Prince Charles & Camilla are living “separate lives”


Of course this could totally be crap, but it’s really slow today, and I found this story very interesting. Back in 2005, Prince Charles finally bought the cow (horse?) and married Camilla Parker-Bowles after decades of getting the milk for free. Camilla was remade into the Duchess of Cornwall, and they lived happily ever after. Right? Not so much. I’ve read various rumors here and there over the years which basically claimed that Camilla hated being royal and that she and Charles didn’t really have their “happily ever after” after all. Now The Daily Mail is laying it all out, and saying they are living “separate lives.” The full piece is very long (here) but these are some of the juiciest highlights:

When the Duchess of Cornwall left Scotland and travelled south with a broken leg in plaster the other week, she chose to recuperate not at Highgrove, the marital home she shares with the Prince of Wales, but at Raymill House, her own home 17 miles away.

Three years ago, when she left hospital after a hysterectomy, she did exactly the same thing. Most married women will find it very strange that a wife should eschew the warmth and helping hand of her husband at such a difficult time, but then, this is a very strange marriage.

We are not talking about a constitutional crisis, or a split or separation between Charles and Camilla.

This is a story of two people whose relationship was idyllic while they were lovers for more than 30 years, but who have found things to be not the same since being advised to make what amounted to a marriage of convenience, as we shall explain later. Friends on both sides knew the risks each was taking when they married in 2005, because each was so set in their ways — and very different ways at that. No one, however, expected the impatience and frustration that each is known to cause the other around the house to be such a problem. Even the staff are said to be ‘bickering’ — a sure sign that all is not well at the top. One chauffeur working for another senior royal finds the atmosphere at Highgrove ‘so unpleasant’ that he refuses to stay overnight in the servants’ quarters.

When Mrs Parker Bowles became the Duchess five years ago, she already knew she would need to get away — and get away often — from the starchy formality of the Prince’s world at Highgrove. (How ironic that Princess Diana used to refer to Charles’s Gloucestershire mansion with its six bedrooms, scrupulously maintained gardens and 350 farmed acres as ‘another woman’s house’. She meant Camilla, of course.)

Camilla had known for decades about Charles’s obsessional neatness around the house, especially over where and how certain objects are placed, and that this had grown worse as he got older: he is now 61, she 63 in July. For his part, Charles, as a regular caller at Camilla’s home at Raymill, was familiar with her renowned domestic untidiness. But the problems go deeper than that.

‘When a woman’s been a man’s mistress for 30 years and then marries him, the relationship is bound to change,’ says one aged dowager who has known Camilla all her life. ‘They still love each other, I have no doubt of that, but life as a married couple is difficult for two such independent spirits, who have always enjoyed the physical aspects of life. There’s a certain electricity about sex between lovers which is bound to dissipate after several years of marriage.’

Friends of the duchess say she is finding it ‘hard to relax’, but they insist this is largely caused by the inconvenience of the leg she fractured when she stepped into a rabbit hole at Birkhall, their Scottish retreat, though it is now out of plaster.

‘Charles was brilliant with her at first, but he’s never been very good at looking after others,’ says a friend. ‘A friend of mine asked “How is Camilla?” the other week and had to listen to him whingeing on and on about how inconvenient it was that she was in plaster and had to use a wheelchair because she couldn’t go with him to this and that, and how it was making everything so difficult for him. My friend had to bite their tongue not to say that it couldn’t have been very convenient for Camilla either.’

What no one expected was for the duchess effectively to decamp from Highgrove to Raymill, where, when not on official duties either alone or with Charles — two weeks ago they were at the Royal Cornwall Show and this week they are together in Wales — she reverts to the informality of her former life, pottering in the garden, seeing friends and, these days, being a busy granny to her five grandchildren. She has even had the builders in to create a nursery wing on the top floor of the six-bedroom house. It is playing host to her daughter Laura’s three children, Eliza, two, and six-month-old twins Gus and Louis, and her son Tom’s daughter Lola, two, and baby Freddy.

There have been no such domestic or structural changes to accommodate small children at Highgrove, the tranquillity of which must remain undisturbed for the Prince of Wales. The duchess’s daughter Laura in particular, who is married to former male model Harry Lopes, has been relying a great deal on her mother at Raymill since the birth of the twins in January.

‘Having three so young is a bit of a strain on Laura, and it’s wonderful that her mother is available to help out,’ says a close family friend. ‘While the children are so tiny they are actually living at Raymill and Camilla loves it.’

The grandchildren are said to be an important additional factor in why Camilla and Charles spend so much of their time living in different houses. In fact, these days Camilla is said to come up to London to stay at Clarence House as little as possible.

‘Camilla absolutely adores having her grandchildren around her and is always talking about them, but Charles simply cannot stand the noise and mess that small children make,’ shrugs a seasoned royal aide. Some close observers, however, believe that Camilla is using the grandchildren as an excuse not to be at Highgrove.

‘She finds the formality there rather claustrophobic, especially with all the servants,’ says a friend. ‘There are so many of them (Charles’s total staff in the past five years has risen from 94 to 125), and it’s all so polished that it’s rather like living in a museum.’

Her claustrophobia, however, doesn’t run to avoiding the excellent food produced by the chefs in the Highgrove kitchens. While at Raymill, and especially when her family are visiting, the duchess has food delivered from the Prince’s house. There are also said to be ‘tensions’ among Charles’s senior aides over the vexatious issue of Camilla’s relatively inactive official life before she broke her leg. The Duchess has never got over being labelled unkindly as ‘the laziest woman to have been born in England in the 20th century’ by a former senior aide to the Prince of Wales.

‘The way Camilla should have responded was to have raised her game and done a lot more work,’ says a retired courtier, ‘but she has failed to do so.’

‘Camilla is brilliant at all the military stuff because she so admires the armed services and is really quite knowledgeable about them – don’t forget Andrew Parker Bowles was in the Blues and Royals, and Charles commanded a Navy mine sweeper… But the fact is, she hates most royal duties and doesn’t like the family gatherings because they are like three-line whips, though these are few and far between. Charles does get annoyed with her over this, but he is so tetchy anyway, these days.’

Most of the prince’s friends accept that after his marriage to Diana failed, he would have been quite content to continue on his way through life with Camilla as his informal consort. But worries about the succession forced the prince to ask a group of senior courtiers to look into it. They reported only one real problem: the Camilla factor.

They advised that, although the Queen was in excellent health, it was unwise not to plan for the unexpected, and the possibility of the prince finding himself King with a woman at his side who was not his wife. So it was that they ended up getting married at the Guildhall in Windsor in April of 2005. More than five years later, Camilla has never really settled into the idea of being ‘royal’. As one friend says: ‘It makes her feel quite gloomy sometimes that she can’t be herself.’

‘She is petrified of what she will have to live up to when Charles becomes King,’ says one of her oldest friends. ‘As his virtual Queen in all but name, how could she disappear for days at a time to Raymill?’

Some – notably friends of the late Princess Diana – would say that if Camilla is not entirely content with life as the future Princess Consort, she only has herself to blame. So this unusual couple have gone back almost to the days before they were married, when they were part of each other’s lives, saw each other when they wished, and did not live in each other’s pockets. For now, theirs is not a marriage in actual ‘difficulties’, because it is an arrangement that both appear to be content with.

And yet – who would ever have imagined that the older woman for whom a crown prince dumped a young and beautiful wife now chooses to spend so much time away from him in a world of her own?

[From The Daily Mail]

Okay, so that was a really long piece, I’m sorry. I found it fascinating, and I bet that there are deeper problems than even this article is alluding to. I had never heard that quote about Camilla being lazy, but I have been wondering why she does so few events. She’s just lazy! And, you know, she didn’t want this sh-t. She just wanted Charles to keep her on as his mistress and pay her bills and she could have her own life. I’ve read many (too many) Princess Diana books, and one of them theorized that while Charles romanticized his relationship with Camilla, thinking that Camilla was his soulmate, she had never felt that way about him – her true love, the theory went, was her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles.

I’m not saying Charles and Camilla are done, by the way. I’m just saying that their marriage is having problems, and that they both deserve it.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - MARCH 18: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales wears 3D glasses as he visits the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on March 18, 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are on a three day trip to Hungary as part of a tour of Eastern Europe that takes in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - MARCH 21: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall leave a Sunday service at St Clements Church on March 21, 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are on a three day trip to the Czech Republic as part of a tour of Eastern Europe that takes in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)


Header: Charles and Camilla on 3/15 & April 27, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Eileen Yover says:

    I think that dude has issues regardless of who he’s with. I’m sure once they were married she probably thought now he can show 100% affection to her and I doubt he’s capable of that.

  2. Whitey Fisk says:

    Kaiser, God bless you for posting the 3D glasses pic.

  3. heb says:

    I don’t think they’re having marital problems, they just were both old and comfortable with their own ways–if they’re both happy with ‘living separate lives’ then GO FOR IT!

  4. Iggles says:


    I’ve got to quote Spock on this one:

    “She is yours. After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

    Peace and long life! :-p

  5. Hautie says:

    I love all the irony of this whole relationship.

    Camilla was the original home wrecker of a very public marriage. Too bad Diana isn’t alive to get a big laugh out of it. Charles made her miserable and now he is officially making Camilla miserable. Too sweet!

    But I tend to agree they are set in their ways. And probably chooses not to live together. She has her home where she is comfortable and probably socializes in Charles home.

    And I love the fact that Charles still thinks he will be King. I bet his Mother out lives him.

  6. Danielle says:


    Love the quote!

  7. Iggles says:

    Hautie – I wish Diana was around to see this too. :-/

  8. bros says:

    I love coverage of the royals. Im so obsessed with British culture. I watch these ridiculous BBC and other period dramas because I just cant get enough. Kaiser, if you are obsessed too, get the Duchess of Duke Street, Berkeley Square, and Lillie-they are all around the same time and they involve the royals and a certain habit of taking lovers (who had to be married to avoid a scandal). you will love Lillie and the Duchess of Duke Street if you are into royal intrigue and how it mingles with the upper class and working folk. Trust. any brits here to back me up on these great series?

  9. original kate says:

    don’t all royal couples lead seperate lives?

  10. benny says:

    I don’t know why peopple still WANT to marry into that family. Has anyone who married into that family been happier for it? If anything, it seems like everyone’s happiness plummets. I know some young, simple, girls might still have the fantasy about being a princess or they simply want the money, but Camilla should have known better and I don’t think she needed the money. No one (male or female) with any sense would marry into that family.

    • Lionel Hurst DD says:

      Diana and Camilla were both related to Charles. The only people this inbred group of parasites marry is their own family. This is obvious by their low intelligence and the even lower intelligence of the English public which is the only factor that allows them to continue.

  11. Mairead says:

    If the Daily Fail told me it would be sunny tomorrow, I’d automatically wear a raincoat. Hell if they told me it was daytime I’d still have to double-check.

    I must commend you Kaiser on your royal-watching, I have no concept of how many functions Camilla, or any other royal for that matter, does in a given month. How many would be average? I am actually curious.

    Part of the problem I have with the piece, and to a certain extent the commentary, it’s obvious some people have read far too many Diana books. She was not a tragic heroine. She was a gormless girl with a crush on the most eligible bachelor in the country and who happened to be her sister’s ex, who married into an institution but insisted on looking at it through rose-tinted glasses despite seeing their BS close-up when she grew up near Sandringham. It was a poor match and she developed mental problems around the same time, but she was perfectly adept at manipulating the situation to suit herself. She did remarkable work which should always be recognised with AIDS victims, landmines and the homeless, but she wasn’t always a guileless ingenue.

    Charles was, is and always will be a stunted emotional headcase. The royals who were raised IN the Edwardian period were bonkers, so what hope had the young modern royals.

    She (and her children)probably does feel more comfortable dealing with her family in her house – Highgrove is a place of business after all. He’s set in his ways and is unlikely to change. Who gives two shits so long as they’re comfortable with the arrangement.

  12. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think everybody wants to marry into the family–quite the opposite in Charles’ case. First, he had to take up the mantle of family repsonsibility and cut it out with cherry brandy. They had to find a woman who was still a virgin for the prince to marry, and if that’s not a reason to propose to a teenage, what is? I don’t know of many women closer to his age (early thirties or something) to still be virgins at that age. She actually dreaded marrying him–on the day of the ceremony. I think they were just easily manipulated kids steeped too long in a history of deference and protocol to put up a fight.

  13. Mairead says:

    Sorry – I was unnecessarily harsh in my last comment. Ignore me – I get very fractious when I’m waiting for my dinner. :oops:

    I stick by what I said about the Daily Mail though ;)

  14. Kaiser says:

    Mairead – I’m not a complete Diana apologist, I just found (and continue to find) her life interesting, and I freely acknowledge that it took two people to destroy that marriage. However, I do think Charles treated her terribly in general, as did the rest of the royal family. And I really don’t think Camilla wanted any of this – she just liked being the royal mistress or whatever.

    Bros – Thanks for the recommendation, I might have to search out those series/films. Right now I’m obsessed with Miss Marple.

    EDIT: Mairead is a Camilla Apologist!!! Burn HER!!!

  15. Iggles says:

    Danielle – Thanks! Just reading the headline of this post made me think about that line. Who knew Star Trek could be applied to royal marriages..

  16. Seer says:

    Charles was raised to be the future King of England making everybody around him cater to his every whim and wish. So of course he’s not going to work at something; after all, in his mind, he probably thinks he did them a favor by marrying them and that’s it – his work is done. He was raised in such a way that caused him to be so self-absorbed and selfish. The problem is here is a man who is served hand and foot and he’s always whining. That’s why he looks like such a fool, whether or not he is one.

  17. FUTURESTARdelux says:

    I actually like camilla she seems cool and even thoughg Dianna was a wonderful woman she had a ton of affairs to charles’s one with Camilla.
    There’s probably not even anything up with them, My nan and Grampy have been together for so many years but they live in seperate houses and just alternate between them and sometimes stay on their own some people just want alone time lol.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I bet they both liked the idea of each other more than the actual person. Plus before it was all (not so) secret affair, scandalous, dangerous, and now? A regular old marriage.

  19. SessayScorpio says:

    It seems Camilla forgot the first rule of floozidom: You lose him the same way you got him. I don’t have any empathy for either of them. He got just what he (thought he) wanted; it seems he got a bit more or less than he bargained for. Remember people: you can’t build your happiness on someone else’s unhappiness!

  20. mary jane says:

    It sounds a little like all those very young grandchildren are turning out to be Camilla’s new passion. Clearly, she wants to be very involved with them. Maybe she has some guilt about how much time she spent raising her own children…

    Remember those weird love notes Charles wrote to her about 25 years ago? Not my style but there was genuine attraction there between the two of them. I guess he doesn’t work that hard anymore.

  21. nag says:

    A clairvoyant said over 20 years ago that the throne will skip a generation…. the longer the Queen remains the Queen, the more I think it will happen..

  22. FUTURESTARdelux says:

    p.s this reminds me of why Marie Antoinette used to stay at Le Petit Triannon just to get away from the formality etc and anyway Camilla has been staying at her own house since they married anyway so it’s nothing new.

  23. Bobby the K says:

    Britain has give us a lot of awesome things.

  24. irishserra says:

    So sad…he can finally be her personal tampon (as he related to her all those years ago) and now they are not happy?


  25. Lenore says:

    Given that Charles famously told Camilla “I want to be your tampon” this situation does not surprise me. There’s a limit to how long you should keep one of those babies around. The same is apparently true of the Prince.

    Seriously though, I don’t blame Camilla at all for wanting to stay away from the regimented, stiff, repetitive, tradition-strangled habits of the Royal Family. And if living separately and meeting up for the occasional quickie works for them, good luck to them! I’ve often thought that constant co-habitation spells the death knell for many a good relationship. That one you’re so crazy about, you might be less crazy when you’re picking his toenails out of the soap or listening to him snore EVERY night or wondering why he makes you watch Big Bang Theory when he knows you hate it.

    Some people fall more in love with their partner when sharing their habits and foibles. Some people, on the other hand, it kills the magic. Good on Camilla and Charles for finding a lifestyle that works for them.

    ETA Ah, Irishserra, you beat me to it!! :D

  26. Whatever says:

    Aww, karma visits another homewrecking whore. I hope they are both miserable. Couldn’t happen to a better couple; they are both tools, so perfect for each other.

  27. Rosanna says:

    At least (and differently from Diana), she doesn’t run around having relationships with Charles’ aids :)
    I like Camilla, a lot. She’s determined to be herself, and I love it, whereas Diana tried to please everybody and then blamed everybody for not wanting to please her.

  28. Mia says:

    Sniff. If two ugly old cheats can’t make it, who among us can hope?

    End the monarchy and join the 21st century, Brits, nobody is born inherently better than anybody else in a truly free and modern society.

  29. gen says:

    Royal schmoyal. I could care less about stuffy rich privilaged people. But I am so using that Spock quote!

  30. RobN says:

    I think the article makes Camilla sound like somebody worth hanging around with. Enjoys her home and the grandkids, has her own interests and is uncomfortable with the stodgy formality of Charles’ world. So they see each other when they want and don’t live in each other’s pocket. Sounds fine and doesn’t mean they aren’t both perfectly happy with it.

    As for the “laziness” issue, I’m sure that Camilla is perfectly aware that those royal appearance situations are a little dicey when you were the mistress and the beloved ex is dead. I’d skip the uncomfortable ones too and stick to those that would actually welcome me.

  31. Cletus says:

    No, I am WAY better than EVERYone. Seriously, look it up.

  32. andrea says:

    he seems like such a wackjob. the thought of “electricity” and “sex” in relation to these two makes me feel queasy.

  33. WTF?!? says:

    Sounds fine to me. It’s likely their senses of independence that has kept the flame burning all these years. Neither is stepping out/sleeping with a third party, seems perfectly healthy to me.
    Good for them.

    And @Cletus: You’re right. I looked it up.

  34. Cruisin Through says:

    Reaffirms my faith in karma. After making Diana miserable for so many years, I hope Charles is 10x as unhappy as he made her.

  35. Mairead says:

    @ Kaiser – yeah well: you’re a Daily Mail reader so there!!! I bet you even buy the Daily Express so that you can keep up to date with how the Duke of Edinburgh poisoned her truffles, cut the brakes on the car, drove the mysterious white Fiat Uno, danced on her grave AND caused the memorial fountain/pond/dribbling feature to fail!

    (Seriously though, at least once a month the Daily Express still has a Diana cover story! Why can’t these people understand? Certain people (everyone in the car) thought that they were not only above the laws of the land, but also the laws of physics. They got schooled by Isaac Newton!)

    (And as ever I am absolutely that as a committed republican (lower case r) that I know this nonsense :cry: )

  36. Kaiser says:

    Mairead- I only read The Daily Mail because their Entertainment Editor is really on the ball & they have great (online) coverage of lots of red carpets & stuff!

    I SWEAR.

    (you…you…Duchess of Cornwall lover)

  37. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I have to get me some Cornwall action. It always seems like that’s the title given to the monarch’s ‘other attraction’.

    As far as keeping separate properties and not being each other all day, that doesn’t bother me one stitch. It’s not like they’re trying to secure a dynastic line, anyway. Sometimes you just want to play around with some kids instead of be ignored by the stiffness of Old Jug Ears. Heck, I remember having to get some minor surgery on a leg and even my nephew tried harder than that to make me feel better–at a whopping 51 weeks old. Sure, nothing can describe the stifling rigid formality, but they’ve known each other for a long, long time and have both been married before. They aren’t blind little kittens who know nothing of the marriage game.

  38. Cindy Kennedy Highland says:

    She wanted Charles. She got him.

  39. Bella Mosley says:

    The sad thing is that Diana was in love with Charles and if she did look elsewhere for love, companionship while still married it was only because she realized on her honeymoon Charles was still seeing Camilla – who had cheated on her husband for years. Diana was just used to produce an heir and a spare then she was completely discarded.

    So Diana was left with a broken heart so these two could be with each other and they can’t make it? Nice.

  40. Raven says:

    Bros, I completely agree with you on those shows. I became obsessed with the late Victorian and Edwardian periods after seeing those shows on PBS. Lillie Langtry starred the gorgeous Francesca Annis in her prime. That and the Duchess of Duke Street were my absolute favorites.

    I don’t dislike either Charles or Camilla and what she is doing makes a lot of sense to me. Also, anyone who can re-do a house for children’s quarters and help take care of little ones does not seem lazy to me. She does have her own money so she doesn’t need Charles’ wealth.

    He has done a lot of charity work and his interest in alternative medicine seems a good thing to me. Too bad the National Health Service has such a bug up its butt over anything that does not put $$ into big pharma’s coffers.

  41. gamblea says:

    she seems like a private person. Good for her that she wants to spend time with her grandkids – just because Charles can’t handle them doesn’t mean she should shun them.

  42. Steph says:

    Their relationship probably isn’t as exciting as it used to be now that they don’t have to sneak around and they’re actually committed to each other

  43. Whitey Fisk says:

    Bros – I love that stuff and haven’t heard of those three. Thanks for posting.

    Irishserra and Lenore – thirty seconds ago, I had never heard the bit about the tampon. I wish I could go back to that happy time, because I know I will now be haunted by nightmares featuring Charles (eew), Camilla (eeeewww), and Camilla’s tampons (eeewwwwwggggghhhhh). So thanks for nothin’!

  44. Aussie Mama says:

    With all of the misery these two imbred horses caused for Diana, her boys etc. It’s a great day when you hear, that their lives are ones of loneliness and utter misery!

  45. Emily says:

    It could just be that they like their space. I mean, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter live in separate houses, this could just be something similar.

  46. Cirque28 says:

    @Mia: “If two ugly old cheats can’t make it, who among us can hope?”

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Charles seems like a fairly lousy human being. If you have to marry an emotionally unstable teenager, at least don’t make her worse! Plus you KNOW he’s no fun at all. I hope Camilla leaves him for a well-hung commoner.

    (Really? Diana is still on the cover once a month?? How… morbid.)

  47. k says:

    I hope Charlie is as miserable with Camilla as he made Princess Diana while he was lusting after his “dream” Cam.

  48. Lem says:

    “…doesn’t like the family gatherings because they are like three-line whips,…”
    say what?
    not even urban dictionary helped with that one.

  49. sunnyjyl says:

    I think that they probably set their own rules about what marriage looks like. They could be very happy to ‘pop in’ on each other rather than live together full time.

  50. prettytarheel says:

    Ok, so the prince has to marry a virgin? So…Will and Kate aren’t sleeping together??? Really???

  51. Jaxx says:

    I so hope his mother outlives him so he NEVER gets to be king. How can England possibly want a king who dreams of being a tampon so he can live inside his mistresses lady parts? I couldn’t believe he actually said those words outloud–but I heard the tape. What a joke he is–and his mother knows it. She too has nightmares that ole fool being king. She’ll outlive him for pure spite.

    After using Diana as a brood mare and then discarding her heartlessly I hope these two make each other miserable.

  52. mai tai says:

    LOL re the ‘tampon’ thing.

    I didnt know horses used tampons!
    Anyhow, Charles is more of a douche than a tampon.

  53. Trashaddict says:

    Well, that makes Charles an old tampon! And what do we do with used tampons, gels????

  54. Henriette says:

    Well, Charles might have loved Camilla all these years but it didn’t stop him from f*cking plenty of other birds, as well.
    Near the end of his marriage to Diana he, like so many rich dudes, had 1) his wife/ mother of his kids who was his public “other half. 2) His mistress, who coddled him and he felt a strong emotional bond with 3) Hot young women who he f*cked for occasional variety.
    As much as everyone loves this whole fiction of “He wasn’t faithful to Diana only because he had to be with his one true love,” he wasn’t faithful to Camilla, either, and I don’t think she gave a damn. And I don’t think either gives a damn that they live in separate houses. I’ve no doubt that they speak daily, love each other, and are happy enough to have their own space.

  55. bros says:

    forgot one more: Edward and Mrs Simpson, the prince/king who abdicated his throne to marry the american divorcee. Great series.

  56. Gemma says:

    Jaxx, that is a pretty hilarious posting and factually accurate. Diana should have lived, but for her boys and to find true love and to be happy..she didn’t seem like the type of person to derive pleasure from someone else’s pain. I think she might take exception to being referred to as a brood mare, as she was a doting and loving mother and it is my guess wouldn’t have had it any other way if it meant not having her baby boys.

  57. LindaR says:

    Their marriage has become just like other royal marriages. In name only. He probably has younger mistresses, she has passed menopause and is more interested in grandchildren than sex. I’ll bet neither would have predicted this would happen years ago when they were sticking it to Diana like she was the bad guy because she wouldn’t ignore their affair like a good little blueblood should.

  58. LindaR says:

    I forgot to mention. Look at Charles’ horrible little hands and fat little sausage fingers. They have always repulsed me. If it’s true what they say about a man’s fingers and his you-know-what, well…

  59. Cheyenne says:

    @Jaxx: His mother could very well outlive him. She’s 84 but she’s in excellent health and she’s said she has no intention of abdicating in his favor. And her mother lived to 101.

  60. albert says:

    They made Diana’s life miserable… And I will not even talk about Diana’s kids. And after all, it was not what they wanted. They did all wrong for nothing. They deserve to each other and brought this unhappiness to themselves. Life is fair after all.

  61. Belle says:

    Is Charles wearing makeup along with those 3D glasses??

    I have read so many books about Diana and the Royals. To sum up this kinky association, I believe Charles is gay, and Camilla is his beard…

    He is a product of an archaic Royal upbringing. Thank gawd his boys seem to be a little more manly, down-to-earth and somewhat rebellious, but most importantly, they seem to have personalities…

    Charles is just biding his time, waiting till he can wield the scepter and play king. And Camilla, as always, will tag-along, simply because she has nothing better to do. I pity Great Britain once they inherit the throne.

    Things will improve when Prince William inherits the throne, if the royal family is not completely ousted during Charles’ reign…

  62. Rachel says:

    Funny you should say she’s his beard. I have friends in Florence-he spends a lot of time in Tuscany-who say she is indeed his beard. I wouldn’t be surprised

  63. margot williston says:

    Why can’t people get along with their own lives and allow Charles & Camilla to enjoy theirs as they see fit. If Prince William and Prince Harry fully accept Camilla and are clearly close and loyal to Charles, I believe this tells the world a lot more that the tabloids do.

  64. Well I personally feel they deserve everything they get, I am sure it was camillas dream to marry prince charles some woman are just into that oh darling I love you tell me all your problems and dump the wife and marry me. Its sad what happened to princess diana okay I will admit the people wanted to see diana and not charles. I honestly feel that queen elizabeth did a very good job doing her role the only negative thing I have to say about her is stripping diana her title HRH if she still had that title she would be alive today. The only thing we all have to look forward to is when prince william marrys kate thank god william and harry are nothing like the royal family stuffy and boring

  65. Katherineo says:

    What comes around goes around. These two have a lot of paying to do before they’re done here on earth.

  66. sam says:

    What an embarassment Charles and Camilla must be to William and Harry.
    Charles just seems indifferent and Camilla seems somewhere else to the upcoming marriage of Kate and William. Their awkward comments are because neither have ever had a good marriage. How sad that their counsel will never be sought. Their comments seemed forced and shallow.

  67. USA says:

    I am an American so I really don’t get the importance of royality but I do find it so intresting how you must be born important to be important. Why do you guys put up with that. I would not bow to anyone but God himself. I love the Queen but she is just a nice lady that owns a lot of stuff she never worked for.

  68. Arabella says:

    Camilla’s family is of no consequence, the mother was from a family of common whores and the father was only a major in the army. Throughout the 1970’ camilla often over indulged in drink and conducted herself in a loud, crude, “robust” or rather uncouth and manlike manner. Combined with whoring around with anything in trousers over many years and getting numerous STD’s was certainly not considered as “conducting herself in a gracious and pleasant manner” more like a fishwife in a brothel!

  69. mariam says:

    I hate camilla.. I hope someday later they breakdown and camilla is divorced by charles.. I wish it…

  70. alex says:

    One thing tha really bothers me about the notion of Charles and Camilla being future King and Queen of England is that, both were married when involved with each other. Is Charles not going to be head of the Anglican church too when he becomes king?? What type of a message does that give to the Anglican and our faith over the world. The moment this Ugly jugear head becomes King I am going to walk away from the Anglican church and become a Lutheran, I promise myself.

    What a national shame, a moral disgrace and a absolute waste of our tax dollars these two!! Yuk.

  71. Kay Vaughan says:

    Wonder if this ever gives Camilla something to think about — “When a man marries his mistress, a vacancy is created”. Hmmmmm. Just sayin’.

  72. Stacy says:

    I stumbled upon this article long after it was reported but it gives me a chance to publicly say what i have wanted to say for a long time: Prince Charles is gay and Diana did not know that when she married him! She was shocked when she found out and realized that he was more attracted to other men than her. His initial attraction to her was based on the fact that she resembled a young boy (short hair,athletic build etc.)The whole royal family knew and kept it secret from her and when she found out she had been duped by all of them she was extremely hurt. I can’t believe no one has figured this out yet. By the way Camilla Parker Bowles knows he is queer and does not care. Queen Mother knows too and refused to make him King because of the scandal it will cause if someone like me lets the cat out of the bag.

  73. Audrey Pardoe says:

    Clearly, camilla was always considered wholly unsuitable by Her Majesty and a majority of the public, regardless of what ‘spin’ Charles now pays a considerable amount for, MOST of the public generally dislike camilla. The simple facts are that camilla was NOT a protestant virgin (comes from a family of whores) and had been quite promiscuous as a young woman herself. Permission from Her Majesty AND the government would have been required and camilla was already married!
    These are charles NUMEROUS sex partners that was posted earlier- these are KNOWN sex partners of charles. MOST of these affairs took place during his marriage to Princess Diana! Camilla ParkerBowles Tiggy LeggeBourke Michael Fawcett(MALE) George Smith(MALE) Janet Jenkins Anna Wallace Lucia Santa Cruz Davina Sheffield Eva O’Neill Jane Wellesly Suzan George Sabrina Guiness Jane Ward Helga Wagner CLEARLY IDIOT CHARLES IS TOTALLY UNSUITABLE TO BE KING AND PROBABLY NOW RIDDLED WITH STD’S HIMSELF!

  74. Socialobserver says:

    It is sad to think that Charles and Camilla will become King and pseudo Queen. But their time will be short, history will not be kind to their memory, and Good King William will restore the title of HRH to his mother’s name.

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  76. 1followerofchrist says:

    Camilla needs to remember what comes around goes around.

    Proverbs 5:1-9
    My son, pay attention to my wisdom,
    turn your ear to my words of insight,that you may maintain discretion
    and your lips may preserve knowledge.
    For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey,
    and her speech is smoother than oil;
    but in the end she is bitter as gall,
    sharp as a double-edged sword.
    Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    She gives no thought to the way of life;
    her paths wander aimlessly, but she does not know it.
    Now then, my sons, listen to me;
    do not turn aside from what I say.
    Keep to a path far from her,
    do not go near the door of her house,
    lest you lose your honor to others
    and your dignity