinks that kid is a hallucination. [Dlisted]
Bedhead thinks The Green Hornet is going to suck. [Agent Bedhead]
Kelly Brook wears panties. Thank God. [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Paris Hilton wants to “help” Lindsay Lohan. Oh God. [Celebslam]
Katy Perry is topless for Esquire UK. Boring. [A Socialite Life]
Knight & Day review – “eh”. [Pajiba]
Posh & Becks deny their marriage is in trouble. [LaineyGossip]
Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh for a plane ride. [Pop Sugar]
Jake Whatshisguts isn‘t gay, y‘all. He just hates vaginas, I guess. [LimeLife]
Adrianne Curry is naked, coked up in the shower. [Yeeah]
That photo of the baby with the bong. Yikes. [Bossip]
The Bieb‘s mom got an offer to pose for Playboy. [The Blemish]
Jason Bateman was allowed to cut in line for his iPhone. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Danielle Staub talks about her sex tape. [PopEater]
Mariah Carey wants Michael Jackson‘s furniture. [Bitten and Bound]

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  1. denise says:

    Awww sweet! It’s nice to know there is still goodness in the world. That doctor is a prime example of that.
    On another note, could you imagine the vet bill ;)

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Oh, that makes my heart happy seeing that kitty doing well, and having someone who loves him!

  3. MissyA says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! What a handsome big boy!

    My naughty black cat took a digger off my third story balcony and shattered his hip and femoral head. It was a serious fall, and I was so scared to lose my baby. . . (on my birthday, no less!)
    It was year ago, and the little guy is doing fine now, but those first moments after surgery with his little shaved butt. . .

    I completely empathize with the surgeon. What a proud papa!

  4. SammyHammy says:

    Awww…that little sweetie looks like my Sammy. It’s amazing how well he’s getting around! Not even limping too badly!

    Oh, and if I weren’t married I’d hop on a plane and be all over that wonderful vet!

  5. scotchy says:

    aww, that makes me happy. so cute

  6. Green Is Good says:

    What and amazing story! WOW!!

  7. lucy2 says:

    Great story! The bionic legs are amazing, as is the cat’s adjustment to them. I have a black cat too.

  8. aury says:

    poor baby. i read about what had happened to cause him to lose his legs in the link provided. thank God for today’s technology.

  9. Geneva says:

    I read an article through the Yahoo main page on this cat earlier today. I swear to God, gossip mongers are 10x more caring than news mongers. People had the rudest most insensitive things to say about going to such lengths to help a cat. F-ing people… sometimes I wonder why I’m human…

  10. moi says:

    I read some mean comments by people on news sites too! I do agree that there are a lot of cat who could use good homes, etc etc etc. I just adopted one! But I think this case is great, not only for the pet owners who were able to give this cat a longer, happier life, but also for the fact that this is a great example of how far medical research has come – this could help humans!

  11. viper says:

    ….I have SIX cats at my home. All from teh street and Ive had the eldest since I was 13 years old. But alas it’s time for me to give them up …as they’ve begun to tear each other apart after the latest edition to the family names Simba.

    Kish Kish << perian blue
    Cookieo << siamese
    Tigger << GIANT tappy/maow
    B.C << an egpytian maow
    Bozo << Perian maow
    and Simba << the youngest arabian maow

  12. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    How could people say anything mean about something like that? I hate people! Not Celebitchy people, but mean, animal hating people!

  13. Bee says:

    I loooove cats! And I absoultely adore black cats like this one. I would try to do the same thing for my wonderful 17 year old darling named Zoey, if anything like this happened to her. The doctor and the cat’s owners should be applauded for helping this little guy live a longer and happier life. And screw all the losers who are criticizing them for doing so.

  14. Isa says:

    A combine harvester how horrible! Poor kitty.
    We just got my daughter a kitten, we named him Toby. They have the same color hair (orange!)

  15. Dhavy says:

    I know today was Take your Dog to Work day but this kitty deserves a tour of the office too. A lot of times pets are better companions than humans so the bionic legs are well deserved

  16. MooCow says:

    I have to show this to my kitty!

  17. NicoleAM says:

    Great story. STFU to anyone who doesn’t think so. I’ve always liked animals more than people.
    My Molly (nickname Moo), my black and white cat is currently purring in agreement by my feet.

  18. d says:

    This is all kinds of amazing, so heart-warming. I so envy people who have kitties. They’re not allowed in my apartment building. Boo!

  19. honey bee says:

    Owh.. poor cats! Luckily he got his pegs

  20. House Mouse says:

    I don’t see my comment, have to repost it!

    My cat had a very serious health pb (thrown by the window by stupid humans?), and underwent a hip & femur surgery, a very complicated one. And after that he was abandonned by his master or the cat was confiscated by the autorithies. I adopted him and helped him to recover, to walk “more straight”. His is the sweetest animal of the world, beautiful, intelligent as a dog or more. He follows me everywhere and is soooo grateful!

    As soon as he saw Oscar, he said between two purrrrs: “mistress, when the remaining pieces of my hip and femurs will let me down, I WANT these bionical legs”. It’s the ultimate, absolute MUST HAVE for mutilated – but loved – kittens!

    Congrats to people who saved him and to the extraordinary vet! Very touching!

  21. aenflex says:

    Awww..I love it when you ladies post animal stuff!

  22. Kitten says:

    To all my fellow cat-loving friends on Celebitchy-you guys are awesome!
    @ Geneva-I echo your sentiments which is why I try not to read the comments section on stuff like that. Hard for me to not get upset when I read about how hateful some people are towards animals, cats in particular.
    I was so excited to see this vid posted in the links section. Thanks, Kaiser and C/B!! =^..^=

  23. skeptical says:

    awwww -i’m a kitty lover too. honestly sometimes animals are more humane than humans are! Animals just want to be loved! They don’t care how you look! Unconditional love.

  24. sonola trip says:

    How does the cat sit?

    There’s a joint cats have on their back legs that bend when they sit. I can’t quite figure out how this little guy does it.

  25. House Mouse says:

    @Sonola “How does the cat sit?”

    Like my cat, he lies on the side and never on hard ground or floor. He loves soft coches, pillows…

    Kaiser, please more animal stuff! and less gossip about these wild peoples!

  26. XYZ says:

    Did anyone ask the cat if she wants that?