Paparazzi claim that Casey Aldridge pulled a gun on them

A paparazzo who was following Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, while they were riding a 4-wheel ATV, claims that Aldridge flashed a gun at him and told him to get lost. TMZ has video of the confrontation and has highlighted an object in the ATV in the video, saying it’s a gun.

Jamie Lynn Spears is packin’ baby, but her man is packin’ too, and he’s pointing his piece at a photog! Casey Aldridge was pissed at a pap who allegedly shot this video on private property — Jamie says it was private, the pap says it wasn’t. Anywho, watch closely as Casey takes the gun from his lap and kinda points it in the direction of the pap, telling him to get the hell on a public road. Yessir!

[From TMZ]

I looked at the video several times and couldn’t see this gun they are pointing at in big red letters, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The thing that struck me most about this video is that Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend is a bona fide hillbilly: Riding around in a 4-wheeler with a dog and a cooler in the back- and that accent is straight out of “Deliverance.” If Jamie-Lynn marries this kid, she can forget about her acting career– instead, I see NASCAR Sundays, Coors Light party balls, and domestic disturbance calls to the trailer park in her future. Jesus H. Christ, the Spears girls have abominable taste in men, don’t they?

Jamie Lynn and Casey are shown out on her 17th birthday on 4/4/08, thanks to Splash News.

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  1. Scott F. says:

    It’s nice to see a ‘real’ reaction to all this Hollywood bullshit. I don’t exactly come from the deep south, but I do come from an area where ‘no trespassing’ actually means ‘keep your ass off my property or I’ll fill your hide with rocksalt’.

    Most states (especially in the south) allow you to shoot trespassers as long as you fire a warning shot first and give them a chance to leave. Good for him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I would not be surprised if this was true, this is what happens when anyone is allowed to own a gun in America and particularly being so common when living in a small down in Louisiana.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PS. Saying that the paparazzi totally deserved that scare.

  4. Enonymous says:

    There should be stricter laws on who should be allowed to own a gun or not and Casey is way too young (and not that smart) to posses gun.

  5. Kevin says:

    Private property is private property. Here in the south its very common for people to pack heat. I think the paps better wise up because down here is not hollywood. Here in florida the ex governor Bush (yes hes as big of an idiot as his brother) passed a law that if you are threatened in a place that you legally have a right to be in, then you have the right to shoot. amazingly enough this hasn’t resulted in multiple public shootings. Just one so far, and yes the shooter walked.

  6. Sasha says:

    when he starts killing those useless sacks of walking gristle, text me so I can applaud.

  7. valentina says:

    So now the paps are whining about trespassing? If they stalk this young couple on private property then they must be willing to pay the price. Maybe this is not the way Britney lives but it’s not Hollywood either, It seems Jamie Lynn is just trying to live a normal life and would be able to if it weren’t for the paps who seem to think watching a pregnant 17 year old load groceries into her SUV at Wal-Mart is news. Well, it isn’t.

  8. lulu says:

    MSAt, that is not nice, calling him a hillbilly. i live in a small town in Louisiana, but have also lived in Houston, and I am definitely not a hillbilly. Granted, there are many hillbillies around here, but riding a Mule with your dog and gf is not so bad! That’s just what you do for fun in the country. And that paparrazzo was on PRIVATE property!! That means stay out or risk your life! Nothing hillbilly about that! Just not the same as city life. Paparrazzi do NOT belong in rural Louisiana!

  9. Brittany says:

    I do agree with Lulu that the hillbilly comment was a bit harsh. Not everyone who rides an ATV, tugging around a cooler and having fun with his girlfriend is a hillbilly. To some people its actually what they do for fun instead of going shopping and getting their nails not. And the fact that it WAS private property makes me praise Casey for showing what he’s packing. There’s just some lines that you shouldn’t cross. I hope the paps learn that soon.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Scott F. is right, those paps are seriously lucky no one shot them up with rock salt, that shit hurts! I am from the deep South (coastal SC) & folks around here know damn well not to trespass. Besides, how the hell would the paps know if it was private property or not.

    Was JL on the 4-wheeler too? That can’t be good for the baby.

  11. summertime921 says:

    Don’t get on MSat’s case too much for saying he’s a hillbilly. I’m from a more urban area, and for us, yes, that does seem “hillbilly,” because the idea of doing that kind of thing for fun is very foreign to us. Not trying to sound snobby, but I guess when you grew up in an area where there was much more to do, it just seems kind of silly. To each their own I suppose.

    The paparazzi should leave them alone, though, out of principle. Jamie-Lynn seems like she is trying to stay out of the spotlight, and they should respect that.

  12. Bellatrix says:

    Wow, apparently I’m the only shocked to read that it is (more than) possible that Casey Aldridge (or anyone else, for that matter) just pulled a gun towards paparazzi (or anyone else, for that matter bis).

    I am so far away from the “gun-in-your-home” reality that I remain shocked everytime I’m confronted with it.

    I would call the cops (then again, pap’s have tough life here : they are most definitely not allowed near you, if they would, they’d get arrested and the newspaper they work for would be sued, freelance or not)…

    And I’d like to just say that one should only protect oneself in an adequate way regarding the threat : you don’t shoot (which is a deadly action, if you’re lucky enough, you only hurt them badly) when the threat is “taking pictures of you during your private life time”. Just the way you don’t shoot if you get robbed.
    I’m definitely not american, as you can see.

  13. Scott F. says:

    Bellatrix – I understand your confusion, I’ve had to explain this to European friends before. You have the understand that property rights are possibly the single most important right to Americans. We were the first modern nation on Earth to have a concept of individual property ownership. Even in cases of imminent domain, the government is required by law to compensate you for the land.

    Since most of the land in this country wasn’t parceled out by the government, you generally gained ownership by building a house and then being able to chase off anyone else that tried to lay claim to it. So once you own property, our laws are designed to be able to keep others the hell off of it. It’s perfectly legal for anyone to carry a legally obtained firearm on their property, even kids.

    Most people are taught from a very young age to stay the hell off of others property, especially in rural areas. Where I grew up in Indiana, I must have had rocksalt shot at me half a dozen times for cutting through the wrong farmer’s field.

    As far as the law goes, you can shoot a man for trespassing, and it matters very little if he’s doing it to rob you or to just take pictures.

  14. Bodhi says:

    It is perfectly legal to have a gun & to protect one’s self from tresspassers. It just is.

    And if the paps called the police & complained that Casey pulled a gun on them while they were tresspassing on private property & after they have been told several times to get back on public property, the cops would laugh their asses off & probably give the paps a citation for tresspassing.

    Oh & I watched the video too & I saw no evidence of a gun…

  15. Bodhi says:

    Thanks Scott, you explained it way better than I could

  16. AC says:

    yeah. its the south, its their land, the gun was (hopefully) legal, if they want you off-get off or they have every right to shoot at your feet and make you dance. Im against gun violence but when it comes to your property … you have every right to show them… hey i mean business-get the hell off.

  17. Bellatrix says:

    Thanks Scott.
    That was a very well explained post and I really want to thank you for taking the time to do so.

    I do understand how the history of the USA (which is still quite recent) influences its society’s way of thinking and acting.
    But I’ll never really comprehend.
    It completely clashes with the values of liberty I grew up with.


  18. Bodhi says:

    What do you mean Bellatrix? What clashes with liberty?

  19. cici says:

    i don’t get it: if we start “killing those useless sacks of walking gristle,” what is you / we will have to post about all day? also, celebitchy will be out of a job. they’re not completely useless.

  20. Bellatrix says:


    My idea of liberty is one of social liberty.
    I’m with Kant on the philosophy of freedom.
    “Human freedom is realised in the adoption of humanity as an end in itself, for the one thing that no one can be compelled to do by another is to adopt a particular end.”

    I do not see or think freedom as an aspect for the individual.

    This might be the big difference between some european countries (if not most) and the United States…

    There is actually a french sentence which became a saying due to its popularity these last centuries :
    “La liberté des uns s’arrête là où commence celle des autres”
    Translated : “The liberty of some ends where starts those of the others”.
    Mainly, it means that freedom is a social value for the entire society. You have to think (whether it is morally or legally – when making laws for example) in terms of encouraging a sence of respect between all.

    I couldn’t shoot or threaten to do so if I didn’t get, at first, the same threat put upon me by that person.
    There’s a logic of balance, of symmetry in this way of thinking and of seeing the world.

    I’d like, however, to also add that although the USA were once a land to be taken (and which was taken, in the end), Europe hasn’t known the idea of equal parcels for everybody either.
    The Middle Age period was a horrible one with the landlords and the incredible amount of cerfs. Then, just to take a cliché image, there was the immense gap between the people and the aristocracy.
    Things haven’t been even either here. But the history is longer. And we’ve had many centuries of philosophical background and research about the human condition. I think those things do make a lot of social changes.

    Bear in mind that I’m only explaining the difference between both continents (although I find it very hard to say that I’m the voice of Europe here, I would only dare to say that this is a french point of view) and that I’m most certainly not judging anyone.

  21. hellcat says:

    I think that last paragraph of the article was pretty harsh – the fact that he has a Southern accent and a gun will not doom her to a life of misery. Stereotype much?

  22. Scott F. says:

    As someone who married a Southern woman (read; very Southern – as in her father fights in civil war reenactments… for the South) but is from a from a Northern family, let me recap what I’ve learned.

    1. There are WAY more of ‘them’ then there are of us. Evidenced by the fact that
    A. Country music albums outsell every other genre 2 – 1.
    B. Nascar makes more money than any other sport by leaps and bounds. An average Nascar event seats like 5 – 10 times what the Superbowl can.
    C. Walmart is the most successful store on Earth.

    2. Pissing them off is a bad idea.
    A. Dixie Chicks

    Need I really say more?

  23. Bodhi says:

    Ok, I see what you mean, thanks for explaining. I do have to point out, however, that the paps claimed that Casey had a gun, we don’t know for sure whether did he or not…

  24. Bellatrix says:

    Yup, Bodhi, I couldn’t see the gun either in that video…

    And now Scott got me puzzled : civil war reenactments ? Like in that movie in which Reese Witherspoon plays a Southern grown stylist who moves to NY?
    Those reenactments really exist?

  25. MSat says:

    Just because there are more of “them” doesn’t mean it’s good. Just because rednecks spend more money on NASCAR and Wal-Mart doesn’t mean that we should all just give in, stop reading books and start wearing wifebeaters and big belt buckles. Rent “Idiocracy” which is supposed to be an out-there satire by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Office Space), and you will be very afraid.

    And did you hear the way this young man spoke in that video? Hillbilly. Case closed.

    One more thing: no word on whether the private property was actually HIS property.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Exactly like that! It can be a booming business

  27. Scott F. says:

    My wife loves that movie, so luckily I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, they most certainly do exist. They’re pretty popular at the actual battle sites, like Gettysburg, but they do smaller ones all over the country. It’s like the Southern equivalent of a tailgate party – lots of guys sitting around in the backs of their trucks, grilling food and drinking beer.

  28. Scott F. says:

    MSat, one thing I’ve noticed really pisses Southern people off is when people don’t recognize the difference between an accent and a way of talking.

    He has a think Southern accent, but he’s not exactly tellin’ ‘em ta git or he’ll be liable to wrassle ‘em!

  29. Bodhi says:

    MSat~ that is such a good movie! It really is scary…

  30. Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake says:

    Yes, we do have a bit of a drawl here in the South, don’t we? We also don’t think much of strangers wandering onto our property and taking pictures. Small wonder. Homeboy is lucky he didn’t get shot.

  31. lulu says:

    thank you Scott F. for telling MSat how it is. southern drawls don’t necessarily equal stupidity!! We get enough of a bad rap down here as it is, when the truth is that most southerners are the nicest and most welcoming people you will ever meet…

  32. Mairead says:

    ….so long as you’re INVITED onto their land ;-)

    And i must pull Scott up on something – your Irish heritage should severely chastise you for thinking that America was the first place to embrace landrights and individual possession. Ireland has long-since embraced that notion, we just couldn’t convince our ruling classes and the colonial government to agree until the Land League started. But fair dues – the support of America was intrinsic to the cause.

    But the concept of an 18 year old just driving around potentially with a gun in his lap, and this being acceptable is quite beyond me. A car – and especially one designed to inflict as much damage as a truck – is a very lethal weapon in a teenage boys hands, I dread to think what the consequences could be from a gun.

    Here the only teenagers driving around with guns are conveniently located in economically-deprived areas, are in gangs, regularly deal in drugs, and are easily identifiable through the wearing of track-suits, cheap chunky gold jewellery (especially sovereign rings) and partially-shaved greased down hairdos.

  33. brit says:

    Good, he should have shot one of them in the foot that would have been a real scare. Stalking people is not cool, and i do have to say that casey is effin’ sexy, luv that accent.

  34. Scott F. says:

    Mairead – Fair enough. Nice call on the Irish Heritage, my family was deported in the 1800′s for pissing off some lord or another, so I hope everyone will understand and forgive my occasional lapse into bashing the English.

    As far as the 18 year old with a gun thing, it’s actually pretty freaking common. I was 17 and a half when they shaved my head and handed me my first M16A2. Besides, most kids from rural areas grow up shooting/hunting. My wife inherited her first .22 rifle from her father at 13, just like everyone else in her family for four generation’s now. We’ll likely pass it down to our daughter when she turns 13, and she’ll know how to shoot much younger than that.

  35. Sasha says:

    To clarify, I have no objection to photographers who maintain a professional distance and respect people’s right to privacy for the most part, but these invertebrate slugs with cameras who stalk celebrities, climb fences, hide behind shrubs and trees and nearly cause traffic accidents trying to get a shot- deserve slow painful death.

  36. headache says:

    Meh, boy isn’t a hillbilly so much as a redneck. Second, although admittedly, an extremely southern accent often makes one sound like an uneducated idiot, it isn’t always the case. And finally, they were minding their own business in a place that maybe didn’t belong to them but wasn’t overtly public like a gas station or a walmart parking lot so as long as he’s not firing the thing at anyone, power to him. Like she needs some cameras up in her face 24/7.

    Though the Irish concept of land ownership may be long standing, the reality of it is quite recent. In fact, many of the people who stood on their American property, guns in hand, chasing off anyone who would try to take it were Irish immigrants many of whom settled the south.